Struggling In Time Management? Here Is The Secrets of 47 Expert Bloggers Roundup

Are you passionate about blogging but struggling in time management? You are in the right place – This post will provide you best insights about time management tips shared by experts, which will help to become a successful blogger.

As a fellow blogger, I have frequently been sharing many original ideas which would help bloggers in blogging, and this is one among them and one of my favorite.

When it comes to time management, many bloggers find it difficult to keep up to the plan and the follow ups. Today here in this post, I am happy to share 47 experts reveal their time management strategies. From the post below you can learn from the best in the industry about how to plan an expert time management for blogging.

Question: “How are you managing your precious time by balancing in both your blog and personal life?”

01. Ryan Biddulph - Blogging From Paradise

01-58-ryan-biddulph-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI’m managing my time by working for a set period of time and then by spending a set period of time offline.

After circling the globe for the past five years, I am literally forced offline to fly, bus, or take the train to far off destinations. No way could I become a full time, pro blogger unless I worked for a set period each day then spent 4, 6 or 8 hours offline, enjoying my travels or simply going from Point A to Point B.

Factor in that I once wrote and self-published an eBook every day for three months straight (I’ve written 126 eBooks collectively) and I have no wriggle room to waste time.

Work for 4 to 8 hours daily. Then get the heck offline for 4 to 8 hours.

I also suggest doing a few things really well to free up your time.

Example: I write long-form, SEO-optimized post for my blog. I write and submit 1-3 guest posts weekly. I comment on authority blogs. I engage my readers on social media. So I do 4 things, blogging-wise, and nothing else.

I’m not wasting precious time trying to do anything other than those 4 things. No Infographics, no in-depth podcasts, no adding minutes or hour’s worth of work to my day. I do 4 things, with a heavy emphasis on writing my posts and guest posting, so I do these things pretty darn well, get the job done in a minimum amount of time and of course I drop everything when my 6 to 8 hours or allotted work time expires every day.

I take short, frequent breaks every 1-2 hours to save my time by staying on task. Being human, you may break your time management rules or stray into ineffective action. Taking breaks helps keep you on task so you use time effectively.

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02. Erik Emanuelli - No Passive Income

02-13-erik-emanuelli-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt’s a matter of personal organization, based on years of experience. I set a certain number of working hours every day, together with a specific time for personal life, included family, hobbies and physical activity (which are all equally important).

I don’t use any special tool, and my daily routine is planned in my mind. I have a very organized email system, which lets me understand the priority of work and assignments for each day of the week.

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03. Erika Mohssen Beyk - Erikamohssen-beyk.com

03-30-erika-mohssen-beyk-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt is a lot of talk about managing time, but time can not be managed, it is us how need to manage our life. We all have tasks to do in private life which is important, and we better do take care of them.Because do we blog to live or do we live to blog? This is what we have to be clear about.

As a blogger if one does not have to go for a job, it is not as difficult to manage. If we think of the long time it needs to get to a job and back, a blogger has it better.

I do my tasks at home, and because I do not like to sit long, I go in between and work in my garden or do other things, if I need to write and focus, I do a cat nap in the afternoon and wait until everybody is sleeping. This is the best time to stay focused. I know many bloggers do this ( Philip Verghese Ariel had a RoundUp post about this, and I did write a post about Cat Naps) The best is to take a good rest in the afternoon and go without distraction for things which need focus when everybody else is sleeping.

Time can not be manged. “I am managing my activities, not my time ” – Earl Nightingale

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04. Donna Merrill - DonnaMerrillTribe.Com

04-55-donna-merrill-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowBlogging is a major commitment in my life, but so are other things.

I make sure to get out every single day and take a mini “vacation.”

I might walk the beach for an hour, or swim in the pool… something to get me out of my chair and into motion.

I even bought one of those activity trackers that tells you how many steps you should walk each day.

I’m not a slave to it, but it does remind me to abandon my keyboard regularly.

Besides exercise, I also make sure to eat well.

I don’t do the frozen dinners or take-outs.

I pretty much cook everything from scratch.

A bonus to that is that I often come up with great business, blogging or marketing ideas while I’m chopping garlic 🙂

As for blogging itself, I do an awful lot of work, and I don’t like delegating things to virtual assistants or hired freelancers, although everybody tells me I should.

I try to get good software and systems instead… things like page builders (I used Instabuilder), note takers (like Evernote) and image processors (I use Canva and PicMonkey), and social media organizers (I use PageModo and will be taking a trial run with Post Planner soon).

I would rather invest in software and programs that I can operate myself instead of hiring others.

I guess I’m a bit of a control freak, but my business is so personal that I just can’t let myself hand it off to others.

I spend a lot of time talking to people; I run webinars and teleseminars (more software and systems), and I create digital information products consistently.

All that said, I still have time to enjoy myself each day and pace myself.

My day always begins with morning coffee masterminds with my husband, who is also my business partner… so sometimes, I even mix business with pleasure.

It’s the laptop lifestyle, and if you can keep things balanced in your life and your business like I think I do… it’s a beautiful thing!

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05. Lorraine Reguly - Wording Well

05-36-lorraine-reguly-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI generally get my allotted work done for the day before I enjoy the pleasures of life. I also take time off when I am in need of a break. Working from home allows me to have such freedoms. However, discipline plays a huge role, too.

Due to the many responsibilities, I have with running two blogs and business (in addition to caring for a family and taking care of my health), I have learned to apply several strategies to find a good work-life balance.

This include:
1. Prioritizing tasks.
2. Creating a schedule.
3. Being realistic and allowing for flexibility.
4. 5. Incorporate leisure and “down time” into EACH DAY.
5. Remembering to be social.
6. Doing weekly and monthly reflections to see where I need to improve, what strategies are working for me, and making revisions where necessary.

