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The 5 Best GoDaddy Alternatives 2021 – (Number #1 is My Favorite)

Due to the evolution of the internet, hosting and domain industry booms a lot. The hosting is the essential thing that one should keep in their mind for running any successful websites. The 5 best Godaddy Alternatives and the amazing hosting providers will be discussed in this blog post. You could find the best alternatives to Godaddy hosting in this blog guide.

Now, you may ask me what is better than Godaddy? Here, I provide you the alternatives in depth.

Do you have any confusion purchasing the Web Hosting?

Fine, read this in-depth article and choose your best hosting that suit your needs.

Why should you seek Best GoDaddy Alternatives?

The Godaddy is a well-known reputed Domain and Hosting company in this universe. I love their Domain Registration service as they provide it for a very reasonable cost. But when it comes to hosting, I don’t purchase it with them. You could also find the Godaddy registrar alternatives in this blog post.

  • They don’t provide better and high-quality hosting solutions to the people.
  •  Most of the other competitors provide better services and offer for the Hosting Solution.
  •  Apart from Godaddy, there are several best hosting providers with good customer support. They are really worth trying for your upcoming or an existing website.
  • The 5 Best Godaddy Alternatives and their unbeatable features are categorized in the below section.
  • The Godaddy is only suited for Domain Name registration but their Hosting services really sucks (There is more registrar network that provides best Godaddy DNS alternatives as well).

The Five Best GoDaddy Alternatives

Here are the five best GoDaddy alternatives that you must take a look at. Let me help you out with my insights on these alternatives to GoDaddy to save your time and research. Let’s dive into it.

Best GoDaddy AlternativesMoney Back GuaranteeRatingAction
FastComet45 Days9.8/10Visit Website
WPX Hosting30 Days9.6/10Visit Website
BlueHost30 Days9.0/10Visit Website
A2HostingAnytime9.2/10Visit Website
InMotion Hosting90 Days9.0/10Visit Website

Best Godaddy Alternatives for Hosting your Site

FastComet – The FastComet Hosting Packages and their Free Lifetime Domain Renewal keeps all my Niche Blogs hosted with them.

WPX Hosting – I shifted all my Major Money Making Websites to WPX Hosting to make my site stay alive all the time.

Bluehost – The most recommended hosting services that keep all my WordPress website safe. It is recommended by as well.

A2 Hosting – Cheap yet Reliable Hosting provider that is worth trying for hosting any website that you wanna load faster.

InMotion Hosting – The Best Technical Experts from InMotion Hosting and their Friendly Customer Support makes me love them.

The Best Alternatives to Godaddy Hosting

The above Best Godaddy Alternative will be elaborated in this section. This will clear all your doubts and wipe out your confusion stage. Check out the below in-depth hosting guide for choosing a better than Godaddy Web Hosting without any hassle. People from various part of the world search for Best Godaddy alternatives UK & Lifehacker Best Godaddy alternatives to view the best result.

Don’t worry, get the Best Godaddy alternatives hosting in 10 minutes after going through the alternatives to Godaddy hosting article.


GoDaddy Alternative No 1: FastComet Hosting


The FastComet Hosting is also considered as one of the Go daddy alternatives. I recommend you choose FastComet without any doubt as it provides dirt-cheap offers to erect your site to the top position.

Some of the advantages of purchasing FastComet Hosting over Godaddy are listed below.

Top 4 Reasons to Prefer FastComet to GoDaddy Hosting

#Reason 1 – Cheap and Stable Hosting Price

The Cheap hosting package is the one most of the beginner bloggers and website developers love to buy. The FastComet hosting provides dirt cheap hosting packages than most of the top companies around the world.

is worth choosing for your upcoming websites due to their high-quality services and cheap price than the Godaddy Hosting.

#Reason 2 – Collaboration with Top Brands

The collaboration with Top Brands also considered one of the top reasons for choosing FastComet hosting. Even though Godaddy ties up top brands and services around the world, they don’t allow you to integrate with them for the basic level hosting packages.

