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Best Keyword Rank Checker Tools {2023} + Free & Paid Google Position Tracker

Don’t you want to know the outcomes of your keyword research and SEO efforts? Your ranking position in the search engine results page is key to determine. How do you track ranking against target keywords? Hence, I am disclosing the list of best keyword rank checker tools to monitor your keyword ranking in SERP.

Get To know ‘What is Rank Tracking’?

Rank Tracking is the process of keep tracking the ranking positions of your web pages in search engine results for different search queries or keywords. You may use best keyword rank tracker or best SERP keyword rank tracker to help you monitor it either automatically or on-demand. Referring to the below image, Capital Smiles ranks 3rd in the SERP for the target keyword ‘best RCT specialist Albany’.

Keyword Rank tracking

Importance of Rank Tracking: Why you need to track your keywords?

Every online publisher has rights to rank in the top SERP positions for target keywords. But, it is nearly impossible for all at a time to rank for a specific keyword. You have to position in the queue based on multiple aspects. It is nothing but your ranking.

Consider a website that generates revenue solely based on the organic search engine traffic that it drives. No option, you will have to dominate the search engine results. For which, you will have to understand how your pages are performing now. Only then, strategically you can plan and optimize to improve search engine rankings.

Rank Tracking is not that easy. Why is it?

Google hates rank tracking. The sponsored results through Google ads are the primary source of income to keep it alive. It’s kind of marketing. Rank tracking does not contribute any revenue to Google, Bing or any search engines then, why it should allow best keyword rank checker tools to access its server resources though.

There comes a cliche. Search engines provide API integrations for tracking tools directly to fetch data, not accessing Google UI. Fortunately, it’s free. Still, you have a constraint. There are limitations based on the number of API requests from a unique IP per day. You might see Google takes you to do Captcha verification in case you are doing successive searches more times.

Google may even extend its liability even to block the specific IP accessing Google. Even using the best keyword rank checker tools, there are a lot of hurdles it undergoes. Hence, you have to optimally choose your tool that deals with Google Captcha function, handling a large volume of keyword ranking results.

Moreover, Google displays different results in different locations. For example, for the search terms like ‘plumber service,’ the results will vary depending on the location the search initiated. You will have sure that your best keyword rank checker tools are capable of tracking both location-based and typical results.

Google can also identify user behavior like clicking through any results page or absconding back. Based on this, Google can present more personalized results. To ignore, you may log out to Google account to use the incognito window to disregard personalization.

As a result, Google doesn’t like tracking keyword ranking. Consequently, it always tries to create barriers. The best rank tracker tool must be able to manage all those in providing reliable results often.

Why use Best Keyword Rank Tracker tools?

That’s great to know how significant rank tracking is. But, why can’t we do it manually?

In earlier days, the ranking was the only metric that determines how your website performs. Over the years, SEO’s started believing that ranking alone is not an indication of success. Above all, there are a few more important metrics like organic traffic, click-through and conversions out there.

Hence, rank tracking alone won’t work. It must drive enough organic traffic for higher conversions. The more strategic approach is required other than the usual keyword ranking.

Ultimately, it becomes obvious to rely on some potential tools like the rank tracker.

Beyond Rank Tracking or Keyword Ranking

Almost all the best rank tracker software can let you know the ranking positions of your different pages for various keywords. But, it’s not enough in this competitive digital world. The best keyword rank checker tool you choose must have more advanced features to offer you something extra.

  •  Option to schedule tracking and on-demand
  •  Enabling you to view historical ranking results
  •  Rank monitoring across different devices
  •  Ranking performance against your competitions
  •  Geo-specific or location-based keyword rankings
  •  Display keyword distribution or change in positions
  •  Must track in multiple search engines like Bing, etc., not only Google
  •  Feature to set alerts on ranking and algorithm updates

How do you pick your best among the crowd? I am here to help you.

Factors to Consider Choosing your Best Rank Tracker Tools

Though there are multiple functionalities of best keyword rank checker tools out there, based on these major aspects, you may single out your best. These are the typical elements of any popular keyword tracking tools. Your rank tracking tools must meet these demanding features to be the best.

Tracking Capability & Features

Is that a best local rank tracker? How capable is the tool for local keyword ranking, even for the respective city or region? Does it have the option to set automatic rank tracking campaigns? Alternatively, what frequency you are supposed to track on-demand, like daily, weekly, monthly?

Does it have any resource limitations like the number of keywords per day, the number of tracking attempts, etc.? Does the tool can also display competitor’s ranking along with your keyword ranking positions? How prompt is the rank tracker in fetching results? How many search engines, your best keyword rank tracker software can run through?