I also do not measure success by the dollar amount I earn. Instead, I base it upon my personal, overall happiness with my life!

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06. Minuca Elena - Minucaelena.Com

06-18-minuca-elena-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI’m a 24-year-old full-time blogger. I’m not married and I don’t have any children yet, so my main focus now is growing my online business and increasing my brand.

It’s very important to set your goals right and fight to achieve them. I often hear people that say they have a certain target, but fail to achieve it because they are distracted by silly things – playing games like Pokemon Go, partying or watching movies.

You are probably wondering what the meaning of life is if you can’t have some fun, but you always have to think of a higher purpose. If you work hard now, in a few years you can have the car and the home of your dreams and travel wherever you want.

Bloggers have the potential to earn lots of money from their online activity, but few do. All because they aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

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07. Lilach Bullock - Lilachbullock.Com

Lilach-BullockBalancing a blog and all that it entails – writing, posting and promoting new posts – can often take a lot of time and impede on your personal life. In my experience, the best way to make sure you’re always on top of your blog is to be very organized. I always plan my blog posts well in advance with an editorial calendar and write them as soon as I can, as well as upload them to the site.

Then, when it’s time to publish a post, it’s all ready in drafts, and I can quickly get to promoting it as soon as it’s out there. Promoting can also go fast if you’re organized – I’ve done it so many times now, that I can do it all quickly and efficiently, but in the beginning, I had a list of all the things I needed to do.

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08. Janice Wald - Mostly Blogging

08-54-janice-wald-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI adhere to a schedule that enables me to be productive in both my personal life and my blogging life. I also work outside the home. I publish on my blog five times a week.

My blogging week starts on Fridays. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I blog for the next day.
On Sunday, I organize a linky party, so I don’t have to create new content.
On Monday, I format guest posts people have contributed.
On Tuesday, I pick a linky party winner. My husband and I spend the evening watching television we’ve prerecorded. I respond to blog comments
On Wednesday, I set up Thursday’s linky party, and my husband and I enjoy a relaxing evening. I continue to respond to blog comments.
On Thursday, I welcome new subscribers if I have time. I finish responding to blog comments.

In this manner, I am able to accomplish everything I need to do and want to do in my week.
I also have a “shelf post” ready to go in the event an emergency comes up.

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09. Theodore Nwangene - Top Blogging Coach

09-14-theodore-nwangene-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowManaging a blog and your personal life is never easy and can lead to burnout if one is not careful.

However, the best thing is adequate plan on how to best manage your time effectively.

As for me, I always wake up by 4:00 am on a daily basis to write blog posts, ebooks, and email series. Anything that involves writing is done at that time and once it’s 6:00 am, I’ll start getting prepared for my day job.

While in my office, I use my smartphone to respond to comments on my blog and also check all my unread emails and social media messages.

Finally, I close from work by 6:00 pm and between that time to 9:00 pm, I spend time with my family and friends, and once it’s 9:00 pm, I start working on the other important aspects of my business like niche/keyword research and other technical works.

I believe it’s all about managing your time well.

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10. Moosa Hemani - SE Talks

10-02-53-moosa-hemani-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowAs far as your question is a concern, I believe time management is one hell of an important thing when you are starting a blog and unfortunately, I was the one who learned it the hard way.

From the last 4.5 years, I am running my blog, I am running a small digital marketing agency, and I recently grew my team from 2 to 8 people. With so much to do, taking the time to write a post that’s meaningful was a tough job, but I used this idea of tracking time of each of my task and giving myself a challenge every single day.

The idea was to do better work in less time (without compromising on quality), but this approach teaches me few more things that are valuable for every blogger and anyone in general.

1. Listing your task for the day as the first thing in the morning makes your day more productive. Maybe because at any given point, you have a direction you ideally should follow.

2. Once you have the list, prioritizing the task will be much easier.

3. Track time of each task of the day and try to optimize your time spent on each task, every day.

By doing so, you will be able to do more in less time plus you will learn time management which is an essential tool for you as a blogger.

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11. Awazie Ikechi - Awazieikechi.Com

11-38-awazie-ikechi-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt is no news that Blogging takes a lot of time. Every Blogger will confess that Time isn’t just enough.

I have a time schedule that makes me balance my blog and personal life. This schedule helps to keep me on track especially when I am overwhelmed by blogging activities.

Furthermore, I always give out time to recharge as this is necessary for boosting creativity.

Finally, in my blogging journey, I have learned to take things easy and learn one thing at a time. I never take my personal life for granted.

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12. Kimsea Sok - Basic Blog Talk

12-44-kimsea-sok-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt’s a little bit complicated whFVen come to answer this question as I sometimes feel like blogging is my habit, so blogging is to enjoy my free time and work. I, however, limit time and work only 6 hours a day with blogging.

The way I manage the time is, I plan a whole month action plan such as content creation for a guest post and own blog then make it to the daily checklist and strive to achieve it.

I work three hours in the morning then take a long break and enjoy the time with my senior men. I spend at lease hours every day for chatting with them about whatever to make smile or something else. It would the second coffee time at a shop after talking with my senior men, and mostly the second working schedule is in the afternoon around 2 pm.

After 5 pm, I ride the motorbike around or enjoy some sport then it’s learning time and might be attending some online such as Udemy. I sometimes hang out on Facebook with some friends or movie after learning.

