Best Grammar Checker For Mac

Best Grammar Checker For Mac OS {2023} Free & Paid Tools

Though English is the common language for the most, still grammar mistakes are everywhere. Thankfully, there are plenty of proofreading tools and grammar checkers available in the market. But, not all the writing apps are compatible with Mac devices. In such a case, I take this opportunity to compile a list of grammar checker tools for Mac, exclusively. So, get rid of those of pesky grammatical errors, partnering with your best grammar checker for Mac.

What’s The Best Grammar Checker For Mac OS?

Certainly, the best grammar checker for Mac must be seamlessly integrating with Mac OS and its associated writing apps. That’s essential.

Still, there are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the best grammar program for Mac OS.

The grammar checker for Mac must be a good spell checker, punctuation checker, style checker, etc. Put simply; it must be a comprehensive English proofreading tool. You can’t use multiple writing assistant tools to check each type of writing errors. So, it would help if you had a multi-purpose English proofreading and editing software.

Further, the grammar checker software you choose must be compatible with most of the popular browsers. Also, check whether the same tool is available for the mobile device, iPhone. Hence, you can sync your documents and access them from both. Indeed, anywhere and anytime.

With these ideas, let’s explore some of the best grammar checkers for Mac to scale your writing.

Top Grammar Software For Mac OS

However, I also include some free grammar checker for Mac. So, you are flexible in choosing between free and premium grammar apps. It’s all about how serious you are about writing flawless content. If the content is the demanding factor for your business growth, never hesitate to invest in a paid grammar checker tool for Mac devices. Most of the grammar checker tools here are available for both free and paid.

If you are unsure about any specific tool that suits your writing needs, give a try before you pay for it.

#1 Grammarly For Mac – Best English Grammar Checker Tool For Mac

The most trusted writing software for the English language. The only downside is, Grammarly is not available for other multiple languages. But, in the accuracy and features standpoint, Grammarly must be the best grammar checker for Mac.

Grammarly is one of the very few writing tools that are available for Mac. Especially, Grammarly has a native desktop app for Mac devices. Simply drag and drop your documents in its editor for instant checks.

Mac users, you can also add Grammarly to Microsoft Word. So, you don’t have to leave your writing app for corrections. Make your writing stronger within the word document itself. Grammarly for MS Word is available for Mac too. Just download it on your Mac device. Installation is free, easy, and simple.

But, before that, how to make sure Grammarly is your perfect grammar checker tool. Over millions of writers, authors, students, and publishers trust and are already using it.

The more exciting thing is, Grammarly comes in multiple facets for Mac users –

  • Grammarly web editor
  • Browser extension for Safari, Chrome & Firefox browsers
  • Grammarly for MS Word
  • Native desktop app for Mac

Then, don’t underestimate that Grammarly can check your writings only against 400+ kind of grammatical rules.

Despite that, Grammarly can help you fix contextual spelling mistakes, genre-specific writing style, silly punctuation errors, check for content plagiarism, enhance vocabulary, and even more.

Most importantly, Grammarly often comes with innovative features like tone detector, clarity checks, etc. So, choosing Grammarly, you’re not alone. Grammarly is exclusively available for business people, education sectors like students, PhD scholars and professors, and for any individual writers. Indeed, the free grammar checker for students using Mac and for any Mac OS users. Why not for you?

Also, using Grammarly, the actual formatting and links in your content remain the same. It preserves your content formatting.


  • Free version available
  • Browser extensions available
  • Exclusive native app for Mac
  • Grammarly is available for MS Word
  • Highly accurate & fast results
  • Plagiarism checking feature
  • Easy switch between US & UK slang of writing
  • Grammarly keyword for iPhone
  • Checks for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, style, etc.


  • Available only for the English language
  • No add-in for Google docs on Mac. However, you can use its browser extension on Google docs

#2 ProWritingAid For Mac – Best Free Grammar Checker App For Mac OS

Yet another best grammar editing software for Mac users that gives fierce competition to Grammarly. Along with its world’s best grammar checker, it also looks at other crucial elements like style and structure. That makes your content even strong and clear.

