Christmas Vs New Year

Christmas Vs New Year Celebration Deals for SEO’s & Bloggers

Christmas vs New Year: Generally, the Christmas and the New Year celebrations come very close to each other. These two combines together letting us celebrate great vacation holidays. Probably, you could hear the wishes like ‘Happy Long Weekend’, or ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’. Only as they often appear close to each other, it happens so.

Other than that, the celebration mode and the festive reason behind those differ. This article is about Christmas vs New Year how the celebration differs, how people enjoy it, shopping deals and furthermore. Exclusively, I am glad to present this post particularly for all SEOs, webmasters, and bloggers. Yes, there will be great deals live on this December Month for which SEO’s experts and bloggers are waiting for.

The Christmas vs New Year Celebrations

After the big celebrations in November – Thanks Giving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, hope you are still in the festive mode. As the other great holidays are nearing, get ready for it. There are more exciting deals waiting to bring up your happiness. As the Christmas and New Year Celebrations differ in its nature, but the common between those are the shopping deals.

The Very Merry Christmas Celebrations

On December 24th and 25th, we celebrate Christmas to commemorate the Jesus Christ birth. The Christmas celebrations include spending time with family, friends, decorating the house with X-mas tree and colorful lights, gifting cakes and candies, and much more. The children would be happier than ever before in getting gifts from Santa Claus and sharing the new gifts.

Still, there are a lot like Christmas song, costumes, Carols, etc. With all these together, few brands or retailers will announce big deals on their products and services for Christmas. Anyways you cannot expect the same from all the companies. Still, you can buy the products and gifts for Christmas decorations and dinner preparations.
Notably, the travel agencies will be blasting big discounts and offer as this is the perfect time to plan for the family trips. As Christmas is right around the edge and all other big festivals end up recently, what more you can expect for? Keep reading.

The Fresh New Year Celebrations

The New Year is the day we celebrate the end of the current year calendar and to welcome the upcoming New Year. New Year is a common celebration but differs in the day based on every religion and culture. The New Year celebration on 1st January is celebrated popularly by those who follow the typical Gregorian calendar. The New Year is generally celebrated with a feast, crackers, wines, and counting down the time from December last day night. The people find it more cheerful to welcome the fantabulous New Year and to wish each other.

Though you had great shopping festivals in the late November, still you can grab some exclusive deals that will be live at the start of the New Year. Have your investment in the right things that can make your New Year more prosperous.

What Can I Buy on Christmas and New Year With Big Deals?

No matter, what you are buying. Say for an instant, the Christmas trees, savories, tour packages, food products, decorative things, Apple gin, calendars, diaries, cakes, gifts, electronic goods, marketing services, hosting or anything. Probably, you have bought all your professional related products and services during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Still, don’t miss these December Deals if you have missed out something.

Along with the combo offers, bonanza sale, discount offers for Christmas and the New Year celebration related things and tour packages, buy something for your upcoming year business success. It includes your web designing tools, marketing services, photography software, web hosting, etc.

Either you prefer the street or online shopping, I have also written an article about best tips to save for Christmas and the New Year deals. Irrespective to the things you are planning to buy, plan it before and make your shopping the best. You can do follow some trustworthy blogs who regularly bring you the Christmas offers every year. Also, follow your favorite brands on Twitter or any other social platforms. That can be games, toys, books, home appliances, decoration services or anything.

Being a professional blogger let me take you on a trip on how this Christmas and the New Year celebration deals can benefit the bloggers, SEOs or online marketers.

Christmas & New Year Discount Offers for SEO’s & Bloggers

I could see only minimum deals for Christmas and New Year compared to Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasons. Still, there are specific brands announce December offers, who don’t offer discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This article is about to reveal such unusual discounts to you.

Let us consider the essential tools and services for a perfect search engine optimization of a website or blog. What Christmas deals on SEO tools are available and why the internet marketers need to grab it.

Below are the stages that every SEO’s would run through for optimizing a website to rank top in the search engine results for target keywords.

