The Secret Micro Niche Marketing Guide For Real Success

Complete Successful Micro Niche Marketing Guide

#1 Chapter – Micro Niche Marketing Fundamentals

A Micro Niche Marketing is a part of a Marketing that holds only a SINGLE PRODUCT and making them be marketed for cash via targeted sales. For Eg- The selling of iPhone 7 alone with the various marketing strategies without biasing with any other product and distract the people. Thus, a Micro Niche Marketing focuses only on a Single Product rather than messing up with the multiple products.

What is a Micro Niche Blog?

The blog that deals with any specific product and targets a micro-topic refers to micro niche blog. For example, a blog that deals about 'flower gardening' instead of 'gardening' or 'farming' as a whole. Though these micro niche blogs drive less traffic but tend to make more money. Since, it gets more organic traffic that is curious about your single particular product or niche. And hence, conversion will be high. Building a micro-niche blog requires more strategic approach and proper groundwork unlike for broader niche websites.

Note: Building a Micro Niche Website is the best way to Market any Single Product that drives the online sales.

"Marketing Micro Niche would bring a Macro output in Niche Marketing Concept. Yeah, it's true"

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1. Micro Niche Marketing Vs Niche Marketing

The users may often be misunderstood with these two terms “Micro Niche Marketing” and “Niche Marketing”. Even myself was very much confused at the earlier stage. You’ll be finding the exact differences between Micro Niche Marketing & Niche Marketing below.

Micro Niche Marketing Factors

Niche Marketing/Authority Blog Marketing Factors


The both Marketing types would bring success when you have the guts to do smart work and hard work effectively.

But, when it comes to built a site that drives sales with a lesser effort, I would strongly recommend you to take Micro-Niche Marketing seriously. Here you will find, why does the Micro Niche Marketing deserve? I bet, you would definitely go with the Micro Niche blog setup after reading this article.

  • Easy to market
  • Easy to handle

Niche Blog/Authority Websites generates huge revenue whereas the Micro Niche Blog doesn’t generate very high. But the real fact is that Micro Niche Blogs really works well, easy to handle, no fear of losing the rankings, a stable income source and requires very lesser time for the establishment.

People often tends to go with the decision that generates the results in a very short period. This is due to the fear of losing the precious time and experimenting things. If you’re a person that suits the above statement, then the Micro Niche Marketing tactics would be yours.  (Even myself seek the quick results and that boosts my productivity)

2. How to Search for the Best Micro Niche?

It is very simple to find the untapped Micro Niche Keyword that performs well for the Money Making Strategy. There exists plenty of Hidden Areas to find the Gold Mine Unsaturated Micro Niche Keywords. I will help you find the Best Micro Niche Keyword easily without any hassle.

Here, I will tell you the simple method to
find the best Micro Niche Keywords using, and You can also check the Top websites that promote some of the great products. This is because those products really work well without any doubt. If the competition of that product is high, kindly check the related product perfectly as it would get you easy cash without any competition game.

Hints from

Hints from

Hints from


I hope, you have chosen at least a Single Product using the above strategies. Now, you have to extend your research about that Single Product carefully before exposing it via Micro Niche Marketing. To check whether the desired product worth enough for the Micro Niche Marketing purpose, the following destinations should be tracked for knowing the exact potential of that product.

Here, I would handle “NordVPN” as an example to continue this guide.

  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • "FORUMS"
  • ""

The is a crowded Social Network place where you could have multiple possibilities of analyzing your Micro Niche Product’s Popularity and Potential. You could start searching for the product in the Search Bar and analyze whether the product is potentially worth enough or not. You may go through the Groups, People, Posts, Links and Videos as well to check its genuine worth.

You could also check the popularity and the potential worth of any product through various Online/Offline places.


You may think that setting up Multiple Micro-Niche websites would bring massive revenue. But, you are not supposed to do as you will fail to manage your Multiple Micro-Niche Websites all at once. Not every product would have the ability to sold via Online. You have to think wise in choosing the untapped Micro Niches and the products that really works.

I recommend you to check the top websites selling the Affiliate Products and thus make a note on it. It would give you an idea about the product that actually sells. The top website owners and marketers would sell only the products that really works well for them. I hope you could select the related Niche/Product that brings a massive sale for your Micro Niche website.

The below strategy should be followed to know the exact valuation of promoting the Best Product via Micro Niche Marketing Method.

