Interview With Pradeep Kumar

TCBI 05: Interview With Pradeep Kumar From HellBound Bloggers

We have our guest here, today and I have got a chance to have an interview with Pradeep Kumar from HellBound Bloggers – a successful pro blogger. and I am glad to thank him for the opportunity. HBB is a fortune blog where its objective is to encourage and educate young bloggers or newbies.

Moreover, I am cheerful to include his interview discussion in my expert’s interview series to help my readers as well. Now let’s go through his interview session, and see how we can make it purposeful. You will get to know his favorite SEO tools, strategies and forum tactics.

Interview With Pradeep Kumar From HellBound Bloggers

Recently we had a great interview with Gopal Krishnan from 4 Hour Facebook Funnel, expertise on Facebook. It was very helpful to educate ourselves about building Facebook campaigns in a short duration of 4 hours. To add more flavor to the interview series, today we have another popular personality Pradeep Kumar, founder of HellBound Bloggers. He is a person of kind-hearted in helping others through his facebook groups.

I hope to have a more informative session over here with such expertise to learn something new and to hone our skills. With no further delay, let’s dive into the interview.

First of all, Warm Welcome to Pradeep Kumar on behalf of myself and my readers.

#1. When have you started your Online Career as an aspiring Blogger? Explain your feelings and memories.

When I was in school, I heard about two things often, one is “Email,” and another one is “Yahoo! Messenger.” After school, I used to visit Browsing Centres and check my emails; then I came across “Yahoo! Messenger” and “Orkut.” These three things changed the way I saw the internet medium. From these three I understand that there are no boundaries to stop. Only after these, I came to know about Blogging and created my first blog inspired by my brother. It was a simple process back then; you click on the sign-up button, and tada, you are a Blogger.

But, only after publishing some articles, by getting feedback and criticism from others, I came to know the responsibilities of a blogger. Slowly, this became my profession, and here I’m.

#2. Why and which made you start Blogging?

Starting a blog is as simple as clicking a button, anyone can start it, I think it’s the same for me too when I started my blog. I had no specific intentions, but the aftermath, what happened after I began to type/publish, I realized my words are more than just letters, they can be used to educate people, to promote ideas, to solve problems, and yes, to convert dreams into dollars.

#3. Being a busy Blogger and an Entrepreneur, how do you manage your time on Social Media along with your several notable FB Groups? (MoviesDrop, BookWritten, FoodGravy, HBB)

I’m not honestly very active on Social Media these days; I took a huge break to be offline. I needed a distraction from this ‘screen-life.

If “100%” is the metric for all our Slashsquare Facebook Groups, then 40% of them are active, but, that too, with the help of our members. Existing members, they know how the groups function, but we need to make the new members follow the same path as well. I try my best to be as active as possible, I have my phone all the time, so it’s quite handy.

If I don’t have much time, what I usually do is, when I see two posts:

  1. “My AdSense account got suspended. Let me know what I should do?”
  2. “My blog got hacked, not able to access dashboard!”

Then I can’t jump into both the threads and contribute my time. I’ll focus on the “#2” thread and follow that. For the “#1” if I have time, I”ll save the post and/or tag someone in the comments section to help further.

We have two forums as well: HBB Forum & DeviceBAR Forum.

We have more responsibilities now to share and learn.

#4. Being a Full-Time Blogger and an Internet Marketer, how do you manage your health and wealth?

Health: I don’t sleep well, but am trying to fix that. I eat properly, but since I run “FoodGravy” as well, I try all the possible dishes out there to experience and promote the brand further. But, yes, I love eating stuff. Apart from this, I walk often, I keep myself decently fit, and most importantly, be happy.

Wealth: Blogging and Internet Marketing pays me enough, but I spend a lot than I usually earn, that kills my savings. It’s like I’m using all my money to build a building, painting it, decorating it, etc. and planning to rent it after a few years.

$5. Which One Book that inspired you? Which One Food that ruins your tongue? Which One Movie motivated or changed your life completely? (Based on your interest as you are engaged highly with these topics on FB)
  • (BookWritten) Book: “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini.
  • (MoviesDroop) Movie: 12 Angry Men (1957)
  • (FoodGravy) Food: Momos
#6. Do your Family Members accepted your ambition to become a successful Blogger at the earlier stage?

They were not interested in this field only because they were not able to understand it correctly. The online world is pretty tricky for everyone.

Let’s go back to “2010 or 2012”, the time I was kinda earning money online decently, but when I say this to someone, a random guy, either he’ll think that I’m lying or he’ll think that I was a scammer (remember those emails?). So, in a world with such a complicated confusion, I can’t blame my parents for caring for me and questioning my decision to focus on this profession.

#7. If someone personally messages you “Hello Bro, I am a newbie blogger; I need to earn Huge with Blogging Career, could you tell me your strategies and tactics for me brother?” What would be your reaction at first sight?

I’m glad you asked my ‘reaction’ than ‘answer,’ bro because I can’t honestly give him/her one.

I’ll probably use an annoying Minion sticker for this.

They are okay with studying in School/College for years, then going to a job for earning, but can’t they spend a few months or at least a year to study Blogging properly and then make money?

