Best SEMRush Alternatives

Best SEMRush Alternatives – Top & Cheap SEO Tools (2023)

Don’t let the best SEMRush alternatives title fool you -When it comes to the best-rated, popular SEO tools, SEMRush vs alternatives quite easily the top, finest purchase you can make at the moment – and why wouldn’t it be? Both its keyword research & keyword suggestion sets are legendary. Not to mention, its penchant for in-depth analytics, real-time, and versatile reporting. Heck, there is even a very useful backlink analytic tool inside.

However, SEMRush isn’t only best SEO tool Suites in the market right now (nor is it the cheapest) yes, with the internet, you can now find a ton of other Alternatives to SEMRush that can be just as effective at improving your websites Search Engine ranking as well as the former, or in some rare cases, better than SEMRush. Put simply, this article is for those who love SEMRush but wants to look at other solutions just because there is something about the tool that you don’t think will work properly for you, i.e., the cost, design, perks, etc…

So for the freedom of choices, we’re going to give you a closer look at 5 of the best SEMRush Alternative solutions that you can get today – detailing all their features, pros, cons, etc… so you, the user, make an informed choice.

So what are we still waiting for? In honor of a better SEO future;

Let’s dive in!

Best SEMRush Alternatives – SEMRush Is Still A Smart Tool!

Putting aside its expensive price tag, SEMRush is undeniably one of the best – if not, THE BEST – SEO tool you can buy right now. After all, what other SEO tool allows you to, by just inputting a competitor’s URL, effortlessly find out literally all about their backlinks, organic search statistics, top keywords, trends, etc. in just a few clicks?!

The UI is smooth, and it’s choke-full of nice features. In fact, nearly every great SEO expert out there can be often be found using this tool as their “daily driver,” as is also the same case with over 2251000 other tech users.

So yeah, SEMRush is good – Crazy good, in fact! To help prove our point, here’s a quick look at what this brilliant tool has to offer;’

  • Powerful keyword research tools with tons of useful metrics like search volume, related keywords, trends, and more, all presented in a very visual manner with charts & diagrams for easy understanding.
  • With an inbuilt ad campaign manager, that includes PPC manager, social media tracker, and an ad builder. Create and launch compelling advertisements for all your online/SEO endeavors in a jiffy
  • With the inbuilt SEMRush site audit feature, find and fix all your site issues like broken links, missing alt tags, M-descriptions, duplicate contents, redirection errors, and more, better optimizing it for performance.
  • With its comprehensive Competitor analysis suite of tools, find everything about your rival’s SEO strategies, their top-performing keywords, their traffic metrics, conversion rates, backlink origins, etc…
  • Incredibly polite and knowledgeable customer care that’s always ready to solve all your SEO worries whenever you want!

So yeah, you see, SEMRush is almost like a “Swiss army knife,” but packed with all the best SEO tools you’ll ever need & more.

But alas, if only they could’ve priced it better…

Alternatives To SEMRush – Worth Going For…

From a regular standpoint, the need for best SEMRush alternatives is actually rather moot, especially when considering how good SEMRush itself is. But as amazing as it is, there is one area where it stumbles terribly – the price.

You see, ranging from a whopping $99 to $499, SEMRush isn’t exactly a cheap option, especially for a beginner who is looking to start small. Besides, the sheer plethora of features can also be overwhelming for many newer users.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of best SEMRush alternatives out there. And the best part? Some of them are so cheap. Free, even. Again, they’ll never be as good as the real thing. But they can, however, help you enjoy an SEO experience that’s nearly as good as what SEMRush Offers but in a cheaper package.

Put this simply, this review is for those who want the sheer goodness of SEMRush but can’t afford the real thing – no more, no less.

And boy, do we have some nice cheaper alternatives to SEMRush for you today!

Trust us; you’re sure to love them…

Top SEMRush Competitor Sites– Cheaper Alternatives To SEMRush (2023 updated)

In our pursuit to find great, best SEMRush alternatives, we’ve kept things simple: we looked for feature-rich SEO tools, looked good, offered amazing service, and of course, far better pandered to the affordable crowd.

To our surprise, we were able to find not one, not two, but five amazing, powerful best SEMRush alternatives that fitted the bill.

Well, to your “SEO-ing” pleasure, here they are;

#1) SEO PowerSuite – Free Alternatives To SEMRush

With over 500K active customers vouching for its goodness, SEO PowerSuite is often considered to be the next best SEMRush alternative, ever – and for a good reason too. Essentially a four-part collection of key SEO tools, with SEO PowerSuite, you’ll get rival analysis, Keyword research, backlink, and a site-auditor – all wrapped in a single package.

