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Best MyThemeShop Alternatives 2021 (Included Reviews From My Experience)

Do you own MyThemeShop membership? If yes there can be reasons to look for alternatives to MyThemeShop. Or you are on the fence whether to buy MyThemeShop themes or not? If this is the case, then this is the right time to go for a best MyThemeShop alternative. In my experience, my clients who hold MyThemeShop membership look for best MyThemeShop alternatives for below reasons.

Why Mythemeshop Alternatives?

#1. MyThemeShop themes do not have advanced theme edit options which means less control over the design.

#2. MyThemeShop themes are not conversion-focused means you make fewer choices, fewer downloads and less money.

#3. MyThemeShop themes don’t have smooth drag and drop builder.

#4. MyThemeShop themes do not provide a theme framework where we can create various kind of websites.

#5. The MyThemeshop license lets you use a theme only up to five sites/domains owned by you.

All these cons of MyThemeShop themes force us to seek for best MyThemeShop alternatives.

From my extensive experience in the WordPress and hosting industry, it is very common I get requests for alternatives from my clients for their domains, hosting, themes and plugin needs. Check out my earlier posts on this front – the best GoDaddy alternatives and best Kinsta Alternatives.

The Five Best MyThemeShop Alternatives:

Luckily we have a lot of best alternatives for MyThemeShop. We will see them one by one. As we have just now seen wherever MyThemeShop lags, the below themes scores very high. Let us see one by one how each theme overtakes MyThemeShop themes.

Product NameMoney BackTypeRatingAction
Studiopress/Genesis30 DaysPremium4.9/5Download Theme
Thrive Themes30 DaysPremium4.8/5Download Theme
Elegant/Divi Themes30 DaysFree/Premium4.8/5Download Theme
GeneratePress30 DaysFree/Premium4.5/5Download Theme
Thrive Architect30 DaysPremium4.7/5Download Theme

The Best Alternatives to MyThemeShop Themes:

I have four best themes club and one builder plugin as alternatives to the MyThemeShop. These theme memberships offer a lot of other goodies in their membership bundle which makes them the best alternatives to MyThemeShop.

Choice No. 1 – StudioPress/Genesis Themes

StudioPress Genesis Themes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Here is the top most preferred Themes on the planet is Genesis Themes from StudioPress which is owned by Copyblogger Brian. I have seen the Genesis framework and its child themes for many years which have grown into most massive userbase now.

There are many child themes which you can buy along with the Genesis framework. You can also buy all the child themes and Genesis framework for a single price.

Let us see the differentiation factors between Genesis Themes versus MyThemeShop themes.

Why are Genesis Themes best MyThemeShop Alternatives?

Factor No.1 – Solid & Time Tested Framework

Industry best coders and designers have developed StudioPress’s Genesis Framework. StudioPress’s all themes are from the Genesis framework, so we call them as child themes.

Factor No. 2 – Genesis Themes are free

If you buy StudioPress Site hosting service, you get 24 Genesis child themes for free along with Genesis Framework and pre-installed on your WordPress. The crucial thing you have to do is clicking “Activate” button.

Factor No. 3 – Genesis Child Themes

If you install the Genesis Framework and choose one of the themes, you can change your theme in future without changing the essential Genesis Framework. Genesis has a theme for any website.

Factor No. 4 – One Time Purchase

Unlike other theme clubs, StudioPress offers the theme bundle or a specific theme, for a one-time cost. Unlimited updates, support included in the single purchase. There are no time restrictions to get support or updates.

  • All Genesis themes built on HTML5.
  • Codes are super-clean and error free.
  • Genesis framework can accept any Genesis Child themes.
  • ‘StudioPress Sites’ hosting services include 24 of all Genesis Themes for free.
  • 40+ Genesis child themes covered in the Pro-Plus package.
  • One click theme updates or you can even enable auto update.
  • Search engine optimised theme.
  • Page Loads super-fast.
  • Clean design with extra white space.
  • StudioPress Sites includes 24 out of 40+ Premium Genesis child themes.
  • Genesis Pro Plus theme purchase costs high.
  • Drag and Drop builder is not present.

What People talk about  My sites run on clean-coded, search engine optimised Genesis themes. My Pages built with Genesis are lightning fast. If you decided to host with their super-fast managed WordPress hosting service “StudioPress Sites”, you get the Genesis Framework plus 24 of their 40+ beautiful themes pre-installed for free.

Choice No. 2 – Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes is the latest hot themes club in the WordPress community. Not only are the Thrive themes, but all products from Thrive team are also customer-centric user-friendly drag-and-drop design.

Thrive Themes team offers Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads kind of plugins to boost up conversions. Thrive Themes team works on creating optimized conversion themes which can generate a lot of leads and sales for you.

