GeneratePress Vs Genesis Themes: Compared From My Real Experience

Are you seeking for the best WordPress themes for your blog or website with a bait? Let’s end the game today. Here is the comparison between the leading WordPress themes: GeneratePress vs Genesis themes. Exactly, this article is to help you to choose yours.

Recently, I had written a comparison post between Thrive Themes and Genesis. I wish you to run through that as well for more choices. Otherwise, continue reading to realize what GeneratePress and Genesis themes framework can offer you.

Ultimately, you will have to go with fast loading, easy-customizable, SEO-friendly, and responsive themes. It’s not that complicated if you understand things literally. Hence, I am taking you through these two popular free/ premium WordPress themes.

GeneratePress vs Genesis Themes: From My Experience

I have been using StudioPress themes for more than a year. No specific reason to quit actually. Still, I have shifted to GeneratePress. Now, I am using GeneratePress for this awesome blog and a few other niche blogs. Since, I had to add more aesthetics to my blog I use Thrive Architect (page builder – the product of Thrive Themes) along with GeneratePress.

Being an individual experienced both the themes, I am grateful to review Generate and Genesis themes. And, I am confident that I can help you with the experience I had or having with these WordPress premium themes.

Without further blah, blah’s let’s get started with the shootout comparison: Genesis themes vs GeneratePress.

Genesis Themes Vs GeneratePress – Premium Themes Compared

For a quick idea, here is the comparison table revealing the overview of the comparison between the subjects. Both seem equivalently good with fantastic features and characteristics. Still, in what aspects one beats the other? For more detailed insights, you must scroll down.

S.No.ParametersGeneratePressGenesis Themes
3Light weight & Clean-codedYesYes
4Fast LoadingAbsolutelyAbsolutely
5Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
7Customization featuresVery EasyQuite Easy
8Child themes AvailabilityNoMore
9Drag & Drop featureAvailableAvailable
10Coding Skills RequiredNoYes, but not much
11Built-in Schema Mark-upYesYes
13User Rating9.4/109.6/10
Explore GeneratePressExplore Genesis

GeneratePress Vs StudioPress Genesis Themes

GeneratePress vs Genesis isn’t a great comparison since it is highly challenging. Even I find it hard to compare. Since both themes are best in winning millions of webmasters, designers and website owner’s hearts and minds. In every aspect like lightweight, clean coding, mobile responsive, niche suitability or anything you consider.

GeneratePress – Fast Loading Multi-purpose Theme

Why should we call it a multi-purpose theme? The reason being, you can adopt GeneratePress theme to any niche website.

Frankly, the GeneratePress is available for free. The core GeneratePress is performance-centric. As far as you are serious about your site’s performance, this would be your choice.

The premium GeneratePress is just an add-on to combine it along with GeneratePress free theme for additional functionalities.

Most of the webmasters use it along with any other WordPress page builders to suit their particular niches. Like, I use Thrive Architect with GeneratePress to have aesthetic-rich pages. Indeed, with no compromise in its loading speed and performance. That’s the specialty about GeneratePress theme.

You can have your site with GeneratePress anything like below or beyond.

Features of GeneratePress Themes

Here are some of the, but not all exciting features of GeneratePress themes that makes it stand out from the crowd of its competitions.

#1 Fast Loading & Performance-focused

You believe it or not; the entire theme size will be around 30 KB even less than that. The team is always serious about the speed as it is the most significant factor deciding website performance.

Hence, it is clean coded, and its coding is independently reviewed by a plethora of WordPress community users. And, it’s true that it uses latest and stable coding standards ensuring lightweight and fast loading.

With no coding dependencies, ditching unnecessary JavaScript and CSS to reduce or even avoid render blocking issues. That you might often see if checking your website performance in Google Page Speed Insights.

#2 Search Engine Optimized & Mobile-friendly

In recent days, it becomes obvious to choose any WordPress themes that have built-in structured data. Experts suggest that it can boost your search engine rankings particularly, local rankings.

With validated HTML coding and built-in, GeneratePress theme gives you a footprint to start SEO-friendly. And, it is mobile responsive by default. With proper navigation features, CTA’s, responsive designs, and content prioritization, a theme can boost website SEO.

#3 Theme Customization Options

Any WordPress theme you choose, you will find plenty of customization options. Among which, how GeneratePress is unique? Though GeneratePress free can offer you some must-to-have options, still, its premium version can help you to do wonders.

Considering theme layouts, you can alter and configure each element of your theme. It includes header, sidebar layout, footer, blog post area, etc. Likewise, you can also have specific typography and colors for each element. To put it simply, every nook and corner, you can alter your site as you wish.

GeneratePress Customization Features

It won’t be overwhelming since you can see its instant preview using since it users WordPress Customizer for customization. You can have full control over your sites look and feel.

#4 Page Level Settings If you are Specific

In almost other WordPress themes, you will have the same settings for all pages commonly. Otherwise, you will have options to adjust the blog post layout with or with no sidebars and so on. In GeneratePress theme, you will find a ‘Layout’ meta box at the bottom of each page and post.

