Best Joomla Hosting Providers

Best Joomla Hosting Providers 2021 + Free Domain {Reviews + Pros & Cons}

Before introducing the best Joomla hosting providers to you, I want to talk a few words about Joomla comparing WordPress, as a WordPress enthusiast.

Joomla is the widely used CMS next to WordPress. There is also Drupal CMS next to Joomla.

As WordPress powered websites outnumber the Joomla and Drupal, many popular hosting providers offer only WordPress Managed Hosting and advertising it on their websites. For an instant, WP Engine would be great among all for its fully managed WordPress hosting and great pricing deals.

But these hosting providers offer the same one-click installation for Joomla also like the WordPress CMS.

Best Joomla Website Hosting Services

Joomla CMS can be enabled in the control panel software of most hosting companies in just one click.

Manual Joomla Installation and set up can be done quickly as same as installing WordPress if you want to go a different route than one-click installation.

But for the easiness of yourself, here I have come up with the best Joomla hosting providers list in which I have included only the hosts that offer pre-ready servers for Joomla, one-click installation and Joomla-knowledged customer support.

Best Joomla Hosting Providers 2021

I have here listed the top reasons to choose the Best Joomla Hosting providers I used in reviewing the Joomla friendly hosts.

#1. Joomla Friendly Hosting Servers

A professional Joomla hosting provider should have Joomla Friendly hosting servers. Joomla also created with PHP coding same like WordPress CMS. Joomla servers should have PHP 7.0 version or higher.

Cloud Joomla hosting providers are excellent regarding scaling the servers in no time, and the uptime is very high compared to shared Joomla hosts.

So “Joomla friendly servers” is my first check to list the best Joomla hosting providers.

#2. Joomla one-click installation

It is best to have Joomla pre-installed or to have 1-click Joomla installation mechanism. I have selected six best Joomla hosting providers for you, all having either Joomla pre-installed or Joomla 1-click installation.

#3. Joomla-knowledged customer support

Joomla-knowledged customer support executives must be there to help us in needs. Customer support is a critical factor I used to shortlist the best Joomla hosting providers from the vast pool of hosting providers.

Top Managed Joomla Hosting Servers

I will include only the managed type of Joomla hosting servers for your comfort. Non managed servers are for extreme coders, not for us.

Hosting ServicesMoney Back GuaranteeRatingAction
FastComet30 Days4.6/5Visit Website
A2HostingAnytime4.3/5Visit Website
LiquidWebNot Available4.0/5Visit Website
BlueHost30 Days4.5/10Visit Website
HostGator45 Days4.1/10Visit Website
InMotion Hosting90 Days4.0/5Visit Website

Let us see the best Joomla hosting websites one by one.

#1. FastComet РFully Managed Joomla Hosting 


Check the particular page about FastComet Joomla hosting. You can see full features of FastComet’s Joomla hosting, and you will know why it is in the top of best Joomla hosting providers in 2021.

Why is FastComet included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason #1 – Joomla Customer Support

Customer support from hosting companies provides help only the issues related to the hosting servers. But to gain new customers, hosting companies provide support for the famous WordPress CMS.

Some hosting companies do not support Joomla much. Hence you should be careful of avoiding such hosts.

Reason #2 – Fast Joomla Websites

FastComet servers run on SSD servers which are 300%, faster In-Out operations than regular disk servers.

FastComet servers are 3x more powerful and 3x fewer tenants on the server. Usually, many hosts provide Joomla hosting but will put you on a crowded server where another couple hundred websites shall be sitting along with your site.

Fast Comet offers free Cloudflare CDN to host your website image, data-rich files, and folders. Cloudflare provides 100+ data centers spread all over the World.

That means your website files stored on all 100+ servers and distributed to client browser from the nearest possible data center and thus saves page loading time in transit.

Reason #3 – Secured Joomla Websites

FastComet makes sure that your Joomla Websites are entirely safe. How do I tell that? I will show here the security features available on your Joomla host.

  • FastComet gives you free Let’s encrypt SSL.
  • ¬†FastComet offers free virus scan and malware removal.
  • ¬†FastComet offers Apache SpamAssassin for spam-free email.
  • ¬†Application and Network Firewall to protect your Joomla Website.
  • ¬†Free Joomla upgrades from FastComet provide you with peace of mind and security.

