SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite Review 2023 – Most Trusted Tool By Blogging Experts

I feel glad that I have been using SEO PowerSuite for years. And, I never thought of moving on from it. Since it pays off multiple times than what I have invested in for once. In this today’s SEO PowerSuite review, I will take you through how it is.

SEO PowerSuite Review – Totally Neutral

If you ask me which SEO Tool I would prefer using, it’s SEO PowerSuite and Ahrefs. I don’t even think for a second to say this. With my years of experience with SEO PowerSuite, I highly recommend it among a dime a dozen SEO tools. This article on SEO PowerSuite is my unbiased review on its suite of tools and how it can manage any SEO tasks.

To put it simply, run a website audit, optimize pages, find unlimited potential keywords, monitor its ranking, conduct backlink analysis, trace bad backlinks, spy competitor’s strategy, build new quality backlinks, report and further auto-schedule too. All these SEO gaming strategies are made simpler with SEO PowerSuite package.

Free is always awesome. Especially if that free could bring down your efforts. And it can pay you extra rank, traffic, conversion, and reputation. Among other free junks, SEO PowerSuite is cleverly built-on with features that even other cloud apps might fail to offer.

1Tool VersionDesktop-based
2OS CompatibilitySupports Windows, Mac, Linux
3Complete SEO PackageYes
4Free TrialAvailable
5Free EditionAvailable for Lifetime
6Saving ProjectsPossible
7Resource LimitationsAlmost Unlimited
8Money Back Guarantee100% Within 30 days
9Customer SupportExcellent
10White-label ReportsAvailable
11Cloud VersionAvailable for Premium Users only
12Renewal CostOne-time investment

Have you tried its free version already? About to upgrade to its premium? If you are here only to grab the discount coupon, then own SEO PowerSuite saving money. If not, run through the entire article to make sure SEO PowerSuite is the must-to-have SEO tool to outrank your competitions.

It’s the power, which your competitors might be missing.

Famous People Recommendation

I am glad that I am one among the businesses using SEO PowerSuite. Check out the brand names: Siemens, HP, Disney, Toshiba, etc are simply relying on this effective tool for its online marketing campaigns. The business websites are the centric point to drive potential prospects to any business. If a single tool can improve your website performance and drive enough traffic, then it is obvious to own.

SEO Powersuite Black Friday Offers 2016

After reading this SEO PowerSuite review, I am sure that you will get into an idea about buying SEO PowerSuite and its tools. Hence, I also insist you avail an exclusive 75% discount and save your hard-earned money.

SEO PowerSuite Free Review – Download Now

Still being an ultimate free SEO tool, SEO PowerSuite offers you almost everything unlimited. And, you can perform entire SEO activities using its free version. Only thing, you can’t save the projects. Here are the few but not limited to features of SEO PowerSuite free edition.

  • Unlimited number of sites & keywords you can use
  • 3rd party tools integration for keyword suggestions and research
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Rank tracking on multiple search engines like in its paid version
  • Unlimited number of sites to audit
  • Enables access to more than 1,100 backlinks per site while auditing
  • Social media status of backlink pages and domains
  • Gets you 50 link building opportunities per project
  • SEO report generation

And, it goes. As a freelancer or moderate blogger, you can enjoy the benefits of SEO PowerSuite free. But, you cannot generate white-label reports to share it to the clients, schedule competitor analysis, etc. To the worst case, you can gain hands-on experience with the tool before investing in it.

SEO PowerSuite for All – Here’s Why?

Here are the major reasons to justify that SEO PowerSuite is a typical SEO tool to be had by anyone and everyone. As a complete suit, I would say SEO PowerSuite is for all.  Here are the reasons why I said so.

# Supports any OS

I mean, the leading software toolset available for any OS. It may be Windows, Linux or Mac; you are likely to use the bundle.

# Free SEO Tool

Also, the tool is not only for SEO experts who want to crack down with the results. As a free tool, it’s a good friend for even SEO beginners or new online marketers. Not necessarily to spend thousands of dollars to get your hands on an SEO tool.

# Unlimited Resources

Lastly, it is not only to handle your own single child (website). Even its free version enables you to get “unlimited” everything. It includes the unlimited number of sites, keywords, keyword suggestions, keywords to track, sites to audit, and much more. Either for your single micro-niche blog or for your countless number of client’s big-leisure websites, SEO PowerSuite is for all.