Is that the best and fastest keyword rank tracker available? Does it works on any OS?

Dashboard & UI

What data or analysis metrics it displays in the dashboard? How responsive and user-friendly, the keyword ranking tool is? How is the information presented? Does it have sharing or import/export options?

Reports & Alerts

Can the tool alert with the keyword rank check results via email notifications? Does it allow you to generate weekly or monthly reports for analysis? Can you have the white-label reports to share it with your clients? How reliable the results and reports are? Does the tool enable you to generate custom reports?


Is the price affordable for you? Does the money you are investing in worth its services? Does the tool claims for regular renewals or a one-time payment? How often the tool gets updated? Make sure there are no hidden charges.

Different types of Google Positions Checker Tools

Based on the installation method, or its mode of availability, let’s classify the best keyword rank checker tools as below.

Rank Tracking – Web Browser Add-ons

As we have seen above that Google doesn’t you like rank tracking, you may go with browser plug-ins. If the search engine tries to identify personal identification of the search, then this add-on can mask the scrap script. Since it works within the browser. For instant results, rank tracking add-ons are great. Though, you cannot run a large volume of keyword searches, ideal only for limited use.

Ex: SEOBook Rank Tracker Extension

Keyword Tracking Desktop Software

The desktop-based rank tracking tools can work as standalone software without even blocked by search engines. It does not require a web browser but needs internet connectivity. If you are looking for a bulk keyword ranking checker, then desktop apps are the perfect choice.

Ex: SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker Tool

Rank Tracker – Online SaaS Applications

The web-based rank trackers fall under this online Software as a Service category. You don’t need to worry about maintaining IP addresses, local desktop space, and so on. Likely, these are ideal as most of the desktop applications also have web versions.

Ex: Authority Labs

That’s so cool to explore more about best keyword rank checker tools, till now. Let’s get into the insights about a few recommended leading keyword rank checkers.

Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools 2023 – You Must Try

Here are the top rank tracking tools compiled for your consideration. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to stick to your perfect rank tracker that affordable, but no compromise on a set of features. Let’s get started.

Product NameTypeFree TrialVersionAction
SEO Powersuite Rank TrackerFree/Premium14 DaysDesktopAccess Now
LongTailProPremium7 DaysWebAccess Now
SerpstatFree/Premium7 DaysWebAccess Now
AhrefsPremium7 DaysWebAccess Now
SEMrushFree/Premium14 DaysWebAccess Now

#1 SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker – Best Keyword Position Checker Tool

SEO PowerSuite is the compilation of a set of tools to fulfill all your SEO needs. SEO PowerSuite is a desktop based SEO tool though. Scratch from keyword research to website audit to rank tracking to competitor analysis to backlink analysis to link building to white label reports. Let’s take a long breath. SEO PowerSuite is such an amazing tool that comes with the abundant feature that every SEO’s seeking for. Indeed, check out its user reviews and testimonials.


SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker allows you to track your ranking positions against specific keywords. Not only this, but you can also use it for keyword research alongside. With its accurate results advanced features, and unlimited resource provisions, rank tracker tops the chart. This tool enables you to check to rank across multiple search engines across the globe. Hence, you will get to know how your pages are performing in different regions of the world. Fortunately, your pages ranked well even in some locations that you haven’t expected.

Moreover, you can track the ranking of your multiple URL’s for a specific keyword within a single project. Consider you are promoting a single product or service on multiple separate websites or social media. You can understand how your different pages are performing for the target keyword and come to a conclusion where it works well or what type of content rocks.

You can also track your mobile search engine ranking performance of your pages and check how your mobile SEO impacts. Interestingly, SEO PowerSuite apps are available in different languages. Hence, rank tracking in different languages is possible.

There is no limitation on the Google search results page to get your ranking position. You will see other best google rank trackers will go till 100 or something pages. If you are ranking within 100, then it fails to show you the ranking position. SEO PowerSuite dominates other tools in this case.

The great thing about the SEO PowerSuite rank tracker tool is that you can acquire it individually. There is no compulsion that you have to buy SEO PowerSuite full-suite.

