Ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide for ECommerce

The online shopping trend is ballooned to billion dollars during this Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons. If thousands of businesses can prove its excellence in making huge sales, why can’t your e-commerce business? This article would be the ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday guide for e-commerce to boost your sales this year.

Not only in 2019 but also forever, the BFCM seasons are ever trending celebrations of the year. For online shopping or rushing to get your favorites in nearby shops or anything, get ready for it. Of course, no scale to measure the list of products or categories that gets you deals. Anything from household things to digital services to electronic goods to anything, you will get inspiring offers.

So, making your eCommerce platform alluring to the shoppers is a great deal. Hence, you are here.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide for ECommerce

Obviously, your business can also make fantastic sales turn over during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But it won’t just happen, waiting for customers to come to you. And, people won’t directly step over to you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrations. It takes proper planning, preparation, and strategy to make loads of traffic to flow and sales happen.

Hence, it’s time to start your groundwork. This guide takes you through the crucial insights to stick on the strategy that can boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-commerce sales. The most essential deals scratch from server hosting until popular internet marketing tools are included.

Significant Areas You Must Focus Much

Below are the major categories you need to start focusing on preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday blockbuster sales.

Website or Blog

  •  Is your web hosting server is fully prepared for increased traffic flow?
  •  How your site is optimized to rank for target keywords?
  •  Make sure that your landing pages are well-impressively designed.
  •  Have your pages loading faster and mobile responsive.


  •  From where and which opt-in drives most users joining your email list?
  •  Have you designed your triggering email template for Black Friday & Cyber Monday?
  •  What are your current click-through and conversion rates?
  •  What type of email content and subject titles appeal your subscribers?

Social Media

  •  Which social platform is driving the majority of customers to your online store?
  •  Which of your social account receives more social engagement?
  •  What sort of content is most popular among your social followers?

Guide to Boost your E-commerce Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

#1 Early Kick Off

It’s Cyber week, not only Cyber Monday. And, it is Black November, not just late November celebrations. Nowadays, most of the retailers and brands started throwing offers at the start of November month itself. Also, people begin their holiday shopping as early as at the end of October.

The best time to kick off with deals and offers isn’t Thanks Giving – it’s well in advance.

#2 Optimize your Site for Fast Loading

You are one among the millions of retailers and brands. You have to outrank all your fierce competitors online. Mostly, people will never wait or return to your site if it is loading slowly. You have to be prepared with a fast loading website ensuring your visitors take action instantly. Use fast loading themes and necessary plug-ins to boost up your website performance.

#3 Make sure that your site is Up

You can see any hosting service offering 99.99% uptime. You have to test the server uptime for the recent days and have it prepared to balance the load. Since, server downtime is not good for your site, to your users and apparently to your e-commerce business. Choose a reliable hosting service that is guaranteed for uptime and support all the time.

#4 Redundancy Backup

Probably, you don’t require this. Still, there are only a few days to strike through. If you lag at some point, then your competitors behind you can serve your audiences and achieve their goal. Don’t let your back outs to increase your competitor’s sales conversions. Let your horse ride reach the goals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales deals.

Have backups for everything like coding, images, email templates or anything.

#5 Well-planned Email Strategy

Despite the email campaigns you are planning other days, this requires proper planning and research. Have your unique email template designs ready in multiple formats based on the segment of your target subscribers.

Check out the analytics of your previous email marketing campaigns; understand your audience curiosity before anything. Then, you think about creative email subject lines and email content.

But, you will have to do all these things before the big days begin.

#6 Specific Landing Pages

In advance, you may design particular landing pages on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and publish. The most attractive landing pages can help you in driving email subscribers before the holiday seasons. Make use of your favorite keyword tool and have your sales page or landing page optimized for your target keywords.

Then, you can leverage the effectiveness of emails. You may shoot emails on Thanks Giving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday linking to your products or services or deals page.

#7 Help Customers with Guides

Generally, you have to do all these tactics in advance before the holiday shopping season commences. On those big days, you will have to be ready to serve your customers, handling inventories, etc.

With that being said, help your audiences with guides and tips on how to save money, which products to buy, where to make it, how to grab the deals, etc.

So that, people will be more appealing to visit your online store and help you in achieving your big sales.

#8 Make them Understand the Urgency

Driving massive traffic is itself a peculiar task. Deliberately, you will have to convert most of the visitors to take action. For which, you may create a sense of urgency appealing those visitors to complete the sales. Display banners about that inventory are going down, and they need to buy immediately to grab the deals.

You may use Thrive Themes products called visitors Thrive Ultimatum to display countdown timers, limited period offer banners, etc. Scarcity marketing would work well in spurring people to buy your products at the instant.

#9 Be Specific

It is wiser to categorize your customers and retarget them with different strategies. You will have to pitch right arrow to the right target audience with the right deals. For which, you have to run through your previous year analytics.

Also, get to know about your website performance in managing big day traffic than average traffic. You will get clues to improvise your site and strategies to have better sales this November.

#10 Engaging Customers

Before the festival shopping seasons, Thanks Giving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday begins, roll out one or two surveys. You may throw questions like what they like about these holidays, how they planned to celebrate this year big days, etc.

Probably, you will come to notice their interests and where they are about to spend. You can optimize your eCommerce store products and marketing strategies if it is applicable.

#11 Inventory Management

Inventory and stock management would be the most crucial. If you fail to handle this, then all your efforts go useless. Make sure that you are stocking in the sufficient goods to pass through the whole shopping holidays.

You may refer the previous year’s performance analysis. Google analytics has more advanced features like E-commerce analysis, shopping behavior analysis, product performance, product list performance and more. All these aspects would be more helpful to understand and focus on inventory management.

#12 Mobile Shopping Optimized

From last year statistics, you may notice that mobile shopping is almost nearing half of the overall sales ratio. This data shows that you must enhance your online stores to surge the needs of mobile shoppers.

To make sure that your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile devices, you may check the below aspects.

  •  Is your website mobile responsive? Can Mobile users navigate through all your pages easily?
  •  Can your users purchase anything without having to use desktops?

Answer the above questions and based on that implement all the mobile optimization techniques to improve the mobile experience.

#13 Treat with Special Care

Identify your potential high-value customers based on their purchase history. It’s your responsibility to treat those users with VIP care as most of your chunk revenue comes from them. Apparently, they would help you achieve your goals during these Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons. Do provide them with exclusive discounts and offers as a way of thanking and valuing their shopping credits.

#14 Leverage Social Media Benefits

If you are keener about your sales conversions during Thanksgiving and further shopping holidays, you must run social ads targeting your potential followers. Generic social ads won’t work out these days. Your ads must be highly-targeted.

Consider Facebook ads, use Audience insights section to display your ads to the target audience based on most curated things. It includes demographics, age sectors, purchasing behavior, etc. Once, you can identify your ideal customers, and then the sale is yours.

Final Words: Get Set, and Sell

As the globe is getting viral to shop online, your Ecommerce store must be ready to serve. Especially during the festival seasons, do the necessary groundwork in advance and get ready to welcome the Thanks Giving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrations.

If you are baffled to optimize your site, ads, emails, etc. in hurry-burry, then make use of this guide to get prepared for the seasonal e-commerce sales conversions. All you have to do is, being the early bird to work on and reach target customers. Get set ready; engage with your holiday shoppers and start selling to accomplish your e-commerce online store sales.

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