As a fellow SEO user, we loved how great the inbuilt “SpyGlass” feature was, which, when we paired it with the built-in Auditor, was able to give us a very in-depth look at our competitors SEO strategies. The reports were incredibly detailed. And thanks to the integration of Google analytics, we also had no trouble in deciphering them.

With rank tracking too, SEO PowerSuite mighty impressed us, as it came with support for over 327 search engines with a fully unlimited tracking (a rarity), organic insights, SERP levels, keyword qualities, their difficulty levels & even a per location tracking feature to boot.

In fact, the only missing perk here is that we weren’t able to track our rivals by their URL, which got to say, is annoying

Finally, the link assistant tool – while not as good as SEMRush – was still able to give us some nice insights into our rivals backlinks, as it better summarized all the results in a neat interface with every popular metrics accounted for.

Sure, it’s a bit pricier than many other Alternatives to SEMRush we’ll be seeing here. But for the cost, SEO PowerSuite is a no brainer.


  • A Complete all-in-one SEO solution
  • Multi-platform support
  • SpyGlass is a revelation as far as competition analysis tools go
  • powerful site auditing qualities
  • Free trial available


  • Can be a bit on the pricier side for some

#2) Mangools – Great Alternatives To SEMRush

Also known as KWFinder, Mangools is one amongst the most affordable best SEMRush Alternatives you will ever going to see, starting at just $49 per month. But hey, as low as the price is, you are actually getting some premium goodies here.

First, let us talk about the inbuilt keyword research tool. Putting thousands of relevant keywords at your fingertips, including details about their quality, difficulty, stats, CCP trends, etc… we really enjoyed how efficient it was. For advertisers, you can now track popular keywords on a per-location basis. With filters added into the mix, finding top-performing, high-quality keywords are all easier than ever before. As for backlink analysis, it was pretty adequate.

The link minor features were a nice add on though, as it made finding your rivals obscure links easier. Other than that, the rest overall was pretty adequate.

At the end of the day, what really made Mangools a SEMRush better alternative hast to the comparison feature, which allows you to compare your site with a competitor to better get to know how to level up. It’s a feature that’s missing even on premium options. So we were quite surprised to see it here.

And of course, we have to say; we really, really loved it!


  • Multi-lingual support
  • Impressively detailed keyword research reports (with 48+ metrics)
  • Location-specific keyword researching
  • Value for money
  • Custom backlink analysis perks


  • Not nearly as feature-packed as other best SEMRush alternatives

#3) Serpstat – Cheap Alternative To SEMRush

Having launched in 2013, Serpstat might be a newcomer still, but over the years, it has developed to be one of the best SEMRush alternatives, ever –all thanks to the sheer impressive competitive analysis perk it proudly boasts.

Starting at just 469 a month, the tool looks refreshingly modern. We loved the design, especially the mostly visual charts. The rival “analysis” tool, as we mentioned, was a revelation, as it easily provided us with a total overview of your target, including their traffic rates, keyword performances, their ranks, qualities, etc… and oh, before you ask, you can compare your all rivals by their URLs (up to 3) by a few simple clicks.

The newest Serpstat keyword research tool is better than ever. All you have to do is enter the keyword, and Serpstat will do the rest: within a few seconds, it’ll crawl over billions of top keywords and will suggest you the best choices. There are also backlink & auditing features built into the Serpstat for those who want it.

For effective content marketing, the tool suggests relevant, best earning topics that are relevant to your keywords. It even suggests tips for boosting your site’s speed. Further, you can track site positions on a per-country basis.


  • Solid Competitive analysis qualities
  • Highly nuanced & very fast keyword tracking/analysis
  • Good customer support
  • Powerful website auditing capabilities
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t show or support video ads
  • The metrics, especially on keyword tracking and domain ranking aren’t as precise as they could’ve been

#4) Ahrefs – Closest Alternative To SEMRush

With an index size of 12+ trillion links, the Backlink analysis qualities of Ahrefs are simply legendary; furnish you with a complete, in-depth profile of your competitor in just a few seconds. And the amazing part? With the tool crawling over 6 billion webpages every day, the speed and accuracy of it too will only increase over time!

So what else makes Ahrefs one of the best SEMRush alternatives? Well, the keyword rank checker tool that we get here too is pretty amazing. Not only does it churn out high-quality keywords at spectacular speeds but gives you all the data relating to them, including their volume, difficulty, paid or organic, ranking, etc… all presented in a neat, visual chart.