FastComet Hosting allows you to integrate with various top brands and services into your website growth.

#Reason 3 – Free Domain for Life

This is the most lovable feature that FastComet provides its user. Yes, your website domain name will be automatically renewed by FastComet free for you.

If you’re hosting your website with FastComet, then you’ll be getting free domain renewal for free which Godaddy don’t offer.

#Reason 4 – SSD Storage

The FastComet has SSD – Solid State Drive as its storage unit. It is faster than the traditional HDD unit. This makes your website loads faster and retrieves data very quick than the sites that are hosted with Godaddy.

Features of FastComet Hosting
  • Free SSL and CDN
  • Free Domain for Life
  •  24/7 Chat Support
  •  Drag & Drop site builder
  • 45 Days Money-Back Policy
  •  SSD Cloud Storage
  • 1 Click Installation of Popular Web Scripts
  • No Extra Renewal Cost
  • Cheap Hosting Packages
  • Daily Site Backup
#Pricing Details of FastComet Hosting

The StartSmart Package costs you $2.95 per month with single website hosting. They provide 15GB SSD Storage and 2GB RAM Server.

The ScaleRight Package costs around $6.95 per month with capable of hosting multiple websites. It includes 25GB SSD Storage and offers 3GB RAM Server.

The SpeedUp Package costs you $12.95 per month with multiple sites hosting facilities. It also comes with 35GB SSD Storage unit and 6GB RAM Server.

  • No hike in Renewal Price
  • SSL free for life
  • Better C-Panel
  • Reliable Price.
  • Little Bit Slow Speed
  • Basic Plan not as expected.

People’s Opinion: FastComet saves my hard earn penny with its reliable and affordable hosting package than any other company offers with high-quality support. It is a Budget-Packed Hosting provider.

Are you looking for Budget-Based Fast Hosting Provider?

GoDaddy Alternative No 2: WPX Hosting (My Favorite)


The WPX Hosting is my all-time favorite Web Hosting and that really works well. It is one of the best web hosting alternatives to Godaddy. They provide me all the essential services and guide for boosting my website performance in no time.

WPX Hosting has lovely features that benefit the user and it is still seen as one of the best Godaddy Alternatives.

Top 4 Reasons to Prefer WPX Hosting to Godaddy Hosting

#Reason 1 – Free SSL

The SSL – Secured Sockets Layer is the trusted symbol that makes your site free from attacks. The website with the HTTPS layer is most trusted one and it helps the website gain good authority. The SSL costs you high when you purchase them separately from Godaddy.

The Godaddy provides SSL online for the highly valued packages but the WPX Hosting provides Free SSL on every package that you purchase.

#Reason 2 – Free Domain Privacy

The Domain Privacy is the one that is most often obtained by the website owners to keep their identity private. This allows the spammers and competitors to fail to scrape the information from the WHOIS database. The Domain Privacy add-on costs you a little bit.

When you host your website on WPX Hosting, you’ll receive a free domain privacy module that Godaddy costs you.

#Reason 3 – Uptime 99.99%

The uptime should be good to run a website without any flaws. The higher the uptime, the higher the site will be alive and visible to the website visitors. The WPX Hosting provides 99.99% guaranteed uptime and it really works. Godaddy usually fails to provide good uptime due to enormous clients sharing the resources for the cheap rate.

#Reason 4 – Live Chat Support

The Godaddy lacks live chat support as they only provide customer support via phone call. This is a tedious process and time-consuming process as it will kill the user’s valuable time. The WPX hosting has better Live Chat Option and it will help you provide better solutions for your issues.

The WPX Hosting bundles with wide features and add-ons.

Some of the noteworthy features are as follows.
  • Free SSL
  •  Cheap & Reliable Hosting
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free Site Migration
  • Simple UI (Beginner-Friendly)
  •  24/7 Customer Support (Live Chat)
  • 99.99% Uptime Promise
  • Anti-DDoS attack
  • 30 Day Money-Back Policy
#Pricing Details of WPX Hosting

The Basic Business Plan Costs you just $24.99 per month with 5 Website Hosting Slot. It provides 10GB SSD Storage and 50GB Data Bandwidth.

