TCBI 14: Interview With Lorraine Reguly From Wording Well

I am more excited to have interviewed with Lorraine Reguly from WordingWell, a great writer, and a Teacher with us. She is so kind as to help others to become the best writer, author and like anything. She is best at offering services all related to content writing, editing and so on. If you are quite confused about freelancing for content write-ups for your blogs or any web pages or e-books; check out her interview here sharing more about English content writing.

Interview With Lorraine Reguly from Wording Well

I hope I have presented exciting as well as quite informative interview sessions recently with Ammar Ali from All Blogging Tips, Ravi Chahar from BloggingLove. Today, I am adding credit to my interview series by submitting Lorraine Reguly’s interview here. This section would be exceedingly helpful for my readers those who are struggling to manage the content writing of own or freelancing. Lorraine’s tips and ideas would also help you to bring up your writing skills for bloggers notably.

1. We would like to know more about you. Could you please introduce yourself in detail?

My name is Lorraine Reguly. I’m a certified English teacher who offers 4 services via my business, Wording Well.

I am also an author! I help others become authors, too.

I have a colorful past and am now considered to be an inspiration because of all the obstacles I have overcome in my life.

However, I was able to turn my life around. I went to university for 5 years, obtained two degrees, taught high school Math and English for 3.5 years, and opened my own business in 2014.

By sharing my experiences and struggles online (especially about my suicide attempt), I have helped many people and have even saved lives! I want to help people even more, and that is why I wrote my book, From Nope to Hope

2. You have written loads of content. Which one do you think of your best piece of writing ever?

Everything I write on my blog is helpful. I don’t have ONE favorite piece of writing. However, I am proud of the contents of my Resource Kit page, as it contains a few freebies as well as lists the best blog posts in 8 different categories:

  1.  Blogging (General)
  2.  Blogging (Tutorials)
  3.  Freelancing
  4.  Writing
  5.  Editing
  6.  Author Stuff
  7.  Business/Entrepreneurship
  8.  Productivity and Self-Help

3. You have to open your secret here. Where do you get such great ideas to build your exciting content?

I am full of ideas! I write about what interests me and what helps others.

I currently have about 60 drafts of blog posts in various stages of completion in my “Drafts” folder!

I also look at my stats, at the questions/phrases/terms, people asked Google when Google sends people to my blog, and write posts based on those words. For example, when Google+ first came out, no one knew how to use Google+ Circles. So I ended up writing 2 posts on that topic!

4. Describe your pathway that leads you as a writer. Share few words about your first content or bit of writing.

I have been writing ever since I was 4 years old. I write poetry, short stories, blog content, essays, books, etc. You name it, I write it!

I have been published in local papers, newspapers, and my university newspaper, too.

In May 2018, I will be published in a local magazine for women.

Writing is something that comes naturally to me! I love writing, too, and have always wanted to get paid for it. When I started freelancing in 2013, that dream came true. And now that I’m an author, I’m earning passive income from book sales.

5. Do you guess that you do have a unique writing style? If so, does it a challenge to maintain the style?

I write in an honest, straightforward manner. Sometimes, I infuse story-telling into my writing. I often share my personal experiences. I write as though I am speaking to someone (for the most part).

For clients, I write according to their guidelines.

Regardless of what I write (and for whom I write it), I always edit my work. I am an excellent editor. Everyone says so, too! Take a look at the testimonials I have received from my many clients!

6. Please tell us about your everyday routine of writing. What is your unique time or day for writing?

I don’t write every day. (Okay, I write emails, social media status updates, etc.)

I prefer writing at night when it’s quiet.

I also prefer writing as soon as I turn my laptop on before I do anything else!

7. Is there anybody inspired you to write? If yes, then share a few words about that person.


8. Do you prefer manual editing and proofreading or using software for your write-ups?

I edit every word and sentence. I don’t use the software, because NO SOFTWARE EXISTS that can replace the skills of a human! Not even Grammarly, which is the only software that comes close. But even Grammarly makes mistakes! Trust me on this one. No software is perfect.

But I am.

I am highly-skilled, and that is why my clients love me! I pay close attention to every detail, every comma and period, every word, and the flow of each paragraph (and chapter).

Editing is what I do best!

9. What are all the key points to be checked before outsourcing any content to a freelance writer? Or how we should pick a perfect freelancer for content writing?

Before outsourcing any content to a freelance writer, you should know: what you want the article to be about, what you want the article to accomplish, what links you want to include (and let your writer know what they are), how long you want the article to be, and any other important things your writer should know.

There are many ways to find a freelancer for content writing. You can use sites such as Upwork or Fiverr (although Fiverr is not that great). You can post ads on Craigslist. You can ask on Facebook or LinkedIn groups. You can search the Internet for “freelance writers for hire.” There are a ton of things you can do to find a writer!

10. What kind of challenges are you facing in offering services like writing, editing, mentoring?

I’m not facing any challenges! I have everything under control!

I am very organized and on top of things!

11. What kind of niches do you prefer writing, in case of writing for blogs?

I prefer the niches of blogging, self-help, productivity, writing, and freelancing.

12. How much attention will you be paying for your content to have search engines optimized?

I use the Yoast SEO plugin and suggest everyone else use it too.

I also follow white-hat SEO practices when I write blog posts.

Mainly, however, I focus on providing value to my readers.

The rest just all falls into place by itself.

13. Please do provide some useful tips for freelance writers to improve their writing skills and style and how to use their time efficiently?

Here are a few blog posts that will help.

14. I would request you to share your reviews on blog posts content published on Traffic Crow blog. How do you rate it, as a professional writer?

Traffic Crow always tries to provide value in its blog posts.

While some of the posts could benefit from some editing, their content is good and helpful to others.

15. Do you have any kind advice to the upcoming writers to follow?

My advice for writers is to improve their vocabulary and writing skills continually. Practice makes perfect, as they say!

I’d also advise that non-Native English speakers/writers improve their English. English is a confusing language because it has many rules and many of these rules often get broken!
Homonyms, in particular, are hard to learn.

And so are words that look similar, such as “advice” and “advise,” both of which I used in my response here. (Note that I used both correctly.)

ESL (English as a Second Language) sites are really good to use, too. I particularly like and often recommend this site to others. Watching TV in English and speaking English also helps.

The final piece of advice I have is to edit your writing by hiring a knowledgeable editor to do this! It is tough to edit your writing, but not everyone can afford to hire an editor. That is why I created this: 5 Self-Editing Hacks to Boost Your Blog Writing (+ a FREE Checklist!)


I am more thankful to you for engaging with us in sharing your experience and ideas almost about your unique specialty CONTENT writing. Hope, this would be more helpful for my readers and inspirational. We wish you to have all success in your life and to get in touch with us forever. Let’s see our reader’s reviews on the interview and questions if any in the comment section.

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