Reason #4 – Free Joomla Installations, Backups and Restoration

Last but not least; if you get a free Joomla installation, it is easy for you to get started right away. There is a one-click method to install the Joomla for your website. In case if you want the installation task by the hosting support team, just let them know you are in such need. They will do that for you.

FastComet also stores daily and weekly backups in offsite servers and allows for one-click restoration in the cPanel for your comfort. In case if you want help in restoring the backup of your Joomla website, just ping the customer support team, and they will do that for you at no extra charge.

Features of FastComet Joomla Hosting

  • ¬†Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • ¬†Free Lets encrypt SSL.
  • ¬†Free domain
  • ¬†cPanel powered hosting
  • Initial and renewal pricing are same
  • ¬†Free Transfer of all websites
  • ¬†Choose from 8 server location


  • ¬†One-click installation of Joomla
  • ¬†Offsite Backups of your Joomla Website
  • ¬†24/7/365 customer support with Joomla Knowledge
  • ¬†Free Backup restoration of your Joomla websites.


  • Varnish cache included only in SpeedUp plan.

What Do Other People say about?

My Joomla website transferred free by the FastComet team from my old & slow running host to FastComet servers. My website loads 300% faster.

#2. A2 Hosting Has Best Joomla Hosting Server


A2Hosting offers best Joomla hosting. See the details on A2Hosting’s Joomla hosting page.

Let us see why A2 Hosting is one of the best Joomla hosting providers in 2021.

Reason #1 – Joomla comes Pre-installed

You are buying their Joomla hosting plans, right? Then why not deliver your server pre-installed with Joomla servers.

This convinces us that we buy Joomla web hosting, not some shared host sold to us in the name of Joomla web host and later we would come to know that there is no any one single person in customer support team aware about the Joomla.

A2 Hosting offers the best Joomla hosting in the hosting industry.

Reason #2 – Fast Loading Joomla Websites

A2 Hosting offers the fastest loading Joomla web hosting. They have three shared hosting plans. Their Swift and Turbo plan servers are optimized for blazing fast performance. The Turbo servers are 20x power speed than other servers.

A2 Hosting offers Cloudflare free CDN ( A2Hosting says that 200% faster page loading times than without using a CDN), 10 Gb/s redundant network, 12 core server minimum, and 64 GB RAM server minimum. All these technical features make sure your Joomla powered websites load super-fast.

Reason #3 – Not Just Joomla Hosting – Beyond-Joomla Hosting

A2 Hosting server offers the possibilities to extend the Joomla web hosting beyond the standard Joomla websites through VirtueMart and JoomlaCBextensions.

You can check their VirtueMart web hosting and JoomlaCB web hosting pages. If you buy any one of these web hosting you get Joomla pre-installed on your server and you can request free installation and set up of VirtueMart/JoomlaCB.

Reason #4 – Developer Features

  • ¬†A2Hosting is very much developer-friendly.
  • ¬†FTP & FTPS access available.
  • ¬†Python (2.6, 2.7 and 3.2), Rubi 1.8, PERL 5.10, Git, CVS, Apache 2.2 all well supported on all servers.
  • ¬†Pre-instaledphpMyAdmin&phpPgAdmin.
  • ¬†MySQL 5.6 and PostgreSQL 9.6 databases.

A2Hosting is PHP friendly; all significant versions supported (5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2). You can choose your version for server.

Features of A2Hosting Joomla Hosting

  • ¬†cPanel control panel.
  • ¬†Softaculous is available for 1-Click installation.
  • ¬†CloudFlare CDN.
  • ¬†Free SSL certificates available.
  • ¬†Turbo servers come with HTTP/2, Edge Side Includes (ESI).
  • ¬†Raid-10 SSD storage at no additional cost.


  • ¬†99.9% Uptime commitment
  • ¬†Website Migration to A2Hosting is Free.
  • ¬†Third Party Verified Reviews (5 Star rating)
  • ¬†Perpetual security – kernel care, Brute Force Defense


  • Most premium features are available only on Turbo plan servers.

What Do Other People say about A2Hosting?

