Best SpyFu Alternatives

Best SpyFu Alternatives – Similar Tools To Look Out For Today! (2021)

Well, it’s official – people are looking for the best SpyFu Alternatives. And while we are not one of those people per se, we do see the motivation for it. SpyFu can be a bit restrictive at times, not to mention its abhorrent lack of latest perks.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great, best SpyFu Alternatives out there today, with each bringing something new to the table.

But alas, like everything good in life, too many choices can also make it harder to well… choose, especially when they are as good as these. Hence, the need arises for a filter, something to help you find the best option for you;

Don’t worry; we got just the thing to help you guys out, courtesy of our proud experts here at

So in today’s SEO special, come and take a look at five of the best alternatives to SpyFu tools currently in the market today. And of course, to help you choose easier, we have gone hands-on with them, detailing all their perks, pros, cons, etc…

Well, without any further ado,

Let’s dive in!

Best SpyFu Alternatives – SpyFu Is Still Awesome!

Forgetting this article exists, SpyFu is still a pretty compelling buy if you are looking for a comprehensive keyword SEO tool. SpyFu’s competition research tool is literally unparalleled in this segment. From identifying profitable keywords, ads, and breaking down your competitor’s SEO strategies, SpyFu can all do that in a blink.

What’s more! SpyFu can also help you go in-depth with traffic insights & advertising analytics. It can also help you put together a pretty comprehensive backlink portfolio. Plus, it can even help you better audit your sites for SEO compliance.

And hey, you know what the best part of it all is? You can get all the above & a whole lot more at just $33 per month. You are giving access to the entire SpyFu database and updates, ensuring that you’ll always be updated with the latest SEO going-on’s – yours, your audiences, and of course, your rivals as well in real-time.

To prove our point, here are some of the best features of SpyFu that makes it one of the finest SEO tools on the market:

  • Easy to use, streamlined user interface
  • Robust tools for finding new keywords, both for use in paid and organic search programs
  • Class-leading competitive analyzing tools with detailed reporting
  • Large database with 13+ years of Google data
  • Highly in-depth SEO and PPC reports
  • Competitively priced
  • Offers one of the best support systems in the business
  • Free trial available

The list goes on…

Alternatives to SpyFu – Worth Considering!

Though SpyFu still paints a pretty picture, especially when it comes to its amazing delivery of information, it has its own downsides. For once, it’s quite lacking in offering PPC related insights. It also often leads users to non-existent or fully outdated landing pages. And while it can be informative for some, it doesn’t exactly give the users any tools to let them find the data that they may need immediately.

Aside from that, the higher tier costs can still be a point of contentions, even for a very established organization, as they are often only going to use the basic tools meaning that investing for the whole package is not going to worth it. Besides, SpyFu also often underperforms when it comes to the data aggregation on reports. And finally, as the last nail on the coffin, SpyFu is not offering much to localized businesses.

In other words, SpyFu isn’t exactly the “perfect” solution to SEO as it’s once made out to be. But hey, that’s okay, as there are plenty of other best, more feature-rich SpyFu alternative sites now out there that we can choose from;

Which now brings us to…

Best SpyFu Alternatives – Top Similar SpyFu Tools (2021 Updated)

To be honest, putting together this list on best SpyFu alternatives was easier than what we had anticipated, as these choices are already pretty famous. That said, this review is based fully on their merits, and not popularity.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is a quick look at 5 of the best SpyFu alternatives you can now find out there;

1) SEMrush

One of the most popular names in the business, SEMrush, over the years, has earned a top reputation for enabling its users to be one step ahead of the game, offering plenty of SEO valuables at a glance. By just inputting a competitor’s URL, you can easily track down & find out literally everything from backlinks, keywords, organic search statistics, trending, and a whole lot more in a neat and understandable way.

Compared to a lot of other similar offerings, SEMrush plays rather nicely with SEO, PPC, content marketing, backlinks, SERP, social media, etc… making it one of the very All-in-one SEO solutions that are actually good, in our experience, the tool performed much reliably.

The interface, while it can be better, is also quite user friendly. Despite being cloud-based, SEMrush proudly tots one of the best keyword research tools currently in the market today. Through it, you can not only easily explore thousands of relevant keywords. But it can also effortlessly furnish you with all the details like keyword difficulty, search volume, similar suggestions, and more, so you can find the perfect keyword solutions for your ideas quickly.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that SEMrush over 20+ different international languages and more than 100 locations, making it ideal for global campaigns. At the moment, you can access the tool absolutely free. But if you need more, including advanced features, there is a premium account that you can try for 7 days at no cost.