#8. Do you think that Female Bloggers ratio in India is in flat position?

I think it all depends on the ‘niche’ aka ‘field’ we are talking about. A female blogger might think “Why there are only a few Male Fashion Bloggers out there?” and a male blogger might think “Why there are only a few Female Tech Bloggers out there?”. There isn’t any solid answer for this; they just picked the areas they preferred. From 2008 to 2018, I have seen the growth of blogging in India, and female bloggers played an essential role in that as well. It’s a profession anyone can pick and proceed further.

#9. What would be your Ultimate Future Goal that keeps you focusing more on it?

A Facebook status I updated recently:

“I always have only one specific intention. To make whatever we create, reach as many people as possible.”

This one thing is what I always do. “Reach as many people as possible” – I’m working on all the possible natural yet challenging strategies for this.

We launched our BookWritten Android app recently; it’s a minimal Book Read-List, Reading History, and My Collections app. We’ll be upscaling this later this year. 🙂

#10. Is it a right choice for a person to quit his/her 9-5 job with replacement as a Full-Time Blogger and as an Internet Marketer?

It’s a complicated + confusing question. Quitting Job and Education for an online career like Blogging or Internet Marketing is a possibility right decision, but it’s not applicable to everyone.

Not all the ProBloggers and Internet Marketers are successful out there. This is not an easy and straightforward profession. If you love to explore this field, I won’t or let it be anyone; they can’t just restrict you. Feel free to try this, and see if you find it amusing or passionate. Over a period, you’ll get the answer to the question “Should I quit?”

#11. Can you give a small piece of advice to the novice blogger to get succeed in their blogging career?

There is only one thing that’ll annoy, discourage, and demotivate you. That’s “Failure.” But, what exactly is “Failure”? Getting your AdSense account suspended? Getting Google update and your traffic falling? Are you not earning a single penny after months of hard work?

If you take a break and think back all of these, it’s never going to end. People fail to learn. As long as you are learning, you won’t ever fail. Use your knowledge, use your problems (and their solutions), start building the right content platform. I am sure it’s just a matter of time to find the right set of results as well.

#12. Do you think that people spam everywhere in the online platform nowadays for a reach? If so, how to advise them?

I’ll talk about two platforms: Quora and Facebook Groups.

Quora is a beautiful community. Plenty of people visit there and share their knowledge for free. I always respect those people. But, there are some specific guys, who use Quora for driving insane traffic to their website and use direct affiliate links to make money. I’ll share an example:

Question: “Which one is better? MacBook Pro or Dell XPS?”
Answer: “I would prefer Dell XPS. You can buy it directly online here: *Insert Affiliate Link*.”

I know this is an answer, but this is not how it should work. A single weak response will impact the whole community, and others will start to do the same. I would suggest them to treat it as a holy place for information, knowledge, and education.

Talking about Facebook Groups, some members, don’t care about the concept of “Groups,” for them, it’s a place for sharing their articles or any links. Please. Don’t. Ever.

#13. Did you ever face any fatal issues or threatening with your Blogging/Entrepreneurship career?

I don’t think I encountered anything that serious in my online career, I had several misunderstandings with some folks, but nothing that worries me more than a minute.

#14. For a successful blogger/entrepreneur, what are the necessary qualities should he/she holds?

It’s most important to be confident and patient. If you are not optimistic about something, you can’t expect your readers/clients/customers to follow you or trust you. Always have a solution or a suggestion. If someone asks you, “Which is best?” and you don’t know the answer to that, then think of all the possible answers except “I have no idea about this.”

#15. Blackhat SEO vs. Whitehat SEO? Have you ever experienced the Blackhat SEO tactics?

Blackhat SEO = Illegal. It’s like using a bike in a marathon or journey when others are just using their legs to walk. You’ll reach your destination soon, but you’ll be out of your fuel too, you can’t go anywhere else after that.

#16. If you were not interested in Blogging or any other Online Activities, what may be your desired Designation?

It’s a difficult question. When I was a school/college student, I took “Computer Science” because I loved “Computers,” but I only saw it as an interesting factor. Computers = Fun. But, deep down, I was someone who was not interested in anything that follows a pattern.

#17. What are the essential Tools and Gadgets that one should have for their flawless productivity goals?

I shared the top 3 I used this week regularly.

  • Online Tools: CloudApp, Grammarly, and Tweetbot.
  • Offline Tools: A good chair, a good pillow, and an alarm clock.
#18. Share your comments about Me & Traffic Crow?

I’m delighted to share my thoughts on this platform; I love to see this blog grow further and educate as many people as possible. Thank you.


Great thanks to Pradeep for your valuable time spent with us. We wish you to more success throughout your online journey and keep helping others. Hope your thoughts and insights would be one way or another helpful for my readers. Thanks for everything.

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  1. Thoroughly an excellent Interview.
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    I am just a novice blogger following his path.

    Kudos to you man!

  2. Wonderful interview Pradeep bro. @satish bro you asked great questions. Both doing great. Really motivational interview. I got some other movie in my waitlist. Thank You guys 👏

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