I built my first ever Joomla website on A2Hosting Turbo servers. They are fantastic, and I am glad I got free SSL. Thanks to A2Hosting.

#3. Liquid Web – Cloud Hosting for Joomla

Liquid Web Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Liquid Web hosting is in this business of hosting for the last two decades. They provide all kinds of hosting and they support Joomla well. You can install Joomla in their shared hosting and even in their cloud hosting sites.

You can visit this article for information on installing Joomla on their cloud hosting servers.

Why is Liquid Web included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason #1 – Cloud Sites

Liquid Web offers “Cloud Sites” hosting with a 100% Uptime guarantee and auto-scaling regardless of the traffic surge in all the sudden. Cloud sites (as the name hints) are cloud hosting servers.

These are the cluster of servers located across the world, all having the exact mirror copy of your websites; offer the content to the reader’s browser from the nearest server location possible.

You can install the Joomla in just two clicks with the App installer. Your Joomla installation takes only 2 minutes. Get the cloud hosting for Joomla website now.

Reason #2 – Auto Scaling Your Joomla Website

What happens if your Joomla website hits the peak traffic for a few seconds? I bet every hosting listed here will go down for a few seconds. But the Cloud Sites auto-scales without our intervention regardless of how high the traffic and never goes down or even slows down.

Liquid Web Cloud Sites pricing is not cheap. But every dollar is worth. Who can give a server which can auto-scale and never goes down? Every penny spent on Liquid Web Cloud Sites is entirely worth it. You can compensate it buying during festival seasons as there will be huge discount offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Reason #3 – 100% Network, Power and Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web shows their true dedication towards their products. I have seen 100% Network and Power guarantee offered by number hosts. But those hosts offer only around 99.9% Uptime guarantee. Liquid Web differs there positively. Liquid Web shows a true commitment towards 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Not only in the Cloud Sites but the Cloud VPS, Cloud dedicated and all other servers of Liquid Web offer the same. They come with 100% Network, Power, and Uptime SLA (Service Level Agreements). Isn’t awesome?

Reason #4 – Broad Technology Portfolio to your Joomla Hosting

Do you need load balancers, VPN, FireWalls, Premium business Email, Cloud VPS, Cloud Dedicated servers? You can ask any service if you need for your Joomla hosting.

If you are going to host an eCommerce website on Joomla, then Liquid Web is the ultimate best Joomla hosting solution for you. You can ask Liquid Web team any eCommerce related solutions and get it.

PCI Compliance, TCP hardening, Secure RDP, Anti-Virus protection – Want anything from these services? You can count on Liquid Web for these broad hosting solutions.


  • ¬†Cloud Hosting
  • ¬†Auto Scaling
  • ¬†Free Cloudflare CDN
  • ¬†More Storage and Bandwidth services
  • ¬†Automatic SSL
  • ¬†Joomla app installer


  • ¬†100% Network, Power and Uptime guarantee
  • ¬†24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat, Email Support
  • ¬†E-commerce friendly Joomla hosting
  • ¬†PCI Compliance servers are available.


  • Pricing is on the higher range as the server quality is incredible.

What Do Other People say about?

I host my high traffic Joomla website in Liquid Web Cloud websites and never experienced the downtime and even there was slow loading time.

#4. Bluehost – Cheap Joomla Service Provider

Bluehost Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Bluehost is the top shared hosting as of today. Professional bloggers like Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome recommend Bluehost in a grand level.

From this, you can come to know that the credibility of Bluehost. Though Bluehost mainly advertises its normal shared hosting plans & WordPress hosting plans, Bluehost also offers Joomla Hosting servers.

Why is Bluehost included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason #1 – 1-Click Installation

Bluehost offers cPanel which is the most popular control panel used by various best shared hosting companies. BluehostcPanel’sMarketPlace installer offer 1-Click installation for multiple CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and many other scripts.

Signing up, getting access to cPanel and installing Joomla in 1-click all takes just 5 minutes. You can get started using your Joomla website in only 10 minutes from now. Go ahead and get started now.

Reason #2 – Cloud Sites

If you want more Uptime and fast site speed, then you can use Bluehost Cloud Sites hosting for your Joomla website.

