Choosing Best WordPress Themes

Things To Consider About Choosing Best WordPress Themes For Niche Blogs

It is a great challenge to select an appropriate theme for a  blog or website. Mainly, WordPress has plenty of themes to suit any individual’s or business needs. Every theme might seem better like suits your requirement. But, it is not so. There are a few crucial factors to remember before choosing the best WordPress themes.

You have to treat this with care like building quality backlinks to improve your link profile.

You have to be more curious about picking your suitable WordPress themes. Continue reading. Let me take you through the key points to check before choosing your best suitable themes for WordPress blogs or websites. With this guide, choose your best suitable WordPress themes and buy it on Black Friday deals and offers.

Before that, let’s have small insights about, “Why selecting a suitable WordPress theme is so important for any blog or websites?”

Is Choosing the Best WordPress Themes Crucial?

There are hundreds of reasons to justify. Indeed, our ideal goal would be; a site should appeal to readers increasing our organic traffic. The ultimate goal of any webmaster is to promote their business online. For which having a better initiative is significant. Similar to picking a perfect hosting at a lower cost, picking a suitable theme is much important.

The page loading speed can have a greater impact on the user experience. Getting the audience to click through, or make them stay on your page is not easy to happen. Themes play a vital role to simplify such a task. Website or blog design matters a lot to have great user-experience.

You may get advice that you can edit any themes as you wish. Modifying a theme which is not meant for it is not a clever idea. It also depends on the theme features to customize it.

I could see more expert bloggers now, was struggling with selecting themes in their early days. To avoid headaches, it is worth to spend your splendid time to discover a theme that fits your blog and its nature.

To save your time and efforts, here I am compiling a checklist on choosing a WordPress theme. Though you wish to have a basic WordPress theme or free WordPress themes, don’t ignore these key points. To save your money, buy the best theme at its discounted prices.

Things to Know Selecting Suitable WordPress Blog Themes

If you are baffled, how to choose a WordPress theme for business or blogs; then this article is for you. Having this guide on WordPress themes in hand, you will be able to pick your suitable theme in all aspects.

I don’t recommend going for nulled themes at any cost. Avoid using nulled themes.

Before prompting for a WordPress hosting or themes checklist, plan an outline of your blog or website. Accordingly, you can find your best profitable themes, plug-ins, and anything.

#1 Does it seem to match your blog type, niche, and purpose?

The first and foremost thing is to know your business needs. In other words, what you want to achieve through your blog or a website. Blog niche and its nature can have a major impact on the theme selection. A pretty looking blog may lack in conversion. On the other hand, more functional websites won’t have a sleek impression. Stick on your blog type, niche, and purpose to surf for suitable themes.

#2 Should be more responsive on any screen

A good theme is a one that provides the responsive look and ensures content readability on any screen size. Thankfully, all the WordPress themes are more responsive. To make sure about it, run through the theme demo before deciding.

#3 Check for its navigation features

Navigation ability of a theme is a great deciding factor. Google or any search engine monitors the user’s navigation every instant. It includes the page on which a user is visiting your site, to which page they are navigating through. I am sure that you know how significant page views are. By the way, your audience will find it simple to navigate through your pages easily.

The theme what you want to choose must enable users to check through your pages easier.

#4 Simple, lightweight, and fast loading

Simple theme denotes lightweight. Lightweight themes are nothing but fast loading WordPress themes. Site or page loading speed is the most significant factor that decides organic traffic of your website. People don’t wait for your page to load. Your competitors are there to serve what user’s want. Page loading speed is never ignorable to outrank competitions.

#5 Design and user experience matters a lot

The theme designs are the primary aspects to offer a better user experience. There are best free WordPress themes for beginners are available. Either it is free or premium, WordPress themes are unimaginable regarding designs. User experience has a higher effect on the average time spent by users on your page. There are possibilities to reduce your bounce rate.

#6 Know your expertise and explore its customization level

Most of the WordPress themes allow you to customize based on your requirements. You don’t have to be an expert in coding and strong in HTML or CSS. However, know your capability to modify a theme as you want. Accordingly, pick your best choice. Each theme can have a different level of customization. You can either add plug-ins to improvise up to the par, how you wish.

#7 Must consider its mobile friendliness

The mobile friendliness nature of a theme is never ignorable. From the stats, you may notice that the majority of the Google searches happen through mobile devices. If you are keen to have better blog performance, it has to be mobile-rendering. Further due to rapid growth in voice search strategy, mobile-friendly sites will have drastic growth and ranking.

#8 Possessing advanced features or functions what you need

Any tool or software is to make our job easy. Similarly, a theme must have advanced features serving all business needs. Advanced features may include drag-drop option, options panel, translations abilities, homepage layouts, schema integrated, etc. However, you may be lacking these features in free WordPress themes.

