TCBI 09: Interview With Akshay Hallur From GoBloggingTips

Today, we have a famous young Indian blogger with us. We shall have an exciting interview with Akshay Hallur from GoBloggingTips. In this session, we shall know more about his views on SEO and Blogging, strategies he employs for his blogs and more. This would be really beneficial to determine more tips and ideas on how to optimize your blogs for its promotions.

Interview with Akshay Hallur From GoBloggingTips

Akshay is a professional blogger, trainer and digital marketer. He is the man behind the blog, GoBloggingTips. Through his blogs, he is intended to help other bloggers to have an exceptional blog and to make money. He is a passionate blogger and he is a hater of being employed. He has also come up with an e-book on building Amazon niche sites for monetization.

In continuation with our expert interview series, I am glad to add Akshay’s interview next to Jane Sheeba’s interview. However, both are young passionate Indian bloggers. Let’s get into the Q&A without further delay.

#1. You are a famous blogger; still, share a few words about you other than blogging, as a small introduction.

Other than blogging, I love workouts, swimming, and listening to podcasts. I also like reading books. My favorite book is Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. When it comes to music, I love Eminem.

#2. How could you see GoBloggingTips differ from others? What ranking techniques you are applying for its top rankings?

I follow white-hat strategies to rank my content. I mainly build backlinks via outreach and guest posts. Nowadays, most of my backlinks are natural. It’s mainly due to the quality of the content. I also regularly publish rich graphics on my blog, and it results in a reasonable amount of natural backlinks.

#3. What is your opinion about guest blogging nowadays? Is it dead or still works well?

Guest blogging is not dead. It works a treat. Nevertheless, you need to aim for getting contextual links than getting author bio links. The success of guest blogging entirely depends upon the win-win model and the art of outreach.

#4. I have tried prolinker outreach technique. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well and couldn’t see much response rate. How can I further improvise it? Do offer some pro-tips further.

With Prolinker outreach technique, the most important thing is finding people who are ready to link to excellent content by looking at their outbound link metrics and also the nature of their content. The technique that you use in outreach also matters.

You need to make it as easy as possible for others to link to your content by including screenshots, pointers, etc. But the main success depends upon finding the leads and quality of content on your site. No one likes to link to low or mediocre content.

#5. What would you say as a workable ranking strategy other than Guest posting or skyscraper technique and so on?

Guestographics strategy works great. Other than this targeted link roundups works great. Remember that there should be a win-win.

#6. Internal linking is a crucial one. What are all the best ways to have proper internal linking and to optimize it for more link juice to flow?

It’s essential to properly structure your site so that the relevant content is all interlinked with each other. The goal should be along with ranking for individual keywords, ranking for the entire topics. The action you can take right now is going to your most-linked popular blog posts, and internally link them top your inner money pages that are related.

#7. Tell us your thoughts about Guestographics and Infographic. How important are they in SEO?

Publishing good graphics on your blog posts works great for getting backlinks by themselves. Adding to it, you can also consider outreaching the people who are likely to use the infographics for leveraging more out of the infographics you create. You can get HQ backlinks out of infographics.

#8. Do you apply the same working strategies for both Amazon niche blogs and GoBloggingTips? If not, how you are working differentially?

For GoBloggingTips, I employ mainly white-hat strategies and most of my backlinks are natural.

For my Amazon sites, I do guest posting and other gray hat things like web 2.0-s, niche communities link building, reciprocal link building, guest blog networks, and more.

#9. Considering GoBloggingTips, how vital is the content length regarding SEO and its overall traffic?

GoBloggingTips is a blog in the blogging niche. As you may know, blogging and DM niche is saturated. So, I aim for content that is at least above 2,000 words.

Sometimes I even go beyond 5,000 words while implementing Prolinker Outreach Technique. The best part is that publishing in-depth content enables you to do less SEO as it attracts lots of natural backlinks.

#10. For On-page SEO, will you follow and meet all the suggestions from Yoast plug-in or skip something preferring to do your own?

Yoast SEO has the option only to optimize your content for only one keyword. Considering that you need to use LSI keywords in your article to make your blog semantically healthy, you need to skip some of the things obviously suggested by Yoast SEO. Don’t rely on keyword density suggested by Yoast SEO too much. It’s 2018!

#11. How important is Buyer intent keywords in your blog posts content to get more conversion? What importance are you giving on those?

Buyer intent keywords are significant for any blog. On GoBloggingTips, 30-40% of my content target buyer intent keywords.

#12. Offer some unique tips on keyword research and how do you predict ranking for a particular keyword you are picking?

Ranking prediction entirely depends upon the experience you have. When you are working in a niche for years, you can easily determine what sites you can easily outrank and what you can’t.

For keyword research, I use mainly competitor keyword research and also Suggestomatic. I make use of asterisk or wildcard characters to let this tool suggest the keywords by filling in the blanks.

#13. If any of your blog posts are in 8th position (1st page) for a keyword, on which areas you will further optimize to bring it up to top 3 rankings?

  •  Quality of the content. I will make sure that the quality of the content is better than all those ranking above me.
  •  Include a table of contents, lists, tables, graphics.
  •  Implement the Skyscraper technique to steal their backlinks.
  •  Include a genuinely magnetic headline that attracts more clicks than the ones ranking above me.

#14. Share a few words about your first payout through Amazon affiliate marketing and do you recommend Affiliate marketing for the upcoming bloggers?

My first payout was I earned some $400 last year.

I recommend Amazon’s affiliate marketing. But the main thing is that you need to start a blog and also, monetize it with Amazon affiliates, and not start a blog solely for Amazon affiliates.


I am really thankful to Akshay for his acceptance and faster response to my interview questions. We wish you to have more success in your online journey and keep helping other bloggers with your ideas and thoughts.

I request my readers to grab at most information or ideas from his expertise to use it for the success of your blogs. You may drop your questions to Akshay if any in the comments section.

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