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Best MOZ Alternatives [2023] – Top Tools That Made SEO Easier!

MOZ – born in Seattle, their eponymous flagship SEO tool is. Hands-down, one of the best All-in-one SEO tools the industry has ever seen – in fact, they still are, finding place still in some of the biggest SEO experts arsenals. But as years passed on; other players have surely worked themselves into the spotlight, with a few best MOZ alternatives even overtaking MOZ in certain aspects, and others at affordable prices.

So the question arises: is MOZ still the undisputed king of SEO tools? Or does the time has come to switch to the best MOZ alternatives?

Well, we asked the experts; and based on their reports, here are five of the best alternatives free to keep an eye out this season. Join us as we break down their features, pros, and cons, plans, prices, etc…

So yeah, without any further ado;

Let’s dive in!

Best MOZ Alternatives – First, Let’s Look At MOZ

Setting the benchmark for SEO tools in more ways than one, the “MOZ” Pro runs the gamut on a slew of SEO tools like keyword monitoring, position tracking, link analysis, and literally everything in between.

Fuelled by its robust features that aim to help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility across all the search engine results, MOZ pro’s spider can help audit your site which should alert you of potential issues & their remedies. There is also the ability to track your site rankings over thousands of keywords per website. The inbuilt keyword researcher is awesome.

The same goes for the backlink analyzer too, which can give you timely info on inbound links as well as the quality of the links themselves. With MOZ, you can benchmark against rivals, borrow their finest backlinks/strategies, track growth, monitor traffic, enhance your on-site SEO, track the rankings, and monitor & fix on-site SEO issues.

Clearly, MOZ is out for blood – and how! At just $99 a month, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more bang for the buck SEO tool than MOZ.

From an SEO perspective, the MOZ allows you to:

  • Compare two or more competitors traffic statistics and ranking rates
  • Analyze rivals backlinks, Keywords, and SEO strategies with in-depth, insightful reporting across a tone of relevant metrics
  • Create risk-free advertisement strategies at your competitor’s expense
  • Plan, test and execute global outreach campaigns
  • Track SEO opportunities in real-time

And a whole lot more….

Alternatives to MOZ – Worth Considering!

As you just saw above: MOZ is pretty amazing – but it’s not perfect. For starters, the $99 price tag – while affordable –might not be for, well everyone. Add to that a complex SMB that’s hard to navigate& a slow to update backlink database, and it’s easy to understand why there is a demand for top best MOZ alternatives.

Don’t get us wrong. If you want, you can still go for MOZ – it’s still a brilliant SEO tool as any. But if for some reason (like the ones above) you want to look at other options, we reckon its good, having a few choices to fall back on.

Which brings us to…

Top MOZ Competitor Sites – Best 5 MOZ Alternatives To Supercharge Your SEO In 2023

Quick disclaimer: this post is in no way meant to downplay MOZ’s suite of SEO tools (which are awesome by the way!), but only to introduce some nice, affordable alternatives to MOZ& make their case for your benefit.

With that, let’s get started;

1) SEMRush

The current market leader in SEO tools, SEMrush is perfect for you if you want absolutely everything on SEO in one place – even things you didn’t realize you needed. It got everything from rank tracking, link outreach to the topic finder, and more!

As a competitor analysis tool, SEMrush provides a ton of great metrics to help you better understand your competitors, your niche, and your industry. Pair that with the inbuilt, powerful keyword researching and develop smart advertising strategies in a blink. Digital marketers can use this great tool for SEO programs, PPC, and site audits, to get useful links and for local & mobile visibility – ideal for effective outreaching campaigns. Finally, the tool provides clear and customizable reports that effectively portray historical trends & competitor/your site’s performance levels, making later comparisons easier.

Finally, there is also a project feature, which lets you centralize your SEO data around one particular domain – awesome for agencies with multiple clients or businesses that have more than one site to handle.

Get SEMRush Pro Free Trial For 14 Days

If SEMRush sounds good and you wanted to give it a try, don’t wait for another day. It’s easy to sign-up and get started with the SEMRush Pro plan using its 14-day free trial. Here are the steps to follow –

Step-1: Click on this special link to head over to our EXCLUSIVE Traffic Crow & SEMRush partner page.

SEMRush partner page

Step -2: Click on ‘Start your free 14 day trial now!‘ Next you will have to register an account using your email address and secured password. If you are using already using SEMRush free account, then sign-in here.SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: After creating your SEMRush account, you will need to enter your billing details in the next check-out window that appears. You can see the promo code applied automatically.

