SEMrush Free Trial – Access SEMrush Pro/Guru Plan Features for 14 Days

Seeking for SEMrush free trial? Are you a freelancer, SEO expert or digital marketer looking for a single tool to manage entire SEO and SEM tasks? This efficient tool, SEMrush can do wonders.

SEMrush Free Trial – Get Unlimited Access For 14 Days

Indeed, the most popular SEO tool that lays the foundation for many of webmaster’s online success. I am one among them as a professional blogger. Irrespective to the kind of blog or site you have, you need a perfect tool to enhance its performance. I personally use SEMrush to improve my blog’s search engine rankings. Hence, I strongly insist you hit a try with SEMrush free trial.

Enjoy all its incredible features for the next 14 days. Nobody can stop you. Being an SEO player, you might be familiar with this tool. If not, let me showdown what SEMrush can do for you. Take a while to read on, before activating SEMrush free trial account.

Why Use SEMrush, the All-in-one SEO & SEM Toolkit?

The major reason to prefer using this marketing tool is it uncovers right from research to analytics. SEMrush is extraordinarily excellent in its every functionality. It includes keyword research, competitor analysis, site audit, writing assistant, position tracking, content research, etc. Really, I astonish how it can be the best SEO tool that beginners love to use. Here are its set of features and benefits of using SEMrush.

1Complete SEO ToolYes
2Free AccountAvailable
3PPC AnalysisExcellent
4White-label reportsPossible
5Free Trial14 Days
7Easy-to-useNeat & simple GUI
8User Rating9.4/10

SEMrush Features that make it Stand-out from the Crowd

If you are unsure how SEMrush can help you growing your blog or making money online, then check out its incredible features.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

SEMrush keyword research tool can fetch you the most potential, long tail, low competition keywords against your seed keyword. It has the largest keyword database than its competitors. Hence, experts insist on SEMrush as a perfect tool for keyword research in terms of SEO or even Adwords.

SEMrush Keyword Research

On top of it, you can also understand how difficult the keyword is for ranking, how it is trending, CPC value and so on. You can include each suggested keyword to keyword analyzer tool for further research and analysis. This can help you choose your money making keyword to focus.

SEMrush Keyword Suggestions

Also, feed your competitor’s domain URL and find the list of keywords for which it ranks better than you. You can steal those proven keywords upon complete research.

In-depth Backlinks Analysis

Which backlink drives more organic traffic to your competitor’s site? Which site your competitors are linked to, but you don’t? How is your backlink profile progressing? Does it have quality links? Just run through a backlink analysis using SEMrush backlink analytics to know all these. Quite a perfect tool to know the returns of your link building efforts and spying competitor backlinks.

Within no time, you will get to know all about your link profile. Like total backlinks, lost links, follow vs nofollow, backlink types, TLD distribution, anchor texts, Country-wise referring domains, and so on.

SEMrush Backlinks Analysis

By simply entering your domain URL, the tool can get your list of competitors with the level of competition in percentage.

Strategic Site Audits

SEMrush’s crawl audit tool can crawl any website to identify any on-page issues or technical SEO flaws that impact its performance. Indeed, it can help you with suggestions to fix those mistakes to ensure that the domain is SEO-friendly.

SERP Position Tracking

Does your SEO efforts are paying you back? How do you evaluate it? In terms of the site’s SERP ranking, organic traffic, and conversions. To start with, the tool helps you with tracking your SERP ranking positions for your target keywords. Also, you can check your competitors ranking performance.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

As we have seen above, you can run through the competitor’s keyword and backlink profile to understand what you are missing that your competitors are doing well. Your competitors have laid the foundation for your goodness. Why not grab it for free without grease on your elbow? Nab those potential keywords and link building prospects for your online success.

Smart Advertising Research

SEMrush can get you the list of ad keywords that any site targets. Also, you can discover if any new competitors arise in Google Adwords or Bing Ads, analyze your competitors display ads. Then, it becomes ever easier to monitor and manage your ad copies and landing pages. Above all, the tool enables you to localize your ads for more conversions.