  • At first, you should analyze the products that actually have the potential buyers over Online. Some of the Best Niches that have the possibilities of having tremendous sales are Health, E-Books, Softwares, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Hosting, Internet Marketing Products, Education, Cosmetics & Beauty, Video Courses and Dating.
  • After Choosing the Micro Niche based on the best performance and several assessments, you’re recommended to check the Affiliate Commission for that particular Product. If your Affiliate Commission exceeds $75, then you are on the right path. Because choosing the product with High Commission Payout per sale would make you earn huge cash along with the motivation to continue.
  • Most of the people don’t find time to read the Affiliate Terms and Product Terms. This lead to a sorrow endings for some of the people after undergoing a lengthy experimental process. You may get into trouble or be getting banned by the Affiliate Product Company due to their violation of the Terms and Condition. You must carefully read all the related documents before promoting any Products via Micro Niche Marketing and make sure you don’t over-ride their Terms and Policies.
  • You are not supposed to choose any High Competitive Niche Product. It may require huge time for getting the desired output or it may fail on the other end due to the heavy competition on the same Micro Niche category. So, you are recommended to go with the Less-Competitive Mirco Niche to survive the competition and also earn revenue as well.
  • So, are you ready to promote the product? Yeah, almost completed but don’t forget to do a single Final Important Task before starting. It is nothing but reading the Affiliate Reviews of the Product you’re ready to promote. For example: If I am Promoting Bluehost, I would search for “Bluehost Affiliate Review” via the search engine and gather the details about it. It would help me understand the actual status of that Product related to the Payment Issues, Affiliate FAQs and all other queries/solutions from any personal blog post.
  • Only promote the products that you have the ability to Research the Product to the extreme level.

The above 6 essential steps are very helpful in choosing the Best Product to Promote via Micro Niche Marketing method.

Are you ready to set up the Micro Niche Money Making Websites?
Yeah, you’re most welcomed to do so. Follow this full guide and live your life with the Financial Freedom instantly.

3. Common Affiliated Marketplaces For Promoting Micro Niche Products

To promote any desired products via Micro Niche Marketing Strategy, you need to get the Affiliate Account first.

The Affiliate Account for your Micro Niche Product could be obtained by different methods.

Method - 1

The first and easy way to get access to your Affiliate Account Dashboard are through the Affiliate Marketplaces such as

Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, JvZoo, Amazon & Avangate

There exist hundreds of affiliate marketplace and you can check them at your own risk. If your Product isn’t available from any of the above Marketplace, it is recommended to follow the second way to get access.

Method - 2

The second way to get access to your Affiliate Dashboard is by applying via Direct Affiliate Page from your Product’s official website. Go to the Product’s Homepage that you are about to Promote and then check at the bottom of the web page for “Affiliates” option. Apply directly to get the Affiliate Power to promote their product on a commission basis. If you don’t find any “Affiliates” option and you really needs to promote their product, kindly contact them via “Contact Us” page for further conversation related to your Affiliate Marketing plan.

After getting your Affiliate Account, you will be knowing all the Statistic and Sales analytics from your Dashboard for sure.

Note: Some of the Affiliate Sales are recorded after few hours of Purchase. Thus, patience is the only option here.

#2 Chapter - How to Pick Up the Profitable Product and the Keywords?

You have already read some of the Golden Strategies in the previous chapter regarding the choosing of the Best Product for the Micro Niche Marketing Money Making Method. Here, you’ll find the Product Pick-Up through the wide research using several tools along with the Keywords.

If the wide research actually shows the demand and popularity of your Micro Niche Product, then it would be wise to choose them for your Micro Niche Marketing Journey.

"The 2 ideas that turn Zero into Hero in Online Biz- Product that solves and Keyword that drives"

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1. What Are The Easiest Ways To Boost Your Micro Niche Product Sales?

Create Authority
– The people love the Websites that looks genuine and only after ensuring the credibility/authority. So, you should focus on the clean Brand Automation by Introducing a Perfect Logo, Website Template, Brand Name, Professional Social Media Accounts and User-Friendly interface as well.

This could boost the sales to the maximum level once the website adopts the users’ mind with the best Customer Relationship touch.

Choose Product Keywords – The Product keyword is often related to the masterpiece for the money making strategy in the Micro Niche marketing. For Example: If you are about to buy iPhone 7, what would you do? At first, you may check for “iPhone 7 reviews” and then go for “iPhone 7 discounts” searches via Search Engine.

