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Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools {2021} – No Plagiarism!

As a blogger, an author, and a marketing adviser, one of the major, “first” tools that I often recommend to my client/students will obviously be best duplicate content checker tools – and yeah, there is a reason for it.

Almost every single day, my contents fall prey to the perils of plagiarism. Of course, I get frustrated when I see others taking credit for my hard work. But do you know what gets me even more infuriated? When the “Copied contents” get even better SERP rating than my original piece of contents – injustice? Definitely.

Yeah, plagiarism sucks. But hey, they CAN be avoided. Find below details about 4 of the best duplicate content checker tools ever created – as explained by their reviews, major features, pros, cons, user opinions, etc.

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools – Here’s Why They Matter

You see, Google hates copied contents – if detected, it can ruin your SEO or, worse yet, get you even penalized or blocked. But more than that, it can be terrible for your brandings reputation/perception. Along with losing their peers’ respect, many plagiarists have lost their degrees, their jobs, and their careers destroyed, not to mention, dealing with legal repercussions.

With such serious penalties, it’s highly advisable that you check your existing web content, and any content you’re planning on publishing, for duplication. The only other problem? It can get too exhausting too fast.

Or at least, that was the case till now.

Best Online Duplicate Content Checker Tools – They’re The Need Of The Hour!

Designed to find and scrub your content clean of plagiarism, the best duplicate content checker tools can serve as your first line of defense against the perils of plagiarism. In fact, be it a publisher, blogger, or literally anyone who thrives on original content, its “high time” these tools be a part of your daily workflow.

Plain & simple, these tools can make sure that your content will stay yours, and not a guy who just clicked “ctrl+P” and “V”.

Here’s a quick look at their top 4 free choices;

Best Duplicate Content Checker Software – 4 Apps for a Plagiarism Free Life

Meant to tackle plagiarism forever, here’s a look at 4 of the best free content checker tools that’s currently available today;

1) Grammarly

Grammarly Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

The king of proofers, did you know that Grammarly is also one of the best online duplicate content checker software? Well, you do now!

Reserved for premium users, just enter your content & instantly, Grammarly will compare it against its database of a whopping 16 billion web pages (including ProQuest’s database for academic purposes), highlighting everything from similar phrases, sentence, tone, styles, etc. You will also get detailed feedback on word choice, clarity, sentence structures, and conciseness. The errors get highlighted in red for easy fixing.

Further boasting an “all-in-one” proofreader, Grammarly can also thwart typos, grammar/punctuation & other errors from ruining your contents. You can use it on windows, Mac, chrome, as well as on mobile OS’s.

The pros

  • All in one proofreading suite
  • Powerful, speedy plagiarism checker with a database of 16 billion web pages and growing for max accuracy
  • Built-in dictionary, sentence rephraser and for maximum consistency, you can choose between US & UK writing styles
  • Class-leading, seamless cross-platform support
  • Great free version

The cons

  • Only “pro” Premium users can access the plagiarism checker
  • Can be fooled

User opinion

“Thanks to Grammarly, it’s been years since I last had my content plagiarized. My publisher is happy, and so am I”

2) ProWritingAid


A proofreader, writing coach, & best duplicate content checker software, ProWritingAid is the “all-in-one” writing too you’ve been waiting for, period!

Fuelled by over a billion web pages, PWA – in our experience – worked amazingly to removing plagiarism from our contents. Even subtle similarities couldn’t escape its scanning, which is always a good sign. The reports were well detailed. And the errors themselves were highlighted very prominently – again, it’s good sign. Our only gripe? It’s very slow – like very. Often, it took the tool well over a minute to deliver its results.

The in-built proof checker is good. It works in a way that you’ll learn from your mistakes (hence the word coach title). And finally, there is also 256-bit encryption guards that can help keep your contents safe while online.

The pros

  • Minimal, user-friendly interface
  • The built-in, solid plagiarism checker is one of the best in the business
  • Extremely capable grammar and punctuation checkers (with inbuilt a vocabulary builder & writing style coach
  • Highly secure 256-bit content protection
  • Quite affordable

The cons

  • Rarely has some performance issues, especially when dealing with huge, single content and documents
  • The free version is laughably bad.

