Interview With Janice Wald

Interview with Janice Wald From Mostly Blogging

After a few months, today here is our yet another interview with Janice Wald from Mostly Blogging. Indeed, she must be great writer, trainer, blogger, and social media enthusiast – a multi-personality entrepreneur. I would thank her for accepting our interview request and responding to our questions in detail. Let’s see, how she manages all, what are her achievements, her online courses, future plans, and even more.

Sure, the ideas will help you in a way or either to take your SEO and blogging to the next level. In the worst case, you can learn something that you have missed so many days.

Interview With Janice Wald – Great Author & Female Entrepreneur

It’s been a while since we did an interview with Sorav Jain. After that, I’m glad that we have got an opportunity to explore Janice’s online journey, blogging strategies, and more. Also, she helps other bloggers to empower their online platforms, social profiles, and digital marketing stuff offering plenty of eBooks, and online courses.

Indeed, when readers sign up for Mostly Blogging, they get a PDF of 137 free blogging tools to save them hours of time. She has been contributing valuable content to the web for a long time through Mostly Blogging. So, check out her blog, subscribe to her newsletter, and grab the knowledge and updates.

So, let’s get started!

#1 I would request you to introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your blogging journey, Janice.

Hi Sathish,

Thanks for having me today.

I’m the founder of the blog, Mostly Blogging and the co-founder of the Mostly Blogging Academy.

I started blogging in 2014 when my youngest daughter went to college. Several other factors pointed me in that direction. I had just seen the movie “Julie and Julia” which was about a blogger and gave me the idea. Also, I completed a Master’s Degree in Education which gave me confidence in my writing. All three factors motivated me to start my blogging journey.

Today I am a blogger, blogging coach, ebook author, speaker, freelance writer, and blogging judge.

Also, I have accolades on Quora:

Top Writer 2018

Most Viewed Writer: Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy, Blogging, and Blogs.

You can read more about my honors in the next answer, and you can learn more about my blog and me here.

#2 What do you say as your blogging achievements and accomplishments?

My greatest achievement came just last year. Only 12 people on earth were nominated for 2019 Best Digital Marketer, and I was one of them.

Also, in 2017, my blog was nominated for the Most Informative Blog at the London Bloggers Bash. Then I was asked to judge the competition which I did in 2019. I was scheduled to judge again in 2020, but the competition was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I hope to judge again in the future.

#3 What are the lessons you have learnt from these years of blogging journey?

Patience. Blogging is not a literal journey. There is flux. I work to generate Google traffic and coach others to do the same. However, a lot of traffic is dependent on Google’s updates and algorithm changes.

Also, even when the updates favor the bloggers, Google rewards longevity. You need to show Google you are in for the long haul– you won’t abandon your blog– before Google gives you steady traffic.

#4 Please share about your online courses, eBooks, other products, and services you offer. 

Thanks for asking and giving me the opportunity to introduce your readers to all that Mostly Blogging has to offer.

My business partner Peter Nyiri and I offer 7 blogging courses. We are the founders of the Mostly Blogging Academy.

Ebooks on – 

  • All the Instagram Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
  • An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog
  • How to Make Money by Varying Your Income, a resource


I have 9 coaching services.

  • Quora Coaching Service – Brand new!
  • Traffic Generation Service
  • Instagram Coaching Service – Brand new!
  • Twitter Coaching Service – Brand new!
  • Blog Monetization Coaching Service – Brand new!
  • Flipboard Traffic Coaching – Brand new!
  • SEO Coaching Service
  • Headline Writing Service
  • Email List: How to Get More Subscribers

#5 Sure, there must be a great community following your “Inspire Me Monday” series. What makes you render such a resourceful series to the readers? 

Thank you so much for your compliments on my Inspire Me Monday Linky Party. Each week, Monday through Friday, three other women and I host a blogging event. All bloggers are welcome to come with their “family-friendly’ blogs.

The event is called “Inspire Me Monday,” and it really is all about inspiration. Bloggers from all over the world come and leave their post links. It’s wonderful exposure for the blogger and genuine inspiration for the guests.

