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Best KWFinder Alternatives 2021 – Top SEO Tools Worth Investing Today!

KWFinder is awesome – we know. With a gorgeous interface, tons of features, and a top development team like “Mangools” behind it that is to be expected. But as much as we adore KW Finder, we also understand it’s not the best for everyone – hence this post on best KWFinder alternatives options.

For some, it’s the price, which honestly is too much considering what it is. For others, it’s the lack of extra features. Add to that their “only Google” approach; we understand why many would be interested in free alternatives to KWFinder.

So in today’s chapter, join us as we explore these 5 free alternatives to KWFinder in far more detail, breaking down their features, pros, cons, plans, prices, etc… so you, the SEOs, can make an informed choice.

Well then, let’s get started….

Best KWFinder Alternatives – Is KW Finder Still Good?

Okay, KWFinder might not be a feature king, nor it’s the cheapest out there. But what it does it does best: offering laser-focused ad-hoc keyword research and recommendations. The design is deceptively simple, it’s fast, and it’s powerful. In fact, when it comes to stand-alone keyword-driven SEO, we are yet to see a better choice.

For starters, the inbuilt keyword tracker is truly a revelation, offering thousands of relevant keywords, complete with metrics like volume, quality, difficulty, etc…, at just a few clicks. The same goes for advertisers too, who can now easily track & device powerful keyword strategies from within the app itself.

Heck, it even has a pretty adequate backlink analysis feature, and not to mention a dedicated rank tracker.

The point is, whatever be SEO needs, KW Finder has what it takes to fulfill them all, sans any room for complaint!

For extra context, some of its major perks include;

  • Multi-lingual support (40+ languages)
  • Impressively detailed keyword research capabilities with meticulous reporting (with 48+ metrics and graphical charts)
  • Allows for Location-specific global keyword researching – ideal for marketers
  • Built-in “LinkMiner” tool for in-depth backlink analysis and tracking
  • Ideal for mining high quality, low – stress long-tail keywords
  • Custom Rank tracking “SERP Watcher” add on
  • Great care support

Yup, with such niceties, you’d imagine it’d be hard even to find people looking for great alternatives to KWFinder.

But alas, here we are…

Top KWFinder Competitor Sites – Best 2021 KWF Alternatives For Upgrading SEO

Quick disclaimer: as good as some of these KWFinder better alternative solutions are, if you’re satisfied with KW finder & is okay with it, there is literally no reasons whatsoever to switch to these alternatives.

Here’s a look at the top 5best KWFinder alternatives that, in our opinion, offers the best bang for the buck;

1) SEMRush

Grabbing the first place in our review on alternatives free, we have SEMrush – an all-in-one SEO solution that’s well known for carrying strong tooling across domain monitoring, KW research & crawling.

With a clean dashboard, the SEO toolkit allows easy comparisons with competitors, with the backlink analysis being the main draw. We loved the built-in keyword research tool, which, when used alongside the rank tracker, slowed us to format great content, optimize our SEO strategies and enhance traffic rates, etc… It also comes in 20 global languages & 100+ locations, making it great for devising outreaching and ad campaigns. Wrapping up, there are also Google data studio integrations for high tier users.

At the moment, you can access the tool absolutely free. But if you need more, including advanced features, there are three premium plans – starting at $99.95 – to choose from. There’s an exclusive 14- day free trial available as well.

How To Grab SEMRush Pro Free Trial?

As an official SEMRush partner, we get you an exclusive deal to access SEMRush Pro Plan features for 14 days at no cost. It would just take a few minutes to start SEMRush Pro 14-day free trial. Here you go –

Step-1: Here is the special link to take to our SEMRush partner page.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: Click on ‘Start your free 14 day trial now!‘ and in the next window, create a SEMRush free account to grab the SEMRush 14-day Pro trial. If you already have a SEMRush free account, then log in the same.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: Then, feed the billing details and click on “Place The Order” to check-out and access the SEMRush Pro 14-day trial. You can see the promo code applied directly in your check-out summary.

You are done now. Get full access to the SEMRush Pro plan, research for the most potential keywords, and bang the SERP rankings in a better way.

However, you can anytime cancel your trial account within the 14 days sending a mail to Make sure to cancel the account a day before to avoid last-minute gigs. I’m sure, you don’t be canceling the account since SEMRush has all the amazing features to promote your online business.