And hey, if that’s not impressive enough for you, Ahrefs even offers a custom toolbar that, whenever you visit a website, can update you of their rank, backlinks, and referring domains, etc… without leaving that page. It is like a floating widget, really.

The only problem we had with Ahrefs? Well, despite being one of the best SEMRush free alternatives ever made, a free trial is not available for it. Instead, we only get a 7-day “subscription” that’ll cost you $7 to get.


  • Exceptional backlink analysis with large scale site/Web-wide crawling capability
  • Powerful, fully-fledged keyword tracker
  • Detailed, comprehensive domain monitoring with widget support
  • exclusive content topic finder
  • Quite cheap


  • Pretty bad trial policy
  • Very lackluster competitive analysis features

#5) LongTailPro – SEMRush Alternative For Keyword Research

As the last entry in our review alternatives free, we have LongTailPro, which, if you know anything about it, will most definitely strike you as an odd choice considering it only tracks and analyses keywords. But hey, here we are.

First, let’s talk about what it does best: keyword research! Designed to offer keyword suggestions in bulk levels, for every seed keyword you search for, you can easily get 400+ related high-quality answers in a second. In addition, you can also input “manual” keywords and get all the stats if you already have a large K-list to sift through.

Besides, for better quality, the LTP’s inbuilt competitiveness score (0-100) also ranks keywords by their difficulty, which can later help you easily strategize efficient ad-hoc campaigns in a jiffy. And before you ask, the overall keyword management too is awesome here.

The rank tracker is accurate and is super easy to use. It also, for good measure, includes projects so you can keep your domains separate if you need to. Finally, you can also check the ranks of all the keywords on a per-location basis.


  • A superior suite of keyword tracking tools
  • Filters for finding the best keywords based on time, intent, location, and rankings
  • Okay-ish built-in Backlink analysis
  • Inbuilt keyword competitiveness assigning setup
  • 60 days money back


  • It takes a long time to get results for related keywords, especially when it’s a big list
  • Doesn’t do much of anything else

SEMRush Free Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

Moving away from SEMRush can be hard – we know. It is that good. But hey, what really stops many from switching over to the cheaper SEMRush free alternative options has to be the doubts about their efficacy & reliability.

If that’s the case, here is a quick FAQ session answering some of your most burning questions about these killer SEO tools;

1) What makes SEMRush Good?
A well-defined all-in-one SEO solution. SEMRush is known for its great backlink & keyword researching tools. It’s fast; it’s efficient. And the interface is as sleek & cool as it could be.

The reports are well detailed. Plus, its user friendly too.

Simply put, as far as SEO tools go, SEMRush is easily the best you can do, especially if you don’t mind shelling out a premium.

2) How much SEMRush costs?

Apart from their free trial, SEMRush offers three plans – pro, guru, and business. They are priced per month at $99, $199, and $399, respectively.

So you see, they are a bit expensive. With the above best SEMRush alternatives, you can get almost the same perks at cheaper costs.

3) I am a novice – can I use these SEMRush alternatives?

Yes, you can. With most of the tools reviewed above, you can find plenty of articles & tutorials over the web to help you master them easily.

4) Can I use them for free?

With all the SEMRush alternatives except Ahrefs, you can find up to 14 days of free trial on an average basis.

5) Are they safe?

Yes, they are. With millions of active users vouching for their reliability & security, you’ll never be going to have any cyber scares with them, ever!

Best SEMRush Similar Sites – The Conclusion

Okay, we want to clarify something here. As much as we adore these best SEMRush alternatives ones if you’re a SEMRush user & you are satisfied with it, there’s virtually no reason to switch away to these alternatives, ever.

Honestly, we were pretty surprised by how nicely designed some of these affordable alternatives to SEMRush were. For the price, they offered an experience that often rival SEMRush’s, and in some cases, even beat it. Sure, some of them are lesser spec’d. And a few of them also may not exactly be a full-fledged SEO tool setup either (looking at you LongTailPro). But if you’re an SEO novice/beginner who is looking to start small but still want an SEO tool with ample perks, any one of these SEMRush alt’s could do you good.

So what’s next then? Well, you tell us! Consider the above reviews, their perks, pros, cons, and pick a SEMRush alternative that YOU think is best for you. Still, confused? They all offer free trials. So try them out first, if need be…

Just pick – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

So which one did you pick? We would very much love to hear. Please, do lets us know in the comments below.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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