Interview With Jane Sheeba

TCBI 08: Interview With Jane Sheeba From Savvy Blogging Tips

Today, I have brought you another interesting blog post on an interview with Jane Sheeba Savvy Blogging Tips. She is an optimistic, independent and a successful blogger. She is a multi-talented personality as a scientist, Professional Blogger. She has been into blogging for the last ten years and running multiple blogs like Janesheeba Blog, Pro Blogging Success, Tech Buzz Online, and Best Hosting And Design successfully.

I am glad to have Jane Sheeba with us here, today. She is one of the top Indian Bloggers featured in favorite blogs like and few familiar magazines too.

Interview with Jane Sheeba Savvy Blogging Tips

I am contented to present a kind of Interview series to my readers helping them to acquire experts knowledge and ideas. As we have a great experience in a few other interviews with Saurabh Chauhan from BlogBing, Nathan Gotch from GOTCH SEO and more, I wish this would be another pleasure for my readers.

Myself and on my reader’s behalf, I will have to Thank You for spending your splendid time to share your expertise with us!

1. We know you as a famous blogger, for what Jane Sheeba is specialized for other than that?

Hey Sathish! Yes, I see myself as a famous blogger now. Before I became a blogger, I was a scientist (not the one you imagine with a white coat and glass apparatus with chemicals in it).

I did my Ph. D in the UK and that’s where I got interested in doing things online – I introduced myself to “blogs.” I did quite some research about blogs and making money online and also experimented by starting a few blogs on Blogger platform.

I worked as a Young Scientist a few years after my Ph. D. And then after a while, I quit my job as a scientist and became a full-time business owner.

My research is specialized in mathematical modeling of brain waves – that would help to identify behaviors and control of pathological states like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and so on. My main project during my Ph. D was to study the brain waves during anesthesia.

2. Share about yourself and your blogs as a small intro to those who don’t know Jane Sheeba.

Hello, again dear readers! I am Jane Sheeba, mother of two kids and a proud entrepreneur. I got into this whole blogging thing accidentally.

While I was in the UK (for my Ph. D), away from my home for the first time, I started browsing and learning about blogs to cope with my loneliness and homesickness.

And that’s how I got interested in it. It took me a couple of years to get the hang of it. I made a truckload of mistakes and learned things one by one. And finally, here I am!

3. As a start-up into blogging, did you have any inspiration or role model in blogging field? If any, please narrate few words.

My very first inspiration was – I started to learn about blogging at that site – my very primary blogging school 🙂 Darren Rowse was my great inspiration! As to successful entrepreneurs, I admire a few: Marie Forleo, Derek Halpern, and Neil Patel.

4. Tell us an interesting secret about your blogging career which you might not have shared anywhere yet.

I am an introvert. I don’t readily mingle with people face to face. It takes some time for me to get comfortable talking to someone.

And with my online business, I had to connect with people and talk to them on a daily basis. So I struggled a lot in the beginning.

But now, I feel a lot comfortable making new friends every day and I am quite successful at networking for my business. This is also the reason it took me a long while to start making videos. I am camera shy too. But I am getting there!

5. What would be your motivational tips for those who are thinking about starting a blog and making money out of it?

I would like to share my quote here:

When you overthink about getting out of your comfort zone, you disqualify yourself already from being an entrepreneur.

You cannot blog and make money if you always want to be in your comfort zone. And I learned this lesson the hard way. Just like any other blogger, I too love to be in the comfort zone. As I said, I am an introvert.

So I had to stretch myself out of my comfort zone to even start making friends online. And there were numerous other things that I did not feel comfortable doing – but I had to do them for my business. As long as I stayed in my comfort zone, my business was so stagnant. Things started to take off only after I got out of my comfort zone.

Trust me; this is very crucial advice if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. In particular, if you’re going to make money, you HAVE to be ready to come out of your comfort zone.

6. Digital Marketing industry has reached its peak and gets saturated, or it is still growing? What do you guess about it?

I would say that the trends are changing. Digital marketing as a whole won’t get saturated anywhere shortly – that’s what I think personally. But how people do online marketing does change over the time, and some trends are evolving. Once a trend saturates, a new trend picks up, and this goes on!

7. Share your success strategy in managing multiple blogs to help other bloggers to attempt.

First of all, I must say that managing multiple blogs is not for everyone. It demands a lot of hard work, courage, and discipline.

You know, with a single blog it is already challenging to create content consistently and do all the maintenance and promotion related stuff. When you need to do the same for multiple blogs, that adds to your workload.

For me, I am a multi-passionate person. And my multiple businesses also help me stabilize the income I generate in this business.

Further, I love working on different kinds of projects – that kind of working pattern suits me best.

8. How do you forsee SEO and Digital Marketing in next five years?

SEO is going to be all people-pleasing. In the past, SEO was all about pleasing the search engine bots. It is good news that things have changed for good now.

New SEO is all about people because the search engines themselves want to please their audience. And this is good for bloggers.