After reading or viewing the blog post via Search Engine Results Page, you would really buy the product online. So, you must think yourself as the buyer and then question yourself about, how would you buy any product online? Finally, you have to adopt those keywords for your Micro Niche website. i.e, [Product Name + Buyer Keyword]

Common Buyer Keywords – You should focus more on the Buyer Keywords for your Micro Niche website as we are totally focusing on making money promoting a product. Some of the common and usual Buyer Keywords are listed below.

  • [Best + Product + 2020]
  • [Cheap + Product +Deals]
  • [Buy + Product + Promo]
  • [Buy + Product + Coupon Code]
  • [Buy + Product + Discount]

Example: “Best Cheap VPN 2020” or “Top fastest VPN Discounts” or “2020 best iPhone7 offer”, etc.

Some of the most widely used Keywords by the Buyers around the globe are grouped below.

Combine the keywords and play with the Micro Niche Website to obtain the good results. There are several Buyer Keywords available and it is all about the Buyer’s intention to purchase the product. So, think that you’re the buyer and then obtain the keywords with your own common sense as well.

Choose Attractive Titles – The titles should more attractive than your competitor as it is the First Opportunity for the people to click on your Title of the Blog Post. The Micro Niche Blog Post titles should be more appealing and attention grabbing one. This should be done effectively as it is the only way to drive people to your website through Organic Traffic.

There exist several Blog Post Content Methods available for posting on your blog. It would be helpful for you to diversify the blog contents idea effectively.

For Example:

  • NordVPN Offer – 70% Discount
  • NordVPN Special Discount
  • NodeVPN Discount 2020 - Save $XXX
  • NordVPN Coupon Code April 2020
  • NordVPN Coupon Code + $XX Bonus

Note: Try to CAPITALIZE the first letter of the Major Terms for the best CTR (Click-Through-Rate) result.

2. Potential Keyword Research & Complete Analysis Over Buyer Keywords

Content is the King, you have to enrich your Blogs/Website performance with the Contents. The content holds the cheap and best way of marketing a product indeed. The content should have your Keywords inside for getting a greater exposure that would eventually turn your Content into Sales Driving Machine. Here, the complete analysis of keywords and the exact Buyer keywords are explained for your Micro Niche Marketing Campaigns.

Keyword Category:

Short Tail Keywords

Medium Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords (Recommended)

Keyword Competitions:

The competition is everywhere and it is getting worse day by day. In order to survive the competition, you have to be stay focused and indulge in the smart works. The Keyword Competition directly influences the Micro Niche Competition. So, choosing a wise Keyword strategy would bring you success along with the huge revenue.

  • Short Tail Keywords – Very High Competitive Level
  • Medium Tail Keywords – Moderate Competitive Level
  • Long Tail Keywords – Less Competitive Level

Always, go with the Long Tail Keywords for your Micro Niche Marketing Projects to achieve in very short span.

3. Different Ways To Choose The LongTail Keywords

The various possible ways to choose the Long Tail Keywords as per my personal experience would be expressed in this section along with the screenshots. You may also try other different ways to Choose your Long Tail Keyword for your Micro Niche Products. The below tactics are often used to accumulate the keywords for my Micro Niche Website Strategy.

Method 1: Choose via LSI method

Method 2: Choose via Tool Feast

Method 3: Choose via Google Keyword Planner

LongTail Pro - To get tons of Long Tailed Money Making Keywords, just GRAB the LongTail Pro Software at Low price. Buy Discounted LongTail Pro software here.

Method 4: Choose via LongTail Pro

#3 Chapter – Choosing the Best Domain Name [EMD Suggested]

1. Best Domain Name Suggestions

The choosing of Best Domain Name for your Micro Niche Website is an essential step to be followed indeed. You have to be more creative and smart enough in choosing the Best Micro Niche Domain Name. It is the only single identity that the users can sense when they reach your Micro Niche Blog. The Domain Name should be

  • Easy to Remember
  • Should be short as possible
  • Easy to Spell
  • No Special Characters
  • .Com as most preferred
  • Exact Matching Domain – EMD or Partial Matching Domain PMD
  • ​No controversy Domain Names
  • No copyright issues
  • No controversy Domain Names

"The investment in choosing the Brand Name is proportional to Targetted Biz. Best Ex- EMD"

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The Domain Name which you’re about to buy should undergo several criteria for establishing a great Micro Niche Blog for making money online. It is strongly recommended to purchase the domain that has the extension as .com which is easy to remember and the people always go with .com as per the study. The Domain Name shouldn’t contain any Special Characters, Country Specifications, Controversy word, etc.

