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Best Keyword Research Tools 2021 – Cheap Tools To Find Keywords For Any Niche!

Keywords are sort of like bread and butter for SEO enthusiasts. In fact, without the good old keywords, literally, no SEO “strategies” are ever going to work, let alone even be created. Unfortunately, finding nice keywords can be tough, time-consuming, even – or at least that was the case until today, that is.  Enter the best keyword research tools, your one-stop solution for all your keyword needs, period!

Short or long-tail, the best tools for keyword research are exactly what you need to better spruce up your SEO and marketing games. But, here’s a question: do you know what the best keyword research tool is?

Sure, there is Google & their keyword planner. But hey, let’s be honest, Google is far from the only (or better) keyword game in town.

So, In today’s article, let’s explore five of the best keyword research tools ever made that are redefining SEO for the better out there – some are free, and some are not. But they are all of course, well worth the money.

Best Keyword Research Tools – What Are They?

For those who don’t know, keyword research is the process of identifying which queries your customers are using to guide their online searches and lead them to relevant information, i.e., the contents.

But alas, there is a problem;

Like we said at the beginning, manual keyword researching can be hard. It can be resource hungry, time-consuming, even – both of which factors that modern SEOs, especially beginners, can’t simply afford to miss out on.

Don’t worry. There is help at hand.

Best Tools For Keyword Research – Here’s How They Help

Enter: best keyword research tools – with these, you can now find high quality, relevant keywords at just a few simple clicks, that too with complete data regarding their quality, volume, difficulty, competition, etc…

When used correctly, these SEO tools can serve as the “blueprint” for your digital marketing strategies. It can help shape your content, lead better ad campaigns, and enable you to reach and attract more users to your sites.

What’s more, with these tools, you’ll be able to;

  • Research and find the best keywords based on your industry, topics, searches, needs, relevancy and more
  • Find powerful long-tail keywords
  • Find complete details about prospective keywords, including all their quality, difficulty, performance, volume, etc…
  • Learn more about your competition and their keyword strategies (often in real-time too, no less)
  • Boost your Search Engine ranks

So you see, the best SEO tools for keyword research analysis can be a game-changer for all your SEO needs and wants.

And here’s our top 6 picks for them;

6 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools

A quick disclaimer: most of the best keyword research tools you’ll see below are also often tend to be all-in-one SEO solutions, meaning that Keywords research might just be one of the many awesome perks they’ve to offer

To keep it short, we’ll only be talking about their KR setups here. If you want to know more, it refers to their respective sites.

With that out of the way, let’s begin

1) SEMRush

Sort of like the Swiss army knife of SEO, SEMrush is unique in the sense that it provides 5 to 10 best performing keywords your rivals are already using instead of bombarding you with a list of thousands of keywords.

Just open SEMRush, enter a seed keyword, and you’ll receive 2+ million keywords that you can “filter’ down to find the best keywords for you. At the moment, you can sort keywords by their search volume, difficulty, CPC, etc… SEMrush also allows you to keep an eye on your competitors’ keyword strategies, allowing you to compare everything from their best performing keywords, their G-positions, organic paid, and more.  Finally, you can also use it to track keywords live position on the SERPS, including their history & trends.

SEMRush’s keyword researching tools are free, but if you want to track keywords (which I recommend), you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. The awesome “pro” plan starts at just $99 a month, at best.

Try SEMRush Pro Keyword Tool For Free

the strategic keyword research and analysis is made simpler with plenty of SEMRush built-in tools like Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Gap, etc. Here is a lifetime opportunity to get access to such incredible tools at free of cost. Yes, grab SEMRush Pro free trial for 14 days and boost your keyword strategy.

Step-1: Click on this special link to head over to Traffic Crow & SEMRush co-branding page. Then, click on ‘Start free 14 day trial now!‘.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: Further, sign-up a free SEMRush account to activate its Pro 14 day free trial. If you already have an free SEMRush account, log in.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: One step ahead! Feed the billing details and click ‘Place The Order’ to check-out. The promo code will be applied automatically.

Now, you have got entire access to the SEMRush Pro plan. You can now find your most profitable long-tail keywords, spy on your competitor’s ranking keywords, track your SERP ranking positions, and even more. All now at your fingertips at no cost to you.

Indeed, you can cancel the trial anytime within a period of 14 days. And, I guess, 14 days is a good leisure time to test a cloud-based SEO tool. Probably, you don’t require canceling your SEMRush account experiencing its extensive features.