Know How Your Website Performs Currently

Before being getting started with website optimization, running through detailed analysis on website’s current performance is crucial. Without knowing it, kicking off from an indefinite point would result in zero. How your pages are ranking for specific target keywords? Where your competitors are preceding you in the SERP results?

There is a tool called Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite, with which you can understand the ranking position of your web pages for your specific target keywords. The tool can get you ranking results in more than three hundred search engines. Not only for the content based website results, but you can also check the ranking positions for your video or infographics based content pages. The tool helps you to know the local ranking that is geo-specific rankings.

Unfortunately, you would have seen SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. The discount sale will be live only during the mid of December. Do you agree with me that this tool would be essential for website optimization, at an affordable cost?

Go Through a Comprehensive Website Auditing

Then, with the prevailing ranking positions and keyword research results in hand; run through a detailed website auditing. Through which, you will get to know the areas where you need to optimize for search engine ranking. For smart optimization, you will have to rely on a tool that can analyze your domain and give you reliable results.

The tool must uncover every aspect of SEO, the technical errors, areas to improve, suggestions to fix the errors and much more. With all these critical features, the tool must be affordable. The SEO PowerSuite’s WebSite Auditor tool is such a powerful tool that can fetch you entire results about your SEO performance based on both on-page, off page and speed factors. You can fulfill and meet the entire SEO demands optimizing your website for better SERP ranking.

Backlinks are Rather the Crucial Ranking Factor

Well, you have optimized yours on-page and the factors that can boost your website loading speed performance. Though, SERP ranking is very much possible without backlinks; still is considered as a significant ranking factor. It is not only mandatory to improve your link profile. You will have to spy your competitor’s backlinks and strategize your link building based on it. Identify the domains where your competitor’s websites are linked and hence, ranking on top.

You can also identify and remove dab or toxic backlinks of your website. With that, you can have your website away from search engine penalties. Know which backlinks drives traffic to your website and more extensive features with a tool SEO SpyGlass. I will keep updating SEO SpyGlass discount coupon in the mid of December. Keep visiting the blog regularly to keep yourself updated with the live deals.

Build Organic Backlinks Hassle-Free

I would not recommend building massive backlinks within a short time. This practice would get you adverse effect on your SEO and website ranking performance. Rather, you can strategically build organic backlinks from the authoritative domains. The SEO PowerSuite’s LinkAssistant tool can get you more new link building opportunities.

It helps you to identify the relevant prospects in your niche, fetch email contacts and enable you to outreach with more readily available email templates. You can choose between various link building methods and send emails accordingly. If a tool can support you to this extent, then you must own to have your link building campaign, more efficient.

As I said earlier, the LinkAssistant tool doesn’t have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. You can grab this tool only during December with a LinkAssistant discount coupon for Christmas and the New Year.

Use the Influence of Social Networks

It is a fact that SEO and social media have a strong correlation between each other. More the quality signals your website receives, better the SEO will be. Firstly, identify the perfect social platforms that suit your business, create accounts and prove your online presence. Though it is tough to manage all your social engagements, there are social media tools available to help you with this.

BuzzBundle is a leading social media management tool that allows you to have unlimited social accounts and personas, handle loads of social mentions from a single place and keep yourself online all the time. The tool notifies you on every discussion that appears online about your brand, products or services. If you are seeking for such a comprehensive social media tool, then this is a perfect time.

Final Words: Christmas Vs New Year

I wish you to celebrate this Christmas and the New Year with some great deals on your favorite buying lists. It includes tour packages, home decoration, cars, electronic goods, kitchen appliances, champagne, etc. To be specific about the must-to-have tool for SEO professional, I have presented here an article about the SEO PowerSuite tools. Similarly, there will be a lot of deals available to enhance your joy during Christmas and New Year.

Since Link Assistant does offer discounts only during December on behalf of Christmas and the New Year. Likewise, there are more amazing deals that are going to be live soon. Get ready for the shopping and the celebrations.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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