EMD – Exact Matching Domain names are the one which is very easy to rank on the Search Engines due to the placement of the Exact Niche Keyword in the Domain Name.

2. Exact Domain Match or Partial Domain Match

If I am promoting the NordVPN Niche, I would purchase Here, the NordVPN is injected inside the Domain Name. This is called as

EMD – Exact Matching Domain and it is most often ranked well on the Search Engine for the Specified Niches.

For Example
PMD – Partial Matching Domain
For Example

There are thousands of Domain Marketplace in the Online World. You could grab your Domain Name easily via some of the Popular Domain Registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.

So, you have an idea of Purchasing the Domain for your Micro Niche Weblog. isn’t it?

Yeah, just buy your Domain Name instantly before someone grabs them.

Read the remaining chapter and establish your Money Making Micro Niche Blog very effectively.

Note: You must notify the Product Company via their Official Website regarding the purchase of their intellectual Domain property before buying. Also, mention your purpose of purchasing that Domain Name. You may convince them by assuring that the product would be solely promoted in a genuine way as well.

#4 Chapter – Choosing the Best Hosting Platform

The Domain Names bring Brand Authority but the Hosting Solution provides the Brand Credibility among the people. It is most recommended to host your Micro Niche Blog with the help of World-Class Hosting Solution Platform. It is suggested the most for obtaining the success efficiently without any doubt. The Micro Niche Blog should be always available to multiple users around the globe and it should load the web page in a faster mode. Most of the people leave your blog if it loads for a bit longer than the usual loading speed.

Speed is considered as the major criteria for the Micro Niche Blog success. There shouldn’t be any frequent downtime of your Website as it would deteriorate the sales and eventually, you’ll lose the potential customer. The below Screenshot shows a good result regarding the speed of my Niche Blog.

"The higher the Quality of the Hosting, the higher the Bounty of the Earnings"

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Hosting Speed - Micro Niche Marketing

1. Some of The Best Qualities For a Good Hosting Platform

  • It should be cheap and reliable platform
  • It should have tightened security from DDoS attacks
  • It should be user-friendly for accessing the Hosting Dashboard
  • It should provide Customer Friendly Support 24/7
  • There shouldn’t be any compromise with the Speed and Performance
  • It should be a Brand and Genuine Company as well (Based on Reviews)
  • It should deliver the content to all the countries without any issues (worldwide)
  • It should have decent Bandwidth and Storage Quota
  • It should provide daily or weekly Website Backup
  • It should provide Free SSL and Secure CDN.

2. Recommended Hosting Providers For Micro Niche Blogs

As per my own experience, I have been recommending users some of the
best reliable Hosting Provider that never fails for the Micro Niche Marketing purpose. I have been using Bluehost and WPX Hosting platform for several Micro Niche Blogs without any issues or flaws. I recommend you choose either BlueHost or WPX Hosting for your successful Micro Niche Blog peacefully.

Bluehost - Grab the awesome Bluehost Hosting Packages at Low Price for your Micro Niche Marketing Blog. Buy Discounted Bluehost Hosting Packages here.

WPX Hosting - Get the Powerful Managed Hosting for your Micro Niche WordPress blogs at an unbelievable price. Grab the Discounted WPX Hosting Package here. &
WPX Hosting Black Friday Deals

Why to Choose BlueHost for the Micro Niche blogs?

Why to Choose WPX Hosting for the Micro Niche blogs?

#5 Chapter - Setting Up the Micro Niche Blog Site

We have come across on Buying a Domain Name and Purchasing the Hosting Packages from the Previous Chapters. Now it is the time for Setting Up our Micro Niche Blog with happiness. I would provide you the Step by Step Process on How to Set Up a Micro Niche Site using WordPress in this section with the appropriate Micro Niche Marketing Strategies.

WordPress being a leading CMS – Content Management System in the universe, it provides tons of flexible features to the users in the forms of Plugins, Configures, Themes and Blog Management Script. I firmly recommend you choose WordPress as your Micro Niche Blogging Platform as I always
go with the WordPress. It gives the users a super power in building up their profitable website. The below step process would help you understand WordPress installation rapidly.

"The establishing of Micro Niche Blog is like Setting up the no-competitor game in the Olympics"

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1. How To Install WordPress on The Micro Niche Site?

The installation of WordPress script would make the installation process very faster. Sometimes you have to manually install the WordPress CMS Software. If you feel lazy or not having much interest in the Installation Process, kindly contact your Hosting Provider via Live Chat and finally, they will do it for you without any hassle.