I can see many big names in the blogging industry use the Thrive Themes now for their blogs. Focus blog theme is what I can see most bloggers use. John Lee Dumas, David Coleman kind of big shots recommend Thrive Themes to their audience too! No words needed further. Thrive Themes Rock!

Why are Thrive Themes best MyThemeShop Alternatives?

Reason 1: Drag and Drop Builder

Thrive themes are straightforward to install and get customized even by a novice WordPress user. Thrive Themes’ front editor offers drag and drop feature for all elements.

Reason 2: Conversion Focused Themes

Thrive themes are designed to convert leads and sales. You can drag and drop the opt-in forms on the front end editor and customize it whatever way you want.

Reason 3: Thrive Themes membership

Instead of buying a Thrive theme separately, if you go for Thrive themes membership, you get all of their themes and plugins without any additional cost. Plugins included like Thrive Leads, Thrive Architect and many more!

Reason 4: Makes money for you

While all other theme clubs give you design for your website, Thrive themes give you leads and sales. They are super clean, conversion optimized.

  • Conversion-focused themes mean improved leads and sales.
  • Drag and Drop front-end editor for all page elements.
  • A Diy theme for any novice programmer.
  • Thrive Themes membership gives us access to Thrive, Architect, Thrive leads plugins.
  • Search engine optimized themes
  • Thrive themes are fully Mobile responsive.
  • Thrive themes load super-fast.
  • Conversion Focused- More leads, more sales.
  • Drag and Drop web page builder.
  • Lead pages, sales page can be created by just drag and drop.
  • Fast loading, mobile responsive and search engine optimised themes.
  • You have to recur subscription for Thrive themes membership to get unlimited support.

What People talk about – I switched to Thrive Themes, and my conversion skyrocketed. Before I thought that I am getting enough leads & since two months of Thrive Themes usage, I doubled my potential points. Go for Thrive Themes if you want to boost your sales North.

Choice No. 3 – Elegant Themes/Divi (Try free demo)


Elegant Themes is the pioneer to all the theme membership clubs available today. After its membership club model success in the WordPress industry, many theme clubs started developing.

Elegant Themes first developed different design themes and got success. But seeing later the developments of Frameworks, Elegant Themes launched Divi framework, and it is also a great success. Now with Divi, we can create beautiful websites without much hard work.

Why Are Elegant Themes best MyThemeShop Alternatives?

Reason 1: Divi

Divi is the first framework developed by Elegantthemes team. Divi changed the way WordPress designs to an awesome one. Now with the help of Divi, we can create any design website without much hard work. You can build anything visually via front-end editor which saves the changes in real time.

Reason 2: 80+ Quality Themes

Elegant themes team before creating Divi had created 80+ amazing themes which still come with the membership. Membership subscription is available for even one-time purchase.

Reason 3: The Divi Builder

The Divi builder is a plugin which is very useful in case if you want to use any other 3rd party theme but needs Divi theme-kind of drag and drop options. Divi builder is compatible with all the themes.

Reason 4: Bloom email opt-ins

Bloom email opt-ins plugin is handy to increase email subscription. Money is in the List. Often we heard. Building an email list is the No.1 way to make money. This plugin comes with no additional cost.

Features of Elegant Themes:
  • Divi is the ultimate drag & drop WordPress theme.
  • You can use the Divi Builder plugin in any WordPress theme and use all the Divi features to design the particular theme.
  • 30+ themes come with the membership subscription.
  • Mobile responsive
  • The pages built with the Divi builder loads lightning fast, which means less bounce rate and more page views.
  • Divi is a search engine optimized theme.
  • Divi has many page building elements for conversion optimization.
  • Elegant Themes stopped creating separate themes after DIVI came out because with Divi theme you can create any design.

What People talk about

1. I have been using Elegant Themes for years now, even before DIVI. After Divi out, the game changed. I converted all my site themes into DIVI using its Visual Website Builder and able to get the same design, all without writing a single line of code, just by drag-and-drop.

2. I used Divi first for my main website and then converted all my niche sites’ themes to Divi. And ever since then I used Divi to build all my clients’ websites. Now Divi runs of my 40+ clients’ sites. My clients are so comfortable with Divi’s Visual website builder through which they can make adjustments on their own!

Choice No: 4 – GeneratePress (Free & Premium)


GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme which is favorite for over a million times from the WordPress community. Those who love to use a lightweight theme, GeneratePress is their best choice.

GeneratePress premium version offers additional modules. These modules include few inbuilt theme models which you can download, install and use actively on your domain.

Why is GeneratePress best MyThemeShop Alternative?

Reason No. 1 Free Framework

Basic GeneratePress theme is simple, lightweight, super clean and most of all FREE! You can customize the theme using options panel for necessary customizations. For advanced customizations, you can use Thrive Architect or The Divi Builder plugin with the GeneratePress theme.