The Professional Plan Costs you around $49.99 per month with 15 Website Hosting Slot. It provides 20GB SSD Storage and 100GB Data Bandwidth.

The Elite Plan Costs you around $99 per month with 35 Website Hosting Slot. It provides 40GB SSD Storage and Unlimited Data Bandwidth.

  • High-End Hosting Solution
  • Better Stability and Reliable
  • True SSD Unit
  • Faster Customer Help
  • Expensive Packages
  • Not suitable for Unlimited Website

People’s Opinion: It is the only Hosting company that cares about their customer than the money. Better service and better speed which keeps my website to the top position.

Do you wanna check out WPX Hosting and Skyrocket your Website Growth?

GoDaddy Alternative No 3: BlueHost

Bluehost Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Bluehost is the most trusted and recommended web hosting provider. It provides all the services related to Domain and Web Hosting for a reasonable price. A few advanced and awesome features that Bluehost holds are listed below.

4 Top Reasons to Prefer Bluehost Hosting to Godaddy Hosting

#Reason 1 – Clean C-Panel

The C-Panel (Control Panel) is the one that makes your hosting management an easier one. The C-Panel is essential to access and customize the hosting setup. The Bluehost has rich C-Panel with Clean UI and it is beginner-friendly as well.

It is far better and responsive C-Panel than the Godaddy provides.

#Reason 2 – Most Recommended by Brands

The officially recommends Bluehost as a superior hosting provider for handling the WordPress which is a top CMS – Content Management System. While comparing with the Godaddy Brand Mention, Bluehost wins.

Reason 3 – Spam Assassin

The Spam Assassin is the module that keeps your website free from spam and malicious attack. This is bundled with the Bluehost hosting Packages and the Godaddy lacks in filtering out the spam content.

#Reason 4 – Unlimited Disk Storage

The unlimited disk storage assurance from Bluehost makes it far better than the Godaddy with limited storage.

Features of Bluehost
  • FTP Access
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth Quota
  • Most Trusted
  • Tons of Web Scripts
  • Affordable Cost
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Free Domain Name (New Customer)
  • Faster Server (Best Godaddy Dedicated Server Alternatives)
Pricing Details of Bluehost

Basic Plan costs you just $3.95 including 50GB Storage with unlimited data transfer for a single website.

Plus Plan costs around $5.95 with capable of hosting 10 websites. It provides 150GB Storage and unmetered traffic.

Prime Plan comes for $14.99 with unlimited resources.

  • Most Popular Hosting
  • Cheap and Best Hosting.
  • Spacious and Uninterrupted resources
  • Best for WordPress CMS integration.
  • Delayed Customer Support
  • Slower on shared hosting.

People’s Opinion: Bluehost is the lifesaver for the beginners and it does what it says. Every beginner should try Bluehost to make your online career a perfect one with satisfied hosting.

Don’t have enough money to buy Web Hosting cheaper than Godaddy?

GoDaddy Alternative No 4: A2 Hosting


The A2 Hosting is found to be one of the best Godaddy alternatives due to its flexible features. Few reasons that tell A2 Hosting superiority over Godaddy Hosting will be intimated below.

Top 4 Reasons to Prefer A2 Hosting to Godaddy Hosting

#Reason 1 – 20x Faster Shared Hosting

The A2 Hosting is a popular web hosting that offers users 20x faster-hosting speed than the Godaddy Hosting. A2 hosting is worth trying to make any fast loading websites.

#Reason 2 – Hack Scan Firewall

The Hack Scan Firewall module is the best add-on for keeping your site safe and secure. This is offered for free which Godaddy lacks in the basic security level.

#Reason 3 – Immediate Solution via Ticket Support

The solution provided by the A2 Hosting is faster than Godaddy Support. The Godaddy never respond to the users in the right time due to excess of customer ticket from their crowded network. The A2 Hosting wins the heart of the users with its timely response.

