Thrive Architect Review 2021 – (14 Features Inside)

Thrive Architect Review – My Best 14 Features

The Thrive Themes is a famous conversion focused WordPress Themes and Plugin company. It is dominating the WordPress industry due to its eye catchy products. The Thrive Content builder is the one which helps the WordPress users craft and build the pretty Web Pages and Blog Posts that converts. The updated version of TCB is now called as Thrive Architect. You’ll find the Thrive Architect Review in this blog post along with the 14 awesome features.The conversion/sale is the major thing that brings revenue for any business. The Thrive Themes does everything for improving the conversion for the WordPress users. Those products are very helpful in building a successful conversion focused property online.

What is Thrive Architect – Thrive Content Builder Update?

Thrive Architect is the updated/upgraded Thrive Content Builder owned by Thrive Themes. The Thrive Themes is a well-known conversion focused WordPress Themes and Plugin provider. The Thrive Architect is the new name of TCB 2.0.The Thrive Content Builder is used to build a great and engaging web pages and blog post. It also acts as a funnel/lead capture designing module. The awesome design grabs the users’ attention and eventually lead to a successful engagement. The Thrive Architect Review is the latest version of TCB and it has wide features and benefits.You could able to drag and drop the visuals and texts to craft a beautiful web page and blog content. The things are done very faster and easier than with the boring traditional WordPress content editor.


Quick Overview of Thrive Architect Update over TCB

The quick overview of the Thrive Architect Review over Thrive Content Builder is discussed in this section.

#1. Faster and Quick Responsive

Thrive Architect is quicker than the TCB and it has the live mobile customization option.

#2. Better Layered Background Option

The transparent and border colored button could be crafted in the latest TCB 2.0.

#3. Vertical Split Layouts

The Split Vertical Layout is the latest option that most of the web designer awaited for.

#4. Enhanced Font Management

You’ll find more fonts and exclusive collection to revamp your web content fonts effectively.

Reasons for Choosing Thrive Architect

Some of the major reasons for choosing Thrive Architect Review are shown below.

1. Famous People Recommendation

The Authority Hacker, WP Superstar and more blogs trust and recommend Thrive Themes. The Thrive Architect is a part of Thrive Themes and it is also recommended by the WPCrafter owner Adam. You’ll find more internet marketing celebrities suggesting Thrive Architect Review. This is the major reason for choosing Thrive Architect for my online career.

2. Drag and Drop Content Builder

Writing content for the blogs and websites are easier than compiling/designing them for the readers. Yeah, the design is the crucial thing that keeps your weblog/site stand out from the crowd.The Thrive Architect allows the WordPress users to craft the best blog content design with their Drag and Drop visual editor.

3. Mobile-Ready Responsive Live Editor

As per the Thrive Architect Quick Sneak Peek Overview, the content builder gets a major update where the users could lively edit the content for the mobile screen effortlessly.

4. Enhanced Font Management

The font is the essential factor that keeps the people stay reading the content. The better the font, the better the engagement would be. The eye-catchy fonts and exclusive fonts are available with the latest Thrive Architect plugin.

5. No Coding Knowledge Required

The coding knowledge is the essential part of any designing action. But you don’t need any coding CSS/HTML knowledge while crafting your web page with the help of Thrive Architect.

Why Have I Purchased Thrive Architect?

I purchased Thrive Architect mainly for the below six reasons. You may also clone my strategy to grab success as like what I gain via Thrive Architect. Read this Thrive Architect Review completely. I am damn sure that you’ll love this product and stick to this without any doubt.

#1. I am a non-coder and haven’t practiced any bachelor or master degree in programming and web designing. So, I purchased Thrive Architect. I believe that this could help me build better web pages and craft my beautiful blog content.

#2. This is a small investment that I did this with the Thrive Content Builder years ago. Now, I got back 100x times the invested amount in the form of blog revenue. I really loved this product and I trust that I could earn huge in the nearer future.

#3. The hiring of web designers and freelancers costs me huge and I wasn’t satisfied with the work that they provide me. So, I grabbed the Thrive Architect Plugin in an offer for a cheap price.

#4. This made my blog reader praise me for providing the best content. I do provide quality content for several years. But after purchasing the Thrive Membership, I was able to design a better page and blog. This made a huge difference while comparing with the previous design.

#5. As an online entrepreneur, i love to explore more innovative thing and also earn huge cash online. so, i purchased this awesome product and the results were amazing.

#6. It enhances my growth and power in this blogging industry without any hassle.


