Best Serpstat Alternatives

Best Serpstat Alternatives 2021 {Competitor Site’s Features, Pros & Cons Are Included}

If you are not happy with the Serpstat SEO tool and looking for the best Serpstat alternatives, then this article is for you.

Indeed, recently I have published the best Ahrefs alternatives compromising a list of some affordable Ahrefs competitors.

Likewise, if Serpstat isn’t a good choice for you, then check the list of best alternatives to Serpstat below. But, before that, make sure the features of Serpstat don’t meet your SEO demands.

Do You Really Need Best Serpstat Alternatives?

Already used or now using the Serpstat SEO tool?

I agree that Serpstat is arguably one of the best ‘all-in-one SEO’ tools.

The great thing about Serpstat is its pricing. It’s quite cheaper than other SEO tools in the market that has almost similar features. For around 33% less money, you will get a lot of powerful features to play around. So, it’s a favorite SEO toolkit for start-up bloggers and SEO beginners.

Serpstat has almost all the entire features that any well-matured SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and SEO PowerSuite would have.

Even the most budget plans of Serpstat will get you a good number of limits to search for thousands of keywords, track more keyword rankings, and analyze hundreds of websites.

Especially its backlink analysis tools – like Ahrefs, Serpstat has a massive link database to render the most reliable and quick analysis reports. This feature makes Serpstat be the comparable SEO tool to Ahrefs.

Perhaps, its features are all not that great and don’t suit your needs. Even sometimes, I feel that its top SEO keywords reports for Traffic Crow weren’t much accurate. I’d need Google analytics data to evaluate.

I understand it’s not fair to compare Serpstat with SEMRush or Ahrefs – those are well-established SEO tools. Still, if you are a serious marketer have money to spend on SEO tools for better results, then I’m sure you will have the opportunity here to choose the one.

Maybe as a starter, you might be using Serpstat. When you plan to take your SEO, competitor analysis, link building, and keyword research to the next level, think about choosing some great alternatives to Serpstat tools.

What Are The Top Alternatives To Serpstat?

There are even free alternatives to Serpstat like SEO PowerSuite with unlimited keywords to track, sites to analyze, backlinks to audit, etc.

Here are some of the best Serpstat alternatives discussed in various aspects. If the price isn’t a big deal for you, then you might get inspired by the features of Serpstat competitors like SEMRush that been around a lot longer in the industry.

However, Serpstat is proliferating as one of the best SEO tools for competitor research and analysis.

Indeed, keeping both beginners or budget bloggers and expert SEO’s in mind, I have prepared these best Serpstat alternatives. Both low-priced and premium SEO tools are available.

So, understanding the pain point in using Serpstat for your site SEO, you can further settle on its better alternative.

There are no such TOP Serpstat competitor sites. It’s all about an individual’s SEO expertise, practices, and budget.

If you don’t do much link building, you might be happy with Serpstat for its smart competitor analysis, keywords grouping, etc. In contrast, if you often run site audits, then you would love Serpstat since it never left any stone unturned.

So, let’s walk through some of the better alternatives to Serpstat and try to find out the best SEO tool for you.

Some Of The Hand-picked Serpstat Alternative Sites

With the growing number of good SEO tools in the market with an extensive set of features, limitations, and at various prices – it’s really hard to pick one.

You can either use free SEO tools like Small SEO Tools that almost have all the features you need for free or the high-priced tools like Ahrefs that allows you to take your website SEO in a different perspective. It’s up to you. But, if you are not using any SEO tools to grow your blog, then you are losing. SEO needs a more strategic approach. For which, you are compelled to rely on some powerful SEO tools. Don’t hesitate to spend little money on those that pay –off.

Let’s get into the list of best Serpstat alternatives.

#1 SEMRush

Indeed, SEMRush is one of the most popular digital marketing tools with over millions of trusted users. It’s not specific for beginners or expert marketers. SEMRush has features and user-friendly options to help both start-ups and masters in the SEO field.

We all know that keyword research must be a vital task when you think about SEO or even paid marketing. SEMRush, with its Keyword Magic Tool, helps you greatly to generate, filter, and find more potential long-tail keywords that rank better on SERP’s.

Domain to Domain comparison allows you to compare your site with other 5 competitors to understand their SEO strategy and outperform them. Also, keep track of the changes in the ranking positions for particular keywords to know if there is any new competitor.

With its SEO writing assistant tool, SEMRush proves its dominance as a content marketing tool as well. Even though Serpstat has almost similar features like SEMRush, it doesn’t have such SEO writing to make sure your content is optimized for SEO thoroughly.