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13. Russell Lobo - Russlobo.Com

13-15-russell-lobo-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI make sure that I wonote and Wunderlrk only for 8 hours per day. I wake up early and use the “Eat the frog” technique wherein I finish the most important task of the day after which the day gets easier. I also disengage over weekends. No phone and no laptop. Life without the internet for two days a week allows you to connect with people you live with.

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14. Kulwant Nagi - Blogging Cage

14-52-kulwant-nagi-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowBeing an Entrepreneur, time management is one of the biggest constraints. We get involved in so many activities that we end up wasting a lot of our precious time.

I plan my day by allocating specific time to specific tasks. I have a habit of writing down my activities in my notebook, where I can track my daily activities. I am using to-do apps like Evernote and Wunderlist to allocate all my tasks to my team and track the progress.

I go to the gym at evening to give strength to my body, because your body is the main driving force to achieve big goals. Doesn’t matter how motivated you are, if your body is not supporting you, you cannot achieve those goals.

I spend around 1 hour with my family at night.

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15. Nirmala Santhakumar - WP Glossy & Mymagicfundas

15-48-nirmala-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt is really difficult for me to manage the time for my family and blogging. But I have fixed some goals to achieve and working towards the same direction. It lets me work with dedication. I spend more than 9 hours daily for writing and blogging like a regular day job. What I believe is, if you have passion for blogging, then it is more likely to balance everything.

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16. Santhosh Veer - All Web Tuts

16-42-santhosh-veer-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowAs a Blogger I nearly Spend 6 to 7 hours in front of my PC same time I do the web also developing it gives me lot of work stress and head pains after that I plan to spend My time for my personal life also So I Put a to-do list for My freelance work and Blogging same time I use Health app for Increase My sleeping time. Now I spend My Morning Hours for offline works.Afternoon I sleep for 2 hours It less My tension and stress after that, I walk at 6 pm to 7 pm after walking.I came to My home and spent nearly 2 hours with My Family members after that. I start My online works and chat with friends I almost work for 4 hours sleep at 2 Am and wake up at 8:30 am again start My work as per to-do list timetable.

Saturday and Sunday full rest spend My weekends with Friends and Family members I see lot of Changes after following My to-do list work process 🙂

Download To-do list and Health app from app stores Make a Plan and do your daily works. It gives Good result helps to balance you both personal and blogging life.

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17. Gurunath Nakka - Best of Guru

17-25-gurunath-nakka-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowTo be frank, I am still in the process of finding the best solution in this topic. Time Management is one of the most important aspects of every human’s life no matter it is blogging or any activity.

I have found many successful bloggers achieving great heights only because they have an excellent time management skills as part of their skill set. I am a bit weak in this area and thriving hard to make some rapid improvement in coming months.

After a bit of research, I found a simple formula like 24/3 which implies your 24 hours day divided into equal parts of 3. So I believe Health, Family/Personal life, Career are occupying those three parts. You can mix many microelements under those three categories, and you get 8 hours a day for each of it.

So if you think Blogging as a business or for earning some money, then use those precious 8 hours smartly. I would recommend not to waste time like me in writing articles for your blog which is the major drawback of my slow pace growth so far. Some great content writers can write items for an affordable price within your budget. Once you get the major part of your blog done by third-party, your tweaking and promotion are what you will be doing for all the 7 hours (keep a time for the reviews and corrections of articles made by your writers).

This is a vast subject so I can conclude here with how I can be doing all these in coming days and already many bloggers doing it successfully.

Thanks for giving this opportunity to get featured in this excellent roundup post. Have a great day 🙂

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18. Abhishek Jain - Rusty Blogger

18-57-abhishek-jain-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowManaging your personal life and blogging life was a tough task in early days. In starting days, I was cut from my friends, relatives and sometimes parents to write and write on my blog. That had made me couch potato and enemy of society.

But slowly and gradually when my blog start rising & stabilizing, then I became more active in active participations with my friends and family. This is as important as making money.

To balance these two lives, I have decided to spend minimum 2 hours away from my Laptop in real life. This has improved my health, mind and even blogging skills. This made me realize to give a personal touch in the blog posts. This worked, and my blog rises even more. My outdoor 7 activities interaction with different people gave me a chance to Host the Biggest Blogging Event of India, i.e., BlogX 2016.
That’s How balancing my blog, and personal life gave wings to my blogging career.

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19. Santanu - Blogging Joy

19-28-santanu-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowBlogging is one of the attractive profession but at the same time a frustrating activity too. I am a full-time working professional, spending majority of my time and brain for my office work. But still, I can manage multiple blogs on my own as I can’t stop my passion towards blogging. To achieve that, I am following a very strict routine every day to balance my work + blogging aspirations + health + personal life.

I am an early riser and wake up mostly by 5 – 5:30 in the morning. This gives me quality time to do some exercise and also write new content for my blogs. Whenever I find some time during my work, I plan for content and look for ideas and collect them all. After reaching home also, I manage to find 1 hour to check various blogging activities like addressing blog comments, replying to people’s queries, commenting on other blogs, answering round ups etc.

Week ends are my main time when I work as a full-time blogger and give most of my day to plan and implement those blogging programs, and off-course without compromising my family’s expectations and priorities. It’s been 2-3 years; I can follow this routine. Although sometimes it becomes very hectic, I think there is no other way to manage my passion & responsibilities together.

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20. Manidipa Bhaumik - WP Blogging 360 & My Daily Life Tips

20-29-manidipa-bhaumik-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowBlogging might seem easy as it’s work from home environment. But to manage your job along with personal priorities needs massive time management. You must have practical & workable blogging plans – like what you need to do and how. And then decide the order of the day to materialize that idea.