Get SEMRush Pro Free Trial For 14 Days

Sure, SEMRush must be your on-the-go SpyFu alternative with its 40+ built-in tools for all your SEO, paid marketing, social media, and brand marketing. Here is a great opportunity to test the SEMRush Pro plan at no cost using its free trial for 14 days.

Step-1: Click on this special link to head over to our SEMRush partner page. In the welcoming screen, click on ‘Start free 14 day trial now!‘.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: Then, create a free SEMrush account to activate its Pro 14 days free trial. If you already have a free account, then just login to your existing SEMrush account.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: In the next window, fill out the billing details and click on “Place The Order” to check-out. You can see the promo code applied automatically and hence, the charge is nulled to zero.

Congrats, now you have got full access to the SEMRush Pro plan. Take your SEO to the next level with strategic tools and analytics.

Indeed, you are flexible to cancel your trial account anytime contacting the team via I insist you cancel it before the trial period ends. However, if you really loved the features and benefits of the SEMRush Pro tool, then you won’t discontinue it.

The major pros

  • Era leading keyword tracking setup
  • Great backlink analyzing and tracking capabilities
  • Full suited social media support
  • Available in many languages for easier use
  • Strategic advertising features
  • Free trial available

The cons

  • Though they are trying, SEMrush isn’t exactly beginner-friendly
  • No white-label reports

2) SEO PowerSuite

If you are into SEO, the chances are that you may already have heard of SEO PowerSuite, and why wouldn’t you? Meant for professionals, SEO PowerSuite, with its long list of integrated tools, is more than just a keyword-tracking tool. Instead, it’s a complete, “all-in-one” SEO solution, serving nearly every SEO needs you can possibly imagine.

Keeping it relevant to our review, the tool that most interests us in SEO PowerSuite has to be the in-built SpyGlass feature, which, when paired with its own site-auditor, can give you a truly comprehensive look at your rivals top-performing strategies, be it their top keywords, backlinks or even advertisements.

Thanks to its integration with Google Analytics and Google search console, metrics are presented neat & easy to understand. This is especially handy when it comes to dealing with important metrics like Penalty Risk that describes how harmful a link for your website depends on Google factors.

Moreover, we were really impressed by how robust its rank tracking powers were. With fully unlimited keyword tracking, SEO PowerSuite offers organic insights, SERP levels, keyword quality and reliability, difficulty, etc… and hey, with support for over 327 search engines, you can do location-based KW tracking too.

It’s a bit costly, yes. But as far as best SpyFu alternatives go, SEO PowerSuite, with its vast versatility, is really is a no-brainer.

The major pros

  • A Complete all-in-one SEO solution
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • SpyGlass is one of the best completion analysis tool available today
  • Nice site auditing capabilities
  • Free trial available

The cons

  • Can be a bit on the pricier side for some

3) Serpstat

Launched in late 2013. Serpstat might be a relative newcomer when compared with all other best SpyFu alternatives in this review. However, it already has amassed a pretty large following – all thanks to its ability to offer both SEO and PPC research features in a single package, which is still a rarity even today.

Anyway, with the base plan starting at just $69 per month, we do get some good stuff here: to start, there is a pretty good website analysis tool. It can provide you with a quick & comprehensive overview of your competitor’s SEO strategies, including their traffic rates, top-performing keywords, and more in a visual manner.

Another thing that we loved with Serpstat is its unique “localized” search features. With the information collected from more than 28 countries, you can better enhance your SEO or PPC game wherever you’re in the world. Besides, there is also a backlinking analysis tool too, which in our opinion, is just above average. Finally, it also comes with a neat rank-tracking feature that can track Keyword ranks on a per-location basis.

And oh, before we forget, Serpstat also offers one of the best Customer care systems we’ve ever experienced till now. Available through chat, phone & mail, they were very polite, and yes, they were quick with our solutions too.

The major pros

  • Solid keyword research functionality
  • Very, very detailed SERP tracking/analysis reports
  • Good customer support
  • Powerful website auditing tool suite
  • Great value for money

The cons

  • Doesn’t play well with Google ads
  • Keyword difficulty rating and domain ranking rates aren’t as precise as it could be

4) Mangools

A popular free alternative to SpyFu, Mangools, otherwise known as KWFinder is a pretty underrated keyword research tool that’s one of the best in the business. Then again, the starting price of just $49/month, they may have already made that case.

In any case, there is a lot to love with the Mangools. Armed with smart suggestions, the inbuilt keyword researching tools can easily present you with thousands of keywords at just a simple click – complete with their quality, difficulty, CPC/PPC stats, trends, etc… Furthermore, there’re also “filters” for easily sorting results. For advertisers, you can now track popular keywords on a per-location basis. But the major highlight of Mangools has to be the sheer depth of their k-reports. With 48+ different metrics, you can now easily compare your site with a competitor (with their URL) to find & level up your SEO strategies in a blink.

