Black Friday Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Black Friday marketing tips for your small business – It’s that time of the year again where stores are gearing up on extra staff and stocking up inventory to serve their discount-driven customers, who themselves are readying to break down the walls to grab a sweet deal in this holiday, Black Friday/Cyber Monday season of madness.

Fortunately, the chances are that you run an online-only small business and won’t therefore, have to worry about any “walls” being broken or anything. Regardless, you do still have to prepare yourself to meet and attract a whole influx of demand that is known to come with the usual yearly Black Friday, Cyber Monday crazy sale season.

For any small business to get exposure online, it must have a professional website. When we think about business websites or blogs, first comes hosting and domain name. For a small business, shared hosting will be enough whereas, for big-league business websites driving huge traffic, you must go with a dedicated server. And then, you must rely on some internet marketing tools for further promotions. Go with the best web hosting and build an appealing website, you can start with marketing ideas to get viral in the market.

Never ignore your social media channels to gain higher exposure.

However behold, therein lies the problem itself.

Black Friday Marketing Tips For Small Business

From a buyers standpoint, shopping for goods is more or less like a sport – and in that sense, Black Friday will probably be the ultimate showdown event. As a small-scale entrepreneur, I am pretty sure that you yourself would probably have a ton of marketing strategies all locked and loaded to fire up this holiday season.

Every other company trying to cash in on the holiday fever. Unfortunately, standing out from the crowd will certainly not going to be an easy thing to do. Especially when you are trying to do so amongst all the hustle and bustle of the Black Friday season.

Not only you as a small and less-popular brand, but also the tycoons in your niche would blast amazing deals of the year. How to tract target user’s attention towards you overriding those competitions. Keep reading.

Tips for Tackling Black Friday Season

In this post, I am going to introduce and walk you through seven of the best ways to easily tweak your marketing strategy to help better you prepare for the weekend of 23rd November.

From making your business stand apart from the crowd, doubling your sales rates and helping you get noticed better, here’s everything you need to know about to effectively tackle this year’s awesome Black Friday/ Cyber Monday season.

Well then, let’s get in!

Top 7 Tips to Better Attract Black Friday Shoppers to Your Small Business

#1 It’s never too early to start planning

“Early bird gets the worm” – as a good business owner, one of the best things you can do to improve better your black Friday prospects is to start planning for it at the earliest.

When you start planning early, you’ll have the benefit of giving yourself more time to think. To go through more ideas, make adjustments, and even can allow yourself to see it from every other angle. So that when the push comes to shove later in the year, there is not going to be any nasty surprises waiting around the corner.

Furthermore, with the early kick-off, you’ll also have more time to better device your holiday offers and deals so that they can yield the maximum benefit for your business – and to your customers also.

#2 Spread out your advertisements

Running only a single ad and hoping that it can promote your biggest sale of the year can never be able to get you the results you were looking for. Therefore, if you are serious about having a profitable Black Friday season and a good fourth quarter, you really got to put in the hours and plan a marketing campaign through which you can promote your sales offers multiple times on several engaging platforms.

If you are looking to drive holiday shoppers to your store or business, you got to make sure that you are advertising through the right channels. Thanksgiving Day paper, or “black Friday paper” is one of the easiest and effective ways to get your messages in front of prospective holiday shoppers, especially here in the US. You may use social media network to virally spread your advertisements.

#3 Focus on your strengths

When you are trying to create an effective black Friday marketing campaign, try to focus on your strengths instead of just going with the flow. Ask yourself “what can your business offer that is better than what the competition have?” being different is one thing, but offering something unique – well, that’s exactly what the holidays are all about. Have your websites and landing pages more impressive. For which, you will have to use such CMS platforms and themes.

If your company is known for dealing in a lot of narrow edition, rare, local or handmade items, make an effort to use it as the core point for your next Black Friday campaign.

Additionally, also make an effort to get the word out to as many people as possible – especially if you are not a big company or have something to sell that’s a bit out of the norm.

#4 Unity is Strength

With the endless barrage of offers deals and discounts coming out each Black Friday season, it can be very tough to get your voice to hear amongst all the hustle and bustle of the holidays – especially if you are not a big business.

If you are a small business owner or find yourself lacking in the marketing department, I’d suggest that you make it a point to attract customers by partnering up with other willing small businesses in your neighborhood and launching bigger, better, more focused campaign with the sole goal of attracting customers.

To put it bluntly, this can Involve anything from launching a joint shopping event to splitting up and sharing the cost of an advertising campaign. The bigger the number of participating businesses, the larger going to be the size of the launched advertising campaign – allowing you to cover a lot more ground in a short amount of time by the least amount of individual cost.

#5 Use the power of SEO

It has been estimated that over 61% of shoppers will have already started researching about holiday purchases even before the onset of the Thanksgiving weekend. What this means is that during this time, the consumers will start to exhibit a tendency to click on the first ten results they come across on the Google SERP’s – needless to say, this is where SEO can come handy. You may use any potential keyword research tool and pick your profitable keywords to achieve the better ranking. Your keywords must be tight closer to your buyer intents.

Brands and sites that rank better on the SERP’s will have more opportunities to collect the majority of “buying clicks” – leaving you with a smaller slice of the consumer pie. However, by using SEO to your advantage, you can give your Black Friday promotions an equal footing to those devised by bigger, more famous brands.

On a side note; always prefer to jump into the SEO bandwagon at the earliest moment possible, preferably at the beginning of the year. In this way, when the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season arrives at the end of the year, your sites SEO rankings will be at a high enough point allowing you to rank them easily.

#6 Humanize your promotion

As far as holiday marketing goes, it’s very important that you let your customers and patrons know that you are also getting into the whole festive vibe. Sure, it may be obvious that your customers are here to get a good deal and you want to sell your products. However, it wouldn’t really hurt anyone to share the Thanksgiving related content with your people – showing them that you actually care and want to strike a chord with them.

Aside from effectively humanizing your brand, sending out regular emails a few weeks before Thanksgiving and Black Friday can readily help prime your customers mind to keep your name on their mind. This not only can help massively increase the probability of your holiday promotions success, but can also help a ton with “word-of-mouth” marketing – allowing your holiday promotions to reach your customers in a more meaningful, and punchy way.

#7 Social Media is the way to go

In this modern age and era, having a proper social media presence is one of the best things you can do for the growth of your business. Sharing some good contents, promotions and deals can definitely help you do the heavy promotional lifting; however, if you want to give your social media accounts an extra, extra boost this holiday season, especially with the Black Friday around the corner, try putting out some online-only discounts that can help you incentivize your web-based customer niche.

Additionally, offering up deals through the web can also help popularize your businesses through the online channels, attracting more followers, better word of mouth promotions and even potential customers – just at the cost of a few keystrokes and hashtags.

Conclusion on Black Friday Marketing Tips

That’s it! These are the top 7 ways or Black Friday marketing tips through which you can make the best out of this year’s crazy Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. As a final tip, I’d suggest that you offer something extra, something special as a part of your Black Friday marketing campaign – because in a season like this where every other offer seems identical to the one before, being different is literally the best, and the only way stands apart from the pack.

From offering things as simple as free gift-wrapping, extra freebies or even a free home delivery with products above a certain price range, it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big or extravagant – as long as it has the punch to leave a positive impact your customers, inspiring them to come back for more.

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