Best Ginger Software Alternatives

Best Ginger Software Alternatives {2023} – Top 3 Competitor Tools That Are Cheaper Too!

The writing marketplace is flooded with a plethora of tools to refine your writing skills. Ginger Software is one of the popular names among those. In this best Ginger software alternatives article, let’s see what makes you hunt for the best alternatives to ginger software. And, what other English proofreading tools have to offer.

Reasons Why You Need Best Ginger Software Alternatives?

With its exclusive set of tools and features like Personal Trainer, Text Reader, Sentence Rephraser, Translator, and even more, Ginger Software is always awesome in its way. The tool comes for free in various forms – chrome add-on, the desktop version, and online editor. Also, you have this writing app to assist you on iOS and Mac devices. Besides all, the company offers abundant online resources to hone your English writing ability.

Still, what makes you find some better alternatives to Ginger Software? Here are some of the reasons to attest that you just need some best Ginger Software alternatives.

  • No native apps for Mac users.
  • Browser extensions are available only for Chrome & Safari
  • No plagiarism checker option
  • Compared to other proficient tools like Grammarly, it can spot only fewer punctuation mistakes, at times
  • You don’t get many detailed explanations on each error. Just have to go with the tool suggestions

It has great translation ability among 60+ languages and spell/grammar checking features. Yet, the above downsides urge to find an effective but also the ginger Software cheaper alternative.

Are There Any Free Alternatives To Ginger Software?

Why not?

There are good numbers of reliable English writing and proofreading software available. Especially, the great tools to fill the gap – the areas where the Ginger Software disappoints you.

Indeed, deciding on among so much pretty good tools out there is quite an overwhelming task. Hence, I have decided to bring out the top 3 Ginger Software alternatives that you will admire.

Top 3 Ginger Software Free Alternatives To Explore

By the way, one can’t just write about these tools at least using it for once in their lifetime. Hence, I’m glad to present these best Ginger Software alternatives from my real-time writing experience.

Using the Grammarly tool for a few years, I could boost my English writing potential, up to the mark (as a non-native English speaker). I agree that there is still space for improvement in my writings. I’m on track.

For that reason, I wish you to rely on the most powerful writing and editing software to present your content error-free. Not to mention, the mistakes in your writing can spoil brand reputation and fails to convey your thoughts as intended. So, writing quality content is super essential in this digital arsenal.

Here are the best Ginger Software alternatives for your quick reference.

#1 Grammarly

Grammarly Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2016

Indeed, the first alternative to Ginger Software is Grammarly. It deserves the position with its advanced AI-based algorithm to proofreading and editing any piece of English writings. Not to be surprised, Grammarly checks around 400+ grammatical rules and makes your content grammar-perfect.

Most importantly, no punctuation errors can escape from Grammarly’s eyes. We all know how a silly wrong usage of a comma can impact the content delivery. So, let’s stay out of this killer writing mistakes using Grammarly.

The next important thing is the limitations on word count. Ginger Software’s free version has limitations. For instant, Ginger’s online grammar checker allows you to check only 450 characters (around 120 words) at a time.

Ginger Software Free Grammar Checker Online

But, Grammarly, even its free version, never stops you for this reason. Here is a sample test below.

Grammarly Free Tool

By the way, you can see Grammarly can spot more mistakes than Ginger Software. So, that’s great to make your content more perfect rather than leaving some holes unzipped.

Further, Grammarly has its native desktop app for Mac OS as well, whereas Ginger doesn’t have one. You can also start using Grammarly browser extensions on most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. But, Ginger add-ons are available only for Chrome and Safari.

The big difference lies in the content duplication-checking option. As we have seen above, Ginger doesn’t have any plagiarism checker tool. But, Grammarly, as a comprehensive writing assistant tool, checks your piece of text with 16 billions of web pages, eBooks, and other online publications for plagiarism.

Whether you are a blogger, online publisher, author, or student, it is more obvious to present the original content. With just a click, Grammarly premium notifies you about the level of content originality.

Both Grammarly and Ginger have a set of more similar features like adding exclusive words to the dictionary, spell checking, free chrome add-on, the keyboard for Android smartphones, etc.

With cool features like a translator, text reader, sentence rephraser, and all, Ginger wins over Grammarly.

So, I leave it to you. If you are more specific about these add-ons like a personal trainer, text reader, etc. to improve your spoken English, Grammarly is not for you.

On the other hand, as a serious writer, you wanted to eliminate simple to any complex writing error and make your content plagiarism-free, go with Grammarly.

If you are a Mac user, Grammarly is your tool, no-questions-asked.


  • Most reliable English proofreading tool
  • Checks for advanced punctuation errors
  • Powerful plagiarism checker option
  • Native desktop app for Mac OS
  • No strict restrictions on word count to perform checks
  • Seamlessly works on Google Docs, MS Word, etc.
  • Comes with more formatting options
  • Detailed writing reports


  • Needs internet connectivity
  • Expensive as you choose its basic plans

#2 ProWritingAid


One of the best cheaper alternatives to Ginger Software is ProWritingAid. It almost has all the incredible features that Grammarly offers. More than that, ProWritingAid is popular among the authors and students as a writing mentor and style checker.

With thousands of hand-coded style check rules, the tool covers the most significant style improvements you can make.