Don’t get aspired. There are an obsessive set of features and benefits you can avail from this tool. Here are they –

Features & Highlights

  •  Rank tracking for unlimited websites and keywords
  •  Checks keyword ranking across 450+ search engines
  •  Geo-specific ranking checks for any region/country
  •  Not only local rank tracking but also universal search rankings
  •  Compares ranking results with any previous date
  •  Ranking progress graph of both yours and your competitor
  •  Keyword Ranking history from the date of birth
  •  Impact of any events like Google algorithm updates, site changes, on your ranking
  •  Track your ten competitors ranking positions
  •  More built-in keyword research tools to get you a large index of potential keywords
  •  Keyword research results with various metrics like the Keyword Efficiency Index
  •  Schedule to rank tracking on autopilot and set for alerts or notifications on your ranking criteria
  • Best rank tracker tool for mac as it supports all OS – iOS, Linux, and Windows


  •  You can buy rank tracker alone; it is not necessary to buy the complete SEO PowerSuite package
  •  Desktop based application, hence, you run a large volume of keyword ranking checks
  •  You can integrate multiple keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner
  •  One time investment, no renewal charges
  •  Free version available with extensive resources and features
  •  More accurate ranking results across plenty of search engines
  •  Also checks to rank for other verticals of content like images, videos, not only text results
  •  Integrate Google analytics to track visitors flow for a specific keyword
  •  Detailed and white label reports for clients with visibility, ranking, keywords that bring traffic, and so on


  •  Might take a while if the number of keywords you fed is more
  •  Slow down your desktop while the program running
  •  Not a web-based rank tracking software

#2 Long Tail Pro – Grab 39% Discount

LTP, the familiar tool for keyword research that can fetch you the most potential target keywords for any niches. As we all know that, a long tail keyword that has average search volume can perform well. LongTailPro can get you such keywords that can rank top in the search engines results. In SEO, success is never witnessed. Hence, you will have to adjust and optimize over the time for the desired results. Only with proper understanding about which strategies works or not, you can proceed further. Keyword ranking is one such term to examine. LTP as a predominant keyword research tool can take care of your keyword areas.

The great thing I like about LTP’s rank tracker tool is it’s that easy to use. Just head over it, enter your keywords, URL, and then select the search engine and then your desired location to run the check. The tool can get you results of even the exact page in the domain that ranks for your specified keyword. Also, you will get to know its history of ranking for the last day, week or month.

It enables you to know when the ranking was updated, and also, you can add a note for specific keyword ranking results. For an instant, if a page ranking declines comparatively, then you can mention a note like “high priority.”

Not only this, below are the incredible features of the LongTailPro Rank Tracker tool.

Features & Highlights

  •  Rank tracking choice between popular search engines
  •  Location-based keyword ranking against your target keyword
  •  Comparison of rankings for a day, week or month
  •  Option to customize reports with required metrics
  •  Move keywords to other projects easily


  •  Intuitive GUI and design
  •  Popular keyword research with most effective keyword metrics
  •  Makes you understand the capability of a target keyword
  •  Has a huge database of keywords


  •  Based on your need, choose plans as it has keyword and domain limitations
  •  You have to buy a keyword research tool as a whole, not rank tracker alone
  •  Bit expensive for the sole purpose of keyword ranking.

#3 Serpstat

Serpstat is the leading search analytics data providing an SEO tool with its three variant tools. Earlier, Serpstat was popular for keyword research and thorough competitor analysis. By now, the tool keeps extending its set of features like rank tracking, backlink analysis, site audit and so on.

Serpstat not only tracks your or your competitors ranking positions; but also top 100 rankers for the target keyword. By which, you can also understand the keyword competitiveness and also if any new player comes in.

The tool can compare between different tracking campaigns done previously. You can say it as ranking distribution history. Also, you can group a few related keywords and monitor how the ranking position changes within a specific group. Since each group of keywords might have a different set of competitions. Further, let’s explore its other features and highlights that can help you strategize your SEO efforts.

Features & Highlights

  •  Helps you understand how your visibility increases
  •  Keyword grouping to have the closest competitor analysis
  •  Lets you know the traffic share of your competitions for any keyword
  •  Multilingual rank tracking
  •  Local and specific location based rank tracking


  •  More graphical reports on ranking positions, historical data, etc.
  •  Accurate tracking results and custom made reports generation
  •  Easy to understand the traffic share towards a target keyword
  •  Gets you top 100 ranking positions for a certain keyword
  •  Choice between search engines, language, location, and device type
  •  Also checks for your mobile ranking


  •  You have keyword limitations to run ranking checks
  •  While tracking for both desktop and mobile, your keywords will be considered double. You might spend more limits.

#4 Ahrefs

Like its other tools, Ahrefs rank tracker tool would be a strategic solution to know your keyword rankings and hence, grow your traffic, analyze your competitors. Enter your multiple keywords, or even you can upload a text file for easy keyword feeding. Like any other tool, you can specify the domain which you want to analyze and then the locations. Also, you can set for multiple locations like the USA, and Australia at a time.