For example, many recipe bloggers and crafts bloggers come. Lately, people leave their Coronavirus coping tips. At the holidays, Inspire Me Monday is overflowing with inspiring ideas.

Each week, the other hostesses and I each pick two bloggers we feel are the most inspiring. They get additional exposure and get their graphics pinned to our Community Pinterest Board.

#6 What are favorite SEO, blogging, and designing tools?

I have written many articles on those topics since I’m so interested in sharing my thoughts about tools that will help bloggers.


MozBar: It’s a free Chrome extension. You get unlimited queries per month. If you follow this tutorial, you can even use the MozBar for competitive analysis:

SERPRobot: It’s not only my favorite SEO tool, but I use it many times a day. I know other bloggers addicted, as well. SERPRobot is free. At one time, quickly, you’ll find your post rankings of 5 keywords. Keep using SERPRobot to know if your posts are staying at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results pages.

#7 Content is not King. The results are. That’s inspiring. How do you craft your content strategy?

Step 1: I find a topic people are interested in reading about. Go to Google Trends or use this list of generic blog post topics if you need help.

Step 2: Find a keyword with a high search volume but low online competition for readership. Here is a list of keyword tools people can use.

I like KWFinder, but there are many free tools on the list include the MozBar.

Step 3: Optimize your post with the keywords. Use SEO tools like RankMath or Yoast to help you. Both are free.

Step 4: After publication, promote. Here are 63 places you can promote without being called a spammer.

Step 5: Update your posts with new information when you have it.

#8 How serious are you in building backlinks to your blog? What are all the ways you practice to gain backlinks?

I am obsessed with link building! After all, that’s the way to boost SERP Rankings and our Domain Authority Rankings.

Would you like to know all the places I build links to my blog posts from? Here you go.

#9 What are your profitable monetization sources? Brief about those. 

Bloggers should vary their income streams. Here’s how I monetize:

I am a freelance writer. Many people find me on Google. However, I belong to an agency called SeedingUp. It’s free to join, and you get a human account manager to help you. I just got a writing gig from there in my niche. You set the price, so there’s no negotiation.

I also sell my ebooks.

I also sell blogging courses.

I also a coach.

I also publish sponsored content.

#10 Share your opinion about social media marketing for any business. What are your proven tips for lead generation through social platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn?

I recently listened to a podcast that said you’ll find opportunities on LinkedIn. It’s true. The longer I’m there; the more opportunities are presented to me for monetization.

In contrast, you won’t find opportunities on Instagram. I do get people to click my links. I put them in Stories. Generally, I use the Instagram Story Swipe Up link to get people on my email list.

My Instagram followers like my countdown feature. I countdown to a new course launch or my linky party.

#11 How do you handle your blog’s design, hosting and technical chores?

I have a wonderful tech helper Phillip Dews.

Here is his website:

#12 Do you have a team or VA’s to assist you on content and other blogging tasks?

Yes. I have a business manager, a business partner, a Virtual Assistant, and a tech helper. I also have a graphic designer if needed.

#13 Name some of your must-to-have SEO or blogging tools.

I believe I answered this in an earlier question:

MozBar and SERPRobot; I also mentioned KWFinder and gave a list of Ubersuggest alternatives.

#14 What’s your upcoming plan in taking your blog to the next level and business? 

The Mostly Blogging Academy has plans for expansion! We plan on adding a social media course. We also plan on hosting an informational webinar about our course offerings.

#15 Share your real opinion about the Traffic Crow blog. 

Your blog is terrific, Sathish! For instance, you review many great SEO tools and their alternatives.

The Conclusion

“I appreciate you featuring me so your readers can get to know me and all the Mostly Blogging Community has to offer. “ – Words from Janice.

Indeed, it’s my pleasure to feature her on Traffic Crow to expose her abilities and blogging achievements to my readers. One sure thing, she tirelessly creates quality content and broadcasts it through various platforms. Make sure to get it used and benefitted.

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  1. I really appreciate this post, I have wondered/worried about how to reconcile the little experience I have with the idea of teaching others, and this post (and in particular the movie reference) really has got me thinking in a different way than I have been.

    Thanks again!

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