  • Uncover tons of long-tail keywords and awesome ad group ideas
  • Enjoy yearly keyword trends
  • Reports with deep insights into keyword difficulty, volume, performance, and other such metrics
  • Worldwide CPC distribution statistics
  • 7-day free trial


  • The keyword analysis reports, while good, could have offered even more in-depth analytics
  • Slow traffic predictions

User opinion

“My favorite SEO tool, SEMrush is my Go-to keyword checking solution – it always has been, and always will be”

2) Long Tail Pro

If long-tail keywords are your jam (and they should be), there are no best keyword research tools for SEO than LongTailPro for your needs. Just enter a seed keyword and get up to 400 great long-tail keywords in an instant.

With filters to help you find the best, most relevant keywords in an instant, LongTailPro marks each keyword 0-100 by their difficulty making it easier for you to judge how well they’re going to get ranked in the SERP’s. In addition, we get a competition analysis tool that makes it easy for us to keep track of our rivals’ SEO strategies, including their keywords. Further, like SEMrush, we get a keyword tracker in LTP too.

On the free “pro” version, you’re limited to 200 keyword lookups per day. If you want more, consider upgrading to their premium plans that start from $37 a month & range upwards to $147 a month for 6000 lookups.


  • Powerful keyword analyzing prowess with well-detailed metrics and visual reports
  • Tuned better for finding long-tail keywords
  • Offers suggestions for mining more personalized, relevant keywords
  • Built-in keyword “live” tracker
  • Powerful competition analysis features


  • A bit slower to show results than most of the other best keyword research tools we have featured this list
  • Need to enter keywords manually for rank tracking

User opinion

“When someone asks, what the best keyword research tool is, I always show them LongTailPro – it’s the best there is!”

3) SEO PowerSuite

Long considered the best keyword research tool for beginners, SEO PowerSuite’s built-in rank tracker is designed to serve three important SEO tasks: find new keywords, analyze them & track their rankings in real-time.

With deep integration with Google Adwords & Analytics accounts, the tool draws keywords from the formers and then offers you 20+ KR tools that can help you track down keywords that are most relevant to your needs.

And if that’s not impressive enough, Rank tracker groups k-words by metrics like CPC, volume, difficulty, etc… For tracking, this tool not only supports organic results marking, but rather, you can also monitor multiple SERP results in real-time. You can even easily get them pinned to the dashboard for easy access.

Priced at $299, all discovered keywords would be stored in an archive called “keyboard sandbox,” where they can be analyzed and re-analyzed in the future. The tool supports 570+ search engines as of this moment.


  • An all in one SEO solution
  • Extremely thorough keyword researching capabilities with deep integration to Google’s analytical platforms
  • Handy “filtered by metrics” keyword charts
  • No limits to how many keywords you can track in a day
  • Keyword history is available


  • There is no support for auto tracking keywords
  • Resource intensive

User opinion

“As an SEO beginner, SEO PowerSuite is the best thing I ever bought. It has everything I need for my SEO – all in one place”

4) Serpstat

Another all-in-one SE solution, Serpstat keyword tool, produces relevant keywords that are awesome for content ideas. It tracks your rival’s keywords, keeps a history, and sorts them per their metrics like CPC, volume, etc…

To help you find great keywords, Serpstat presents you with a suggested set of relevant keywords that had trended for the last year. Heck, with active SERP monitoring, the tool can even predict great keywords for the future too.

Serpstat specializes in “Long tail” keywords, as also the case with suggestive keywords. There is keyword tracking, and if your sites are international, there is an option to adapt keywords to different countries in the tool’s database. Lastly, you can track your competitor’s keywords by a live graph.

Starting at just $19 per month, Serpstat is one of the most affordable best keyword research tools on the market right now.  There is a free version too. But with limited searches and keyword suggestions per day.


  • All-in-one SEO solution
  • Powerful keyword tracker with a vast database of 5.62 billion keywords and 922 million keywords in SERPs
  • Supports tracking by geographic location
  • Live keyword trends tracking
  • Budget-friendly


  • The interface feels outdated

User opinion

“I love the price. But more than that, Serpstat is one of the best keyword trackers I’ve ever used. Bang for the buck!”

5) Ahrefs

Easily one of the best free keyword research tools ever created, “Ahrefs” is a lot similar to SEMrush but with a lot of extra bonuses, like a brilliant database of 5.1+ billion keywords and a more wonderful interface.