As blogging is not a 9 to 5 kind of a job, so everyone might have a different work schedule. And the routine is made to suit their family priorities. But, whatever your Blogging routine is, try to stick to that. Whether it’s the blog post update frequency, social promotions or interacting with your readers, there should be some fixed time slot for that. Exceptions might happen, but, on any average day, it needs to be the same.

I divide my blogging activities as per the time slots available beyond my family responsibilities. For instance, mornings are better for writing/ creating new content. However, activities related to social media or networking can be done when there are distractions too.

The beauty of blogging is the flexible working hours it offers. So managing your personal life is not tough either. But having a solid blogging plan ensures that, you enjoy your family life, without compromising on your work.

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21. Pritam Datta - Blog Mean

21-32-pritam-datta-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowTime management is the one thing that should maintain by everyone. I always try to manage my timings by doing smart work & by not doing harder or boring works. Smarter works mean I always try to do something in a more efficient way. Managing my time isn’t about squeezing as many works into my day as possible. It’s about simplifying how I work, doing matters much faster than others by utilizing proper tools & tackles, and relieving stress.

Anyone can manage his precious time by just apply some simple strategies in his life style.

1. Do your tasks as per priority. Any one should complete important tasks first.
2. You should learn to say “NO” to the boring or not exciting jobs.
3. Concentrate fully on the task you are doing right now.
4. Define time frame for any particular task.
There are much more strategies which others are maintaining to manage time, but I am doing this kind of stuff to manage my precious time.


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22. Preet Sandhu - Before Buy Reviews

22-16-preet-sandhu-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowBalancing personal life and professional life is an art. This is a trait of a good entrepreneur. 🙂

I make sure I spend enough quality time with my friends and family as this gives me positive thoughts and energy and also boost my work performance. After getting my mind fresh, I manage my tasks set for that particular day. Being a writer I make sure I spend at least 1-2 hours writing article for my blog.

So, Overall you can say I give 4-5 hours to my friends and family, 12-13 hours for my blogs and remaining time for sleeping and eating. 🙂 Fun is also important to stay fresh and focused. 😉 😀

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23. Atish Ranjan - Tech Tricks World

23-56-atish-ranjan-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI am a full-time blogger and marketer. I have a lot to do every day. Initially, it was tough to manage my blogs and personal life together, but gradually I have learned to manage time and how to have balance with work and personal life.

Every day I check my emails first, and make a list of work and assign them the priority. And, complete the tasks one by one. I don’t skip my breakfast, lunch, and dinner due to work because health is the first wealth. And, mostly, I take an off on the weekend and spend more time with my family.

I don’t mix my personal life with my profession. Every day I work for around 12-13 hours, and rest of the time I spend with my family. If I have a personal work, which is very urgent, I do that first, and then work on my blogs. Similarly, when I have some important blogging work and have some personal work at; I see which is the higher priority work and which can be done a bit later. Accordingly, I finish the work. It’s not like if I am working on my blog(s), and there is an urgent personal or family work comes, I won’t go; I would surely go to do that personal work depending on the urgency of that work. If that work is not urgent, I finish my blogging work and then go. If that is very urgent, I do that first and then back to blogging.
This is how I have the balance between my work and personal life.

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24. Sreenath Mukundan - Techintor


I am a full-time b-tech student and part time blogger. Do blogging at all time. I don’t waste time for making decisions. If something got new, will publish on my blog soon. Always get in touch with my blog niche updates and set goals accordingly.

Using automated tools to promote latest posts through social networking sites. While traveling or at free times do reply to my visitor’s comments and interact with them.

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25. Pranay Anumula - Tech Informerz

25-6-pranay-anumula-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowAm using a Notice Board which is just on my PC and will write the works should be done and all the plans on it. Will try to complete the works in deadline and erase it off by doing one by one. Then write a new one on it and repeat the process.

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26. Shahnawaz Sadique - Common Stupid Man

26-59-shahnawaz-sadiquee-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI need daily 2-4 HR only for my blog. I do affiliate marketing and product launching, So 2-4 HR is enough for me. I have created a time table for my blog like when to post or what to post.

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27. S.M Karamath - Syncetech

27-4-s-m-karamath-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI do balance my both personal life as well as blogging journey In such a manner like I don’t want to miss my own life enjoyments like outing with my friends and doing home work’s and make, my parents feel like (My son will 24/7 sitting In front of laptop) also for my friends like this guys has gone mad by always sitting In front of laptop and making money.

So to avoid this best timing is I WORK FOR NIGHT.

Thank you for Including this post here.

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28. Mukesh Bhardwaj - I Tech Hacks

28-5-mukesh-bhardwaj-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowWell, excellent question. I’m a b.tech 2nd-year student and have got lots of homework daily based, and blogging is my passion when I was in 12th standard I did blogging at night after 11 pm due to the pressure of Jee Main exam I had left the blogging, but I can’t leave learning (learning help in earning). That time was very precious to me, and I never left passion of learning. After joining the college with good marks, I am here and doing blogging regularly.

But due to study, as you all know blogging is not about posting articles every day. It’s all about learning and implementing of your skills. But as I managed I do research in a week over a selected keyword, and at Sunday I write articles ver that targeted keywords and starts ranking that one. So if you seriously a student and passionate about blogging then a free advice to all of you Start managing your time. “Time Management” is the only thing that I learned and believe me you can chase your dreams quickly 🙂

Today I’m working on various niches and projects

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29. Rahul Gupta - Crunchy Tricks

29-10-rahul-gupta-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowThere’s a saying by Carl Sandburg, “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you” that perfectly define the importance of time in our life. The person who has gained the skills of time management is on the top while others are still struggling in their life.

