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Amazon Affiliate Alternatives 2021 – 6 Competitors Worth Checking Out!

Indeed, Amazon has the most popular affiliate programs in the market. Still, why people are looking for the best Amazon affiliate alternatives? What are all the other alternatives to Amazon affiliate programs?

In this article, let’s discuss why you need an alternative to Amazon affiliate and what suits your blog best?

Certainly, there are plenty of resources to monetize your online platforms like blogs, websites or apps. Like other online monetizing ways –

  • Google AdSense
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Promoting own products
  • Freelance writing, etc

Affiliate marketing is, of course, turned the majority of the blogger’s lifestyle from zero to hero. As an affiliate marketer, you can just work a very few hours a day, and make money that you desire. But, again, your interest, passion, consistency, and credibility matters a lot to win the game online.

So, undoubtedly, affiliate marketing allows bloggers from any niche like travel, technology, lifestyle, or anything to lead their luxury life. Why don’t you? If you are already an Amazon affiliate marketer looking for its alternatives or just planning to monetize your blog with Amazon affiliate program, then look at its competitors once before that.

Reasons You Need Alternatives To Amazon Affiliate Program

Certainly, affiliate marketers would choose a program that are well-recognized and pays high commission promoting their products or services. Indeed, Amazon is one of the world’s trusted shopping platforms. There are several reasons why buyers love to shop on Amazon ecommerce store. Here is an image to show the factors that drive people to make purchase decisions on Amazon.


Obviously, more the sales – higher the credibility will be. And, promoting those through your blog, higher the commissions you will get paid. But, unfortunately, Amazon starts lowering its commission percentages since 2017. And now, it has a flat commission rate structure based on the category. The commission percentage remains same for each category irrespective to how much sales you make.

Here it is –


This is one of the major reason bloggers and affiliate marketers looking for best Amazon affiliate alternatives. In other cases, people who were promoting electronic gadgets, etc. shifted to the outdoor and home improvement since to make maximum commission selling a product related to those niches.

They are likely to go for other niches or otherwise choosing other affiliate programs that gets them good commission and hence, income.

Further, recently, Amazon has greatly reduced its commission rates to the range that no one expected recently. Not sure, how long Amazon will go down in terms commission rates since it now becomes a GIANT in the Ecommerce area with growing numbers of Amazon Prime Members, Alexa devices, etc.


Despite this, there are few other reasons why Amazon affiliate bloggers are looking for a change.

  • Commissions are small (the biggest pain point as discussed above)
  • Quite a small cookie window (24 hours)
  • Limited payment options
  • Sales quota requirements (at least 3 sales in first 180 days of joining)
  • Sometimes, terms & conditions are bit confusing. Even you don’t understand why your account is banned.

So, what are the other good Amazon affiliate program alternatives that get you good commission rates, higher affiliate cookie duration and peace of mind to make more money blogging online?

Let’s see!

List of Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives – It’s time to Move on!

Being an affiliate marketer, I deal with multiple affiliate programs like Amazon, ShareASale, etc. since a decade. I agree, Amazon affiliate programs have more benefits like

  • Well-reputed brand for shopping – holds a wide range of products that everyone needs
  • Commissions on all products – when a visitor purchases any product through your affiliate links (even that you don’t promote), you will get paid for it.
  • Seasonal benefits – during festive seasons like Christmas, there will be reasonable improvement in commissions
  • Promotion tools – there are good number of reliable tools and plug-ins available for bloggers to promote Amazon products

Even though, it offers extensive benefits while promoting its products, there are several other Amazon affiliate alternative programs through which expert bloggers make hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. Here are those –

#1 ShareASale – Top Amazon Affiliate Marketing Alternative

ShareASale is one of the best market places for both the affiliate marketers and the merchants. The exciting thing about ShareASale is deals with both digital and physical products.

It is a well-renowned affiliate marketing program that greatly tweaks Amazon affiliate marketers to switch over to it. Hence, ShareASale becomes the most potential alternative to Amazon affiliate marketing.

It has a large inventory of products from reputed brands and merchants. As it includes both digital and physical goods, you can diversify your links. So, there won’t seasonal decline or flow in your commissions.

How you link your content with the suitable merchant product plays a vital role in boosting your sales and hence, income. Being a ShareASale affiliate marketer, the commission percentage varies between the vendors; not based on the product category. So, you will always have the chance to promote any good products from merchants who offer higher commission rates.