#Reason 4 – Developer Friendly Features

The A2 Hosting looks awesome with their Developer Friendly system. Yes, it allows the customers to customize the things faster than the Godaddy’s Traditional Development Module.

Features of A2 Hosting
  • Cheap and Best Hosting
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Free SSL and Pure SSD
  • Anytime Money Back Policy
  • 99.995 Uptime Guaranteed
Pricing Details of A2 Hosting
  • Lite Plan – $3.92 with unlimited resources for a single website.
  • Swift Plan – $4.90 with unlimited resources.
  • Turbo Plan – $9.31 with unlimited resources and additional features.
  • Better Uptime
  • Faster SSD Storage Unit
  • Free CDN
  • Hackscan Security
  • Turbo Speed only on Expensive Package
  • No eye-catchy Offers.

People’s Opinion: I love A2 Hosting for its wide features at a very reasonable cost. It allows me setup third party integration without any flaws. 1 Click Web Script Installation saves the time.

Do you need to supercharge your website with fun?

GoDaddy Alternative No 5: InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

The Inmotion Hosting is one of the best evergreen hosting providers till date. It is also seen as the best alternative to Godaddy. Some of the major reason that decides Inmotion Hosting capacity are described below.

Top 4 Reasons to Prefer A2 Hosting to Godaddy Hosting

#Reason 1 – Free Site Transfer

Inmotion Hosting never charges for Site Transfer Process. It is a most needed feature for any non-technical hosting user. Here, Godaddy charges the customer a particular amount for the site transfer process.

#Reason 2 – Stable and Steady hosting

The major reason that Inmotion competes with Godaddy is that it is capable of hosting multiple websites without any hassle. The users review Inmotion hosting for its stable and steady hosting.

#Reason 3 – Free $250 Advertising Credits

Inmotion Hosting provides more freebies than Godaddy. The Free $250 Advertising credit will make you improve your website exposure by advertisement.

#Reason 4 – Google Apps integration

The Google Apps and business-oriented application could be easily integrated with Inmotion Hosting. The Godaddy doesn’t provide much integration in basic plans.

Features of Inmotion Hosting
  • Quick Customer Support
  •  Easy Sign-Up Process
  •  Free Premium Succuri Plugin
  • Fast CMS one-click installer
  • 90 days money back policy
  • Surprise Discount Offers
  • Free Site Transfer and Data Backup
Pricing Details of InMotion Hosting
  • Launch Package – $5.99 with 2 Website Hosting Slot and unlimited resources.
  • Power Package – $7.99 with 6 Website Hosting Space and unlimited resources.
  • Pro Package – $13.99 with unlimited resources.
  • Cheap & Trusted Hosting
  • Free Migration & Backup
  • Frequent Deals on Hosting
  • Better Brand Visibility.
  • Limited Database Resources
  • Pre-Pay Per year costs high.

People’s Opinion: InMotion Hosting holds a good position due to its kind service and support. It makes the people stick with them for several years. It is best hosting for a long run.

Do you need to host your site on any stable platform?

Conclusion: GoDaddy Hosting Alternatives

Finally, I’ve shown you all the best 5 Godaddy Alternatives in this blog post. I recommend you read all the reviews before making any purchase for your next website. I have mentioned all the essential reasons and features that make the hosting network superior to Godaddy’s Hosting Package.

I suggest you make a strong decision before grabbing any hosting package for your upcoming or an existing website. The above mentioned 5 Best Godaddy Alternatives are well researched and experienced as well. You may take the right decision after reading this blog post. Some people even search on Reddit forum as Best GoDaddy alternatives reddit.

WPX Hosting – Recommended Hosting

I strongly recommend you go with the WPX hosting as it is a perfect choice and best alternative to Godaddy. I am personally using WPX Hosting Platform for my few websites. Even my money making websites are hosted on WPX.

I really love their technical support and I’m surprised with their timely support.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Christmas sale

If you’ve any queries related to Best Godaddy alternatives or any suggestions, comment under this blog post

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