GeneratePress Layout Options

With which, you can choose the sidebar orientation, number of footer widgets to display in specific pages, disable elements like header, featured image, etc. As a result, you can optimize every particular page/post in your site uniquely.

#5 Site Library with Pre-made Starter Sites

To surprise you, this is how the fresh WordPress site with GeneratePress looks like. Being a beginner, do you blank how to build a site that you have in mind? Don’t panic. GeneratePress has a Site Library with a repository of pre-made demo sites.

GeneratePress Site Library

With a few clicks, you can have your site designed like a Pro. Feel the difference. You don’t need to be a designer. Just go through the demo sites available. Then, choose the one that appeals to you and suits your niche or business type.


  • Performance focussed themes for any niche
  • SEO and mobile-friendly by default
  • WordPress customizer for easy customization options
  • Built-in structured data
  • Comes with perfect documentation
  • Pre-made sites for easy kick-off
  • Cost-effective but fast loading theme
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress plug-ins
  • WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg ready theme
  • Active forum-based support


  • Gives your website a simple look. For more add-ons, go with any of your favorite page builders

Genesis Themes – My All-Time Favorite Themes & Framework

Being the most popular WordPress themes used by professional bloggers, it invades into the market building trust. Though it claims some basic level of HTML and CSS coding skills to make necessary customization in Genesis, you might not need that. There are several StudioPress Genesis child themes available offering abundant features and options.

If that itself can meet your demands by default, then there is no need for much customization. Still, there are possible ways for easy customization without a lot of coding. It includes using page builder plug-ins like Beaver Builder, Genesis Palette Pro, Genesis Extender, etc.

Every Genesis child themes come with a guide to help you with set up instructions and demo content. This will be more helpful for beginners to get started easily. The great thing about Genesis themes framework is its simplicity. It has quality code ensuring lightweight and fast loading themes.

You can use the Genesis theme framework alone for a site. But you cannot have an appealing website as it lacks an eye-catchy look. For which, you will have to use the Genesis framework along with any of the StudioPress themes.

StudioPress Genesis Themes Framework Features

Let’s get into some interesting features that Genesis offers. Knowing which, you will love to use the Genesis framework and StudioPress themes to build awesome sites.

#1 Search Engine Optimized

Along with smart design architecture, Genesis always handles the basic of SEO like lightweight coding for best performance. It also supports structured data code to output microdata in its code. These days, it becomes more crucial to look into this feature when we choose any of the WordPress themes.

All the Genesis themes are search optimized by the SEO experts. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the coding when the Genesis framework updates automatically. The code will always be up-to-date and search engine optimized.

Genesis framework and its child themes are responsive by default as it was built on HTML 5. It is the new code standard that can adapt your site to the future changes automatically. Then, HTML 5 ensures cross-platform compatibility. Hence, Genesis themes are mobile-friendly.

#2 Child Themes are Easy to Customize

The mix of Genesis framework + any of its child themes (say StudioPress themes) allows you to customize your site as you need. You can anytime update the look of your site customizing the child themes, without a designer or developer.

Whenever Genesis gets updated, it never affects your child theme customization. Because the design functionalities are separate from the core Genesis framework code. Genesis codes are lightweight, and clean to ensure fast loading and performance. Hence, as you change the look and feel of the child themes never impact your performance of your site.

It has some custom widgets to add it to any area of your site just beyond sidebar widgets. It includes user profile display, featured posts, etc. Also, you can have a different layout for any individual pages or posts.

#3 Comes with Air-tight Security

You believe it or not, WordPress sites have higher possibilities to be hacked. This is because; it’s the popular and most preferable CMS platform by the webmasters.

But don’t worry. To tackle those disturbances WordPress has abundant security features to protect your data. While considering security, Genesis themes come with state of the art air-tight security features. The team brings in the security experts to examine the framework to prove that it is built with the best WordPress security practices.

If you go for nulled themes, then nobody can stop hacking your website. Otherwise, free themes that don’t get updates often also lead to taking your site down for malicious reasons.

But when it comes to Genesis framework and child themes, you don’t bother about the security threats and risks.

#4 Almost Everything Unlimited

While buying the Genesis framework, even a single low price gets you unlimited lifetime updates, support and websites. If you are working for multiple clients, a single Genesis framework license can give hands to design ‘n’ number of sites. This can save you countless money.

Also, any questions you have any time, you can access to its world-class support team and community forum. You will get free lifetime support from the product experts. And, it entitles you to get lifetime updates for free to keep your website up-to-date.