Also, Serpstat doesn’t have social media monitoring tools, whereas SEMRush has social media posting and tracking tools that even help you to study competitor’s social media strategy.

As an SEO professional, I’m sure you know the importance of having an SEO healthy website. I often run a site audit to check the issues on my site and fix it instantly. Unless you fail to do it, all your SEO efforts will go waste. SEMRush on-page audit feature helps you to optimize internal links, find missing tags, check for broken images and links, fix error pages, HTTPs checks, and even more. Likewise, there are several distinct features and tools that are built-in.

But, keep in mind; if pricing is the only deal, then SEMRush isn’t an affordable alternative to Serpstat.

Get SEMRush Pro Trail For 14 Days Free

Your marketing toolkit must be incomplete with SEMRush. I understand it is a little expensive tool. But, when you started using it and experiencing its benefits, you will get back your thoughts that it is an expensive SEO tool. Because SEMRush deserves it. So, it’s the perfect time to test the tool using its Pro free trial for 14 days.

Step-1: Here is a special link for you to land on our co-branding page. Click on ‘Start your free 14 day trial now!‘.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: Further, create a SEMRush free account to activate its 14-day free trial. If you already have one, then log in to your existing account here.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: In the next window, feed your billing details and check-out to get instant access to the SEMRush Pro plan for next 14 days. You can see the charges are zero since the promotional code is applied automatically.

Great!, you’re in, now. Indeed, anytime you can cancel the trial subscription before the period (14 days) ends. Just send a mail to to cancel it. I don’t think you will go back. After experiencing the SEMRush Pro features, you would love to continue using it.


  • Complete tool for SEO, PPC and other online marketing
  • SEO writing assistant tool to optimize your content for search engines
  • Brand monitoring and trend analysis
  • Social posting and tracking options
  • Thorough backlink audit and analysis
  • Comprehensive tool for competitor analysis
  • Capable of refining the most profitable keywords
  • Keyword grouping to segregate keywords with relevancy
  • Advanced reporting and analytics features


  • Free version available
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • 7-days money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use interface
  • Flexible filter options


  • Pricey for beginners (when compared to Serpstat)

#2 SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is the desktop-based SEO software, unlike other tools that require internet connectivity to use. That’s always a great thing about SEO PowerSuite. In our recent interview with Aleh BarySevich, CEO of Link-Assistant – we noticed that SEO PowerSuite will be available for now, then and forever. That’s great news for SEO beginners.

Further, while reviewing the SEO PowerSuite tool, I feel the privilege to let you all know about it’s ‘almost everything unlimited’. Indeed, you can check ranking positions for unlimited keywords with no troublesome. It has proxy rotation, human emulation, etc. to show that the ranking checks are natural.

SEO PowerSuite tracks keyword ranking across 400+ search engines, whereas Serpstat just plays around Google and Yandex databases.

And, you can run a backlink analysis on unlimited sites, audit on unlimited sites, generate tons of keywords ideas, and so on. To give you an idea, it has four different built-in SEO tools –

Rank Tracker – to check keyword ranking positions on the search engines and also to research and find potential keywords. You can also spy your competitors ranking positions and keywords for which they rank for using this tool.

Website Auditor – to perform a site audit to identify and fix even technical SEO errors like w3 validation errors, missing canonical tags, improper on-page optimization, etc. The tool also visualizes the internal linking structure of your website.

SEO SpyGlass – to conduct a backlink audit on your site or competitor’s websites to dig the entire links. Analyze each individual, get rid of backlinks that have high-penalty risk scores, and strengthen your link profile.

Link Assistant – to prospect more link building opportunities. The tool itself has ready email templates and email contact to outreach the prospects to nab the link building opportunities.

If you are a Mac user looking for a powerful SEO tool, then SEO PowerSuite must be the ideal choice. You can download and use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Likewise, SEO PowerSuite has unique link metrics like penalty risk score to understand how safe or harm the particular link is. Even though Serpstat has Trust Rank and Page Rank, it doesn’t have such exclusive link metrics.

Similarly, here are some of the extensive features of SEO PowerSuite and its built-in individual tools.


  • Tracks keyword ranking across 400+ search engines
  • Extensive features like TF-IDF, in-link score, penalty score, etc.
  • Allows integration with 19+ keyword tools
  • Checks geo-specific, mobile rankings, and global keyword rankings
  • Visual presentations on site structure
  • Custom and white-label reports


  • Free edition available
  • Desktop-based software
  • One-time payment
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Ideal for both individual SEO and agencies


  • No compiled reports from the four tools

#3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs has the world’s largest index of live backlinks. It is the ultimate website and competitor analysis tool trusted by thousands of SEOs. Ahrefs thrive hard to deliver easy-to-read data visualizations, flexible data export options in user-friendly formats, etc.