If you choose Cloud Sites to host your Joomla website, your Joomla websites‚Äô mirror copy stored on multiple servers and the content distributed to a reader’s browser from the nearest possible data center. Thus we get the fastest page loading Joomla websites.

Cloud Sites provide more uptime than a shared hosting plan because if a server fails at a time, then another server distributes the mirror copy it has. Thus the downtime becomes negligible for your websites.

Reason #3 – Customer Support

As the Bluehost recommended by top professional bloggers, you can guess the reputation it has. The customer support is the topmost priority for any service to be recommended by an authoritative person in the field.

Bluehost offers Phone and Live chat support all around the clock (24/7). The support helps you not only the hosting related questions but also the Joomla help you will need while installing and setting up the Joomla website.

Reason #4 – Free domain & $175 Advertising Credit

If you are launching your Joomla website for selling any products or you are a small business, then you may want to advertise your site.

When you buy your Joomla Hosting, Bluehost offers $175 advertising credit for you. You can use this credit for promoting your Joomla website.

Bluehost also offers free domain if you buy your Joomla hosting for a year or more. Bluehost plans are inexpensive compared with other hosting companies.


  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • One free domain


  • Bluehost’s Pro plan offers free SSL & dedicated server.
  • Cloud sites plan hosts your website in 3 cloud servers.
  • Bluehost headquarters has 20000 sq.ft data center.
  • 24/7 Joomla customer support.


  • ¬†Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly payment options.

What Do Other People say about?

I had experienced before Bluehost shared hosts and when I planned to build a new Joomla website, my choice was Bluehost Joomla hosting, and I never regret in my three years with them.

#5. HostGator – Best Hosting For Joomla Sites

Hostgator Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

HostGator is known for over a decade in the shared hosting industry. HostGator hosts 80,00,000 domains in their server.

HostGator hosts all kinds of CMS on their servers.

HostGator offers Joomla hosting with 99.9% uptime and money-back guarantee. See the HostGator hosting offer here.

HostGator provides cloud Joomla hosting also.

Why is HostGator included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason #1 – cPanel control panel

cPanel is one of the hosting server control panels popular over two decades. If cPanel is known by everyone today, this is because of the shared hosts widely used it over two decades. HostGator is #1 among them.

I had used this cPanel a decade back when I hosted my first blog with HostGator. HostGator has been popular ever since then, and now they have included cloud hosting also in their hosting products.

cPanel is so easy to use, you can do everything in just a few clicks, no single word of coding needed. For example, you can access website statistics through AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and error logs in the cPanel.

Reason #2 – 1-Click Joomla Installation

You can install Joomla and other 75 other scripts in just 1-click. If you decide to host your Joomla hosting after reading this post, then you can start a Joomla website in only 10 minutes.

Yes, all it takes to signup for a hosting plan, get cPanel login details in your email, log in to your cPanel and install WordPress using the 1-Click installer.

Reason #3 – Award-winning support

Everyone wishes for having a different way to get support. If one person likes phone support, then another person says live chat is the best! HostGator offers Phone, Live Chat and Ticket system(Email) at 24/7/365.

HostGator support portal provides you 500+ video tutorials and 680+ support articles. You will also get access to HostGator community (Forum) access to ask your questions and to answer other HostGator user queries.

Reason #4 – Free Dedicated IP and Free SSL Certificate

Firstly HostGator business plan offers free dedicated IP which boosts up for search engine ranking. A free dedicated IP helps you to isolate your Joomla website from bad neighbors.

Usually, shared hosts allow hosting hundreds of person’s websites to host in a standard shared IP. If one site malfunctions, all other websites on the same server gets the lousy aspect from it regarding search engine rankings.

Secondly, HostGator offers free SSL certificate to host your website at https:// instead of HTTP://. SSL certificate is the security mechanism to encrypt readers input to the servers. SSL is now officially important search engine ranking signal.

Features of HostGator Joomla Hosting

  • ¬†Unlimited number of sites
  • ¬†Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • ¬†Unlimited MySQL & phpmyadmin
  • ¬†Servers are Joomla website.
  • ¬†10000+ Joomla websites already running.
  • ¬†850+ customer support employees
  • ¬†24/7/365 premium support


  • ¬†1-click Joomla installation
  • ¬†99.9% uptime guarantee
  • ¬†cPanel access
  • ¬†Green energy hosting.