Now we don’t have to worry too much about keyword density, italicizing keywords and silly things like that – although, keywords still matter a lot! With the improved algorithm, the search engines can easily understand what a page is about even if the exact keywords are not used on the page.

9. Name some SEO or related tools you are using and recommending to use.

When it comes to SEO, the only tool I have been using and recommending a lot is SEMRUSH. It is great for keyword research, LSI keywords, competitor analysis, keeping tabs of other sites and their favorite content (great for content ideas), and monitoring how my sites are performing in search.

10. Could you specify your most impressed blogs that you are still reading regularly?

I regularly read Neil Patel Blog and Copy Blogger Blog. I also consistently stay in touch with lots of other blogging friends and their blogs. I usually leave comments on those blogs and share their content.

11. Could you share few tips and ideas to be successful in choosing a hosting?

First of all, a web host is a dangerous part of your online business. It is the space where you host ALL of your business. So it has to be something serious, right?

But I see most bloggers hesitate or overthink about spending money on hosting – especially when they are starting out. This is a big mistake.

While I understand that money can be an issue, in the beginning, hosting is a super talented thing! So you should not opt for free hosting or cheap hosting options. By the way, I offer web hosting, website design and other technical help for bloggers myself. You can find more details about those services at my site.

12. If you have lined-up to start another new blog, what it would relate to and it would help people.

To be very honest, starting another blog is not on my list at least for the next couple of years – because I have a 1.5 year old baby with me and I take complete care of her by myself while running this business.

So successfully running the current blogs that I already own is a challenging task in itself. Having said that (and that might change any moment lol), if I plan to start another blog I would only choose a niche that would be helpful to people, of course.

13. How are you observing our Blog, Traffic Crow? Throw your reviews.

I see Traffic Crow as a fantastic place for bloggers to learn stuff. The design is clean, and the content is top notch. I also see that the blog has a vibrant community which is a great thing!

14. Your piece of advice or tips that you can offer to my readers?

I would advise all readers of Traffic Crow to keep calm and blog. Blogging is not a route for overnight success. It takes quite a while for things to kick start, and as a blogger, you have to be very patient.

At the same time, you have to learn stuff. You cannot hide in a cave and keep creating content for your blog. You have to both keep up with the industry, as well as analyze what strategies of your work and what don’t work. This way, you can speed up your success with blogging! All the best.


Thanks a lot for presenting us an interview with great involvement. We wish you to have more victories and for keep going. I would also request my readers to come up with their feedback in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “TCBI 08: Interview With Jane Sheeba From Savvy Blogging Tips”

  1. Hey Sathish, Hey Jane,

    This is indeed a very wonderful and informative interview. I’ve known Jane Sheena ever since I started blogging. I still remember those first days, I use to comment on your first blog constantly (have forgotten the name of that blog though).

    Coming to all the things you answered here, honestly, I have to agree with you. Your point here “When you overthink about getting out of your comfort zone, you disqualify yourself already from being an entrepreneur” really striked a cord in me.

    Indeed, anyone that wants to be a successful entrepreneur must learn to move away from his comfort zone always, you can’t possibly make money while you’re always in one place. While you might actually make a little bucks that way, you will only be limiting yourself from lots of other opportunities out there.

    Furthermore, I also love your points about SEO, the search engine optimization industry is really changing dramatically as usual, and like you rightly said, SEO will soon be more about the people, and no more a matter of pleasing search engine bots. And the early every marketer knows about this and adapt accordingly, the better.

    Thanks for this wonderful intervention Jane and Sathish.

    1. Hey Anil,

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 I surely remember our association from very old days! You are one of my very early blogging buddies.

      Comfort zone can be dangerous as it can be an invisible obstacle to what you want to achieve.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Anil. As always, let’s continue to support each other 🙂


  2. Nice blog .u r providing good information about commenting websities.
    Social media is very important for improving the branding of any product. In this article given the information is very good and currently I am working on it..

  3. Hi Jane and Satish Great Interview, covered many topics. I believe it’s just rumored saying the SEO is dead.

    In fact, I as you have said, SEO is rapidly growing and with bringing more changes in the next 5 years from now. That’s correct that it won’t be much easier as earlier.

    Whereas India is concerned, we could see a lot of changes in the Digital Marketing trends, people now well aware of many digital aspects, which is a good sign for all of us… Time to think BIG…

    Have a great day ahead!

  4. Rahul,

    Jane is one of the inspiring women bloggers in India. She comes up with stunning articles about SEO, blogging and digital marketing. You can follow her blog for a good learning experience.

  5. Hey Satish,

    First of all, I’d say it was worth my time to read this blog completely.

    I’d totally agree with Jane in the 9th point, where she mentioned SEMRush. However, a lot of other bloggers are also mentioning SEMRush. SO, being a consistent user of AHref, I’m going to try SEMRush.

    Anyway, that’s a great piece of advice. Looking forward to seeing more of these types of interviews in the future.


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