I started my blogging journey in 2014, and at that point, I was not sure whether to build my career in blogging or not. So I can say that it was not important to focus on time management at that point. I worked on my blog whenever I was free to do. But time has changed. Now I’m pretty sure about blogging as a full-time job for me. So it’s a must for me to balance both professional and personal life.

I have one simple schedule that I follow to save time for my personal life and entertainment.

1. I’m dealing with many foreign clients and most of them respond in the night only. So I get up early in the morning around 4-5 AM to have a discussion with them. It’s the perfect time to work, and you will get a reply from them in between this time gap.

2. The best part of working in the early morning is concentration. You can easily work for 3-4 hours easily with deep concentration. I work till 8 AM and able to take rest from 8 AM – 10 AM.

3. After that, I get back to my writing work. The only thing I do in the afternoon is article writing as at this time I rarely get any email from my clients. Time gap 10 AM to 5 PM includes a large study on keyword research and writing about them.

4. Now I would say my day ends here as after 5 PM my only job is to do some link building for my blog. I hang around with my friends daily in the evening to feel fresh. At last, I spend time gap 9 PM – 11 PM with my family watching TV.

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30. Radhika Mundra - Expressing Life

30-12-radhika-mundra-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowFor a blogger, time management is very crucial because you cannot leave your blog unattended for a long while. I try my best to follow ‘Blogging before Breakfast’ which allows me to pen my thoughts quickly and precisely.

While managing my studies, I’m hardly able to give time to blogging so when I’m comparatively free, I write more than one posts and schedule them for future. Works like magic! 🙂

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31. Rajesh Namase - Techlila

31-rajesh-namase-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowAfter practicing many things and reading many articles on time, I have decided to divide 24 hours into different time blocks. Write down the most important things that you do on a daily basis and arrange the time slots for them. As per your priority, you can allocate 4 hours or 13 hours for blogging and rest for other important things.

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32. Anuradha Chawla - Dhost

32-17-anuradha-chawla-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowWell…I think presently my life is just focused towards blogging. I mean the whole of it. So my time is not worried or bifurcated. I don’t think at this stage of life… When you are passionate just about your career, Your career itself should be apart from your personal life. Nevertheless I have a single focused life…that is blogging 🙂

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33. Himanshu Gupta - Blog Rags

33-19-himanshu-gupta-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI’m a college student, and it becomes tough to manage the both blogging and my studies, and it becomes more difficult when you take a branch which is very tough, E&C. I think if anybody has a passion for blogging and it interests him he will be able to take out time for it. I love blogging, so I quickly can cut down on time which I spend on a useless thing like watching movies and other stuff and use it for blogging.

Sometimes I have to wake up late at night to finish work, but I don’t feel the pain because I love what I do. Sometimes it is impossible to work, but that’s fine because the beauty of blogging is that you can work whenever you like.

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34. Bhanu Pratap Kaushik - The Tech Swag

34-51-bhanu-pratap-kaushik-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt’s all about prioritizing your tasks. You should always plan on the tasks for the next day in advance. You’ll do things more efficiently when you know what you have to do. I am sure, following this rule, you will have an ample time left for your family.

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35. Dilip Sharma - Blog Bing

35-22-dilip-sharma-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowTime management is not easy as it sounds. Even I was suffering from the uneven management of time. Things were not going as planned in blogging or personal life, everything was un-managed and was getting messy day by day.

A few years back, when I entered into blogging world, I use to sit in front of monitor more than 12 hours in a day including day and night. I was successful in the online world but was suffering in real life. In those time I got my first eyeglasses due to excessive use of computer only. Soon I realized the importance of time balancing in both my blogging and personal life.

Here are few things which I follow to keep up a perfect balance between my digital and personal life.

#1: Finding Important work of today: I get started with finding all important task of the same day in the morning before sunrise. I search for and list all must to-do actions of the day.

# 2 I Schedule my day: After finding all important things-to-do, I do scheduling of my works after analyzing the ongoing situation, my planning depends on things which are important to me on the same day. I write on paper (using a mobile app for time management is not good for me as when I unlock my phone I get engage into reading messages and email.) that which works are important today and how much time I should spend doing that work.

#3: Time interval between two work: On a normal day I give 20-30 minutes time interval between my work and on the workday I cut it to 10-20 minutes. Giving time space is important because not all work in the whole day go as planned some take more time than written on paper. So, those time-space helps me to keep up my schedule for next work.

#4: Focus, Focus, and Focus: I try to terminate all the unwanted or distracting things which are not important at all. When it comes to blog post writing, I close my Facebook notifications, turn off my chat, etc.

#5: Time balancing between personal and professional life: I give more time to my personal things than writing my blog posts. Sometimes, on the call of work I give more hours to digital life.

#6: Learning from today in time management and improving tomorrow: Sometimes all things do not go as it was planned, even after these much of planning shit happens sometimes. I write or memorize the main problem of time balancing of today and try to throw out from future day planning.

Listing some of the tools I use for productivity hack:

# Flatbook :I use it for distraction free Facebook experience. This chrome tries to present Facebook interface into least distraction and an ad-free interface. It automatically organizes everything into an easily accessible look.

# Time spends on Facebook: To keep a close eye on my Facebook usage.

# Protectyourvision.org : Protecting eyes from harmful computer display rays is also important. This site is perfect for eye care while using your PC.

# Go fucking work: Let me introduce this damn chrome plugin itself,

” Go do some FUCKING work. Stop being an unproductive little shit. Block fucking time-wasting websites. Every time you try to procrastinate, you get told to get straight back to fucking work. Choose what sites make you fucking fail at working. Pause when you need a fucking break. It’s time to stop being so fucking unproductive. Go fucking work. “

I think no more explanation of this required :p. This is perfect extension for managing the balance between two life: Digital and personal one.