To install the WordPress on Bluehost, you should follow the below simple process. (Similar Process for
other Web Hosting Platform too)

  • Login into your Bluehost Account initially.
  • Now visit the “Website Section” and Click “Install WordPress”.
  • Hit the Install Button to Install the WordPress Script.
  • Now provide the necessary data such as Blog Title, Tagline, Admin Login Credentials, etc for the Installation Process.
  • Finally, you have successfully installed the WordPress for your Micro Niche Blog.
  • Login into your Bluehost Account initially.
  • Now visit the “Website Section” and Click “Install WordPress”.
  • Hit the Install Button to Install the WordPress Script.
  • Now provide the necessary data such as Blog Title, Tagline, Admin Login Credentials, etc for the Installation Process.
  • Finally, you have successfully installed the WordPress for your Micro Niche Blog.

2. How To Install a Best WordPress Theme For The Micro Niche Site?

The WordPress Theme installation is the second major process that you should take care the most. It is the essential part for setting up the Micro Niche Website effectively. There available plenty of WordPress Themes Online and you should grab the best one for your whole micro niche blogs. The various themes with the variety of features are available and you will sure get confusion while choosing them.

So, I will make your process faster by suggesting some of the Best Responsive WordPress Themes for your Micro Niche Weblog. I personally use those WordPress Themes and am loving the results that they are producing.

Some of the Best WordPress Themes that I have tested for the Micro Niche and Niche Authority Blogs are MyThemeShop’s Schema and Genesis Themes. These themes are pretty responsive and working well for my several Micro Niche Blogs. Here, I suggest you MyThemeShop’s Schema WordPress Theme because it provides the Schema Features inbuilt.

The Schema Structural Concept was adopted mainly to attain a Structurally Configured Results of the website content on the Search Engine Platforms. So, Schema WordPress theme is the very powerful Theme you should consider while installing the WordPress Theme for your beloved Micro Niche Blogs.

MyThemeShop - Decorate your Website with the MTS Theme under 20 minutes like a pro. Grab the MyThemeShop Limited Coupons here.

Genesis Framework - Supercharge your Website Interface with the SEO powered module via Genesis. Get the Genesis theme bundle for a very low price today.

Simple Procedure to Install the WordPress Theme into your New Micro Niche Blog:

  • Log into your WordPress Blog by visiting
  • From your Dashboard’s Left Pane click the “Appearance” Option and then “Themes”.
  • Now click the “Add New” button from the top section.
  • Finally, Click the “Upload Theme” button to upload your theme and finalize the Theme Installation Process.
  • Finally, you have successfully installed the WordPress for your Micro Niche Blog.

Note: Buy WordPress Themes only from the Official Theme Website because the Themes which you grab for free or provided by the fellow people would be a nulled or hacked one. These would down your Micro Niche Blog performance and may be hacked in some cases too.

Download the Latest Updated WordPress Themes for your Micro Niche Website carefully.

3. How To Install Best WordPress Plugins For The Micro Niche Site?

WordPress Plugins are the part of the WordPress CMS which helps the users do some specific task very easily without any hassles. This is a small add-on that eases the work of the users to a greater extent. I recommend you pick up only the essential WP Plugins rather than installing the huge number of Plugins that leads to degraded performance of your Micro Niche Blog. Here, I would list some of the essential and most widely used WP Plugins for the Micro-Niche Blog below.

Note: Try awesome useful Plugins for your Micro Niche Weblogs if they seem to be really helpful. Disable and remove the unused or unwanted Plugins as it would create slow down of your Website for hidden reasons.

4. How To Optimize The Micro Niche WordPress Site?

It is mandatory to Optimize your Micro Niche WordPress Site for the Search Engines. The Search Engines are the Golden Tool to drive the targeted traffic to your Micro Niche Marketing Projects. Here, I would cover some of the basic Optimization Process for your WordPress Website that would roughly take just 30 minutes or less.

Sitemap Configuration

Robots.txt Configuration

Site Speed Configurations

Setting up the Mandatory Pages

#6 Chapter - Content Ideas and Strategies

The Content is the most concentrated part of any Successful Website as it brings the traffic and sales to the maximum extent. The content should be engaging and interesting for the Viral Marketing Method. The content should be shareable and useful one indeed for a greater reach. In this chapter, you would find about Content Ideas and Write a great content in a simple manner.

"If Content-King, UI-Queen, Speed-troop, then Micro Niche Blog would be a Solo Emperor"

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1. How To Analyse & Research Content Ideas?