# White-label Reports

Being a catered SEO tool, SEO PowerSuite gets your great GUI and intuitive report generation platform. It comes with custom options with which you can include or ignore fields while taking white-label reports.

As you can include the logo and name of the business, you can use it either for your website or for any client’s websites. Hence, it is the best no-brainer solution for any individuals or even for SEO agencies.

# Not a Cloud Software though it’s Powerful

You might wonder. How can an installable software pack be so effective than other cloud SEO tools? Even you don’t believe it, but it’s the fact. Most of the cloud SEO software comes with the same features that SEO PowerSuite offers, but at a premium cost.

Even monthly subscriptions will cost you around $100 to the minimum. On the other hand, SEO PowerSuite claims for your one-time investment. Pay it once and forget about monthly renewals. Access your smarter SEO tool forever.

Most of the cloud software can get you money backs though. Still, you cannot kill your time in trying those for a while and then abandon.

I believe I can make you clear how SEO PowerSuite can be powerful even as an installable desktop-based SEO tool. Hence, I am writing this post only by how it helps me to achieve my online SEO goals.

SEO PowerSuite Review – From My Real Experience with it!

SEO PowerSuite software is the combination of four different tools to handle your entire SEO tasks. Here are its modules –

  • Website Auditor – to identify if any onsite or technical SEO issues to fix
  • Rank Tracker – to track website rankings in SERP against specific keywords
  • SEO SpyGlass – to monitor link building campaigns and spy your competitor’s backlinks
  • Link Assistant – to manage outreach and prospect opportunities for getting new backlinks

In this review article, I am going to explain each of its tools features and how it works. Each tool has its unique functionality to take care of specific areas of your SEO.

Let’s get into deep insights on each.

#1 Website Auditor

First, let’s get started with SEO PowerSuite’s site auditing tool, website auditor. Before you think about optimizing your website to make it SEO-friendly, know its prevalence.

By conducting a preliminary website audit, you can figure out the entire back-outs the specific domain has. Basically, website auditor can help you out two major things: technical SEO audit and page optimization.

It’s simple to include any website to it. Under Create New Website Optimization Project, just enter your target URL. Check expert options and click next. You can also specify your crawler settings and filtering conditions.

Finally, you will have a handful of deep-dig data on each page. It includes all pointing links, on-page factors, indexing status, broken links, social media influence, meta tag errors and furthermore.

Certainly, here are the few major audits that this tool can perform on your specific URL.

Technical Site Audit

Once you have initiated the site audit process, the tool can crawl your pages as deeper as you set and locate technical SEO issues. It can examine all the website resources like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, etc. not to miss even a single issue.

You will be accessing a dashboard that has all the factors and their related status. It includes anything related to indexing, crawlability, redirects, URL’s, links, images, and more.

SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor

The great thing in SEO PowerSuite tool is, on every error, you will have suggestions to fix those errors.

SEO PowerSuite Comprehensive Site Audit

Site structure visualization

The tool can visualize your overall site structure and how your pages are linking with each other. It can be based on internal page rank, click depths, page views and so on.

Site Visualization

Page-level analysis

From the results you have, you can select a specific page for more in-depth analysis on the particular page. You will get to know about its content optimization status like how you have placed keywords in meta tags, heading tags, alt text, and then technical factors like HTML, CSS validation errors, hreflang values, structured data markup, etc.

The content editor enables you to optimize your page content against your target keyword within the website auditor tool itself.

Also, you can locate if there are any outgoing broken links on the specific page. Remove if you are using any heavyweight plug-ins to notify broken links on your pages. Not only this, you will come to know the plug-ins used on the page, canonical errors and the list goes endlessly.

TF-IDF analysis

The TF-IDF functionality can help you optimize your pages for a topic or keyword relevancy. Also, the tool can run through the top 10 competitors against the target keyword. And, then displays statistical data on TF-IDF ranges and recommendations By which, you can understand what semantic words your competitor’s use to optimize content towards target keywords. Ensure that you have used enough LSI keywords that are essential to include with relevancy.

TF-IDF Analysis

Domain Strength

The website auditor’s domain strength section can rate your website based key SEO metrics like domain age, backlinks, social signals, etc. Further, it displays some number of indexed pages, Alexa rank, social media popularity and so on.

Then, you can publish, share, save or print your website audit report anytime with the factors you wish to have in your reports.