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36. Vikas Singh - Next Is Best

36-24-vikas-singh-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI love blogging and that why I choose to work after 7:00 PM until late night. Day 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM dedicated for work. The good thing is I am working as a Project Manager in an IT firm when I handle similar projects. So I enjoy learning at office and implementing those at home 🙂

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37. Nikhil Makwana - Bforblogging

37-39-nikhil-makwana-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowFrankly saying, balancing my blog and my personal life is not that easy, because both are demanding and both blogging and personal life want a big chunk of my life.

However, my effective blogging is all about managing my time with the help of calendar planning. I use a couple of tools to schedule and manage my complete tasks list related to blogging and its promotions. I set priorities for an individual task and assigning work to other team members to attend the works. I have mentioned the list of tools I use on my blog www.bforblogging.com. Check them out.

Personal life is equally important (or more) compare to professional life. I spent almost 9 hours a day for blogging, and every weekend I take off and wear a T-Shirt with slogan “I love weekends because I don’t work on weekends.”

So, calendar planning is a kind of my virtual secretary and an essential ingredient, which balances my professional and personal life. This helps me a lot to schedule and manage my entire work and their execution.

Hence, it makes me, my staff and off-course my wife happy by spending adequate time with everyone who is linked with my professional and personal life.

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38. Manmohan Singh - Youth Times

38-26-manmohan-singh-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowHere are some time balancing tips used to help me get productive and stay balanced at the blog and personal life.
1. Plan My Day In Advance
2. Stick to a Schedule( like checking Emails, Publish Blog post, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
3. Leave The Work in 6-7 hours Max.
4. Talk To My Loved Ones

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39. Hina Azille MPharm. - Need A Pharmacist

39-33-hina-azille-mpharm-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI think I’m perhaps not your usual case. Running the household while holding down a job as a Pharmacist as well as looking after two kids aged seven months and three years old is majorly rewarding but also very time-consuming. To work around this, I tend to begin working on my site late night often through to the early hours of the morning.

I need to be able to work with no distractions to be productive, so although I may lose some sleep, I can justify it by reminding myself of why I’m doing this. I know I have to put the work in now, so I can reap the rewards later.

This thought process was one of the main reasons why I began NeedAPharmacist.com – so I could reset the balance and spend more time with my husband and kids while still providing people with valuable information to boost their health.

My number one tip is this: always keep in mind your end goal. Most of us work hard to be able to improve situations for ourselves and our loved ones. Remember your motivation often, so you always do what is necessary.

Final thought… To ensure you spend time with your family and friends, as well as feel like you accomplished some work, do something on your site every day. However small it may be. Whether it is writing, researching, marketing or promoting. Small, consistent actions build habits, and even if it is slowly, your site will inevitably begin reaching its full potential.

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40. Vashishtha Kapoor - Droidcrunch

40-vashishtha-kapoor-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI am a full-time blogger. And my personal life is attached to my blogging life. I enjoy writing, marketing and blogging even on the go. I love my profession as I am not working for anyone else.

Talking about the time management, I use some Android apps that help me in managing time. Let me tell you some.

1. Goodtime
After working for 25 minutes, I get five spare minutes of rest. This makes sure that I work for at least 25 minutes without any distractions.

2. Digital Detox
This is the very bad app because once you start a challenge and spend your emergency usage, you can’t use your phone during the challenge period. You will have to pay bucks to get access to your phone.

Moreover, I have some to-do lists on Asana where I schedule tasks and make sure I don’t miss any.

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41. SY Abuzar - Blog Rank Seo

41-34-sy-abuzar-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowDo you care for the blog but hate the sum of time it takes? Or maybe you are interested in this blogging industry but not confident how much you have the time to make it work?

Well, I am a Mechanical Engineering student who loves studying Inspection Engineering as Engineering is my first love and blogging is second but both are my passions. I mean both are my love on which I have to work hard.

You can take it as I have 2 GF… LOL! I was just kidding.

So, I am a student who is spending 50% time on study and remaining 50% on the blogging that’s not possible. It doesn’t matter that what you are (businessman, student, housewife, etc.)!

We are human beings we must sleep 6-8 hours, take food, etc. So, we can’t 50-50 because we have other work too, but if we built a schedule and fixed some rules, then it is possible.

Here we go:

Drain your time instead of wasting it on unnecessary blogging things. Let me clear it that getting ideas about an article and posting it comes up with many unnecessary things that take most of time in the blogging. So, if you succeed to save your time from there, then you will get extra time to do your precious blogging task and other works.

You may know sitting in the face of your laptop to start a blog post with no clue what to write about and exhausted valuable minutes trying to come up with a subject.

To Save Time Do These:

1. Discover a silence place and take out a sheet of paper. And number it from 1-50. Then, create a list of blog topics you can write about.
2. Create an Editorial Calendar: It is helpful to decide what day you will publish a blog post.
3. Change the Blog Format: Like writing, full regular blog post consume lots of time so; if you can make it short then you can save much time sometimes.