Also, the tool allows you to add up to five competitors to track their ranking performance. The tool has plenty of filtering options – positions, volume, location, date, and so on.

Above all, there is a filter tag ‘SERP features.’ With which, you can also get to know the reason for which your competitions are ranking, but you haven’t so far. For an instant, choose the term ‘you don’t rank’ and ‘Featured snippet’ under tracked features. This will get you the keyword ranking results that have featured snippet, but you don’t have. Likewise, it has plenty of extensive features to help you out.

Features & Highlights

  •  Option to toggle between mobile and desktop based ranking results
  •  Set alerts adding your critical keywords for monitoring
  •  Tracks paid positions too
  •  Charts your ranking performance against competitions
  •  Checks for Google ranking across 170 countries on mobile and desktop
  •  Email alerts or notifications about ranking progress


  •  Highly interactive results page
  •  Enormous filtering options for the closes analysis
  •  Gross report to understand how your target keywords perform in 7/30/90 days
  •  Graphical representations letting you understand the ranking performance
  •  Keyword rank tracking for multiple locations
  •  Handles Google personalization features


  •  Not for rank tracking on multiple search engines
  •  You will have both keyword and domain limitations
  •  Yes, it will be costlier though

#5 SEMrush

SEMrush, we all know that as a favorite SEO tool that dominantly used by both beginners and SEO experts. Indeed, there are bloggers out there who admit that blogging is nearly impossible without SEMrush.

SEMrush position tracking tool lets you track your keyword rankings national, local, and regional too. The tool can run through the top 100 rankings and get your position though. Daily updated data can help you understand the immediate impact of your SEO efforts with the change in your ranking against both organic and paid searches.

The side-by-side comparison between yours and your competitor ranking positions can help you examine which term to optimize or focus more. Further, let’s get into its other set of features that benefits you.

Features & Highlights

  •  More optimized rank tracking based on ZIP code
  •  Checks ranking positions on the popular search engine, Baidu
  •  Featured snippets solution with more tags and filters
  •  Personal score based on Google ranking volatility of your specific keyword
  •  Track for multiple devices and locations
  •  Set alters when keyword ranking position changes, leaves, gains or losses your criteria


  •  Popular keyword research tool especially for PPC campaigns
  •  Choice between multiple devices where the data are from
  •  More simple graphical representations of information
  •  Keyword grouping with tags to manage thousands of keywords
  •  Quicker and reliable results even for a large volume of keywords
  •  Ranking distribution, include/exclude filtering options and more features
  •  Go through the tool with its trial version


  •  No free tool is available
  •  Tools are inseparable; you will have to buy the full suite of SEMrush
  •  Not works on plenty of search engines like SEO PowerSuite rank tracker tool

Expert’s Recommendations

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker – Free Best Keyword Rank Checker Tool

SEO PowerSuite IconAmong all the ranking tools we discussed here or out of this, I would personally like SEO PowerSuite for several reasons. It includes you can access unlimited keywords and unlimited domains even in free version. Indeed, you don’t need to buy it. Then, you can check your keyword ranking across 450+ search engines that no other best keyword rank checker tools can do.

Not only the text content, but it also enables you to track your ranking for searches on images, videos, infographics and so on. You can schedule for autopilot rank monitoring and receive alerts.

Certainly, all you can have it for free. Still, if you want your ranking history and furthermore advanced features then go for its premium. The advantage is you don’t necessarily be buying the SEO PowerSuite tool as a whole. Rather, you can purchase it’s best rank tracker tool alone. Hence, you can save your money not buying additional tools that you don’t use.

Likewise, I can give you more valid reasons why I love to use SEO PowerSuite or its various tools to handle my entire SEO tasks. So, I wanted you to have a try with its best free rank tracker version to the least.

Final Take Away on Keyword Tracking Tools

If any rank tracking tool that has extraordinary rank tracking capabilities with abundant features, neat GUI, reporting facilities at an affordable cost or for free, then why you should ignore it.

Do you have clients from different regions across the globe? Or you optimize your business for a specific location?

Do you believe in more number of popular search engines in different parts of the word?

Above all, you don’t like somebody stopping you crossing the limits? Go for unlimited then.

As a result, the tool you are choosing must be capable of meeting your keyword ranking specifications.

All you have to do is, operate through the different best keyword rank checker tools that you prospect. Then, analyze which one helps you the most. Then, stick to it forever.

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