User opinion

“For the price, I don’t think you can find a better free duplicate content checker than ProWritingAid – you just can’t!”

3) WhiteSmoke

Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker Reviews

Loved Grammarly but want something different? Well, WhiteSmoke, the all-in-one word editor may end up as your perfect choice – here’s why.

Featuring a light, simple interface Using WhiteSmoke I easy – just upload your content & click check. Immediately, within seconds, the tool will scan and highlight duplicate contents, if any, in your writings with absolute precision. In our testing, it went toe-to-toe against Grammarly, which is really saying something. Like the latter, the other perks of WS include grammar, spell, style, and punctuation checkers, and of course, a powerful WhiteSmoke translator that supports over 50+ world languages to boot.

Along with apps for android & iOS, this best duplicate content checker software is also available on Windows, Mac, chrome & safari as well.

The pros

  • User-friendly, Grammarly-isque design
  • Powerful plagiarism checker with smart, AI – fuelled algorithms for faster, more precise copy checking results.
  • Excellent grammar, punctuation and literary error checking capabilities
  • Built-in translator (now supports over 50 global languages)
  • Cross-platform support

The cons

  • Like Grammarly, struggles with subtle plagiarism attempts
  • No free plan

User opinion

“Great design – check! easy plagiarism checking – check!, Cheaper – check! WhiteSmoke hits all the right notes, in all the right way”

4) CopyScape

Geared for freelancers & authors, CopyScape is the ultimate best duplicate content checker tools for serious writing professionals – literally!

Using CopyScape is super simple – just paste/enter the content and that’s it. You get the standard list of plagiarism checks & alerts with awesome accuracy. In our testing, it flagged even the tiniest/Subtle plagiarism attempts. The highlight here, wait for it… Its plagiarism checker even works across multiple global languages (with the exception being Korean, Japanese, and the mandarin). This perk ensures that even if your content has been plagiarized to a different tongue, CopyScape will be able to spot it.

Finally, with the CopySentry add on, the tool can further run auto checks, alerting you in real-time if a plagiarism attempt are made on your contents.

The pros

  • Easy, minimal, and straightforward
  • Powerful plagiarism checking with inputs from Google and Bing (works across almost every global languages)
  • WordPress integration with the auto alert for plagiarism attempts (needs CopySentry add_
  • Very affordable pre-pay pricing system
  • Free version

The cons

  • Next to no cross-platform compatibility (works only with PC)
  • No content backup

User opinion

“As a writer who’s on the go, CopyScape is all the insurance I’d ever need to ensure that my content is always original – always!

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools – Frequently Asked Questions

At, we know the devil is in the details. So here’s a quick FAQ session on best duplicate content checker tools to help iron out any and all doubts, worries and misconceptions you may have against them.

Let’s start;

1) How does the best online duplicate content checker software works?

A web-based application, the best duplicate content checker tools works by scanning the web for other uses of the same phrases, terms, or quotes as yours. In some cases, it can also detect similarities in wording and paraphrasing.

After scanning for plagiarism, the tool will highlight errors, if any, so that you can easily take action against them.

2) What is accidental plagiarism? And can these tools fix it?

For the unknown, accidental plagiarism happens when you forget citing the sources, or unintentionally paraphrase a source using similar words. It’s quite common and can happen even to the best writers.

And yes, the best duplicate content checker tools CAN easily find & fix them.

3) I have images in my writing – will they be a problem?

No, they’ll not be a bother. All of the best duplicate content checker tools above are smart enough to skip over them & focus on what matters.

4) Are my writings safe with them? Can these tools be trusted?

Yes, you can trust them. With top security & tough privacy policies, all your checked contents will forever be safe with them.

Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools – The Conclusion

Hey, it’s hard to believe, but did you know that over 30% of all web pages feature plagiarized content as of today? Yes, it’s true!

Content duplication – It’s a never-ending problem, yes. But one that can still is (thankfully) controlled – thanks to all the best duplicate content checker tools out there. With their help, you can easily find any duplication, check the threats& take proper action against them – all with a few simple, easy clicks.

As for finding the “right” copy checker for you, just read the above reviews, their perks, pros, cons & choose the right one for you.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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