As a complete SEO toolset, including site explorer, content explorer, keyword explorer, backlink analysis, and rank tracker, it fulfills the SEO needs effectively.

However, Ahrefs is an amazing tool, but it isn’t a choice for everyone. Especially for casual and start-up bloggers who don’t need much value from deep insights on their content and backlinks or those who don’t have the budget.

Ahrefs, with its extensive features, replaces all other digital marketing tools I use except the outreaching tools.

It has its own metrics like Ahrefs rank, Domain Rating, URL Rating, etc. As we all know, Ahrefs is popular for its most updated keywords and link analysis reports. It displays a comprehensive display of data everything you need to know about the link profile. However, based on the size of the links database, Serpstat comes next to Ahrefs. But, that great still since Serpstat is a younger one to Ahrefs.

If money isn’t a deal looking for strategic analysis and reliable data results, Ahrefs would be the best alternative to Serpstat.


  • Complete SEO toolset for agencies and SEO experts
  • Most freshest and updated data reports
  • Has the largest link database
  • Live, recent and historical index data
  • Batch analysis of keywords similar to Serpstat keyword grouping
  • Domain comparison to understand and improve your site
  • Suitable one for competitor analysis with comprehensive data


  • 7-days trial for $7
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Faster & reliable results
  • Export data in different file formats


  • No free version or free trial to experience the features

#4 Mangools

The Mangools tool was designed for SEOs ease of use. Even though it provides a lot of functionality with credible data, you don’t have to click for more times to see the data. As a beginner, if you want to do some hassle-free keyword research, then KW Finder is ultimate. There is no use of having extra features or data point that we don’t actually need. So, the Mangools tools were designed with the essential toolset.

Its Keyword Difficulty metric is one of the most trusted and ranked metrics in the SEO world. Despite, it combines its data with MOZ and Majestic metrics for easy understanding.

With a small team of SEO experts who work on stuff every day, they work closely with their customers. Often, they publish SEO guide, vocabularies, tools guide, etc. to help improve your SEO skills and search engine visibility of your site.


  • Package 5 SEO tools: KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner & SiteProfiler
  • Google SERP analysis tool
  • Checks rankings across multiple verticals like featured snippets
  • Detailed site comparison in terms of backlinks
  • Daily keyword ranking updates
  • Dominance index to know the organic traffic share


  • 10-days free trial
  • Professional support from SEOs
  • Ease of use even for beginners
  • All-in-one SEO tool at a greater price
  • Simultaneous logins in multiple devices


  • Comes with more limitations

FAQ On Top Serpstat Competitors

These are just some of the popular SEO tools but also better alternatives to Serpstat. There are still abundant tools like SpyFu, Screaming Frog, etc. available in the market. To provide you with a set of tools that almost covers every aspect of SEO, I have just included very few tools. If you have any questions like others, then refer to these frequently asked questions and answers for those.

1) What are the free alternatives to Serpstat?
The tools like SEMRush and SEO PowerSuite has its free version. Give it a try and test how those tools help you to replace Serpstat.

2) Which the best Serpstat for competitor analysis?
I would say SEMRush and Ahrefs are best tools to compare and analyze competitor’s keywords and backlinks strategically.

3) Does any other tool have Serpstat keyword clustering features?
SEMRush is a complete marketing toolkit for SEO, and ad campaigns, its Keyword Magic Tool allows you for auto-grouping or adding individual keywords to any ad groups manually.

4) Should I check for any cheaper alternative to Serpstat?
If you are start-up don’t have enough budgets to invest in expensive SEO tools, then you may consider choosing some cheaper Serpstat alternatives like SEO PowerSuite.

5) How to test these Serpstat competitor tools?
Either sign-up for the free-trials to test the features or use the free editions for some time to check how the tools help you better than Serpstat.

Final Words

Maybe, you aren’t in need of finding some best Serpstat alternatives. Serpstat is one of the fastest-growing software that lists abundant features for a little money.

Still, if you want to scale your SEO efforts, then try some of its alternatives that are highly competitive in the market. I’m sure; you will find it inspiring to use some of the great alternatives of Serpstat like SEMRush, SEO PowerSuite, and Ahrefs for its reliability.

So, give a try to any of its alternatives listed above. Start using the free tool or sign-up for the free trial for particular days to examine the tools before purchasing its premium plans.

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