Analyzing the Content thoroughly before posting on your WordPress Micro Niche Blog is a best practice that eventually brings victory.

You have got the idea to Promote a Product now. Meanwhile, you’re confused to post the contents on your Micro Niche Blog. No worries, I would show you some useful destination for getting the Killer Content Ideas.

If I am fixed to Promote “NordVPN” product, I would do the following for my Content Ideas and Content Strategies.

Visit Forums for Content Ideas

Visit Question & Answers sites for Content Ideas

Visit Facebook Groups and Twitter for Content Ideas

Visit YouTube for Content Ideas

Visit Pinterest for Content Ideas

2. Content Strategy For Micro Niche Site

As we have seen some of the destinations available for grasping the Content Ideas for the Micro Niche Marketing successfully. Now, you must concentrate on the Content Strategy which is an essential part of your Micro Niche Blog.

The following simple hacks would help you understand the things which I have been using it for a long while for all my Micro Niche Marketing Methods.


The “I” concept is the widely used concept by many Internet Marketers for reaching high sales. The concept is simple, “I” refers to a person (that’s you). The person needs to compile his/her Content in such a way that he/she narrates the whole Content like a personal post.

For example, “I used”, “I was”, “I have” & more in his/her content would make a personal touch.

The personal narration and the expression would always trigger the blog readers to buy the product. They feel like they are reading the article based on one’s personal experience. They are more likely to buy a product which someone has already bought it than the one which isn’t bought by anyone.

Some of the essential Content Writing formulas must be implemented in your Content such as well readable content,
quality content compilation, bulletins and numberings section, proper On-Page SEO tactics, Images with attributes wherever necessary, Yoast SEO Content Optimization, Properly Structured Heading Tags, etc.

I would recommend you write at least minimum of 2000 words for your Micro Niche Blog Content. The 2000+ words Content have the huge probability of ranking at the first page of the Search Engines in these days. The content should be attractive and useful as well.


AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is the basic concept that works on the Internet for turning the Visitors into the Potential Buyers. It was first explained on the Neil Patel's blog named CrazyEgg, which is one of the Blogs that he owns. The whole concept about AIDA and it's essential factors could be seen via this link. Checkout CrazyEgg's AIDA concept here.

The AIDA concept was also mentioned as an important criterion in the Copy Writing field by “Vladimir Raykov” in his “Copywriting: How To Convert Features Into Benefits That Sell

“Today, you will find simple hacks that would turn your $10 investment into a $1000 money making platform”

The Content should be interesting to read and shouldn’t bore the visitors as well. You could explain the facts and features that make an interesting moment for your visitors.

For Example, “The below 5 methods that I have been using for the past 3 years would help you achieve the goals. This system has 10 awesome features that you never know before”.


The Content should trigger the emotions of the individual and attract them with the help of their “Desire” module. You should sow the seed to understand the readers about the benefits they are going to grab.

For Example, “Thus, this system made me fly with colors and that helped me built my New House and purchase of my New Car. You can follow the same strategy for your Financial Freedom moment”


The Content should convert the visitors into the potential buyers or into the lead. It is the final stage that makes the readers Buy or Do any Action such as Email Subscriptions, E-Book Downloads, Giveaway Participation or a Course Enrollment. The words should convince the readers to buy or do any sort of action.

For Example, “Hurry, we have only 4 coupons at the discounted price. The offer would end by Today. So, grab your coupons instantly”


You’re suggested to follow the AIDA concept for your Micro Niche Sites to get the amazing output. The injection of the LSI Keywords naturally inside your Content is recommended for gaining viral targetted traffic for your Micro Niche Blog.

LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are explained earlier in this guide. The LSI keywords are the one which is the Keywords Related to the people queries as shown in the below screenshot.

LSI Keywords - Micro Niche Marketing

3. Two Ways To Write a Content For Your Micro Niche Blog

There are two ways to write the Contents for your Micro Niche Blog. The below two ways of generating the successful contents are most commonly practiced.

As a human, you're allowed to do mistakes but it is strongly recommended to resolve it and never indulge the same again. Learn and rectify your
writing mistakes including the Grammatical and Spelling errors quickly. Increase your potential faster than before with the Grammarly Tool.

To know more about Grammarly Tool (
Whitesmoke Alternative), check out this Grammarly Review for more. You could also get the inexpensive Grammarly discount coupons for purchasing the subscription at reasonable cost.