  • Gutenberg Editor ready themes
  • Has plenty of responsive child themes
  • Built-in structured data
  • Custom-widgets & layout options
  • Unlimited domains, updates, and support
  • Built-on HTML 5 for sleek designs
  • Neat and clean coded & lightweight themes
  • Reviewed by industry experts
  • Highly secured towards malware attacks
  • Single developer license to use it on unlimited domains


  • Have to rely on some paid plug-ins or builders to customize deeper. Otherwise, you must be technically good at coding

GeneratePress vs StudioPress Genesis Themes: Unbiased Comparison

So far, we have seen an individual set of features, pros and cons of GeneratePress as well as Genesis themes. Now, in this section let’s compare GeneratePress vs Genesis themes based on a few significant aspects like how easy to use, customize, performance and so on. With which, you can easily settle on your favorite premium WordPress themes for your sites.

Easy to Get Started

I would say both the WordPress themes are somehow easy to get started, in a way or either. Let’s see how it is.

In the case of GeneratePress, it has a site library to help beginners to have their websites within no time. It consists of more than 30 importable demo sites; few with no page builder and the rest built on premium page builders. Considering your niche type, you can choose between these readily available templates to kick start your projects.

On the other hand, Genesis has a repository of child themes that ensures good designs and functionalities that every site needs. Probably, you can start your projects combining the Genesis framework with any of its child themes. Also, a one-click demo install lets the themes come up with demo content, and perfect Gutenberg blocks to get started quickly.


Both GeneratePress and Genesis themes are clean-coded, light-weight and performance-centric. GeneratePress suits any niche sites. And its core ensures high performance though you make changes to your site using any page builders.

GeneratePress themes overall size would be less than 30 KB. Depending on the page builder you choose and the elements to include, it might be increasing.

Alike, the Genesis framework never slips off to ensure the performance of your site, by choosing any of its child themes and making changes to it. The core Genesis framework is tailored to the best performance and fast loading.

Sometimes, as you add plenty of plug-ins for more additional functionalities, the overall theme will become heavier. These additional installations may slow down your website performance. In the case of using the Genesis framework and theme as it is, then don’t worry about the theme weight and loading performance.

Any theme you use, try not to add more heavy elements to your sites that can impact your website’s performance.


GeneratePress core is actually free. For more features and functionalities, you might need premium GeneratePress. Anyways, that you can use it on any number of sites. Combining it with WordPress customizer or any page builders, developers will find it easy to tweak the sites as they need it.

Similarly, while buying Genesis themes, you will need a developer license. The single license you can use it on unlimited sites along with any of its child themes. Hence most of the web developers would love to invest once in a resource that can benefit them for a lifetime.


Comparatively, GeneratePress is quite easy to customize than Genesis. GeneratePress has extraordinary customization options to alter every element on your website or even on a single page specifically. Also, to customize Genesis themes, you must have strong coding skills; otherwise you have to go for some premium plug-ins. If you are not a coder, then you have to rely on plug-ins even to make smaller changes to your site.

Also, GeneratePress is compatible with several WordPress plug-ins. Whereas Genesis themes support only specific plug-ins, but that includes almost all the necessary plug-ins every webmaster needs. So, that doesn’t make a big difference.


Obviously, GeneratePress wins over Genesis in terms of pricing. Since GeneratePress is a free theme. Even for unlocking more features and add-ons, you just need to spend around $40 for lifetime access, 1-year support, and updates. Indeed, the renewal charge also comes with some reasonable discount.

In the case of Genesis themes, it is a one-time investment of around $60 with unlimited support, domains, and lifetime updates. But, you have to use it with any of its child themes for necessary functionalities that a site must have. For which, you have to spend another $50 to buy a child theme.

Again, for customization, if you are strong in coding, then no issues. Otherwise, you have to buy some premium plug-ins or builders to customize the theme slightly. On the other hand, you don’t probably require more customization abilities in GeneratePress. It comes with plenty of pre-made sites, custom widgets, and even more. Hence, there is no need for additional investments.

Try GeneratePress              Try Genesis Themes

Final Verdict: GeneratePress Vs Genesis Themes Compared

In most of the considerations, both GeneratePress and Genesis themes are equally potential. Take SEO and mobile-friendliness to compare, both are built on HTML and has built-in structured data, etc. to meet the basic needs of SEO. Rest, the content will take care.

Not only in this, in most of the aspects, have both seemed great evenly. GeneratePress comes with more features and customization options by default as you see. And it worth its money. But, you have to renew it yearly for continued support and updates.

On the other hand, Genesis has lesser customization options by default. You need to use other plug-ins to extend its functionalities if you are not a coder.

If you are expert in coding, then Genesis would be wiser one as you can use the same single developer license on unlimited sites. Also, you will get lifetime updates and customer support for free. You don’t need to invest further for additional plug-ins.

If you are a beginner (having no coding skills) but committed towards performance, then go with GeneratePress.

GeneratePress is a single theme that suits well with any of the niche types. Meanwhile, Genesis offers you plenty of niche-specific child themes to choose between.

Hope this comparison: GeneratePress vs Genesis themes would be of more helpful to the readers those who are struggling to settle on the best performing, lightweight, responsive WordPress themes.

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