Indeed, one great thing about ProWritingAid is its style checking feature. Hence, it is a favorite proofreading and writing assistant tool for book writers, novel writers, story writers, and poets. Indeed, for these writers, the writing style helps them build readership for their creations.

The community that use ProWritingAid tool includes both first-time author and professional writers. Their on-the-go writing tools are MS Word and Scrivener. ProWritingAid helps those fiction writers to polish their writings.

ProWritingAid tool analyzes any text and gets you more than 25 reports on different writing elements. It includes grammar, writing style, sticky sentence, redundancy, repeats, sentence length, consistency, dialogue tags, and so on.

The PTA tool highlights the grammar issues in your content in the blue pop-up box within your text. And, that pop-up box lets you either fix the error or disable the rule. You can also understand the grammar rules and suggestions, or learn more about the particular error with sample examples.

Mac users can use the ProWritingAid tool’s web editor or nifty desktop app that comes along with every premium license. It seamlessly works with MS Word, Scrivener, Text, RTF, HTML, or Open Document files.

The great advantage of using the ProWritingAid desktop app for Mac is it keeps your original formatting the same. It’s a great time saver.


  • Best style checker for Mac
  • Comprehensive tool for spell, style and grammar checks
  • Available for both Windows and Mac
  • Add-ons for popular browsers
  • Works with Word, Scrivener, etc.
  • Generates more than 25 writing reports


  • By default, the plagiarism checker feature is not included in your premium license
  • More into style checks. Hence, there are chances to miss-out some complex grammar errors, at times

#3 WhiteSmoke For Mac – Best Grammar Checker Software For Macbook

If you are blank about how tools can help you correct your grammar mistakes, try WhiteSmoke free grammar checker. You see any of the articles on best grammar checker, spell checker, or English proofreading tools, sure WhiteSmoke will be a part of it. It deserves!

For Mac users, you have a premium WhiteSmoke Writer tool for Mac OS Sierra. Like any other English proofreading tools, it is compatible with Windows, all browsers, MS Office, and Gmail.

Geared for expert writers, WhiteSmoke comes with a very light, and clean interface that's perfect for all those long writing sessions. This best Grammar checker for Mac text editor comes further with a plagiarism checker, a thesaurus, and a translator built into it. Interestingly though, like a proper word processor, WhiteSmoke further features a ton of pre-built templates for letters and various other documents that will help make your writing life easier.

Also, using WhiteSmoke, you can translate your writings to 50+ languages. And, WhiteSmoke’s iPhone application is downloadable on iTunes. And, this grammar checker for iPhone is available for customers who purchase WhiteSmoke Mac Writer.

Yes, WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer any trial version or free software, unfortunately. You have to try its online writing solution to check how it sounds good for your writing demands. However, for Mac compatibility, you have to purchase its Premium plan.


  • Complete tool for spell, grammar & punctuation checks
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac
  • Works with MS Word, Gmail, & all browsers
  • Comes with a translator tool
  • Plagiarism checking feature
  • Writing checker for iPhone


  • No free software to try
  • Plagiarism feature comes with limited credits

#4 Ginger Software For Mac – Best Mac Grammar Checker

Ginger Software is also one of the leading grammar checker tools in the writer’s arsenal. Like every other professional writing app, ginger software is readily available to help anywhere you write. It includes Ginger for Chrome, MS Office, Safari, Ginger Keyword for smartphones, etc.

Notably, the Ginger Page is also available for iOS supported devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch. The rest of the features like spell checks and punctuation checks, Ginger software is good.

Like Grammarly, you will see a very clean writing interface with Ginger too. You can upload your documents or directly write into it. Either way, like any best grammar checker for Mac, Ginger will scan the texts and will highlight all the errors in real-time.