Here are some special blogging formats to attempt:

A list of guidelines
An interview with an expert or anyone who is famous in your industry
An infographic or video with 3 to 4 paragraphs of descriptions
A study of your industry or daily report
A Case Study

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42. Arpit Mittal - Arpitmittal.In

42-41-arpit-mittal-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI’m working as a full-time Web Developer & Digital Marketer for a Delhi Based company along with that I do work as a freelancer, and Yes I’m a blogger too and managing more than 10 Blogs

How am I managing my personal and professional life?
If you have goals for your life, then there is nothing like personal or working lives 🙂

My job timing is 9-6. I come back home at around 7 pm after reaching my home the first thing that I do is open my laptop and check the stats of my blogs to see the performance of my blog then after that I take rest of around 15-20 minutes(It’s more than enough for me), I make dinner at around 8 and from 8:30-9:30 I reply to queries of my client after answering all the questions I see if the amount of work is more then I’ll complete the work on Saturdays and Sundays ( If not urgent if it’s urgent I do work at night for up to 1 Am)
I do my freelance work in between 9:30-10:45 Pm after that I do blogging.

I always keep some extra posts with me because sometimes I spent a lot of time in solving queries of my client so due to blogging may skip so I keep a backup of some posts with me.

And I do all these things for up to 12-12:30 Am

After that, I sleep comfortably and try to search new ideas to work(In Dreams)

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43. Vivek Rajput - The 247 Tech

43-34-21-vivek-rajput-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowWe have a complete day to a good schedule. I’m a last year student too. I write about Technology on The247Tech. It is not necessary that you write an article after every hour. Just write the useful and meaningful content. Other Paid tech blogs are writing hour by hour you don’t need to worry for that. Focus on Good Reviews and so on. I write mostly in the morning time. I use Saturday and Sunday as a weapon. I love traveling so mostly I write via offsite. Just make a Schedule and follow it. After a month you will notice all the right changes.

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44. Ravinder Dande - Blogail

44-35-ravinder-dande-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowI have 24 hours a day, so I have to manage it in a way that I can give enough time for work and personal life equally. I do not do much work when it is not needed. I make schedule by placing the most important task in top to-do-list and execute it daily. So I have scheduled for managing the blog and enjoying life altogether.

Usually, I do not have any fixed time of doing work. I used to work whenever I feel free. As days went on, I understood that how it is important to manage thing according to its important. So I started working for fixed hour as I work in the morning time from 10 AM to 3 PM. When I’m done with whatever I’ve planned for the day, then I go for an outing.

Everyone has their own time that suits them very best so they should work accordingly. It’s not necessary that you have to do it all today. You can divide a task further and do it daily for a short time then after few day. You will find it done. Life is equally important sorry, ” more important than work.” So you should take care of your life and take healthy foods and enjoy your time.

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45. Md Riyaz Alam - Set My Destiny

45-37-md-riyaz-alam-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowFor a blogger, health and family should always be the priority, so I work as much as it does not mesh up with my personal life.

I have made a routine for my daily activities with my blogs. I have assigned a set of hours for blogging and never mix it up with my personal life. Unlike most of the bloggers, I usually work in day times, especially in early mornings. It helps me concentrate on writing as others are sleeping that time. I work for two hours in the morning from 5-7 am and then my family joins me for the daily life.

In the corner of my house, I have fixed a small place for my blogging and have instructed no one to come in until I am finished with my write-ups. That helps me work quietly and boost my productivity. As soon as I done my job, I joined them and enjoyed with my family. That’s it. Simple! The only thing is; you have to make your family understand what your job is and how you can do it comfortably.

And yes, week-ends are almost booked for family and friend to enjoy and get refreshed. This helps me keep energetic and thoughtful.

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46. Robin Khokhar - Tricky Enough

46-47-robin-khokhar-time-management-expert-roundup-traffic-crowIt is really a good question, I being the full-time blogger I have scheduled my time by the day. I don’t work on Sunday and even Saturday’s sometime.

On a daily basis I, give 6-8 hours to my blog, whether in the morning, evening or night.

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47. Ravi Sharma - Geeks Gyan

Being A blogger and Engineering student and A blogger, I faced lots of Difficulties in managing my time to write articles for my blog and also college assignments.
The major health issue which I was facing these days was a headache and burning of eyes.
So to avoid these health problems, I started taking a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

As an Engineering student, I eagerly wait for my vacations to start.During these holidays I love to work whole night and sleep in the mornings because at night no one is around you (only silence) and it helps us to Focus on our work.

But after lots of Experience, I have Learned to manage both the things (college as well as blogs) and so far I have not got any backlogs/Failure in any subject, and also I ‘m doing well in blogging.

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So here you have it: 47 expert time management tips that you can apply right away! Once again I would like to thank the entire experts who have shared their expert recommendation for my Roundup Blog and making this Roundup more valuable.

Every blogger has their code of time management practices and few struggle quite, in the beginning, this post sure would help all those aspiring bloggers to overcome time management issues.

If you have loved the post, do not hesitate to share the word and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Hi Sathish,

    You have done a great job by consolidating the time management strategies of the active bloggers. As it is a huge post, I’m just bookmarking it and will read the answers of the dedicated bloggers leisurely.

    It is really a challenge to balance the online profession and family. Most of the family members can’t understand the work involved in blogging & internet marketing. I always struggle to explain my nature of work.

    I’ll be here again to read the full post, I’m appreciating your hard work. Keep it up!

    1. Hello Nirmala,
      Thanks for your valuable comments!!
      It is always a hectic thing to balance both family and business. Even I too perplexed on some cases, and it seems to be a harder thing to achieve planned schedules in a perfect way. This post helps to overcome all those circumstances with bright ideas!! 🙂

  2. Great job ,Satish
    For me, it is always interesting to read about the experiences of others .
    It can give ideas to work more effective . I am sure there are many people
    looking to find answers for time management ,as well.
    Thank you for your work and publishing this informative roundup.

  3. What’s a wonderful tips regarding time management I ever read.

    Sathish, you’ve collected every wonderful story and share us.