One of the major reason that justifies ShareASale is the best alternative to Amazon affiliate program is that – its detailed statistics on each vendor. It includes the average sales, per-click earnings, and average commissions of every merchant helps you to choose the vendor diligently. Indeed, choosing such high-paying but also established merchants (among 3900+ vendors) can drive up your sales and earnings.

Also, it provides information about your links and it’s positioning to maximize the effectiveness of links placing it at the right place.

Above all, it’s so simple and free to join the ShareASale affiliate program. Indeed, with its well-organized categories, it is easy to search for any products and merchants of your interests. Just search for your niche keywords or topics or products and select one from the huge list of merchants who sell your niche-related products. There are also other extensive features and benefits being a ShareASale member. Let’s look at those before making a decision. Sure, you’ll inspire to sign-up a ShareASale account today.


  • Deals with both physical and digital products
  • Data feeds via FTP & API to have the most up to date product information
  • Custom link creation with social media features
  • Easy-to-embed product links, banner ads, add promotional affiliate links
  • Creative videos from merchants for the higher promotions and user engagement
  • Flexible to search for high paying merchants for your niche products


  • Free & easy sign-up process
  • 3,900+ merchants covering every niche
  • Good commission rates
  • No sales quota requirements
  • Option to choose the merchants of your choice
  • Seasonal deals & offers from merchants
  • Real-time and automated reporting
  • Direct deposit into your account on 20th of every month


  • Should get approval from each merchant to market their products

#2 Impact Radius

With its recent growth in affiliate partnership programs, Impact (formerly Impact Radius) gains popularity among the marketers. Even though it hasn’t beat Amazon in terms of number of affiliate sites, country-wise, product-wise or anything, it becomes a vibrant market place.

Once you plan to monetize your site partnering with Impact, the team will help you to migrate from your existing affiliate network to it, seamlessly.

Impact provides strategic marketing tools to track and analyze customer interactions across both desktop and mobile devices. Its identity matching feature gets you clear picture about customer’s purchase path. Strategically, Impact changes the way how merchants or brands handle their product sales online.

From its inception by the team of internet marketing experts, Impact focuses on SaaS technology that includes influencer marketing, paid media partners, etc. It ensures a streamlined workflow, instant access to the performance metrics and so on.

Impact Radius offers a platform for the advertisers and media partner to broadcast. It also deals with products from categories like computers, technology, travel, lifestyle, food and drinks, entertainment, etc.

Amazon gets you commission upon each sale that happens through your affiliate links, whereas Impact offers with Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Sale (CPS).

Once signed-up, just search and find the companies clicking on the brand line to know more information about the particular brand, its payout, Earnings Per Click (EPC), etc. Here are some of its features that admire you.


  • Payments are done when the affiliate threshold is reached
  • Cross-device performance metrics analysis
  • More effective partnerships management products
  • Affiliates are free to choose their own threshold
  • Modern and upt-to-date user interface & innovative marketing tools
  • Flexible payment options like ACH, cheque payouts, bank transfers)


  • Free Sign-up to join Impact Radius affiliate program
  • Fraud protection against malicious activities (stuffing cookies, injecting clicks using fake apps)
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting on customer’s purchase path
  • Comparatively, good commission rates


  • Bit a confusing one for beginners

#3 Avangate

Avangate is one of the award-winning affiliate marketing programs partnering with globally acclaimed software and digital goods merchants. Like every other Amazon affiliate marketing alternative, becoming an Avangate affiliate is quite easy and free.

Start establishing your partnerships with the brands that deal with your related niche products and start making steady revenue. There are merchants who offer even up to 75% commissions and constantly offering special bonuses for their affiliates. The great thing is, you will get paid for license renewals too. No other conservative alternative to Amazon affiliate offers such rewards to the well-performers.

Avangate affiliate account includes creative banner, data feeds and other marketing collaterals to boost your sales. Also, you can seek help and guidance from Avangate team of experts to set-up, promote and cashing in.

So, like any other Amazon affiliate alternatives like ShareASale or CJ, its arguably simple to join and monetize your online assets. Here are its features before sign-up for free.


