Best Search Engine Position Checker Tools

Best Search Engine Position Checker Tools 2023 – SERP Rank Tracking Made Easy!

When it comes to checking your ranks of the search engine results, people often consider 2 choices; they either hire an SEO firm that can be expensive or they do it themselves, which can be time consuming. But today, we have a third choice, one that still gets results doesn’t take as much time and is cheap as hell –yup, we, of course, are talking about the newer crop of best search engine position checker tools, my friend!

Designed to give you precise updates on SE rankings in an instant, these great tools made it effortlessly easy to streamline your SEO strategies, optimize your content, and attract more users to your sites. Yup, they’re great – But hey, do you know which the top search engine position checker tool is currently out there?

We asked the experts about this question. And based on their responses, we found not one, not two, but 5 amazing best search engine position checker tools. Some free, some paid, but all are ideal for boosting your SERP ranks

Here they are;

Best Search Engine Position Checker Tools – What Are They?

When it comes to search engine results, rankings matter, after all, it’s not exactly an easy coincidence that the first page enjoys over 70% of all clicks, especially the top 5 place holding sites, right?

In other words, the better you rank, the more profitable your site will be. But alas, it’s not easy to get ranked in the top, as the competition is getting heavy every day + Good content alone is not at all enough these days either.

Top Search Engine Position Checker Tool – The perfect Ranking Solution For All!

With the best tools for Search Engine Ranking Checker, you can not only track up your search engine rankings in real-time, but can also find out the reason for it, optimize/fix them, and boost your rankings to the next level.

When used correctly, these SEO tools can serve as the “guidepost” for your digital marketing strategies. It can help shape your content, lead better ad campaigns, and enable you to reach and attract more users to your sites.

And the best part? The fun doesn’t even end there either. With these handy SE rank checking tools you’ll also be able to;

Enjoy a complete overview of your site, including your live ranking levels, any and all rank changes, updates, etc…

The levels of organic/paid traffic you get in a month.

Find your top-performing keywords.

The number of backlinks you have, including data on their status, quality, volume, etc…

Find site errors or issues.

As you can see, with such perks, these tools can easily be the difference between your sites ranking high or not ranking at all.

Which then brings us to….

5 Best Search Engine Ranking Position Tools

Please note that most of the rank position checking tools you’re going to see below also often tend to be all-in-one SEO solutions, meaning that SERP rank tracking might just be one of the many amazing perks they have.

In other words, you’re getting more for your bucks here with these tools, which is always a welcome bonus, if we do say so

With that cherry on top, let’s begin;

1) SEMRush

In my opinion, SEMrush doesn’t need an introduction. After all, it’s one of the most popular best SEO tools for rank tracker analysis out there. Just enter your URL, and it’ll tell you all about your rank position in an instant.

Known for its accurate ranking data & granular tracking, SEMrush is well aided by one of the biggest databases in the business. With it, you can easily – in real-time, no less – track your SERP rank position with utmost precision. Heck, it can even be set to automatically track and send you daily, weekly or monthly updates regarding the same as well. Semrush’s other features include a powerful keyword tracker, a built-in competition analysis, backlink tracking & analysis, and a neat, dashboard & visual reporting.

SEMRush’s SERP position tracking tools are free, but if you want extra features like tracking keywords, better you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account. Its popular “pro” plan starts at just $99 a month for all.

Get SEMRush Pro 14 Day Free Trial To Track Rankings

Only when you have the proper tool to track your SERP rankings, you can further optimize your SEO campaigns to improve the rankings better. If SEMRush is such leading keyword research and analysis tool, then try its free trial to make sure it is worth investing. Here are the simple steps to avail SEMRush Pro free trial for 14 days.

Step-1: Here is the special link to land on our SEMRush partner page.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: Click on ‘Start you free 14 day trial now!‘. In the next window, sign-up a free SEMRush account using your professional email address. Login your SEMRush account, if you already have its free account.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: Further, you can see the check-out summary where the charge will be zero since the promo code is applied automatically. Feed the billing details, and click on ‘Place The Order‘ to check-out.