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Method 1: Write the Content on your Own

Method 2: Outsource the Content through Freelancing Method

#7 Chapter – On-Page Optimization for the Micro Niche Blog

The On-Page Optimization is the major part of the SEO for the Micro Niche Blog. The several tactics and techniques are done within the website content for a perfect optimization of the Content for the Search Engine Platform. The some of the essential and basic On-Page SEO are explained with the snapshots below.

"The On-Page SEO is the cooking stuff that sense & smells pretty before tasting (ranking) them"

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Robots.txt Optimization

Yoast Configuration for the Micro Niche Marketing Strategy

Sitemap Configuration

Meta Title & Post Title Optimization

Exact Match Keyword Optimization

Proper Permalink Optimization

Keyword in Meta Description

Proper Heading Tags Optimization

Proper Internal Linking

Proper No-Follow & Do-Follow Backlinks Optimization

Image Optimization

#8 Chapter – Set Up Social Media Profiles

The Social Media is the recent goldmine for driving traffic to any website tremendously. With billions of daily active users, Facebook seems to be a Top Social Media Network worldwide (approximately 1.3 Billion). Social Media Marketing is the trending Marketing Field that most of the people handling these days for driving traffic, sales, optins and engagement as well.

Doing proper Social Media Marketing for your Micro Niche Blog would increase the function of the Social Signals for sure. Social Signals are the Likes, Comments, Shares, Reach, Pins, Save, etc for Search Engine Visibility with the help of Social Media Platforms.

"Social Media is the Power House of Traffic, it may be non-targetted traffic but an effective one"

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Social Media Backlinks

Social Signals


#9 Chapter – Link Building Strategies

Link Building strategies are the widely used tactics for gaining SEO faster for any websites. It helps the website rank better and especially the new websites would be indexed faster by the Search Engines. Thus, the link building would be the most helping strategy for the Micro Niche Marketing Projects.

"Backlink is a powerful glucose of SEO. Overloading them may cause diabetes (penalize)"

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Also, the referral traffic could be supercharged when someone points your website with the backlink. The backlinks are nothing but a link that points to your website from other people website or blog. So, link building strategy for our new Micro Niche Marketing blog is the essential factor to care about.

The Do-Follow link is most preferred to obtain faster reach and gain the real link building benefits than the No-Follow backlink. The Do-Follow backlink is the one that tells the Search Engines to crawl the content and pass the link juice as well. The No-Follow backlink is just an opposite to the Do-Follow backlink which restricts the Search Engine Spiders from crawling the content and the following of that particular destination.

SEO Powersuite - Rank your Position to the top with minimal effort via SEO Powersuite. Grab the discounted SEO Powersuite package here.

Links Management - Backlinks are the secret link to your Money Treasure. Use LinksManagement to boost your Micro Niche Weblogs. Grab the seasonal discounted LinksManagement offer here.

Some of the basic and expert level Backlinking strategies are listed below.

Social Bookmarking

Profile Creation

Authority Backlinks

Blog Commenting

Web 2.0 Submission

Guest Post

Spy Competitor Analysis

Paid Backlinks

Question and Answers portal

Web Directories Submission

Niche Forum Backlinks

#10 Chapter – Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

The Conversion is the main goal for every Micro Niche Marketing projects. I promise you that you could be a super successive person if you are ready to implement all the tactics and strategies that I have compiled in this Mega Micro Niche Marketing Guide very fast. The Call-To-Action is the major goal in this Micro Niche Blog Marketing.

So, you have to be very creative and smart in implementing the Call-to-Action strategy (Sale). The visitors should be happy with your Micro Niche Blog and that would be the real massive success indeed. Thus, the satisfaction factor is the most important factor for the Micro Niche Marketing project that would bring sales ultimately. The following gimmicks should be taken as a serious note for your whole Micro Niche Project as it is the final and valuable section.

"100 targetted visitors making 10 purchases are better than 10000 visitors with no sales"

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Don’t use iFrame Codes (Use the Handmade Images & Manual Link) for Conversion

Header Call To Action

Attractive Words for conversion (No faking promises)

Conclusion (Time To Earn)

Yahoo! You have completed reading and learning the whole tactics and strategies that I have followed for my Micro Niche Marketing project. I hope you learned the simple yet effective way of making money in no time. I swore that you’ll sure earn huge cash by establishing the number of Micro Niche Blogs after the completion of this Ultimate Micro Niche Guide provided with love.