    The time constrain sometimes causes the bloggers and entrepreneurs failed or late to accomplish their goal. Even I have strict in following the schedule and trying to accomplish the goal, the procrastination and distraction push to waste the time.

    Every day, I try to find whatever the secret to keep myself up with the timetable, but you now give those to me what I’m looking for. Also, I believe the article will be useful for my audience as well; hence, I shared it to all my social profiles.

    Finally, thanks for listing me amount the experts.

    1. It is always a harder thing to work on the basis of the planned schedule without any postponements. Achieving the schedules in the perfect way on every day is the perfect challenge.
      Hope you grabbed some of the new useful tips which make you more strong in time management.
      Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow thanks! I knew only a few of these experts. Damn now I need to find the time to read all their blogs. Thanks for creating this excellent handy collection!
    How did you find those people?

    1. Glad you liked it, Eric!!
      I always trust and use social media to build good contact and to have a friendly relationship with other experts. So Social media is the tool which helps me to do this excellent handy collection about time management.

  5. Hi Satish,
    Well done!
    Wonderful roundup on a timely subject!
    I really missed it,
    Though you send me the notification some how I missed it to join this Bus!
    Good to read about my friends time schedule and lifestyle. Yes 95% of the people attended in this roundup up are known to me and good to know a bit more about them and their time schedule.
    Wish all of them and you a great time of keeping the TIME ahead.
    Keep sharing.
    Best regards

  6. Sathish, I’ve heard of the technique Russell Lobo mentioned, but I’ve not heard it called the “Eat the frog” technique before! I try to employ this technique, too, on the days when I have a particularly unpleasant task to do.

    I really like this round-up. Thanks for including me in it!

    One of the reasons I like round-ups so much is because they expose me to other bloggers. Most bloggers think of only themselves and having more eyes on their content when they publish such types of posts, but I focus on the networking opportunities!

    For example, I can say to someone to I don’t yet know, “Hey, it was great to be featured alongside you in XXX’s round-up! It’s great to meet you!”

    And then I can begin a relationship with that person. 🙂

    I know many of the bloggers listed here in this one, but there are a few whom I don’t know.

    Yet. 😉

    Thanks again for a great post! Time management is something many of us struggle with as our list of tasks to do grows.

    I use a planner to help me schedule my time. You can get a free one from my post on Wording Well called:
    How to Find a Good Work-Life Balance (+ a FREE Workbook/Planner)

  7. Hi Sathish,

    Wow….each and every blogger here really knows the importance of time management. I want to thank you for participating in this one because without time management, business and blogging will be in slow motion.

    When there are so many tasks in just one day it is important that we each set up our own time management schedule. And that is great…but we must apply it lol.

    Once applied, it becomes a habit and it is working smart and not hard at all.

    Thanks again!


    1. Hello,
      Yes, you are right Donna!!
      Setting up the schedules and working on that basis is really harder for fist 2-3 days. Once if it practiced it might lead us to a great extent and the results will be an awesome one.
      Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Sathish,

    Awesome roundup, Thanks for including me with this great group of experts bloggers.

    Great info that I will share on my social media accounts and recommend to my readers.

    Have a great Day Today!

  9. Hello Sathish,

    First of all congrats for doing an amazing Roundup post and the idea of the topic. I am very happy to share some space among some of the well known Bloggers globally. I have gone through the tips and strategies of many of the other bloggers and I have taken note of those important points where I am lacking and needs improvement. This is definitely a mini guide for Time Management topic 🙂 Have a great day !

  10. Hi Sathish,
    Time management is a compulsion for every blogger and marketer. So these tips and their schedule shared by these bloggers are really helpful.

  11. I am obliged to find myself with these 46 influential bloggers of all time. Love to hear time management tips from other Blogging Gurus.

    Thanks Satish for this opportunity!!


  12. Hi Satish

    It is great to see how other pro bloggers manage their time. In all this shows that time management is involved in blogging activities. Thanks for including me in this Roundup post.
    Have a wonderful week. Thanks

    1. Hii Satish
      Time management is not a task it is an ART .Thanks a lot for this Roundup it will definitely help us to improve our time management skills.Hoping for some more roundup in future.
      Thanks once again

  13. Plastična Kirurgija

    That blog post was PACKED with value, thank you very much! I’m in desperate need for productivity and time management boost.

  14. Hello Sathish,

    Great Round up article abut Time Management.

    It has always been a major point in Blogging as time management is a difficult task, specially if I give my example, I find it very difficult to manage my time, but these advice’s from top Bloggers will certainly help many including me.

    So, keep up the good work.


  15. Hey Sathish bro,
    You are truly an amazing person, but you haven’t added your own time management mantra. I would like to know that. The best part of blogging is freedom, but it takes longer to be a full-time blogger.

    Managing time between tasks is really crucial. I just take short breaks while I feel burn out. Most of the successful bloggers in this list following the same routine. Having breaks in between consecutive working hours is essential to be more productive.

    And we should also spend time without family too because they take care of us every time.

    At the end, A big thumbs-up for making huge efforts to compile this amazing roundup post. Waiting for new year roundup.


  16. Hi Sathish, Thanks for this effective time management round up post. Loved the way all the bloggers kept their time managing secrets and tips.

    I have so much online and offline projects on my way and these tips are surely going to make me more productive, no doubt.

    All I can say that it’s totally an amazing read to start this year.

    Thanks a lot

  17. Blogging is a very difficult and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and above all time management is the most important criterion for bloggers.
    A lot of applications are available on the Internet to organize our work and leverage technology for time management, but a lot of us do not utilize these resources and waste a lot of time doing things manually that is easily achievable using available resources.
    This is a wonderful article and would love to read more on time management on your blog. Thanks.

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