Like Ginger Software, it also provides online resources like quizzes, videos, etc. to build your writing skills. Besides, it gets you in-app suggestions and explanations on each error it highlights.

Further, ProWritingAid has more in-built resources like alliterations, collocations, clichés, anagrams, etc. for vocabulary enhancement.

ProWritingAid easily integrates with most of the day-to-day platforms like MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and so on. It’s browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, and Safari lets you check and optimize your content wherever you write online.

On the other hand, Ginger has its browser extension only for Chrome and Safari. By the way, using web editors, you have multiple options to input your content in the case of ProWritingAid. But, that’s not the case in Ginger online software – you have just copy-paste to it.

When it comes to scaling the tool’s ability to spot the mistakes, you can see ProWritingAid is diligent compared to Ginger Software. Most importantly, the tool mainly focuses on improving content readability.

ProWritingAid Free Tool

And ProWritingAid gives you clear explanations to better understand the cause of the error, whereas Ginger Software fails to do so.

The biggest downside in Ginger Software is its lack of plagiarism checking feature. ProWritingAid can check your content originality, but that’s not included in your package. You have to purchase it separately at additional cost. That may be good or bad based on how essential it is for you.

Notably, it provides 20+ reports on various aspects of writing that no other writing tools offer.


  • Great tool to improve your content readability
  • Has thousands of hand-coded rules for style checks
  • Plagiarism checker ability
  • More number of reports & visual insights
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party writing platforms
  • Lifetime plans available for serious writers


  • Plagiarism checker comes at extra cost

#3 WhiteSmoke

Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker Reviews

WhiteSmoke is indeed, one of the leading English proofreading and grammar software. It checks spelling, English grammar, writing style, and punctuations to make your emails, presentations, documents, etc. error-free.

By the way, the all-in-one WhiteSmoke tool has a built-in translator, dictionary, and ready templates to write on the go. It also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. Receiving plenty of requests for writing apps for Mac users, recently, WhiteSmoke introduces New Writer for Mac.

It seamlessly integrates and assists you on all browsers like Opera, IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. You are flexible to use its desktop or web version as you need.

But, WhiteSmoke does not have any free version. You can test the tool with its free trial before making a purchase. Compared to Ginger Software, WhiteSmoke has a plagiarism detection feature. Meanwhile, WhiteSmoke is quite affordable than Ginger Software.

So, if you’re budget-conscious but need some advanced features like plagiarism, WhiteSmoke comes into the rescue.


  • Complete spell, grammar, punctuation and style checker
  • Full-text or word-word translation between 55 languages
  • Mobile app for Android & iOS
  • Plagiarism detection ability
  • Extensions available for all popular browsers
  • Pre-made document templates


  • No free version
  • Credits limits using its plagiarism checker

What Are The Free Ginger Software alternatives?

No worries. Grammarly and ProWritingAid – the better alternatives to Ginger Software are available for both free and paid. To get hands-on with any of your choices, start using its free web version. Install its browser add-ons and realize how it can help to eliminate your writing mistakes in real-time.

Based on your writing needs, tool features and efficiency go for its premium versions. All three tools have its ups and downs. You could see these tools listed almost any articles over the web on English writing, proofreading, or editing. To make a clear choice, I insist you give a try to all the three Ginger alternatives and pick the suitable one.

FAQ on Top Ginger Software Competitors sites

Though Ginger Software is a widely used writing assistant app, it disheartens some of its users lacking a few essential key features like plagiarism checker. If you are one among those looking for the best Ginger Software alternatives or in a dilemma, check out this FAQ section.

1) Which is better Grammarly or Ginger Software?

It makes less sense simply recommending anyone among the two with no evaluation. If you are specifically looking for some advanced writing checks and corrections, Grammarly would be an ideal tool.

2) Which Ginger Software alternative free do you recommend?

Indeed, I have reviewed the 3 top players in the market. For any writers, you will find the entire essential features. Only a few things like tool performance, user interface, reliability, and reporting features might vary. Give all the tools a try and purchase one you like the most.

3) Are there any offline grammar checker tools available like Ginger?

There are some, but I doubt that those will be good all the way. Having the AI algorithm work in the cloud is diligent since processing text takes a lot of resources. And, a good grammar checker algorithm needs frequent updates that go live immediately. So, it’s hard to find a powerful tool that works offline.

4) How ProWritingAid is reasonable when compared to Ginger Software?

The two good reasons are – ProWritingAid has plagiarism checking feature and a lifetime plan. Ginger has lost to ProWritingAid in these areas.

Final Verdict

That’s good. Now, you have got some wealthy ideas about the best Ginger Software alternatives. Which one inspires you?

If you are an author or scriptwriter, ProWritingAid as a style checker can be your writing partner.

If you are a freelance writer who pens down throughout the day and budget is a great deal, go with WhiteSmoke.

On the other hand, if you are serious about improving your writing quality that makes or breaks your online presence, Grammarly would be the ultimate choice. Also, those who need to run some advanced grammatical checks and eliminate even the minor writing mistakes, Grammarly comes handy. Notably, students and non-native English speakers can benefit and realize the improvement in their writing over time.

So, what’s your choice of writing assistant tool? Share your thoughts below!

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