Again, it depends on your need. If a basic WordPress theme can provide you what you are looking for, then don’t bother about advanced features.

#9 Ensure that it is free from security concerns

Few may be more curious to have a theme that is more secure. Accordance with GDPR, you have to carefully deal with the user’s data. You may refer the user reviews or comments about the theme regarding security lapses. The best free WordPress themes or paid themes you are choosing, check the latest updates on security flaws.

#10 Comply with the latest SEO strategies and techniques

If you are an SEO beginner or intermediate in coding, always prefer themes that are SEO-friendly. Else, you will find it tough to rewrite the codes to make it better for SEO. SEO friendliness is a crucial factor when you think about themes. Though, you have Yoast to handle on-page SEO; built-in SEO features are considerable.

If you have not optimized your website or blog yet for mobile support, check its mobile-friendly test. Pay more attention to improve the score.

#11 Features to merge with social media networks

These days, any business needs an active presence in social media networks. Hence, it is obvious to consider a theme which is providing built-in social media support. Your theme choice must have features to display social icons by default. By which, users will find it easy to share your content. Your audience’s social media interactions will be higher in this case. Don’t worry, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebration deals are available on social media management tools. You can avail it handle all your social media tasks.

#12 Highly compatible with all browsers

Google analytics is a great tool to know your users by browsers too. You might notice that they will be using different browsers from different countries. Hence, your theme must display content perfectly visiting from any browsers. Make sure to check before buying that the theme is compatible with all the browsers, not only with popular browsers.

#13 Must be built with clean code

An excellent theme might not good at coding. Clean and quality coding is also an essential aspect. Beginners will find it vague to optimize pages for fast loading if the content is fuzzy. You can use tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom to test the theme demo. The results like number https requests and the overall score denote the theme performance.

You may use ThemeCheck plug-in too to review any WordPress themes.

#14 Basic but must-to consider: Color and font

I advise you to have your color in mind while surfing for WordPress blog themes. Few themes will suit only for specific colors. Moreover, a good-working WordPress theme must hold up all Google-supported fonts.

#15 Should work well with most plug-ins

You can have plenty of free WordPress plug-ins like page builders, to improvise your website as you want. While choosing a theme, you have to check its compatibility with the plug-ins you are using currently. Similarly, plug-ins you want to use in future must be companionable with the theme.

#16 Enables you to have an effective email subscription box

Email marketing has never lost its significance for many years. To let your email subscriptions to grow, email subscription box or opt-in form must be attention-grabbing. Your particular theme must offer more fantastic subscription form templates.

#17 How frequently it gets updated?

The theme you are picking must update whenever there is an update in your WordPress CMS. Else, it is of no meaning in using such themes. It is wiser to ignore themes that are not up-to-date or does not support the latest WordPress versions. Moreover, the theme developers should keep updating themes with more features to enhance it further.

#18 Know your need and check its WooCommerce compatibility

For money making blogs or service pages, it is mandatory to choose a theme that supports WooCommerce. It must be compatible with Ads. Indeed, there are particular popular easiest WordPress themes are available for e-commerce purpose exclusively.

#19 Choose a one that matches and worth your Budget

Your budget to spend on theme or the themes price range is an exceptional case. There are thousands of WordPress themes and marketplaces or hub available. It is up to the individual to decide on the theme in terms of cost. Depending on the specific requirements, even you can choose free WordPress themes or cheap WordPress themes or even themes at a higher cost. Anyways, you can buy your desired themes on Black Friday deals to save big money.

There are people who are having sites with basic WordPress themes to test various plug-ins alone.

#20 Instant and user-friendly Customer support is significant

Having the entire above things perfect, but worse customer support is no way appreciable. Existing customer’s reviews, feedback, and comments are the only sources to know the customer support level. Either way, you may raise inquiry and check it. But, you don’t have to be carefree regarding customer support. Indeed, most of the themes come with proper documentation. Ensure it.

My Final Verdict

With the above checklist in hand, you can create a list of your business website or blog requirements. Now, it will be simpler for you to settle down on your best choice. Don’t compromise on any terms as there are more featured WordPress themes available.

Compared to earlier days, you could find more marketplaces or hub to buy themes. Go with the best as well as the suitable theme for your WordPress blogs or websites.

After setting up, I suggest you get the feedback from your friends or family about the theme. With this, you can get reviews from the user’s perspective. I am glad to receive your experience in picking themes for your first WordPress blogs or sites. Also, suggest me if I have missed anything to mention in the post. Interact with me through the comments section.

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