TCBI 13: Interview with Ammar Ali from All Blogging Tips

Today, our interview guest is Ammar Ali. I am thankful to him as accepts and responds quickly for my interview request. I am glad to present an exciting interview with Ammar Ali from All Blogging Tips to my readers. This would be more helpful to discover ideas about making money online, especially for beginners on how to promote blogs; struggles have to face and solutions to come up.

Interview With Ammar Ali From AllBloggingTips

Ammar is a young blogger from India who has become an inspiration for the new bloggers. Moreover, he is so kind as to help others with his guide and tips to make money online. Recently we had Zac Johnson’s interview which was so impressive. Similarly, hope this section would also be a delicious treat for my readers to grab new ideas and strategies through Ammar’s expertise.

#1. How do you grade yourself as a blogger from start to till date?

My blogging journey started with the birth of AllBloggingTips which was my first ever blog. So far, it has been fantastic. I learned so many things, met so many people, and made some great friends, got to know about many things which I had no idea about before. Starting my blog has changed my life a lot. I’m so so happy that I started blogging earlier.

#2. What are all the challenges you faced in early stages and how did you find ways to overcome it?

When you start something new, Obviously you’ll face some challenges. There are many challenges I encountered. At the time, I started taking an interest in blogging. I had no prior experience. No one was there to guide me; at the same time, I had no idea how to get it going. Though, I was so much passionate about my blog which was a boost for me.

The first challenge was the language barrier. English is not my native language so earlier it was difficult to write an excellent no grammar mistakes. Meanwhile, I faced problems with my web hosting. It was slow, and downtime was common. However, coming up with new ideas was also a challenge in the initial days.

#3. How do you foresee WordPress scope in future?

WordPress is a fantastic platform for blogs, and I’m confident that it would grow much more prominent. There’s nothing like WordPress that has so many features, thousands of themes, plugins available for almost anything! Plus, it’s free.

#4. Have you applied any new strategic planning in 2018 and if so, how it is working for you?

I haven’t made any strategic plan as for now. But, after your question, from then on I’d surely considering making some strategic plans for my blogs. 😉

#5. Help with your monetization strategy to help those who are dying to make it?

The first strategy is to write epic content and grow your blog traffic. Spend your time promoting the content. As soon as, you start getting a good number of traffics, opportunities will increase. You can apply for advertising programs like AdSense, promote products with affiliate marketing, accept sponsor/paid reviews, or provide consulting if you are good at something.

#6. If someone is interested in starting a blog for earning money, what is your advice to them and how long they have to wait to make money?

There’s nothing wrong with starting a blog for money. My advice is to do proper niche research along with keyword research. Find out what people are searching for, find if anything is missing in current search results and how can you make a difference, can you produce better content? Above all, try to come up with a niche that is not much competition.

Once you’ve done your homework, go ahead and start writing epic content. Promote it on social media, spread words about it. If everything is done correctly and strategically, you can start making money within first few months.

#7. Name few blogs you still keep following and why it is so?

There are not any specific blogs that I follow regularly. I usually read those which I find helpful. Whenever I need guidelines, immediately I search on Google.

#8. Do you have a goal to interview any big shot in SEO or blogging domain? If yes, who is that?

If I get a chance to interview anyone from this industry, I’d like to interview Neil Patel, Brian Dean, or Tim Solo from Ahrefs.

#9. What are the SEO and related tools you are entertaining and recommend to use?

That’s a great question. The SEO tools that I use is Semrush and Serpstats. Semrush is my all-time favorite SEO tools which has got everything you need for SEO. Keyword research, competitive research, backlink analysis. It has everything I need.

#10. What do you say as your great achievement in your online journey?

Been in this field for six years, I had many great achievements. I was about to influence people, helping them start their blog. In addition to, the best one is when people tell me that they got approved by AdSense after reading my complete guide.

#11. What is your next successful step ahead of blogging? How are you working out for its exceptional success?

I’m interested in exploring more niche to see how they will perform. Simultaneously, I also want to start providing consulting services based on experience so far and help those who are struggling.

#12. A curious question, how you are coming up with interesting posts and contents often engaging your audience?

Share the secret.

I have many great guest authors who write fantastic content, and I appreciate them for everything they do for us. Apart from that, knowing what people are struggling with, how you can help them solve the problem is the secret to engaging your audience. Understand their needs.

#13. What is your point of thought about PBN’s and tools for generating traffic?

PBN gives you more control over backlinks, anchor text but they have cost, time, investment and are risky too. Hence, I’d not recommend this method for generating backlinks. Choose organic techniques for link building and traffic generation.

#14. How are you seeing the new upcoming bloggers and what you would like to share with them?

I see many newbies, jumping into this field for the sake of pennies. I’d advise them to make a proper plan. Start a blog to make a difference in the field, provide something new, write something epic which people would love to read, share. In starting it may be hard but remember “Every pro was once a beginner.” After all, have patience and be consistent.

#15. In what ways Traffic Crow can improvise? Please come out with your observation.

TrafficCrow is already doing a great job. Sathish has years of experience. Traffic Crow blog posts are full of strategies which one can adapt to get results quickly. Of course, I love your content. Specifically the blog post images. I wish you good luck. Continue, producing more good content, and you will see the desired results.

Thanks for having me here!


Thanks, Ammar for your valuable inputs on sharing your achievements and working strategies. In a way or the other, your interview will be more beneficial for any new bloggers to build confidence and to promote their blogs successfully. Readers, I request you to participate in the comments box if any clarifications or questions to Ammar Ali.

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