Now, you can access full features of SEMRush Pro plan to check your keyword ranking positions, your competitor’s ranking keywords, common keywords that all your competitors are ranking for but you don’t and even more.

You are flexible to cancel your account before the trial period of 14 days ends sending a mail to I hope you don’t want to give up your effective SEO efforts. So, you will always love to continue using SEMRush forever.


  • Daily rank checks
  • Google analytics and search console integration
  • Allows mapping keywords to SERP features
  • Powerful keyword tracking
  • Great support


  • The reporting, while good, lacks detail when it comes to more in-depth rank metrics
  • Limited projects to create

User opinion

“It’s an amazing toolkit – been using it for 5+ years now. Whether it’s putting together a pitch, finding our SERP rankings, or creating an SEO strategy, SEMrush is my favorite tool to use. Their community is so responsive.”

2) SEO PowerSuite

Long considered to one of the top Search Engine Ranking checker tools free ever created. The Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite serves two important SEO tasks: tracking keywords, and course, position tracking your ranks.

Integrated with Google analytics & search console, the best thing about rank tracker is that it doesn’t limit anything. Be it keyword tracking or mapping rank positions, what’s more, you can even effortlessly track your ranking changes over time and compare them by metrics like date, best or worst results, et… however often you want.

Finally, with tank trackers inbuilt competitor tracking feature, you can simultaneously track the ratings of your top 10 competitors and record their ranking history in real-time.

Priced at $299, the only gripe we had about SEO PowerSuite is that its not a cloud application; instead, it needs a desktop to run.


  • All-in-one SEO solution
  • Powerful rank tracking feature with scheduling, live tracking and Google console search and analytics integration
  • Can track multiple competitors at once (up to 10)
  • Unrestricted free trial
  • Great support


  • The software’s interface may seem a bit too cluttered
  • Installation required

User opinion

“It’s awesome software! With rank trackers help, I managed to pull my site from rank 48 to rank 2 thanks to this amazing toolkit.”

3) Serpstat

A wonderful tool to help check your website position on the Google search engine, don’t let Serpstat advanced interface intimidate you, it can instantly track rank positions, keep tabs on your competitors & offer valuable SEO data.

Designed for advanced Rank tracking, Serpstat can simultaneously track up to 100 domains by their URL, saving their positions. It means that you, the user, will instantly be alerted of any changes in ranking. Besides, you can group them by positions, and for maximum convenience, it’s mobile-ready as well. Finally, Serpstat also offers an option for scheduling rank checking’s on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

Priced at just $69/month, Serpstat is one of the cheapest best search engine position checker Tools on the market right now.  There is a free version too, but with limited searches and keyword suggestions per day.


  • Gorgeous, detailed interface
  • Powerful rank tracking with detailed, visualization (graph, charts) of ranking evolution and other important metrics
  • Competition rank tracking with live alerts


  • The vast amount of metrics offered here can often seem to be overwhelming
  • Limited keyword searching

User opinion

“A terrific all-in-one SEO tool that won’t break the bank, Serpstat is a must if you want quality rank tracking at a budget.”

4) Ahrefs

Similar to SEMrush but with a nicer interface, Ahrefs is one of the best search engine position checker tools to consider if you want a reliable, no-nonsense SEO tracker suite that works across all platforms.

Available across 170 countries, using Ahrefs is easy – just enter the URL, and Ahrefs rank tracker will instantly show you the ranking levels, and other relevant metrics. You can compare up to five competitors in one go, reporting on their ranking progress, search traffic, and other relevant SERP features. Finally, since it draws its rank tracking’s from Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Baidu/Alibaba etc…, Ahrefs can even detect tiny global rank changes – all accurately listed with filters & tags for easy comparison later on.

Armed with a 7-day trial for $7, the “Lite” plan will typically cost you $99 a month. But if you choose an annual plan, or if you are a freelancer, online marketers, or a mid-sized organization, you can enjoy it for as low as $82.