Let me put it upfront. SEO PowerSuite’s website auditor tool can provide you the current status of your website on different factors. It displays not only the errors but also what you have done right.

#2 Rank Tracker

In the above section, we have seen what you have done right and whatnot. Now, it’s time to analyze the returns for the SEO efforts you invest in. You want to make sure that you are doing the right SEO.

Among multiple success metrics like organic traffic and conversions; keyword ranking is one of the typical factors you must monitor.

Since also, I use it every day. Think about running multiple niche blogs or handling various client website management projects. Tracking the performance in terms of keyword ranking is mind-numbing. Especially if you do it manually, it kills your time.

Managing the number of spreadsheets and updating data after every website audit is not that easy. Hence, SEO PowerSuite has effective rank tracking functionality with the name, rank tracker.

Let’s dive into its features and functionalities that make this SEO PowerSuite tool to stand out from the crowd.

Tracks Unlimited keyword ranking

Once creating a new project with a URL, you will be requesting to integrate with Google Analytics or Search Console tool to get you crucial keyword data. You may enter the set of keywords to check its ranking on any search engine from the list of 500+. You can also monitor your ranking against a specific country or region.

Rank Tracker - Search Engines Choice

Moreover, SEO PowerSuite’s rank tracker allows you to track unlimited websites, and keywords. You can get to know the ranking history of a specific keyword. Also, you can track your keyword rankings on autopilot mode scheduling the rank checks. Not only the text ranking results but also for multiple verticals like images, videos, snippets, etc.


Helps with new keyword suggestions

Rank Tracker is not just a rank monitoring tool kit, but also a perfect keyword research tool. Its metrics like keyword difficulty is quite in line with other proficient keywords tools results.

The tool allows you to integrate with any of the 20 keyword tools to get the utmost big list of keywords. And, these keyword data will be in the keyword sandbox for your later use.

Enables to sort the most potential keywords

Surprisingly, it has more and more filter options with plenty of metrics. You can come up with your most potential keywords sorting out those factors like keyword competition, monthly search volume, expected visits, etc.

The tool can automatically build a keyword map by grouping a set of keywords based on relevancy. You can even edit those keywords and assign those to specific pages on your site.

To the bottom line, using rank tracker tool, you can understand whether your SEO efforts are yielding properly, your website is declining in ranking due to any penalties, keywords or specific pages you want to optimize further, and more.

The unique thing about SEO PowerSuite’s rank tracker tool is you can integrate around 20 keyword research tools to get the maximum list of keywords against a single seed keyword. And, then you run unlimited tracking and schedule for auto checks across more than 500 search engines.

#3 SEO SpyGlass

In this section, let’s discuss SEO PowerSuite’s backlink audit or spy tool, SEO SpyGlass. I would say a million dollar tool for few hundreds. Backlinks are still a crucial ranking factor. The quality of the backlink profile has a greater impact on your site either positively or adversely.

Hence, SEO SpyGlass can help you digging your link profile deeper and audit the data to strategize your link building and to omit dangerous backlinks.

Especially, Spying on your competitor’s link building strategy is always interesting. You can learn a lot of things to nab those to remodel your link building campaigns. SEO SpyGlass is an effectual tool to scout your ten competitor’s link building efforts.

What else can you break out using this amazing backlink audit tool? Let’s get into it.

Crackdown your entire link profile

With Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration, this tool won’t even leave a single backlink. It can fetch links from every edge of your link profile. Moreover, the data are up to date, fresh. Hence, I define it as a comprehensive backlink audit tool.

The tool can fetch you the complete list of backlinks of the target URL than any other tools can provide you. To be frank, I would vote for Ahrefs as an equally potent tool as SEO PowerSuite’s SEO SpyGlass, at this point. Both give tough competition to each other in generating such a huge list of backlinks.

Examine your backlink analytics

When we talk about backlinks, quality matters than the number of keywords. SEO SpyGlass helps you to understand how reliable your link profile is. It comes with more and more link quality metrics to know even which backlink drives you what traffic. The link metrics you will access are linking domain authority, type, dofollow – nofollow ratio, number of outbound links, domain IP of the linking domain, anchor texts, referral traffic and more.

Backlink Progress

Spy on your competitor’s backlinks

The tool allows you to feed your top competitions URL to analyze its backlink profile. You can compare it with yours to know where links intersect. Also, you will get to know the common domains that your competitors are linked, but you don’t. Those are your prospective domains to gain backlinks.