Step-4: Click on “Place The Order” to access SEMRush Pro features that worth around $99.95 and boost your online marketing campaigns.

You have got full access to SEMRush Pro for next 14 days free of cost. Anytime you wish, you can cancel your account just by sending an email to Hopefully, you won’t cancel your account after experiencing the magic of the SEMRush Pro tool.


  • An all in one MOZ free alternative
  • Powerful competition analysis with detailed reporting on ranking, keywords, and advertising and outreach strategies
  • Real-time rank monitoring with smart alerts
  • Domain analytics for observing key metrics like bounce rates, page visit duration, CTR, CPC, volume, etc…
  • A ton of extra SEO optimizing perks


  • The UI and the accuracy of the reports, while serviceable, can be improved by a miler
  • Slow traffic predictions

User opinion

“As an SEO beginner, SEMrush easily can be your best friend. It has everything you’ll need when you need it. Highly recommended”

2) SEO PowerSuite

A desktop SEO tool, the SEO PowerSuite isn’t a single product. Rather its bundle of some of the industry’s best SEO tools: a rank tracker, website auditor, SEO spyglass for rival analysis, and the LinkAssistant for quality link building.

An all-in-one SEO tool, SEO PowerSuite’s SEO spyglass – true to its name – can offer you an in-depth look at your rivals, well everything – from ranking to top keywords, key backlinks to even SEO strategies, you name it.

With the Site Auditor also fired up, the number of details you can get triples, with both yours and your rival’s domains, traffic rates to analytics on PPC, CTR, load speed, etc… and more being up for grabs.

The rank tracker makes it easy to keep an eye on your rival’s SERP rankings– just enter their URL, and it’ll work. Lastly, we have the link assistant, which not only helps you to keep an eye on your site’s b-links health and reliable but also helps you to build far better, reliable keywords in a jiffy.

At around $299 a pop, SEO PowerSuite isn’t exactly an affordable MOZ alternative. But for the pricing, it’s one of the most feature-packed MOZ better alternatives out there. The only deal-breaker? It needs to be installed to work.


  • An all-in-one SEO solution
  • Both rank tracker and SpyGlass are amongst the best-integrated competition analysis tools we have ever used
  • powerful site auditing with tons of useful, and accurate metrics
  • all reports are visually charged and plenty accurate
  • Free trial available


Though one-off, the expensive price tag might put this tool out of the

  • reach of budget SEO
  • Needs to be installed on a desktop to work

User opinion

“The Swiss army knife of SEO tools, everything I need for my SEO, I can find it right here with SEO PowerSuite – best $200 I ever spent!

3) Serpstat

One of the cheaper alternatives to MOZ, Serpstat – for the cost– does almost everything right. In particular, the sleek interface is awesome, and the rank analysis is offered in a way that makes taking actions super easy!

To start, the app can help you improve your SEO in a ton of areas like PPC, content marketing, search analytics, and marketing, among others – thanks to the inbuilt competitor analysis. It can even give you timely SERP rank updates. The keyword analyzer is… adequate.

It’s enough to give you a peek into your rival’s SEO strategies, which you can then use to craft and implement your own SEO strategies to grow your business and sale. With local search available in 28 countries, you can compare up to 5 domains at once. The other top features of this MOZ alternative include on-page auditing, rank tracking, ad analysis, market intel, etc…

With a free 7 day trial, the lite plan starts at $69 per month. For that, you’ll get up to 4000 searches a day, 15000 keywords for rank tracking per month, and 500 Backlink queries a day. There is no call support at this tier.


  • Flawless user interface
  • Powerful competition analysis tool with live rank tracking, detailed comparisons, and comprehensive reports
  • Reliable site/content auditing and optimizing qualities
  • High-quality backlink analyzer
  • Affordable


  • The link and keyword database is pretty small when compared with SEMrush or Ahrefs or even MOZ for that matter
  • Lacks a chrome extension like MOZ bar

User opinion

“A terrific SEO tool that won’t break the bank, Serpstat has everything you need to upgrade your sites SEO, and then some”

4) Ahrefs

Sure, the UX looks crazy dated. But as far as fairly full-featured top alternatives to MOZ go, Ahrefs is really one of the better ones out there. After all, what other SEO tools here have a 12 trillion link database & crawls 6 billion pages every day?!

To go with such a great database, the Ahrefs solid backlink checker can give you an in-depth backlink profile for any site or URL. You can see, which websites link to the URL, the anchors they use, how robust the backlinks are, and other such details. Heck. It even provides data export tools & understandable data visualizations, charts, and graphs.