You are requested to take action for your Financial Freedom moments in your Life. I covered all the basic and essential part in making the Micro Niche Blogs using the WordPress CMS Platform briefly. You’ll thank me later after gaining fame and revenue with your Micro Niche Blog in short time.

The real power of Micro Niche Blog is that you could rank the Micro niche Product very faster than the Niche Authority Method. The concept and the strategies that I have mentioned in this Micro Niche Guide worked for me in a pretty way. You can also improve your Micro Niche Marketing with your own ideas and experiments. I love to see all the tactics that you’ve implemented in your Micro Niche Blog under the comment section.

I believe that you would share this guide as it doesn’t cost any buck for showing the love towards this 12000+ words Micro Niche Marketing Blog Guide. I am happy to explore more things in the nearer future and update this Ultimate Smart Guide for Micro Niche Blog growth for sure. I recommend you bookmark this valuable post for future reference. [ctrl + d]

I pray for your growth for sure and am damn sure you’ll achieve financial freedom after implementing the Micro Niche Marketing Blogs for sure. I love to see the comments and your queries under the comment section. Make sure you’ve shared this article and subscribe our Newsletter for instant High-Quality working Guides for making Money Online.

I have learned some of the strategies from the experts and with my own experience as well.

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  1. Awesome Guide Bro. This is a perfect and Full guide about micro niche marketing. I will be try all of those step. I hope I will got some good result. Thanks For Sharing This premium type artical…

  2. Hi, Sathish

    First of all, Thanks for publishing this awesome guide. I would say you have written an outstanding guide on micro-niche marketing. I got to know about new things from this guide.

    And YES, You are the master in writing great affiliate reviews. Here, You have written 12,000 words article that show how you passionate about your work.

    Thank you, Buddy
    Aakash Patel

  3. Hi Satish,
    At last that much-awaited one is out.
    What an EPIC post1
    I appreciate you for this wonderful well-researched post.
    The connected sub narration links are really well placed.
    I am bookmarking it for my further read and application.
    Well done my friend.
    Keep up the good work.
    All good wishes to you and your team.
    ~ Philip

    1. We are happy at this moment as you’ve expressed your views on our guide related to Micro Niche Marketing.

      The more epic post would be updated soon for sure. We hope that you could go through the whole content in the nearer future via the Bookmarked link.

      Thanks a lot.

    1. Yeah, your words are true. We have provided an in-depth guide with the clean explanations. This could probably solve all the novice queries from the beginners. We are very much pleasured to view your comment as well.
      Thank you.

  4. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Amazing good job you did, Sathish
    Step by step and comprehensive.
    This guide will help for sure many
    dedicated people to set up a Microniche site
    and have success with it.
    Thank you

    1. We are very much glad that you’ve read our guide. We respect your valuable comment as well. This guide would help the people to set up their Successful Micro Niche Blog without any doubt. Once again thanks for your precious comments Erika Mam.

  5. Very Nice article Satish , I am very thankful to you for such a nice article used for many of fellow bloggers, Keep moving and anyway congrats for you new car 🙂

    1. Hi Charan Pammi, Thanks for your valuable comment. I am glad that you’ve liked this article. Yep, it is a useful guide indeed. Thanks for the compliments as well. 🙂

      Sathish Arumugam.

  6. Vijaygopalbalasa

    First of all, I must thank you for this creative guide. I am newbie blogger. I probably confused with Niche and Micro-blog. This guide pushed me out and clarified everything. Now, I thought to create one Micro-niche blog.


  7. Shafi Khan | MyBlogLift

    Hi Satish,

    It is one of the most comprehensive Micro Niche Marketing guides I have read, and it contains some of the hidden secrets that people don’t share.

    Is there any chance you can have a pdf of this guide? It would make reading a lot easier, and I can take note of important points.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Shafi Khan

  8. Hey Satish!
    appreciate your efforts. This is really a detailed guide and would probably take a little while to go through and learn 🙂

  9. Hi Satish,

    You have created such a great and very informative article about micro niche guide which is very helpful for newbies. You have covered all the basic and advanced steps which are necessary, you have mentioned many things but the one thing here I want to talk about is you have mentioned “#THE MAGIC OF “I” CONCEPT” I think many of us not thought about that I factor but it is really very important factor for a personal touch.

    Thank you so much for sharing this informative guide.

  10. Super Amazing Post. It is really helpful for novice marketers. You rightly explained everything in details, I am touched by your ‘I’ term approach. I have never before thinking of something like this. It is super amazing to use the I approach to convince your readers.

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