Content Analyzing

SEMrush Content Analyzer tool can help assess your website content completely. Whether it is up-to-date, relevancy, factors that stop your content from being visible in search engines, etc. Also, you can compare the different copies of content to analyze the performance.

Have you ever worried about how your content performs externally? The tool can also display the social impact of your content. With more metrics, you can evaluate your content performance on other sites and external sources.

SEMrush Writing Assistant browser extension can help you improve your content quality ensuring its SEO-friendliness.

Access SEMrush for Free: Sign-up for Free Account Today!

I can understand your temptation towards accessing such a powerful SEO tool, SEMrush. If you are a beginner, head over to its official website and create your free SEMrush account. But, you can enjoy only limited features. You cannot save multiple projects, no autopilot site auditing, no option to compare competitor strategies, etc. And resources like 10 searches per day, 10 results per search, 1 project, only 10 keywords to track, 100 pages to crawl, and so on.

Do you think you cannot manage with these limited resources and features? Then, grab SEMrush Pro or Guru Plan features for free. Yes, I said so. Do you wonder, how? Get SEMrush free trial and access the unlimited features for 2 weeks.

How to Activate SEMrush 14 days Free Trial?

Being a new SEMrush user, follow these simple steps to unlock SEMrush Guru Account features for free. It may be only for 14 days, but it is a leisure time to evaluate an SEO tool. Then decide to continue its subscription or withdraw. No serious webmaster would cancel the subscription after experiencing SEMrush.

Step – 1: Click on this link to head over to the respective page.

SEMrush signup

Step – 2: Then, register with your email and any password of your wish.

Step – 3: Further, you will land on a billing page. You will the page already has the promo code. Just feed your credit card details. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged even a cent till the trial period ends.

SEMrush Free Trial - Guru Plan

Step – 4: Within no time, you can enjoy SEMrush free trial at no cost.

SEMrush Free Trial without Credit Card

Unfortunately, there is no such SEMrush free trial without credit card is available now. Indeed, this SEMrush 14 days free trial is almost similar to that as it does nothing with your money. Just you are adding your credit card credentials to your SEMrush account as a procedure. Enjoy its Pro account features for 2 weeks and cancel at any time within the trial period ends.

How to Cancel SEMrush Free trial?

Don’t panic that you had given your credit card details. Anytime before the SEMrush free trial ends, you may cancel the subscription. I am confident that you will love to continue using SEMrush for its effectiveness. And, this 14 days period is a good time to evaluate its features whether or not it meets your SEO needs.

If you want to withdraw, I would advise you to do prior to avoid last-minute headaches. SEMrush Free trial cancellation is a simple process. You can simply cancel SEMrush free trial sending a cancellation request mail to

FAQ on SEMrush 14 Days Free Trial

What if I do have a SEMrush free account already? How to upgrade free account to avail SEMrush free trial, then?

Having SEMrush free account already? Obviously, you will. It’s simple to upgrade and still get its free trial for 14 days. Log in to your SEMrush free account and then follow the same procedure as above.

How to upgrade SEMrush free trial to its Pro Account?

You have to do nothing to upgrade to its SEMrush premium plans from the free trial indeed. If you don’t cancel your SEMrush free trial within 14 days, then you will be automatically treated as SEMrush Pro user.

Final Take Away – SEMrush Free Trial

So far, if you haven’t used this powerful tool for your SEO, then make use of this golden chance to explore its premium features. SEMrush 14 days free trial gets you leisure time to evaluate the tool. Run through its entire features and decide upon buying the tool. As a SEMrush user, I am confident that you can’t take away SEMrush after realizing its set of features and benefits.

At last, get SEMrush free trial and enjoy its Guru Account features for 14 days. For any reason, you may cancel your subscription. No further questions. Use SEMrush to empower your SEO and ad campaigns outranking the competitions.


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