TCBI 07: Interview With Saurabh Chauhan From BlogBing

I am glad to include one more expert’s ideas and expertise in our interview series to help my readers. Let’s share our time to have an interview with Saurabh Chauhan from BlogBing. First of all, let me thank Saurabh Chauhan, a pro blogger for giving us an opportunity for the interview session spending his valuable time and inputs. Thank you very much.

Hope this would be another helpful article for my readers and Saurabh will also be enjoying the session.

Interview with Saurabh Chauhan from BlogBing

Hope we all might have enjoyed and learned things from our recent interviews with Nathan Gotch from GotchSEO, Pradeep Kumar from HellBound Bloggers and more. Learning from expertise is really an awesome experience to know where we were and where we are standing now. Moreover, it will bring confidence while listening or reading their travel journey. It would be more helpful for us to overcome the struggles and even not to attempt a few mistakes.

In like manner, we shall have a glance over the precious interview session with Saurabh here.

Can’t wait further, let’s get started?

We are glad to WELCOME you Saurabh and thanks for accepting our interview even in your busy schedule.

#1. Could you please share exciting things about you?

Let me introduce myself with very little Introduction. Myself Saurabh Chauhan – Co-Founder & CEO at BlogBing. I am in Blogging, SEO & IT Industry from last 8+ years trying to learn the things. I have my expertise in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, Brand Building, Customer Delight and Zero Coin Marketing Strategies.

So, You can identify me as 90% Marketing guy, who loves to play with Product Growth Challenges.

#2. Tell us about how did you get into blogging and how you are successful in that?

I entered in Blogging Industry, thanks to Google Science Far. Before few years, I was trying to understand How Google Science Fair Competition works, and I was required to create one simple static website on Google Sites to demonstrate my project. But, I was facing a lot of issues in adding daily research updates on my site due to the simple static structure. And that’s from where I entered in Blogspot Than WordPress and so on. It was an utterly unintended journey; I would love to say.

#3. Which is your great failure and success in your blogging arena?

The starting journey in Blogging Industry is always tough. For me, the best part was (Or I can say is) that I am not interested in making money. I always believe in doing what you love, instead of thinking about the benefit. But once we shifted to WordPress, The finance thing came to picture, due to the cost of Hosting, Themes, Plugins and all. I can say it was a tough time for me in Blogging Journey, as I was always focused on Zero-profit Business, and now I was required to pay to survive.

So, It took months for me to find monetization methods, make a profit from the content, and to be able to survive. Regarding Success, Every day is success always. Because blogging is something, where you need to keep yourself updated always to be better than others. And that’s the winning itself.

#4. How will you get upgraded yourself to the new techniques, strategies, and updates?

I’m following a massive number of websites constantly via Feedly to keep watch on what is going with the Industry. And if anything is interesting, It’s time to Bookmark that page and research more on that topic to find out deeper details about the topic.

#5. Do you think that blogging is tough to handle or it is fun to run a successful blog?

Blogging is the same as any other Job or Business. If you’re happy with just 25-30k INR/Month, It’s effortless. Even the street food vendor is earning that easily without any skills. But, If you’re aiming for a successful life with Blogging, It’s tough. And it’s gonna be more & more tough everyday, Thanks to huge competition and entry of giant funded players in the industry.

#6. For what are all the marketing strategies or techniques you are putting much time and effort to establish?

I believe that there is no one-fit rule for Marketing. Nobody can guide you what exactly you should do, to grow your Blog or Business. Understand your Audience, Put your leg in their Shoes and focus on building your strategy.

For me, The best strategy is always building your brand, and utilizing it to grab your customers and readers. Because at last, Your whole Business will operate with Trust, Recommendation & Customer Relations.

#7. What makes you have a tool for keyword research? Which tool were you using early?

We’re working on developing Products for the Blogging Ecosystem from last 3-4 Years, and I can say Keyword Research is our first tool available for Public. The main reason for developing a Keyword Research tool was to make basic data available for Everyone.

I feel that more than 80% of the Bloggers are still not at the financial level to pay Dollars every month to purchase various SEO tools, no matter It’s their Basic need to grow. Then the whole cycle is like, Pay Money to Get SEO Tools and Get SEO Tools to earn money. Someone was required to enter the industry to break the cycle, and we’re trying to do so.

#8. What is the unique point of using Blogbing’s keyword planner?