  • Class-leading keyword tracking setup
  • Great backlink analyzing and tracking capabilities with detailed reports
  • Full suited social media support
  • Available in over 20 languages for worldwide coverage
  • Strategic advertising features
  • Free trial


  • Though they are trying, SEMrush isn’t what you’d call beginner-friendly
  • No white-label reports

User opinion

Being an avid customer for the last 3 years, we cannot imagine our workday without SEMrush. The features are awesome; the community is great and accurate? So good. Overall, a solid SEO tool through and through.

2) Long Tail Pro

As the name suggests, this popular tool is geared mainly to find long-tail keywords. However, we also found it to be one of the best KWFinder alternatives, thanks to the built-in rank tracker, keyword research, SERP & backlink analysis tools.

Designed to generate thousands of top-quality long-tail keywords in an instant, the inbuilt competitor analysis is good – just enter a URL, and the tool will reveal their top keywords, alongside search volume, difficulty, etc… its quite awesome. The same goes for rank tracker and backlink analysis, too-class-leading, in fact. For beginners, Long Tail Pro has tons of tutorials and offers access to LTP universities from where you can get useful SEO tips/strategies and how best to use their impressive tools.

With the “pro” plan starting at $67 a month, it one of the cheaper alternatives to KWFinder currently in the market today. Besides, you can often find deals that can help further reduce the cost unbelievably to just $47 a month.


  • Gorgeous, simple interface and menus
  • Powerful KW researcher for finding the best keywords based on time, intent, location, and rankings
  • Okay-ish built-in Backlink analysis
  • Inbuilt rank tracking and SERP analysis tools
  • 60 days money back


  • It takes a long time to get results for related keywords, especially when it’s a big seeding list
  • Not suitable for PPC research

User opinion

So I just bought the long tail pro and man, I can’t believe how much quicker and easier this has made my SEO and life already!

3) Serpstat

Loved by millions of SEOs, Serpstat is a fine KWFinder free alternative considering that it offers a single place where you can get all the SEO and PPC research tools you’ll ever need – a mean feat considering it was only launched in 2013.

Starting at just $69 a month, the UI is simple enough for both casual & expert users alike. We loved the built-in rival analysis tool. By just entering the URL, it reports on their top keywords, traffic ratings, top ads, etc… The SEO analyzer has been well upgraded, especially in areas such as PPC, content marketing, search analytics, and marketing. For marketers, the tool offers business intelligence & info on rival strategies, including their ad campaigns, which you can use to implement effective SEO strategies of your own.

Available with a 7-day free trial, Serpstat affordable alternatives to KWFinder other top perks include, graphical reporting, on-page audit, rank tracking, and advertising analysis, or local search, you got 28+ countries to choose from.


  • Solid competitor analysis prowess
  • Highly nuanced, versatile, and very fast keyword tracking/analysis
  • Good customer support
  • Powerful website auditing capabilities
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t play well with video ad campaigns
  • The metrics, especially on keyword tracking and domain ranking lacks tremendously on preciseness

User opinion

If I could choose only one SEO tool/subscription, it’d always be Serpstat. It has everything most SEO users like me would ever need, period!

4) SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

The pioneering “all-in-one” SEO, SEO PowerSuite offers 4 important SEO tools under a single package – a rank tracker, site auditor, SpyGlass for rival analysis, and link assistant for backlink building & tracking.

With detailed reporting, the spyglass feature, when used with the site-auditor, gives deep insights into both yours, and your rival’s domains. The link assistant, on the other hand, makes it easy to manage all your b-links from a single place.

You can analyze working links, their value, and anchor text, etc… heck, it even helps you build new backlinks, as it can scour for great link building opportunities & inform you of them. The built-in site-auditor makes it easy to streamline your site & optimize your SEO strategies. Finally, the rank tracker wraps it all together with real-time SERP updates on your rankings.

Frankly, the only faults we could find with SEO PowerSuite, unlike its cloud-based rivals, was the fact that it needs to be “installed” in a desktop to be used.


  • A true-blue all-in-one SEO solution
  • Multi-platform support
  • SpyGlass is one of the best completion analysis tool available today
  • powerful site auditing capabilities
  • Free trial available


  • The $299 price tag might be too expensive for some
  • Need installation

User opinion

A solid “must-have” for SEO experts & beginners alike, SEO PowerSuite helped me bring my A-game to SEO, and I have never looked back.