Lastly, the tool is capable of exporting data in various formats & is also capable of delivering advanced social metrics such as likes, shares, tweets right next to the URLs.

Another underrated yet cool feature that makes Ahrefs different from the rest of the best MOZ alternatives has to be content explorer, which can aid you to find top topics to write about by analyzing trending traffic-heavy keywords.


  • Solid Competitive analysis qualities
  • Highly nuanced & very fast keyword tracking/analysis with ultra-detailed reports
  • Good customer support
  • Powerful website auditing and backlink analyzing capabilities
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t show or support video ads
  • Unlike MOZ, Serpstat has no integrations with Google analytics or search console

User opinion

“A complex SEO tool that brings results, if I could only own one SEO tool forever, that’d always be Ahrefs, no doubt.”

5) Mangools

Also known as KW Finder, Mangools is easily one of the cheapest, most popular free alternatives to MOZ on the market right now. The design looks good. The features are aplenty, and the customer service is just… heavenly!

Putting thousands of relevant keywords in a second, including details about their quality, difficulty, stats, CCP trends, etc… we really enjoyed how cool the inbuilt keyword research was. For advertisers, you can now track popular keywords on a per-location basis.

Since filters are also included for good measure, finding high volume, top-performing keywords are all easier than ever before. As for backlink analysis, it was pretty…fine. The link minor features were a really nice add on though, as it made finding your rivals hidden links easier. Other than that, the rest overall was remarkably ordinary.

With a free version meant for start-ups, the basic plan, which starts at $49/month allows you to do 200 searches a day. If you want more, you can go for Premium at $69 or agency at $129, both offering 700 searches a day.


  • Modern, simple interface
  • In-depth SERP overview alongside a ton of relevant keyword options and smart, contextual suggestions
  • Powerful competition analysis with tons of metrics (historical, even)
  • Filters for easy sorting
  • The inbuilt apps are all cross-platform supported


  • surprisingly, Mangools still lacks any sort of integration with google analytics or search console
  • Limited KW searches, even with the premium plans

User opinion

“I only signed up for Mangools a week ago & I’m already in love. No matter my SEO needs, Mangools is there for me, always – love it!”

MOZ Free Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

The SEOMOZ is one of – if not the most popular brand in SEO currently. And while we are all gung-ho about their incredible products, there are still many who still shy away from them thanks to worries, doubts & misinformation.

Dedicated for them, here’s a quick FAQ session on some of the most burning questions you may have about MOZ SEO tools;

1) Are MOZ tools worth it?

Absolutely! With custom tools for almost every SEO needs, you can think of; the MOZ Pro is exactly what you need to realize all your SEO dreams. With it, take control of your b-links, keywords, competitor analysis, etc…

Heck, even with the basic plan, you can get instant metrics on PA, DA, Links, spam score about any site you visit, or even on SERP.

2) What is the best free alternative to MOZ?

While we can’t exactly crown a tool as the king of best MOZ alternatives (different users have different needs, after all), all of the 5 SEO tools we’ve reviewed above can serve as great alternatives to MOZ quite easily.

Designed to go toe-to-toe with MOZ in terms of features, reliability & even pricing, they all, however, have their ups and downs.

So, depending on your priorities, pick accordingly.

3) What are the great alternatives to MOZ that’s best for keyword research?

Most of the tools we have featured above have impressive keyword research capabilities. But if we were to pick, however, SEO Powersuite and SEMrush will probably be our top choices as they’re better polished for the task.

Then again, this is a subjective decision. So your mileage may vary.

4) Is MOZ free?

No. but you can try out MOZ free for 30 days using their free trial option. You can cancel it at any time when you want.

5) Like MOZ, with these best MOZ alternatives too can I choose custom plans that best suites my specific requirements?

Yes, SEO tools like SEMrush often do allow you to pick custom SEO plans that best match your needs & wants.

Contact customer care for more info.

MOZ Similar Sites – Come, Let’s Conclude

The MOZ is an industry leader – and frankly, it deserves to be so. I mean, it still has one of the most robust ranges of SEO tools we have ever tested. But with a slew of new, affordable best MOZ alternatives hitting the market, you don’t have to go for MOZ alone to get a solid SEO experience – yup, you now have choices.

From features, reliability to affordability, these best MOZ alternatives are perfect for those who want to switch from MOZ but still love the latter’s goodness. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with these outstanding tools.

So what’s next? Now that you have all the info regarding them use it to pinpoint the best-suited SEO tool for you from above.

If you have any queries, please comment below.

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