With a simple analysis, you can study what type of content of your competitor’s attracts more backlinks, what type of link building method can get you authoritative backlinks, and more statistics.

Consolidate all those and decide where you will have to gain the backlinks further. As the tool can even let you know the referral traffic of each link, then why not you should miss it. Probably, that set of traffic is your potential leads to drive to your site.

There is nothing wrong in spying your competitor’s strategy unless until it is detrimental.

Figure-out harmful links & deal with it

With the link metrics data available, you can run down to single-out the harmful or low-quality backlinks.

Indeed, it’s backlink auditing tool gives you a metric, Penalty risk. That is the value that denotes the level of harmfulness that particular link can bring to your site. It gets you both the penalty risk value of the individual link as well as the linking domain.

Penalty Risk

The great thing is the tool can also provide you the contact details of the linking domain webmasters. You can outreach to those within the tool requesting to remove such dangerous bad backlinks.

If nothing turns out this way, then you can opt for disavow. SEO SpyGlass tool allows you to create a disavow file with essential data and link to the Google Disavow tool.

Let me put it simply, SEO SpyGlass would be the perfect partner to perform backlink audit, analysis and optimize your link building based on your competitions.

#4 Link Assistant

SEO is not something a single shot task. You have to consistent in creating content, building backlinks, refreshing old posts, keep optimizing to meet latest ranking algorithms, and much more.

Hence, there is no boundary to stop building new quality backlinks. Make sure you are not generating bad backlinks within a short period massively. Since disavow those harmful backlinks will be tedious then. Anyways SEO SpyGlass can help you to deal with it.

Backlinks are worth either you source it by guest blogging or directories. Each will have unique benefits on your link profile and website SEO. Let’s see what interesting things SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant can get you other than other typical link building or outreaching tools. You will get to know that in the below SEO PowerSuite link builder review section.

Prospect new opportunities

Once you get started with a new project for your site, you can search for new link building opportunities from various sources. How quality our link profile is, makes sense. Simply gaining dofollow backlinks, or solely relying on single link building technique is no more appreciable. You will have to diversify your link building sources.

Link Prospecting

Hence, Link Assistant enables you to choose between 12 different link building methods. It includes guest posting, competitor’s backlinks, commenting, forums, reviews, directories and so on.

Assess the target domains

As we have seen above, SEO PowerSuite can also help you to categorize or prioritize the backlinks based on various link quality metrics like Alexa rank, social popularity, authority, etc.

Hence, it becomes easier for you to sort out the potential link prospect for a win-win link building.

Outreach those potential prospects

Most importantly, the tool can provide you email contacts of your prospects. Also, it has awesome email templates to outreach webmasters right away from the tool. Manage your email communications within the tool itself. Don’t you inspire that it offers something beyond any specific outreach tool can give?

Manage your backlinks

Finally, the tool keeps you updated with the status of the backlinks, usage of anchor texts, and changes in link attributes and so on. It’s like a third eye to monitor and manage your historical as well as recent links.

Above all, let’s see the common reporting features of SEO PowerSuite tool in its entire four modules.

#5 Custom & Intuitive White Label Reports

In any of its tools, you can easily generate and export professional-looking white-label custom reports. Also, the report dashboard will be highly intuitive and rich in GUI. The tool reports on many aspects of SEO like traffic, keywords, backlinks, etc.

Have your fully customized reports with desired logo, brand name, colors, customs data, and custom sections. You will find options to save, print, or email, and upload to the web.

If you are an SEO agency, these white label reports can give a hand in convincing and impressing your prospects to turn out as your potential client.

SEO PowerSuite Pros

  • Desktop tool, you don’t require the Internet to access the tool
  • Combination of 4 tools: Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant
  • Free version enabling even beginners to handle SEO tasks smoother
  • One time investment, no need for quarterly or yearly renewals
  • SEO PowerSuite Cloud to store projects and access from multiple devices
  • 100% money back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase
  • Complete SEO tool for entire SEO activities
  • Strategic research and analysis to claim unique benefits
  • Access to unlimited resources
  • The tool that often comes with updates
  • Generate custom made white label reports with brand logo and name

SEO PowerSuite Cons

  • Sometimes, there may be redundancy as a desktop tool, but negligible
  • You cannot have report compiling data results from all the four tools together

SEO PowerSuite Cloud

Earlier it was hard to access SEO PowerSuite data in multiple devices. Most of the SEO PowerSuite users, the office isn’t the only working place. They are likely to work home from a different machine as well. Also, there are needs t share those data with the team members. Hence, SEO PowerSuite team blend its brain towards finding a solution for it. Now, you have two different options to store your data and access it from anywhere.

