Interview with Ryan

Interview With Ryan Biddulph – Travel Blogger Great In Making Friends Online

In today’s interview series, let’s meet Ryan Biddulph who blogs on ‘Blogging From Paradise’. He is a smart blogger, pro-writer, passionate traveler, and a good friend of bloggers though. Indeed, making friends online or making money online is like having a pie for Ryan. I was more curious to have an interview with Ryan Biddulph and introduce him to my fellow readers. Finally, this is the day.

Interview with Ryan – Blogging From Paradise

Looking at his interest, passion, working strategy, and even pets he has (tiger), he is unique though. No substitute or alternative for Ryan. I often read Ryan’s blog articles, and blog comments he made on other blogs. Ryan is good at building relationships and hence, he is well connected with the blogging community.

Despite all, he has written a plethora of e-books (you will find it on Amazon) that talks about freelance writing, branding, blogging, self-help, networking and even more.

As a travel blogger, he almost travels to several countries and it continues still. By the way, you will also admire to read his blog articles. How he correlates blogging tips with travel experience? It’s interesting. However, I am sure you will love this interview with Ryan Biddulph, today.

Let’s get started then.

Ryan Biddulph – Blogging From Paradise, Blogging With Fun, Blogging For Making Friends

1. Describe your initial days of blogging, your learning sources, inspirations, and your first success (that you think) in blogging journey.

I really kinda winged it as a newbie. Lots of trial and error, although I did learn some from Darren Rowse. As for success, buying my domain and hosting was my first success. Smart branding.

2. A few words about your world travel. Which is the country/place you are dying to visit and spend your days?

I have seen most countries on my dream list but going on safari in Africa is my cherished trip these days. Right now I am in Thailand. I traveled to Turkey and Oman prior. Fun times in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

3. Share the secret behind your fun-filled content creation strategy that doesn’t let readers go away. I don’t feel like I am reading it. I felt that I am listening to you personally.

Thanks, buddy, for the kind words. I just let loose with writing. More than that, I write how I speak versus writing like a 3rd person, straight-laced perspective. Readers feel like I am chatting with them in a room versus reading a blog post. Blogging for the joy of blogging helps me write from a relaxed, engaging, natural voice, and this vibe shines through my blog.

4. I have seen you featured on more big-league sites. Obviously, you deserve it. Help our readers or any moderate bloggers to land on such authority blogs.

Have posture. Never chase anybody down. Indeed, allow success to flow to you. Create a helpful content, network with the top bloggers in the world and allow opportunities to come to you. I just read four more pitches in my email inbox before seeing your email. I never pitch anybody. Everybody – including contributors from Forbes, Virgin, Fox News, and Entrepreneur – pitch me. Posture wins again.

5. The thing that I often admire is your activeness in blog commenting. You comment it randomly, or against notifications? How it contributes to building relationships among the community.

I just comment to make friends and to add value to posts. I do comment mainly on blogs from my niche to target my efforts. Blog commenting is easy; share your genuine thoughts, have fun and know people will read your thoughtful, authentic comments.

6. Name a person you would like to interview or become a friend in the digital marketing arsenal. Also, the blog you are passionate to get featured on.

Nobody in particular buddy because I have been featured on so many top blogs and also, I feel whole and complete, as is.

7. Noticed that you don’t much rely on tools, then how do you monitor, research and analyze data to evaluate your promotions.

I do not check stats much because success flows to me based on my belief in self, based on me knowing I am successful and based on my posture. I know what I do is working based on me following fundamentals so I need no verification from numbers on a screen.

8. Spending 8 to 10 hours a day, how do you handle all your writing jobs, online interactions, commenting, forum discussions, e-books creation, and promotions? Do you entertain VA’s to assist you?

I love blogging, so I make time for blogging. Handling blogging duties are easy if you love what you do. Being overwhelmed simply indicates you moved away from your passion toward stuff you do not want to do.

9. Ryan is known to be a good friend of almost all bloggers. I am impressed. How could you get so many friends online? What are all the medium/ways you keep in touch with them?

Being social is really easy; talk to people through Facebook, Twitter and via blog comments. Most bloggers either Like updates and do not chat with people or simply do not engaging at all, never Liking or commenting on the comment. I open my mouth and chat because social people build huge, loyal friend networks.

10. I used to read your blog posts often. You insist just a small thing (tip or idea) in each article. But that is ever spoken. How do you read your audience mind and offer exactly what they need?

I changed this approach recently; definitely writing more in-depth posts these days. I observe blog comments, social media groups related to my niche and top blogs in my niche. Watching for topics people talk about is the easy way to craft helpful content.

11. Do you own multiple blogs, other than Blogging From Paradise? If so, brief about those.

No, just Blogging From Paradise.

12. We all know that you are not a money-focused but a strategic marketer. This intention is because you have earned enough money or it’s by nature?

I definitely focus on the process but promote myself too. I’d say this; if you have faith in your ability to make money, you need not focus on money. Money arrives if you are not hungry for money, and believe that you will make money, and money sprints from you, if you are desperate for money.

13. Which area you will be focusing more in the upcoming days (say near future): to create more travel adventures or to take your blog to the next level or e-books lined up, or further growing your friend network?

All the four, buddy.

14. Creating a blog is no matter now. How to bring it up successfully? Give some ideas that cover almost all areas of blogging. ‘Successfully’ refers to either making good money or building relationships or promoting business or anything.

1 idea: invest money in courses from top bloggers. Do not try to get all information for free otherwise, you will fail. Every successful blogger invests money in the knowledge offered by successful bloggers, through their courses. Everybody else struggles, fails or quits. Learn from the best bloggers how to succeed by investing in their premium courses. These courses lay out everything you need to know about blogging.

Let’s Sign Off

Indeed, Ryan is the man of simplicity and strategic. You will furnish more untold stories, tips and ideas about blogging following Blogging from Paradise. Hope, in this interview with Ryan Biddulph, I have covered almost all the things that you might be curious about Ryan. Still, if you have any drop it in the comments sections. Ryan always loves to make relations. Hence, he is ready to interact with you. As a vote of thanks, let’s wish him to have all success in life as a fun blogger, and a passionate traveller.

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  1. Ryan is one of the bloggers whom I discovered a decade ago. I still remembered that image through which I found his blog. It was on a beach and I discovered the name Blogging From Paradise. From that day to now, he is the same person with a big heart who always help bloggers in every possible way.

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