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Class-leading rank tracking with global coverage, historical tracking, and filters for easy metric sorting
  • Google analytics and search console integration
  • Can track multiple competitors (up to 5)
  • Great care support


  • Limited rank checking frequency, even on premium plans
  • No free trial

User opinion

“Very extensive tool that provides the big picture of any domain, I recommend Ahrefs for those who want the best of SEO today. The price isn’t bad, either.”

5) Mangools

Designed by the pros, the SERPWatcher – the inbuilt rank tracker of Mangools – is unique in the sense that it’s a pretty bare bone setup. But believe it or not, that simplicity is exactly what that made it earns a spot here – we’ll explain.

Designed for beginners, Mangools have kept it simple – just enter the URL, and the tool will instantly show you that domain ranking. With the interactive sharing setup, you can let your clients or colleagues take part in your ranking efforts. You can track and find ranking in any location among 50k global locations.  With historical tracking and performance index, Mangools makes it very easy to compare assess the grown of your rankings. Plus, you’ll even get email alerts for important ranking changes

Starting at $49 for 200 keywords, it’s a bit too costly for what it is. The customer support, like usual for Mangools, is excellent here as well. If you need keyword researching, pair it with its sister software, the KW Finder.


  • Rank performance index
  • Powerful rank tracking with 52k supported global locations, interactive reports, and historical analyzing support
  • Supports both mobile and desktop rank tracking
  • Get email alerts for ranking changes
  • Shareable reporting


  • Not as feature-packed as some of the other entries in this list
  • Ranks only Google results so far

User opinion

Mangools tools always had great UI. SERP watcher is no different. If you are looking to get a top rank tracking tool, stop the search & settle in.”

Best Free Search Engine Ranking Tracker – FAQ

Queries bring answers – and while these tools are as simple as they come, with an easy interface and a handy tool to check website position in the search engine, we reckon you may still have a few doubts boiling in your mind.

Here’s your chance to get some of them answered;

1) What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is the process of monitoring how your websites perform in search engines for this or that keyword. Does it rank first on Google? Does it dominate images or video results? How local ranking fares?

To better keep your SEO campaigns on track & ensure their success, you need to check SE rankings & work accordingly regularly.

2) How often the best Google search engine position checker tools gets updated?

On average, most of the premium best search engine position checker tools get updated over daily, monthly, or weekly depending on your needs. The exact time of updating can’t be pinpointed because it crawls continuously.

At maximum, any changes in ranking rates will get noted in 8 hours or less

3) Is rank tracking illegal?

No, absolutely not! Sure, Google hates rank trackers. But that’s only because they don’t add anything to their revenue stream, as they don’t click on ads despite crawling over them. SEO’s have been doing this for years now.

Put simply, there is no problem in using rank trackers to boost your SEO – if there was, we’d have known by now.

4) Free vs paid, which kind of best search engine position checker tools are best for me?

It depends on who you are. If you are a casual user who occasionally dabbles with SEO, the free versions will often be enough for you. However, if you are a power SEO user who is looking better to take their SEO game to the next level, the premium ones will be a far lot better fit for you considering the perks & support it offers.

5) Are they safe to use?

Yes, they are. Since they only access information that’s already public, they pose no cyber-security issues or otherwise at all.

Best Free Search Engine Position Checker Tools – The Final Say So

So yeah, those were the top five best search engine position checker tools that we think can better help you track your ranks (and hopefully upgrade them) across and other search engines, as recommended by our top experts.

With the right tools, SEO is an easy nut to crack. And while these tools don’t promise 1st-page ranks in an instant, they can, however, serve as a starting point in your journey to the top, offering important info like current rankings, competitor tracking, and even suggestions for improving your ranks & maintaining the same.

Different users have different needs – so it’s up to you to pick the best search engine position checker tools that best suits you. Read the review again, consider the perks, pros, cons, and make your choice accordingly.

Thankfully, you can’t go wrong with any of these 5 Best Search Engine Ranking Position Tools – they are all that good!

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