My Experience With Thrive Architect

Here is an example of using Thrive Architect in one of my blog posts. You’ll love the compiled data with the attractive design on that blog.

  • I can simply use the drag and drop UI for crafting my blog post. It saves huge time.
  • The fonts could be changed for any section without researching more on the font manager.
  • I can duplicate the same section multiple times and construct my blog content fastly.
  • I attract more readers than before. Now, I could see the difference.
  • Thrive Architect helps me earn huge money by boosting my conversion and sales.
  • The instant video insertion also adds value to my blog content.
  • The icon embedding and widget insertion keep my content nourished.
  • The Thrive Optin injection increases my subscriber counts as well.
  • Call To Action buttons provided by the Thrive Architect looks pretty conversion oriented.
  • Content Container and Content Reveal are the good options that I use in my content.


Thrive Architect Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of using Thrive Architect Review are explained below. The below mentioned 14 reasons are not the only features that Thrive Content Builder 2.0 has. There exist more features included in the Thrive Architect Package.

Some of the features are briefly explained below.

#1. Split Vertical Layouts

You could construct the split vertical layouts in a single page seamlessly.

Thrive Content Builder Plugin Review

#2. Drag and Drop Interface

You will easily drag and drop the elements for crafting the web pages or blog contents quickly.


#3. Modernized Look

The modernized look will make you fall in love with Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect ReviewThrive Architect Landing Page Review

#4. Dynamically View The Changes

Yeah, you could see the live customized effect in the right pane and make changes according to that.

#5. Better Gradient Overlay

The better Gradient Overlay option will colorize your thoughts without any doubt.

#6. Quick Video Backgrounds

The inserting of Video Background is done perfectly. The embedded video also looks cool.

#7. Mobile Responsive Editing

The mobile and tablet responsive design editing is possible with the Thrive Architect and I really loved them.


#8. No Alteration To The Existing Content

The new upgradations of Thrive Content Builder will never destroy or conflict with the existing post in your site.

#9. Faster Performance

The revamped Thrive Architect is faster than the previous content builder version.

#10. Placing Text on Top of An Image

The text placing on the top of the image is also considered as one of the extended features.

#11. Layered Background Sections

The background section could be layered which adds value to the visuals.

#12. Transparent Button With Border Color

The button could be made transparent and we can also add color to the border as well. This adds a greater CTA.

#13. Better Margin and Padding option

The designing, padding and providing margin dimension is now enhanced with the Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Plugin Review

#14. Enhanced Font Management

The font management is now made easier with the latest upgraded Thrive Architect. I love those fonts seriously.

Thrive Content Builder Review

How To Use Thrive Architect?

It is simple and fun using Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Templates

#​​​​1. Purchase Thrive Architect Product.

#2. Install it on your WordPress Site.

#3. ​​​​Add a new blog content or page.

#4. You’ll find the Thrive Architect option for crafting your content. Just click that.

#5. Now, you’ve entered into the minimalism yet powerful Thrive Architect Wizard.

#6. Do every change and see the live customized part in the right pane.

#7. Add elements and the content.

#8. Finally, hit the publish button to complete editing the content.

You’ll experience more fun customizing the content using Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect Installation and Setup process

The Thrive Architect of Thrive Themes is the most awaited product for the complete customizing of the blog content and creating the landing pages. The Thrive Content Builder gets the update to the next version and it is named as Thrive Architect.

Here, you’ll get to know the installation process and setup procedure for Thrive Architect Product.

1. Click here to grab the Thrive Architect Product for the deal price along with the Thrive Membership.

2. You’ll find the package pricing. Choose your desired pricing plans.

3. Pay the exact amount that you got billed.

4. Now, install the plugin into your WordPress admin area.

5. Finally, create or edit your content with the help of Thrive Architect.

Thus, you’ve completed setting up the Thrive Architect on your WordPress website successfully.


  • Easy Drag and Drop interface
  • Faster and better content designing
  • Attractive visuals and fonts
  • Better conversion and sales
  • Responsive editing


    • Little expensive for starters
    • Pricing gap

Wrapping Up – Thrive Architect Review

Finally, you’ve completed reading my Thrive Architect Review via this blog post. I realized and written this blog piece after experiencing sweet memories with their product. This would be really interesting and it will be the future of crafting any blog post content. I am damn sure that this will eventually improve the sales and conversion without any doubt. Get your Thrive Architect Copy now and save huge cash indeed.

Don’t forget to accumulate the Thrive Architect for your next project. Grab it now.

If you have any doubts or query relating Thrive Architect, comment it in the below section.

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