BlogBing’s Keyword Planner is highly focused on Bloggers, instead of Digital Marketing or Adwords’ Guys. One of the major benefits we feel with BlogBing is “Bloggers’ CPC.” It’s highly required metric for Bloggers to understand the Keyword Potential.

Few other things we’ve done to make it better is Multiple Related Keyword Algorithms based on your Requirement. We’re making them live very soon. And few more interesting benefits compared to most of the premium tools, which I leave it to the readers to dig out.

#9. What are all the ways you are planning to promote or amplify your keyword planner?

Frankly speaking, We’re currently not working on Marketing of Keyword Planner. It’s still in very early beta with many important features on the roadmap. We’re now focused on making the product more perfect to compete with Premium Keyword Research players.

Once we are ready to go live, We’ve planned to utilize our awesome community of Bloggers with a very light boost with Ads. Word of Mouth Marketing is always best. And If the Product is awesome, very small boost is enough to reach a huge audience.

#10. What is your long-term goal and how you are strategic towards it?

BlogBing is working towards launching 12+ Products by the end of 2018, and the best part is all the Products are related to Blogging Ecosystem, and all are having Free Version, which is the perfect solution for 90% of the Users. We’re deploying multiple strategies to achieve our goals with the lowest cost to make it Free & Most Affordable for Everyone. Also, our one unit is working towards Big Data and ML to focus more on No-Human Business Management for Bloggers. We’re hoping to make it live by the end of 2020 at beta level.

#11. What is trending the digital marketing industry right now?

In Digital Marketing, I would say the current trend is of Dark Marketing. The reason is straightforward; people don’t have time to wait for Brand Building, Organic Growth and so on. They need quick results, no matter how much it costs.

So, a huge amount of Unicorn Businesses are moving towards Dark Marketing to cover maximum market by killing competitors. I would love not to comment on whether it’s the right way or not, But people are using it heavily, and it seems future to me for Digital Marketing.

#12. How would you like to motivate startup bloggers and where they have to pay more attention to get stable?

I’m working with Bloggers’ Ecosystem from last many years, and one thing I have noticed is no growth plan for their Blogs in 90% of the cases. You’re operating your Blog, doing marketing, SEO, Awesome Content Writing everything, but What is next.

Do you wish to spend your whole life earning 1-2L per Month by wasting your more than 12-16 Hours in front of laptop screen? What if some giant player enters in your niche, and kills your Business..!!! Stop being too much dependent on Google.

And yes, If you’re earning good amount of money from your Blog, learn to utilize it for further growth by hiring a team, designing different units for multiple tasks, Expansion, networking, Personal branding, and few other things. Now blogging is not game of 1-2 people working on their laptop, It’s Business now. Grow rapidly, or your competitors will kill you

#13. How do you think that Email marketing helps to promote any business and what are the best ways to build a large subscriber list?

Email Marketing is surely the best way to grow your Business. And we’re personally using it in our products. Yes, The effectiveness has been reducing every day, but still, there is no reason to ignore it. For everyone who is using Email Marketing, I would suggest to segment your users based on their Interest, instead of throwing your emails every day.

Getting subscribers is easy, but providing best satisfaction to them is a tough task. Learn to understand what your subscriber exactly needs, and only serve that piece of cake to them. Don’t throw everything you have to your subscribers. It’ll reduce customer satisfaction over the long term.

#14. Share your comments about our blog Traffic Crow.

I’m personally following Traffic Crow for few months, and the best thing I love is a combination of Interviews + Reviews + Strategies + Roundup Posts at the single blog. And one more important thing for me is UI/UX of Traffic Crow. When you’re reading huge content, most of the time It makes you feel bored, and Sathish knows it very well. Their content of each post is designed in the way, that you don’t feel stressed no matter how much longer the article is. So, Overall best reading experience + content, which is an expectation of any reader

#15. Do you have any short notes to share with the bloggers and the readers?

Just one thing, The future is tough for you. Either grow and treat your Blog as Business or be ready to move out of the Industry. All the outdated things are not gonna work anymore because Giant players with Billions of Dollars in the pocket are entering in the Industry. You can never compete with them with your SEO + Social media strategies. Be Ready to do something Out of the Box.


Thank you, Saurabh for the interview. It is appreciable. We hope you to have all success and to reach the heights. I will have to thank my readers as well for reading and keep on encouraging me to add such expert’s interview as a part along with my blog posts. My dear readers do let me know your feedback about this interview with Saurabh Chauhan in the comments section below.

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