But, from my personal experience, I would say Ginger software falls short to highlight all the errors that Grammarly can spot at times. And, if you are a teacher who wants to check your student’s documents plagiarism, then Ginger software is not for you. It doesn’t have a plagiarism checking feature.

For start-up writers and writing beginners, the Ginger Software would greatly help with its text reader, personal trainer, and sentence rephraser tool. Gives you more opportunity to improve your writing skill from scratch.

Indeed, a Ginger software free grammar checker is available. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Mac OS. Alternatively, you can take advantage of its proofreading capabilities writing text in Chrome and Safari.


  • Free grammar checker tool
  • Works with MS Office
  • Chrome add-on for Chrome, Safari
  • Ginger Page tool for iPhone
  • Add-ons like text reader, personal trainer


  • Doesn’t have a native desktop app for Mac
  • No plagiarism checker

Best Software To Grammar Check For Mac

Out of these four best grammar checker for Mac OS, which one to choose from? Indeed, all the four tools are available in both free and premium editions. I insist you to try the free version with limited features to see the value and features of each tool. Indeed, we use Grammarly for years. It comes in multiple phases like online editor, desktop app, browser extensions, and add-ons for MS products, Google Docs and more. Further, compared to any other best grammar checker for MacBook, Grammarly is proven to be more reliable and quick. So, give it a try first.

FAQ About Best Grammar Checker Program For Mac OS

Instead of running through more grammar checkers for MacBook, I am helping you with the curated writing tools. Sure, choosing any of the above, you will never get wrong. Here are some of the common questions answered by the writers like you.

Can you use Grammarly on a Mac?

Yes, Grammarly offers a free desktop app for Mac OS. You can simply add your documents to its and perform checks instantly.

Is Grammarly free for Mac?

Yes, Grammarly is available for free for Mac users but with limited features. For advanced benefits like plagiarism checking, vocabulary enhance, just try Grammarly Premium.

Can I use Grammarly with MS Word?

You can simply download Grammarly for MS Word and use it on your Mac system. Also, the Grammarly keyboard is available for Apple mobile devices.

Do these grammar checker tools steal your writings?

Some of the tools like Grammarly allow you to access your documents from its dashboard. On the other hand, few tools never store your writings. But, in any case, your writings and documents are never shared with others or stolen.

Which grammar checker software supports Scrivener?

ProWritingAid seamlessly works with Scrivener; indeed, the favorite writing tool for novel and story writers.

What is the best grammar checker for mac?

We recommend Grammarly since it comes more advanced featuers like sentence rephraser, plagiriasm check, etc. and especially it has native desktop app curated for Mac OS.

Final Words

So, you have got some ideas about leading English writing apps. The 5 tools here are chest-thumping to prove their capability in its unique way.

Which tool sounds good for you? I have been using Grammarly for years. Indeed, I find it great to proofread every piece of article and improve my writings over time. I insist you try its free edition and identify how it can help you in real-time. By the way, Grammarly also has monthly and quarterly plans to test the features before upgrading to its annual plan.

Don’t wait for another day.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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  1. Hey Sathish Arumugam ,

    Excellent post with Fab-work. Your hard-work and Researches are truly appreciable.

    Glad to say that you have introduced the best grammar checker tools for MAc user. You have presented each grammar checker tool in an impressive way along with all the crucial information that are true enough to understand & educate the learners.

    Your included each grammar checker tools are helpful but according to me Grammarly, Pro-writing-Aid and Ginger software are the best tools to use. Grammarly is really an excellent tool for detecting & sorting several grammatical mistakes, Punctuation, Commas & spelling mistakes and is absolutely effective for error-free writing. Using these tools will be a great helping hand especially for blogger, writers, newbies and beginners.

  2. What an interesting list of grammar checker tools you have here, Sathish? Grammarly and ProWriting Aid are my top picks since I have and continue to use them without flaws. Nevertheless, it would be nice to try out the other tools on your list to see how they stack up.
    What matters is to ensure that your writing is unique and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
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