  • ¬†Hatchling & Baby plans don’t offer free SSL.

What other People say about

I host all my Joomla websites in HostGator’s Professional Joomla hosting. I enjoyed 99.9% uptime, free SSL and dedicated IP with other perks. Joomla-knowledged customer support is the great blessing to me.

#6. InMotion Hosting – Best Hosting For Joomla Sites

InMotion Hosting Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

InMotion offers Joomla shared hosting, Joomla VPS hosting and dedicated servers. You will have Joomla pre-installed servers and get started working on it immediately.

InMotion servers are built on SSD disk, and disk space is unlimited.

InMotion offers free SSL in all the three hosting plans. InMotion hosting servers offer PHP 7.0 version which gives three times faster load times than PHP 5.x versions.

Why is InMotion included in the list of best Joomla hosting providers?

Reason #1 – Joomla Pre-Installed

InMotion offers you Joomla optimized servers, and the Joomla comes pre-installed on your servers. You can work on it right away. You no need even to do that via cPanel.

You can check here the information about Joomla hosting.

Reason #2 – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

You are going to launch your Joomla based website now. You need a safe and best place for this project. You do not want to risk it anyway. All you need to do is, just go with the best Joomla hosting company.

InMotion offers 90 Day money back guarantee you will never see such one anywhere. No hosting companies offer that much money back guarantee. You will see 30 days and 45 days money back guarantee everywhere. But InMotion Joomla hosting comes with the 90 Day money back guarantee.

Reason #3 – Free Domain Registration, Free Transfers, Free SSL

With the Joomla hosting account, you can get free domain registration and the free SSL. Both free offers are great for the price we pay.

If you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can transfer it to the Inmost Hosting for free. If you already host your Joomla website elsewhere, you can move it to the InMotion hosting servers for free without any downtime.

Reason #4 – Joomla Knowledged customer support

Have a question related to your Joomla website? Throw it to the fantastic InMotion customer support. You will get the prompt reply from a Joomla-knowledged support person. You can get the support through Phone, Email and Live chat system.

You can also browse through the InMotion support articles, tutorials on their website.


  • ¬†Joomla Pre-installed
  • ¬†Joomla optimized servers
  • ¬†PHP 7.0 servers
  • ¬†SSH access
  • ¬†Softaculous one-click application installer
  • ¬†Free SSL
  • ¬†PostgreSQL databases
  • ¬†Two data servers to choose from.


  • ¬†Easy Google Apps integration
  • ¬†Free Malware protection
  • ¬†Free data backups
  • ¬†Free domain registration
  • ¬†Free advertising credits $150
  • ¬†E-commerce ready (1 click installations)


  • ¬†Pricing in unlimited plans comparatively expensive than other hosts.

What Other People Says About

I had a colleague who hosts his Joomla website on InMotion servers, recommended me to InMotion Joomla Hosting and I am thanking him always for that. Super-fast InMotion servers are Joomla friendly.

Conclusion: Best & Fully Managed Joomla Hosting Services

Which one should you go with from these six best Joomla Hosting providers?

All the 6 are the best Joomla hosts. All are providing professional Joomla hosting services.

Some can be cheap Joomla hosting, and some can be the cloud hosting for Joomla. As all the six best Joomla hosting providers are providing Joomla friendly web hosting for your needs, you can choose anyone.

Liquid Web Cloud Sites are expensive but provides cloud Joomla hosting with 100% Network, Power and Uptime guarantee. Liquid Web’s Joomla friendly hosting servers are auto-scalable to peak traffic times.

FastComet Joomla hosting is worth for the price, I can say. They are one of the best Joomla hosts who offer free CDN, free SSL, and fast page loading servers.

A2Hosting offers cheap web hosting for Joomla. If you are ready to host the Joomla eCommerce website with VirtueMart or your Joomla social network website with JoomlaCB, you can choose A2Hosting. Their customer support knows Virtuemart and JoomlaCB extensions very well.

So be specific about your needs and choose one of the best Joomla hosting providers listed here. Let me know what your choice is.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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