5) Ahrefs

Don’t let the last place fool you; Ahrefs is undeniably one of the best KWFinder alternatives you can currently buy today, period! After all, what other tools here has a 12 trillion rich link database & crawls 6 billion pages a day?

With a powerful keyword tracker, Ahrefs can detail, in the blink of an eye, thousands of relevant keywords, including metrics like volume, difficulty, etc… While Ahrefs isn’t free, the inbuilt backlink checker is, which offers deep insights into your domain’s active links, your rival’s best-performing link and keywords, and more. Personally, we liked the Spartan interface – it’s clean & offers no distractions. For domain comparison, you can compare up to 5 competitors in one go. And finally, the built-in “content explorer” can even help you find and write about great topics that can effortlessly bring more traffic to your site.

Coming to the price, you have 4 plans with the basic one starting at $99. Unfortunately, there is no free trial option here. Instead, we get a subscription trial option that allows you to try out their services for 7 days at $7 – go figure!


  • superior site/web-wide crawling capability
  • Solid ad-hoc keyword research
  • Detailed, comprehensive domain monitoring and comparison analysis
  • Unique content topic finder
  • Quite cheap


  • The UI is too bare-bone
  • No built-in keyword organization and management options

User opinion

A great SEO tool that’s only getting betters – the no-nonsense approach that Ahrefs is taking to SEO Is exactly what we needed.”

KWFinder Similar Sites – Frequently Asked Questions

With all the best KWFinder alternatives being revealed, why don’t we end this on a high note with a brief Q&A session? After all, they are mostly going to be big investments, right? You must know all about them first.

Let’s dive in;

1) Is KW Finder remains a good buy?

Yes, absolutely! Contrary to what the title of this article may suggest, KW Finder is still one of the best, if not the best SEO tool you can get right now. It’s stylish; it’s powerful; its pretty feature-packed – you can’t go wrong with it.

In fact, the Alternatives to KWFinder we’ve featured above are only for those who want a similar experience at a lower cost.

2) How do you find out what strategies your competitors are using?

In KW Finder and all the alternatives presented here, you can find a slew of top tools, namely backlink analysis, rank tracker, etc… that can help you break down and utilize your competitor’s SEO strategies as your own.

With these at your fingertips, you can find out about their best performing keywords, best backlinks, ad campaigns, SEO tricks, etc…

3) Will my competitors know I’m spying on them?

No, they won’t. In fact, that’s one of the major features of these tools. With the best KWFinder alternatives and KW Finder itself, you can effortlessly track your rivals, and use all the info’s to further your SEO causes easily.

Sadly, this perk is like a dual-edged sword, meaning that you won’t know either if your rivals is also using these tools to spy on you.

4) I am a novice in SEO – can I still use these tools?

Keeping the needs of beginners in mind, nearly every best KWFinder alternatives we have featured here comes with handy tutorials & feature guides that can help you enjoy the sheer best of what these tools have to offer.

In other words, these tools can be used by anyone, even if they had no prior experiences whatsoever.

5) Is my data safe with them?

Don’t worry. With strong privacy policies and security measures, your, and your website’s data will forever be safe with them.

KW Finder Free Alternatives – what’s the verdict then?

For the longest time, KW Finder was the “de facto” best SEO tool in the business. It was well supported, powerful, feature-packed, and of course, had the best interface ever. But that’s not the case anymore. All thanks to the best KWFinder alternatives that our experts have thoroughly reviewed above.

Honestly, we were a lot surprised by nice these Alternatives to KWFinder were. Despite often carrying cheaper price tags, they offered a “utility’ that matched, and in some cases, bettered what KWF has to offer. Sure, some of them are lesser featured. And a few also miss the bus on being true blue SEO tool setups as well (take the LongTailPro, for example). But hey, if you’re an SEO expert/beginner who is looking for SEO tools that are cheap yet daily driver material, any one of these KWFinder Similar Sites can do you fine.

Only you know what’s good for you – so we’re leaving it up you to pick the best KWFinder alternatives tools that best suit you. Read the piece again, consider all the features, pros, cons, and make your choice accordingly.

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