They are: its own web storage space, SEO PowerSuite Cloud and then fully integrated Dropbox. These storage options are available for all premium SEO PowerSuite users. Your data will be safe as it keeps copies of your data in multiple servers and back-up in the emergency server. SEO PowerSuite employs SSL and TLS technology to protect your data. Also, follows token-based authentication ensure account’s privacy. You can get generate a shareable project link to send it across your team or even clients. To make changes in the shareable link, the receiver not necessary to have SEO PowerSuite Cloud. Make sure you are using the latest version of SEO PowerSuite to access the features of SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

SEO PowerSuite Prices & Plans to Surprise You

Unlike other SEO tools, you don’t require to pay for it often. Invest in a great tool once and relax. The comprehensive SEO tool, SEO PowerSuite will take off your entire SEO inputs.

Before that, you can also hit a smart try with SEO PowerSuite’s free version for the cost of your email address.
SEO PowerSuite has very decent pricing slabs. The first thing is the free version available for all. And then, the professional plan is for individual site promoters or bloggers. And finally, an enterprise plan is ideal for SEO masters and SEO agencies.

Another great thing is, SEO PowerSuite is very much flexible in its commercial terms. There is no need that you will have to buy its whole suit. You can buy any of its tools based on your business needs. Unfortunately, SEO PowerSuite has no current discount on individual tools. But, you can claim its exclusive discount buying it as a complete suite.

As you all know, SEO PowerSuite claims for your one-time money. No monthly renewals. Make sure that the algo updates are available for free only for the first six months. After that, you can use it on a paid basis. What for you are waiting then, make this SEO PowerSuite purchase being the best investment in your SEO career?

Exclusive SEO PowerSuite Discount

I understand you will find it more appealing if there is any discount on this powerful SEO tool. Don’t worry. It’s always there. You can grab its 75% discount that is exclusively available for my readers. Unlock the SEO PowerSuite discount coupon code here and own such a predominant SEO tool.

SEO PowerSuite Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you are really eager to sense the smell of SEO PowerSuite, put your hands on its free version. Alternatively, you can buy it premium paid versions. Experience its features and throw it off, if you truly don’t like it. I bet upon you won’t discard using it.

SEO PowerSuite offers you 30 days money back guarantee. Enjoy the risk-free 30 days experience with SEO PowerSuite.

FAQ On SEO PowerSuite Tools Review

Before you head off to the SEO PowerSuite and its tools purchase, I just wanted to make sure you have got a clear idea about the tool and its features. Still, if you have any questions about it, get it clarified below.

Can I buy SEO PowerSuite’s built-in tools individually?

Yes, you can purchase any of its four tools – Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant separately at its regular costs. Unfortunately, no special offers like SEO PowerSuite Christmas sale or summer sale will be applicable while doing so. On the other hand, when you decide to purchase the full suite of SEO PowerSuite, you will get up to 75% OFF.

SEO PowerSuite User Reviews & Testimonials

I am sure this review would be tempting you to own this tool with no further delay. Indeed, check out the reviews and feedbacks by its users to ensure that your decision is absolutely right.

SEO Powersuite Black Friday Discount 2016

Final Take Away on SEO PowerSuite Review

SEO PowerSuite tool is indeed a package of tools that can fulfill the entire phases of SEO. Say from keyword research to website audit to backlink audit to competitor analysis to link building. Besides the features discussed here, the tool has more abundant features that can transform your website performance and hence business to the newer heights.

I wish you to give a try with its free version to discover more untold stories about it. I am sure that the SEO PowerSuite is a feature-packed suite to inspire you. Claim the SEO benefits to your site or to delight your clients.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

Sample Image

LinkAssistant Deals

Overall Rating - 4.5/5
Discover Link Prospects
Easy Outreaching

Sample Image

SEO SpyGlass

Overall Rating - 4.5/5
Comprehensive Link Research
White-Label Reports

Sample Image

Website Auditor

Overall Rating - 4.6/5
Unlimited Site Audit
Money-Back Guarantee

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