Reason No. 2 GeneratePress premium version

GeneratePress premium version offers additional modules for comfortable site design and conversion optimization. You have the modules for changing colors, navigation, menu, sidebar nav etc.

Reason No. 3 Importable Demo websites

GeneratePress premium has Site Library which has importable demo sites. As GeneratePress framework offers basic SEO, security and site design by default, if you want a child theme, go to Site Library and start importing one of the many demo sites.

  • GeneratePress is simple, lightweight and clean coded.
  • GeneratePress is free.
  • GeneratePress loads blazing fast
  • GeneratePress is mobile responsive.
  • GeneratePress basic version is free all the time.
  • GeneratePress boasts clean design.
  •  Search engine optimised theme
  • Drag and Drop editor is missing still. Next updates may sort out this con!

What People talk about – At first, I downloaded GeneratePress free version like million other people and then upgraded to GeneratePress premium version, I couldn’t stop using since then. I love the add-ons and the great support through the forum, getting fast support is rare nowadays ever, I stick with GeneratePress for the quick and prompt support.

Choice No. 5 – Thrive Architect (is a WP Plugin!!!)


Thrive Architect is not a theme but a plugin. Thrive Themes Team created this Thrive Architect plugin to use jointly with any other themes. A significant reason if anyone gets sold into the Thrive Themes membership would be Thrive Architect plugin.

When I first tried out my hands on Thrive Architect in my dummy site, I couldn’t resist further. Later I converted many of my money making websites to Thrive Architect built pages.

I use Voice theme on my main website, but when I need to build a lead page on the site, I was clueless as the theme don’t have any built-in options for that. I installed Thrive Architect and created a page and built a sizeable converting lead page out of that all in just less than 30 minutes. You can get the Thrive Architect plugin at the discounted price. Check my Thrive Architect Discount offering here.

Reason No. 1 – Works with any Theme

I can use Thrive Architect plugin with any other themes. I can use it with Thrive themes or any different third party frameworks/themes. I can customize any theme using this powerful plugin and still, I can get all the Thrive Themes features.

Reason No. 2 – True Drag and Drop Builder

Many themes call their features like drag and drop functionality. They even have such drag and drop feature behind the scenes, means; they use in the backend like we do adjust widgets. But the Thrive Architect plugin is the real drag and drop builder which I see perfectly does the job.

Reason No. 3 – Landing Page Templates

With the natural visual-editor drag-and-drop feature, we can customize any ordinary page as a landing page template. But Thrive Architect comes with 232 pre-built conversion focused & test landing page templates. You can select them and publish right away.

Reason No. 4 – Conversion Focused Page Elements

You want to place a buy instant button near to a place where you have explained a dominant feature of a product. With other themes, you left with no help. But Thrive architect has hundreds of elements which are conversion-focused; you can use them to increase leads and sales.

There are many more features in the Thrive Architect plugin. I have explained elaborately almost 14 features in Thrive Architect Review.

  • Thrive Architect works with any other theme.
  • Thrive Architect can create landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages.
  • Thrive Architect built pages are fully mobile responsive
  • We can create search engine optimized pages.
  • True drag-and-drop builder exists.
  • No coding work needed. Fully customizable using drag-and-drop builder.
  • We can create converting Landing pages, sales pages.
  • Mobile responsive pages built using Thrive Architect.
  • Thrive Architect pricing is less expensive.
  • Thrive Architect need to be purchased together as you are buying any other theme.

What People talk about – Thrive Architect absolutely awesome. I can apply any design on any theme; all I require is Thrive Architect plugin. My clients say that they have theme bought already and want it customized to some design which the theme couldn’t deliver quickly. I install Thrive Architect plugin on the site without changing their theme and get the job done so fast. My clients go happily at the end and loving the Thrive Architect.

Conclusion: MyThemeShop Themes Alternatives

MyThemeShop delivers a lot of themes at a low price, but its features couldn’t stand out the other favorite themes. Despite the vast number of themes available today in the market, I can say only above mentioned five themes are the best MyThemeShop alternatives.

If you want me to choose and recommend only two out of the five above, Thrive Themes and Genesis Themes are my choice as best alternatives to MyThemeShop themes.

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  1. Hi Sathish,
    Your article for mythemeshop alternative is very detail and informative As a professional web developer, I am always curious about theme editing to explore and customize the complete theme. but unfortunately, the majority of themes is not available with advanced theme editing options, and when it comes to the productive website development part, themes I work with consuming too much of time in designing websites, so can you suggest me a theme which resolves my difficulties?

    1. Vipul,

      you can always go with Astra and GeneratePress for any niche sites. Those are multi-purpose WordPress themes that lets you tweak your sites as you wish with minimal efforts. Try it out for free. You will love it.
      You can also prefer using Genesis child themes as it is performance-tailored and loved by WordPress experts.
      Check out these links for clarity:

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