  • Ever-growing list with over 22K+ software products & digital goods
  • Extensive range of products from security software to smart business apps
  • Creative marketing tools for better promotions
  • Deep linking structure to ensure highest conversion rates
  • Geo-targeted shopping carts
  • Generate discount coupons from your own commissions to tract more users


  • Free and easy sign-up
  • Dedicated support by the team 24/7
  • Reasonable commission percentages
  • Complete payment against each sale as per the commission rates


  • Needs to get approval from vendors

#4 Commission Junction (CJ)

If you are looking for the Amazon affiliate alternatives that are traditional but the monster in the market, then CJ must be your choice. The Commission Junction is yet another market place of major brands and well-known products.

Especially, CJ is a popular physical product affiliate program for several niches. Compared to the Amazon affiliate program’s cookie window and commission rates, every vendor on CJ will have varying cookie lengths and commission rates.

The great thing is CJ is one of the top alternatives to Amazon’s affiliate program for serious marketers who want to make more money consistently. You must be active in promoting the products; otherwise, CJ might close down your account.

You can see in real-time the commission rates for particular brands in CJ would be higher than that of Amazon rates for that specific category of products. So, you are flexible to choose the vendor or merchant of your choice for good earnings.

Also, you will get detailed insights on what are selling more, commission rates, market trends, and more for strategic promotions.

Indeed, brand recognition is a crucial factor when it comes to referrals, sales, and commissions. CJ has all the tops brands and products that are highly recognized by the customers.


  • Well-recognized affiliate program in the market
  • Deals with an extensive range of vendors and brands on entire niches
  • Popular physical product affiliate program
  • Suitable for highly professional & quality publishers
  • Cookieless tracking for uninterrupted commissioning
  • Provides deep-link tools, customizable product widgets


  • Established & trusted program for over 20 years
  • Focused & strategic guidance based on verticals, business size, etc.
  • Scalable & customizable affiliate partnership solutions
  • Rewards for cross-device sales promotions
  • On-demand insights & analytics on purchase path, etc.
  • Easy to integrate API’s


  • Harsh in disabling inactive accounts

#5 Niche Affiliate Programs

This is something odd one from the above Amazon affiliate alternatives reviewed above. Now, you know about some big affiliate programs like ShareASale, CJ, Amazon Associates, etc. This niche affiliate programs are least-determined.

Checking out some examples, you will get an idea about this niche affiliate program – of course, the better alternative to Amazon affiliate programs.

Let’s consider that you are into the health niche. Market Health, SellHealth are some of the popular affiliate networks in health niche for you.

Using the search term ‘health affiliate programs’ on Google, you will get a wealthy list of affiliate programs that are exclusively having affiliate programs for health-related products and services.

Indeed, the commission rates will be highest in the market with longer cookie windows. Not to mention, being the niche-specific affiliate programs, the conversion rates will be good.

Try {your niche} affiliate programs on Google to find your best affiliate marketing partners for particular niches.

As much as you research and choose the best brands, higher and consistent the sales and hence earnings will be.

#6 Direct Brand’s Affiliate Programs or In-house affiliate programs

There are higher chances you will get confused with niche affiliate programs and direct brand’s affiliate programs. The former one, there are networks to offer affiliate programs for specific niche products exclusively.

And, this one is – the manufacturing or developing brands will itself have its own in-house affiliate programs. You can personally outreach them to set up your affiliate account to promote their products (promising that you will get more sales).

So, the users will also buy their choice of products from the manufacturer’s site directly but through your affiliate links.

Indeed, product owners would like their customers to buy directly from their websites instead of third-party platforms like Amazon or any others. Not to mention, the conversion rates will be exponentially high since the sales happen directly between the manufacturer and the end-user.

Here are some of the sample affiliate programs for certain niches –

  • Fitness niche – Ace Fitness is good to go.
  • Home improvement niche – Houzz
  • Gaming niche – GameFly
  • Travel –

And it goes for every niche.

Winner – ShareASale

For a decade I have been promoting several niche products and making good money online partnering with many affiliate networks. From my experience, I find ShareASale is quite a good-paying alternative to Amazon affiliate programs with an extensive range of products and brands from various niches. It’s easy and free to join ShareASale.

Final Words

I understand, for most of the successful affiliate marketers, switching to a new affiliate program isn’t a need. Because Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is always best in its way. Only the decline into commission rates made us think of Amazon affiliate alternatives now.

Anyways, instead of putting all the eggs in a basket, you can diversify the monetization sources. Optimize your blog and its content so that it suits any affiliate marketing portfolio and merchants.

Don’t stick Amazon affiliate marketing in mind and narrow down your chances of making money online.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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