Built-in, the keyword explorer, has a variety of abilities, including a keyword difficulty score that can alert you how hard it is to rank them. And since it collects & supports relevant keywords from Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu, etc… across more than 170 countries, Ahrefs can detect top keywords that other tools might’ve missed. Other features include; keyword tracking, rival’s keyword analysis, historical ranking, importing, etc… and oh, before we forget, it also offers click metrics for improving CTR.

Armed with a 7-day trial for $7, the “Lite” plan will typically cost you $99 a month. But if you choose an annual plan, or if you are a freelancer, online marketers, or a mid-sized organization, you can enjoy it for as low as $82.


  • Handy keyword difficulty scorer
  • Top of the line keyword research tool with one of the biggest, most versatile keyword database ever in a similar tool
  • Supported by well over 171 countries
  • Extensive SERP overview
  • Competition tracking with historical ranking and filters


  • No integration with Google analytics or search console
  • Lacks a proper free trial

User opinion

“Looks awesome works great, and the support is awesome. For good keyword analysis, Ahrefs the way to go.”

6) Mangools KWFinder

With 1 billion keywords, supporting 40 languages, and a powerful Geographical sorting, the Mangools is more than just a whimsical name, it’s one of the best keyword research tools we’ve ever used, period!

So what else does Mangools offer? For starters, it’s a master at presenting you with keywords that have low difficulty & a high search volume. And if you want to do rival analysis, just enter the domain, and Mangools will instantly show you the best keywords they rank for. Besides, you can pull historical search volumes to find trendy keywords better easily. Want more? Well, Mangools also allows you to do keyword researching on a per-location basis – you can choose from more than 50000 locations.

With a limited free version, the basic plan which starts at $49/month allows you to do 200 searches a day. If you want more (and you should), you can go for Premium at $69 or agency at $129, both offering 700 searches a day.


  • Easy to use, modern interface
  • In-depth SERP overview alongside a ton of relevant keyword suggestions
  • Powerful competition analysis with tons of handy metrics
  • Filters for easy sorting
  • Offers more long-tail keywords


  • Offers no integration with Google analytics or search console
  • Limited KW searches, even on premium plans

User opinion

“I’m an avid Mangools user.  I enjoy it, especially the keyword tracker. Definitely worth recommending”.

Best Niche Keyword Research Tool –FAQ

An informed customer is the best customer – here at Spark Blogging, we understand this. So to that end, we have prepared a nice FAQ session on the best keyword research tools to help better kill your final few doubts about them.

Let’s begin;

1) Is keyword research important?

Put it this way; if SEO is an engine, keywords are sort of like the fuel for it. Without them, your SEO strategies are doomed to fail. What keyword research does is that it help to find you relevant keywords that are best for your niche, keywords that can help you rank higher on the SERPs, which in turn, can boost your site’s traffic.

The better the traffic, the more profit you’ll earn. So yeah, you see how important keyword research is now, right?!

Yeah, we thought so

2) What are the best keyword research tools?

Depending on whom you are & your needs, the answer to this particular question may vary tremendously. But know this: under nearly all circumstances, the above-reviewed keyword research tools can all do right by you.

Its just the matter of picking the right one, which we reckon is easy to do now considering you have all the info above.

3) What are CTR and CPC in keyword research?

An acronym for click-through rates, CTR is defined as the number of times a user clicks on an advertisement compared to the total number of visitors viewing that ad. CPC or cost per click, on the other hand, is defined as the actual price you pay for each click in your “pay-per-click” (PPC) marketing campaigns.

4) Is Google keyword planner good?

Considering it’s a free tool, the Google keyword planner is actually quite amazing. Competition analyzing is good, and so is keyword mining. In fact, finding local keywords is a breeze with GKP, thanks to Google’s AI algorithms.

But is GKP a total keyword solution? No, it’s not. For serious SEO, the 6 tools reviewed above are still the best way to go.

5) Are they safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! Designed by some of the most trusted names in SEO, you’ll face no trouble using these tools, ever!

Best Free Keyword Research Tools – The Conclusion

In a world like ours where content and SEO go hand in hand, you have the best keyword research tools can not only be crucial for your SEO strategy but can also often be the difference between ranking on page one, or not ranking at all.

With such high stakes, you must pick the right keyword research tool for your requirements. While we can’t just tell you which is the best keyword research tool – different users have different needs; after all – the above reviewed six best keyword research tools should help narrow down the search.

So yeah, the ball is now in your court. Read the review again, consider their perks, pros, cons, etc…, and pick a keyword research tool that YOU, my friend, think is best for your keyword searching/analyzing needs.

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