Finally, the backlink analysis on Mangools was pretty good, especially their minor link feature, which helps with digging up obscure rival links. Weirdly, you can’t compare multiple sites at once, which some may find annoying.

The major pros

  • Multi-language support
  • Impressively detailed keyword research reports
  • Location-specific keyword researching
  • Bang for the buck
  • Custom backlink analysis perks

The cons

  • Not as feature-packed nor as polished as SpyFu or Serpstat

5) Ahrefs

Known for its highly powerful Backlink analysis tools that can furnish you with a complete, in-depth profile of your competitor in just a few seconds, Ahrefs currently boasts a nice database of 12+ trillion links – the largest of any best SpyFu alternatives out there today. Yup, no wonder why it’s so popular with the masses.

With tools covering the three major aspects of SEO: Organic traffic, backlink insights, and paid traffic of your target domain, just type in your rivals URL and let Ahrefs do its magic. Within just a few seconds, the tool will list out a keyword report with everything from search volume, position, level of difficulty & even traffic rates. And hey, if that alone is impressive enough for you, Ahrefs can also explore if your competitors are buying ads and more importantly, what exactly are their top-performing keywords are as well.

Finally, As quirky as it sounds, Ahrefs can also help you find great topics to create content about, thanks to the Content Explorer tool – as it identifies popular articles that you can get inspired from & spin it for your brand.

With all that said, there was something that really didn’t like with Ahrefs. Yeah, you guessed it right, the fact that you need to pay $7 for a supposed “trial” is just plain stupid. We really, really hope they’ll rethink this misfire.

The major pros

  • Exceptional site/Web-wide crawling capability
  • Solid ad-hoc keyword research
  • Detailed, comprehensive domain monitoring and comparison qualities
  • Unique content topic finder
  • Quite cheap

The cons

  • The UI is too bare-bone
  • No built-in keyword organization and management

SpyFu Alternative Sites – Frequently Asked Questions

Look, we get it: a good as these top SpyFu competitors are, it can still be a hard decision for many to switch out from the latter. For some, it might be the fear of the unknown. For others, it may be some doubts holding them back.

In any case, here is a quick FAQ session to answer some of your burning questions about these great tools & what they are all about.

1) Should I buy a SpyFu? Is it still a good investment?

Contrary to what this article might imply, SpyFu is still one of the too best SEO tools you can currently get today. It’s feature-packed, reliable, and of course, can definitely help you boost your SEO game to the next level.

In fact, SpyFu is so good; nearly all of the alternatives to SpyFu we’ve reviewed give experiences that closely resemble the former.

After all, if it’s not broken, why try to fix it – right?!

2) Okay, but If SpyFu is so good, why should I go for these alternatives instead? I mean, what’s the point?
Well, as good as SpyFu is, its not perfect. For one thing, it’s missing a lot of new features.

And oh, the design itself is pretty outdated. The point we are trying to make is that these alternatives are for those who want extra, features that are SpyFu is not offering, qualities that you wish SpyFu had, but it does not (yet), etc…

Put simply, with these alternatives to SpyFu tools; the experience will be as good as the former, but with even more perks.

3) From where can I purchase them?

Depending on the platform you’re using, you can buy these tools legally from a vast number of places. But we recommend that you only get them from their own respective websites, as they will be more secure.

Besides, the websites can also give you a more detailed look at the plans, and they’re fine prints, which can come in handy later on.

4) Do we get free trials with these best SpyFu alternatives?

Yes. With the exception of Ahrefs which follows a dumb $7 “trial” subscription, all the other SEO tool offerings we have presented above come with free trial options that range from 14 days to 30+ days at best.

5) Are these tools safe to use?

Absolutely! Made by reputed developers and trusted by millions, you can definitely use these tools without ever any worry.

Top SpyFu Competitors – The Conclusion

Over the years, SEO tools have evolved a lot. They are now more powerful than ever before, speedier to get your SEO jobs done faster. For a long time, the SpyFu was the “de facto” SEO too for millions out there. But today, that’s not the case –thanks to the new range of, best SpyFu alternatives out there.

Delivering performance that rivals what SpyFu could offer in its best days, these 5 best SEO tools are all awesome in their own right, often bringing perks that are unique to them. And now, with our review, you know all about them, what they are capable of, and possibly, which one to even replace your SpyFu toolkit with today.

So yeah, with that, the choice is now up to you. Consider all the features, budgets, etc… and pick the top SpyFu alternative that YOU think is best.

Yup, it’s your choice!

So which one did you pick? We would very much love to hear. Please, do let us know in the comments below.

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